Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 424 - Kept The Secret

Chapter 424 Kept The Secret

Song Yunxuan was in a good mood, but she looked calm.

After innumerable hardships, now was the time to watch the downfall of the person she hated. She would show her happiness and satisfaction when Song Yunjia was saddest.

The officials in the detention house soon arranged for her to meet Song Yunjia.

The meeting was different from the previous meetings with Song Yunqiang in the prison.

She didn’t go to the meeting room but to the room where Song Yunjia was detained.

It was a small room with a bunk bed.

No one used the top bunk. And Song Yunjia, who lost her soul, sat on the lower bed.

She was only in the detention house for a day. Therefore, the arrogance on her face had not disappeared completely.

When Song Yunjia saw Song Yunxuan, Song Yunjia was still arrogant and overbearing. It made Song Yunxuan feel hilarious.

“What are you doing here? Make fun of me?”

With police officers standing outside the iron door, even the door was closed, Song Yunxuan was not afraid.

With the small window of the iron door open, anything that happened in the room would alert people outside.

Therefore, Song Yunxuan was not afraid.

Song Yunjia looked at Song Yunxuan, frowning. Anger almost exploded in her heart.

“If you come here to make fun of me, I am afraid that you will be disappointed. I will get the hell out this place soon!”

While Song Yunxuan turned her head around and looked at the furnishings in the room, she said peacefully, “Our eldest brother said so before he went to prison.”

This sentence almost made Song Yunjia crazy.

Song Yunqiang was the eldest son of the Song Family. He had expected that he could inherit the Song Family’s everything. However, he finally lost to the girl from a small town.

He not only lost but also went to prison.

Song Yunxuan was right. Before Song Yunqiang went to jail, he must believe that he could leave here.

However, what happened later?

Not only did he go to jail, but his small number of shares saved for his old age went into Song Yunxuan’s hands.

Thinking of shares, Song Yunjia frowned immediately and looked at Song Yunxuan rudely, “Are you coming to me today to get my shares? Listen, don’t even think about what Dad left to me. Even if I feed them to dogs, I will not give you!”

She had been defeated and had nothing in her hand. However, she wouldn’t allow Song Yunxuan to gain extra advantages by unfair means after making fun of her.

Listening to what Song Yunjia had said, Song Yunxuan frowned with frustration, “My sister, what time is it now? Why are you still thinking about these useless things?”

Song Yunjia looked at Song Yunxuan with a frown.

Song Yunxuan did not appear to be glad at Song Yunjia’s misfortune. However, she was worried, “My eldest sister, you and I are blood-related sisters. You are sent to this place by Gu Changle. If you want to get out of here, I will help you.”

“Will you help me?”

Song Yunjia felt ridiculous, “I fell into this kind of end. You just came here to laugh at me.”

“Sister, honestly, don’t you want to get out?” Song Yunxuan ignored Song Yunjia’s sarcasm and changed the topic to what Song Yunjia was most worried, “Sister, you should think clearly. If you cannot get rid of the accusation during the trial, you will be sentenced to at least ten years in prison. If Gu Changle plays tricks, you may be in jail for the rest of your life.”

What Song Yunxuan said was what Song Yunjia was worried about.

No one knew Gu Changle’s meanness and cruelty better than Song Yunjia.

Gu Changle wouldn’t let the defeated Song Yunjia off.

To live a more comfortable prison life, Song Yunqiang transferred his shares to Song Yunxuan and asked Song Yunxuan to find someone to protect him from being bullied in prison.

What about Song Yunjia?

If Song Yunjia had been in prison without anyone’s protection and Gu Changle had made things more difficult for her, Song Yunjia would have suffered a lot in prison.

She couldn’t go to jail.

If Song Yunjia had gone to jail, she would have lost everything.

Song Yunjia was not totally brainless. At this moment that she came to a dead-end, she immediately thought of how she would live in the future.

Song Yunxuan was not in a hurry. After saying Song Yunjia’s ending, she patiently waited for her sister to make a decision.

A little terrified expression appeared on Song Yunjia’s face.

However, the barely reserved reason and composure made her refuse to bow her head easily.

At this moment, Song Yunxuan gave Song Yunjia a piece of advice timely, “Sister, now that you have been sent to the detention center by Shao Tianze, will you continue to keep the secret for Shao Tianze?”

Song Yunjia was shocked by Song Yunxuan’s words. There was a little more horror in her eyes.

She was stunned when she heard Song Yunxuan’s words. What did Song Yunxuan know?

Seeing Song Yunjia shut her mouth and did not speak, Song Yunxuan raised her eyebrows slightly, “Sister, think about it. What could save you? If you figure it out, please tell me. And I am willing to serve my eldest sister at any time.”

After finishing speaking, Song Yunxuan turned to go out of the room.

It was a short-time meeting.

Chu Mochen waited for Song Yunxuan outside.

When she came out of the room, Chu Mochen asked her, “how was the meeting?”

