Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 425 - Set Song Yunjia Free

Chapter 425 Set Song Yunjia Free

“Sister, please sit down and talk about it.”

Song Yunying came to Song Yunjia, usually because she married an incompetent man.

Song Yunxuan had prepared to listen to Song Yunying talking about the incompatibility and anger between Song Yunying and Xue Tao.

To Song Yunxuan’s surprise, Song Yunying asked about Song Yunjia instead of Xue Tao.

“Yunxuan, our eldest sister is in prison. What can we do for her?”

Song Yunying’s words surprised Song Yunxuan. When did she start to care for other sisters?

Song Yunying frowned with worry, “Our family has been in trouble. We don’t show solidarity, just like we are woefully divided. Our brother has been in prison. Our eldest sister is also undisciplined. She should get herself into such trouble just for a man.”

Song Yunxuan understood her meaning.

Song Yunying came here not for sisterhood, but the division of the Song Family.

Song Yunying didn’t have a stable position in the Xue Family. But she had her ambition to get the Xue Family.

She considered charging the Xue Family after her childbirth.

However, while others might not know, Song Yunxuan clearly knew whether the baby of Song Yunying was Xue Tao’s baby.

Song Yunying’s baby was not Xue Tao’s. Once the baby was born, the truth would be exposed.

Instead of being the hostess of the Xue Family, Song Yunying might be driven out.

If Song Yunying had been driven out, she would have had nowhere to go.

The Song Family belonged to Song Yunxuan. The eldest brother was in prison. Once the eldest sister was in prison, Song Yunying would have no one to rely on.

She would have a tough time for the rest of her life.

At the bottom, Song Yunying was worried that her family could not support her.

Song Yunxuan understood that. She began to comfort her, “Sister, don’t worry. No matter what they do, you can be at ease as long as I’m in this family.”

“But the eldest sister….”

Song Yunying still wanted to say something.

Song Yunxuan had no mood to discuss with her.

Song Yunxuan interrupted Song Yunying, “Sister, if you want to say these things to the eldest sister, you’d better go there now. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to see her again.”

Song Yunjia offended Gu Changle.

If the Song Family had not given a hand to Song Yunjia, Gu Changle would have shown no mercy to Song Yunjia when she handled Song Yunjia.

Moreover, Gu Changle might make things aggravated. She might make Song Yunjia’s life in prison worse.

If Song Yunying had not visited Song Yunjia at this time, it would have been more difficult to see her after Song Yunjia went into jail and Gu Changle made the arrangement.

According to Song Yunxuan’s knowledge towards Gu Changle, Song Yunjia could be either dead or maimed after going to jail.

Song Yunxuan reminded Song Yunying.

Song Yunying fell into silence.

After staying at the Song Family for a while, Song Yunying rushed to leave.

Chu Mochen saw Song Yunying leave. He asked Song Yunxuan, “Your second sister still has a kinship with your eldest sister.”

“It was just a show. Song Yunying isn’t a fool. She shows kinship now to mean that she won’t kick anyone when her sisters are down.”

“Do you believe in her?”

“No, I don’t.” Song Yunxuan was not only herself but also Gu Changge.

Gu Changge had seen that Gu Changle played so-called sisterhood for so many years. She felt gross just thinking about it. How would she believe it?

Song Yunxuan watched the time. It was earlier than her appointment with Shao Xue. Therefore, Song Yunxuan called Mei Qi to ask him whether the conference was settled.

Chu Mochen saw her in busy. He became worried, “Are you going to the Song enterprise now?”

“No, we’ll have a meeting in my house. But you can’t come in. I’m afraid to reveal commercial confidentiality.”

Song Yunxuan smiled. She played a small joke with Chu Mochen.

Chu Mochen didn’t care about it. He nodded, “Okay. I’m waiting for you in the living room. We can have dinner together after you finish it.”

Chu Mochen became so considerate that Song Yunxuan felt surprised.

However, no matter how Chu Mochen changed, Song Yunxuan liked this man who had been loving her.

Song Yunxuan’s life had been so hard. Why couldn’t she enjoy it when she met someone right?

Thinking of this, Song Yunxuan gave Chu Mochen a kiss on his face.

Chu Mochen was not a dull man. He felt Song Yunxuan’s kiss. Then he reached out his hand and clasped his head behind Song Yunxuan’s head, giving her a deep kiss.

This kiss distracted Song Yunxuan.

But she wasn’t absorbed in it for so long. Then she left his arm and went to the study room for a meeting.

There were no problems at the meeting. Mei Qi dealt with everything well while Song Yunxuan was in Roume.

In Fanxing Magazine, Xiao Hong could handle everything. This experienced edit was very effective and efficient.

She helped Song Yunxuan avoid much trouble.

After the meeting, Song Yunxuan looked at the time. She planned to appoint with Shao Xue after afternoon tea at home.

Chu Mochen seemed free this day. After Song Yunxuan’s conference, Chu Mochen stayed with her. They had afternoon tea in the flower room together.

Song Yunxuan had afternoon tea and talked with Chu Mochen about something else.

Chu Mochen learned that she was to meet Shao Xue. He said, “I’ll drive you there and then bring you back.”

Song Yunxuan laughed, “How can you become so considerate? Would you be my driver?”

“I’ve always been like this. Don’t you feel it?”

Song Yunxuan deepened her smile. There was sunshine through the floor window of the flower room. The light sunshine made Song Yunxuan’s smile bright and pretty.

The appointment with Shao Xue was at 7 p.m.

She was sent to the booked room by Chu Mochen in advance and waited for Shao Xue.

Shao Xue was late.

She immediately apologized to Song Yunxuan, “Sorry, I’m late. I met something at home.”

Song Yunxuan didn’t blame her. She just asked casually, “Because of Gu Changle?”

“Gu Changle is still in hospital. It was Shao Tianze.”

Song Yunxuan was interested in it. Shao Xue didn’t keep her guessing and said directly, “Shao Tianze was in a dilemma on how to deal with Song Yunjia.”

Song Yunxuan didn’t feel surprised, “It’s about her life. Gu Changle won’t let it go easily. Shao Tianze isn’t willing to harm the long-term relationship with Song Yunjia. It’s normal for him to be in a dilemma.”

“But he asked me for advice.”

“How did you answer him?”

Song Yunxuan wanted to listen to Shao Xue’s opinion.

Shao Xue shook her head, “How can I decide such a serious thing? I said nothing when he asked me.”

“Do you know how he thought?”

Shao Xue frowned and thought for a while. She said, “I guess, he wants to let Song Yunjia go and forget this thing.”

Song Yunxuan couldn’t help laughing, “I’m surprised that Shao Tianze shows mercy to others.”

Shao Xue pursed, “He was also in a dilemma when he made a decision. Gu Changle tried her best to punish Song Yunjia seriously, while Shao Tianze didn’t mean destroying Song Yunjia.”

“It is also Shao Tianze’s means to protect him.” Song Yunxuan whispered.

Shao Xue didn’t hear clearly, “What did you say?”

Song Yunxuan smiled and shook, “Nothing else. You go on.”

Then Shao Xue told her more details.

It was all about Shao Tianze’s dilemma about whether to relieve Song Yunjia’s punishment.

Song Yunxuan didn’t tell Shao Xue straightly. But she knew Shao Tianze well.

Shao Tianze looked gentle. In fact, he was aggressive and cruel.

Since Gu Changge could be killed, it was normal for Song Yunjia to die in prison.

But now, Shao Tianze changed. He was even to let Song Yunjia go.

It was weird. Some people thought it was because of his affection for Song Yunjia.

Some people thought that it was exactly Shao Tianze’s self-preservation.

Song Yunxuan also thought that Shao Tianze let Song Yunjia go because of self-preservation.

Song Yunjia and Shao Tianze had been classmates in college and workmates for so many years. They knew each other. Besides, they killed Gu Changge together.

They had been in the same boat after Gu Changge’s death.

Song Yunjia knew all that Shao Tianze had done.

If the two had broken up, Shao Tianze must have been worried that Song Yunjia would publicize the fact that they killed Gu Changge.

Therefore, Shao Tianze considered to let Song Yunjia go.

However, Gu Changle must be strongly against this decision.

Now, Shao Tianze was hard to decide whether to let Song Yunjia go.

Or let Song Yunjia be in prison, which made him worried about being exposed by Song Yunjia all the time.

Shao Xue couldn’t stay for long before she came back. After half an hour, she said, “Shao Tianze often comes home. I can’t stay out for so long. I’ll come back first.”

“Well, okay. Be careful.”

Song Yunxuan watched Shao Xue leave.

Shao Xue’s news was correct.

It was the last day that Shao Xue said Shao Tianze would let Song Yunjia go.

The next day, Song Yunxuan got the news that her eldest sister was released on bail from the detention center.

It went on so smoothly that Song Yunjia was easily saved from the impasse.

Some people felt weird, some people felt angry, and others felt unfair.

Song Yunxuan, however, didn’t feel angry nor unfair for Song Yunjia getting out of the impasse.

Instead, she thought Song Yunjia’s good luck at this time was deadly.

After Song Yunjia was released, Song Yunying picked her up.

Song Yunying couldn’t drive because of pregnancy. It was the driver in the Xue Family who drove the car.

Those two sisters didn’t say anything all the way.

They just had some greetings after arriving home.

Song Yunying asked her, “Sister, what are you going to do next?”

“I’m acquitted. Of course I will live in Yuncheng. Should I leave Yuncheng?”

Song Yunying saw Song Yunjia in anger. She shook and reminded Song Yunjia, “Sister, it’s time for you to get rid of your bad temper. It has happened now. Why don’t you control your temper?…

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