“Since we are here together, you might go in and ask her to see what valuable words she can say.”

Song Yunxuan knew that Song Yunjia wouldn’t say anything valuable, but Song Yunxuan still wanted Chu Mochen to meet her eldest sister.

When people were in the final desperate situation, if they still had kept a trace of stubbornness and fluke, their last determination should have been worn off bit by bit tirelessly.

Song Yunxuan believed that Song Yunjia would not hold on for too long.

Hearing her words, Chu Mochen entered the room.

Song Yunxuan was waiting outside. During this period, she sent two short messages to inform Shao Xue that she had returned.

Shao Xue and Song Yunxuan agreed on the time and place of the meeting by text message.

After Song Yunxuan made an appointment with Shao Xue, she had expected that she would wait for a while before Chu Mochen came out.

However, as soon as she put away her phone, Chu Mochen came out of the room.

And his expression was very terrible.

Seeing Chu Mochen’s face, Song Yunxuan went up and asked him, “How is it?”

“Your eldest sister is stubborn. She didn’t tell me anything, no matter what I asked.”

“Well,” Song Yunxuan sighed, “After all, Shao Tianze is still in her heart.”

As long as Song Yunjia had Shao Tianze in her heart, she would not say anything about what Shao Tianze had done to outsiders.

Not to mention the fact that Shao Tianze murdered Gu Changge.

Song Yunxuan pursed her lips and went out of the police station with Chu Mochen.

They got into the car.

While watching the car drive towards the Song Family, Chu Mochen asked Song Yunxuan, “Haven’t you said you would stay in Roume for a long time before you come back? Why did you come back so quickly?”

“I have to come back to take care of my elder sister. Otherwise, people would say that I am a ruthless sister.”

“As a sister, she is not worth your help.”

“Anyway, we’re blood-related sisters.” Song Yunxuan said so, but she knew in her heart that sisterhood was just a joke.

She came back because she wanted to see what kind of ending Song Yunjia would have.

After all, Song Yunjia had killed her.

Song Yunxuan wanted to see Song Yunjia suffered from retribution in person.

“How did you deal with Lu Xia’s affairs?”

“If I say it, you might think it’s a lousy idea.” Song Yunxuan looked at Chu Mochen with bright eyes and a smile.

Chu Mochen smiled, “I never thought you would have a lousy idea.”

From the day he knew Song Yunxuan, Song Yunxuan had never had a lousy idea.

Every idea was an excellent solution.

Her solutions had also reversed many trends.

“Speak it out. I’m a little curious.” Chu Mochen was ready to listen with respect.

Song Yunxuan didn’t want to keep him guessing. She pursed her lips and said with a smile, “To deal with the marriage of Family Sophia is really troublesome. However, those who urge George to marry are just a few. If they can change their minds and cancel the matrimonial family alliance, no one else will say anything.”

“Do you want to start with George’s uncles?”

Song Yunxuan did not deny, “Aren’t they a good breakthrough?”

“They are all crafty old foxes.”

Song Yunxuan tightened her lips, “George is not a simple person. I choose to believe him. Just give George some time. Eventually, the person who supports the alliance by marriage will find it no good for him.”

“What about Lu Xia?”

“George only needs to get things done before Lu Xia’s child is born. And it can’t be done too fast or too slow. If he solves it too quickly, the pregnant Lu Xia will be in danger. If the matter is resolved too slowly, it will mess up everything.”

“Are you sure?”

“I just provided George with a breakthrough. I’m not the main executor of the whole thing. Even if you ask me, I can’t answer you whether I am sure or not.”

Chu Mochen felt that Song Yunxuan’s words were ambiguous because what Song Yunxuan said was very smooth and evasive, which made people saw neither disappointment nor full hope.

“Everything is in George’s hands. Let’s wait and see the result.”

Chu Mochen nodded. And they arrived at the Song Family.

One person was waiting in the mansion of the Song Family.

This person was not someone else but Song Yunying, who was about to give birth.

Seeing Song Yunxuan coming back, Song Yunying greeted joyfully, “I heard people say you are coming back from Roume, so I’m waiting for you at home.”

“My second sister, from whom did you hear this news? Why is he so well-informed? When I haven’t arrived home yet, you’ve been waiting for me at home.”

Even though Song Yunying had now completely turned to Song Yunxuan’s side, Song Yunxuan did not trust Song Yunying completely.

Listening to Song Yunxuan’s words, Song Yunying knew that Song Yunxuan was very dissatisfied with the person who disclosed her whereabouts.

However, Song Yunying didn’t want to conceal who revealed Song Yunxuan’s whereabouts. Song Yunying said bluntly, “Your assistant, surnamed Mei, told me.”

If it had been others that revealed her whereabouts, Song Yunxuan must have been angry.

However, it was Mei Qi who revealed her whereabouts. She was not as furious as she had imagined.

Because Mei Qi had done so many things for her, all of which were decent.

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