Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 428 - His worries

Chapter 428 His worries

When the security guards of the community were dragging Song Yunying out, they all thought that Song Yunying was a lunatic.

And Song Yunying’s words did not register in Song Yunjia’s brain at all.

Besides, when Song Yunying was dragged out of the door, Song Yunjia sneered and mocked herself, “How could he kill me? Only if I’m not together with him will I really die.”

Only if Song Yunjia had not been together with Shao Tianze would she have died.

Shao Tianze was her lifelong Prince Charming.

Without Shao Tianze, she felt that her life was meaningless.

Thinking of Shao Tianze, she puffed a bit more quickly.

Now Song Yunjia smoke and drank. Her life was in a mess.

When Song Yunxuan came by, she was even a bit drunk.

Song Yunying exerted so much effort to make Song Yunxuan come with her, yet what Song Yunxuan saw was that the floor was covered with beer cans and her eldest sister opened the door drunkenly.

When entering the room, Song Yunxuan gently raised her foot and kicked away one of the beer cans.

When hearing that one beer can was kicked away, Song Yunjia sobered up a bit.

Yet she still detested Song Yunxuan as always.

Seeing Song Yunxuan appear in her living room, she broke out into curses subconsciously.

However, before she could say one rude remark,

Song Yunxuan spoke one step ahead of her, “Eldest sister, do you think Shao Tianze will come to see you when your life is in such a mess?”

At the mention of Shao Tianze, Song Yunjia suddenly frowned, and the expression on her face became much fiercer as if it touched her soft spot.

Seeing that, Song Yunjia nodded, saying, “Though you’ve had drunk a bit too much, yet you still miss Shao Tianze. As long as Shao Tianze is around, we don’t need to worry about you.”

With this, Song Yunxuan took a look at the furnishings and decoration of the house. Then she walked to the door, “I believe the eldest sister does not need us at all now. Let’s get out of here.”

Song Yunying brought Song Yunxuan along because she hoped Song Yunxuan could provoke Song Yunjia a bit to let Song Yunjia get herself together.

However, it did not work at all.

Even though Song Yunxuan came in person, yet Song Yunjia had no other feelings for her younger sister except envy.

She began to walk out of the door.

Song Yunying said, “Yunxuan, we are sisters. Now her life is in such a mess….”

“She should be the master of her own life. Why bother putting our fingers into her pie?”

Song Yunxuan asked Song Yunying in reply.

It silenced Song Yunying.

Yet Song Yunjia spoke just at this moment, “Leave me alone! Tianze will come to see me!”

“What a lunatic.”

Song Yunxuan cast a scornful glance at Song Yunjia, turned around, and left.

Song Yunying got nothing to say. She had to follow Song Yunxuan downstairs.

When they left the community Song Yunjia lived in, Song Yunying was to tell what was going on recently about the eldest sister to Song Yunxuan.

Yet out of her expectation, they saw a black Rolls-Royce went past them just as they were about to get on the car.

Song Yunxuan had good eyesight, and Song Yunying’s eyesight was good enough for her to see the number plate of the car.

They became silent when getting in the car.

Then Song Yunying said, “The car is from the Shao Family.”

Song Yunxuan smiled, saying noncommittally, “It appears that the eldest sister was right.”

Shao Tianze still had feelings for Song Yunjia.

Though it was not good for him to have feelings for Song Yunjia.

Yet it was enough to hoodwink Song Yunjia.

It could be said that Song Yunjia now had stepped back from the brink after going through the darkest time of her life.

Seeing Shao Tianze, Song Yunjia would feel that every cloud had a silver lining.

Yet she had no idea that her illusion would kill her for good.

Song Yunxuan knew clearly why Shao Tianze came this time, yet she was not going to stop him.

After all, the leading roles of the play should always be Shao Tianze, Song Yunjia, and Gu Changle right from the beginning.

Now she saw that Shao Tianze came to see Song Yunjia, she became really interested in what Shao Tianze would say to Song Yunjia.

But the relationship between Song Yunjia and her was so bad that she was unable to know why Shao Tianze came to see Song Yunjia instantly.

However, Song Yunying got on well with the eldest sister. Therefore, Song Yunxuan could let Song Yunying ask Song Yunjia tomorrow what Shao Tianze said.

Seeing Song Yunxuan get in the car, Song Yunying did not hesitate.

She followed Song Yunxuan into the car.

Song Yunying became much more quick-minded than before. She frowned when recalling that Shao Tianze’s car arrived at the community, saying, “I wonder what on earth this Mr. Shao will say to the eldest sister.”

“No matter what he will say to the eldest sister, our eldest sister will listen as if they were imperial edicts.”

Song Yunying did not know how to refute.

Because her eldest sister was really the person that Song Yunxuan was talking about.

Facing others, Song Yunjia could comport herself. Yet only when she faced Shao Tianze, she could not resist at all as if she had been enchanted.

Song Yunxuan went home, and Song Yunying followed her back to the Song Family.

Under such a circumstance, she would rather stay with Song Yunxuan more to bond with her.

After all, she was about to have her baby.

If there had been an accident during childbirth, her younger sister who wore the pants would have been a great help.

Song Yunxuan did not mind that Song Yunying curried favor with her lately.

As for her, now the thorns in her flesh were just Shao Tianze, Song Yunjia, and Gu Changle.

After Song Yunxuan and Song Yunying left, Song Yunjia strode to the door and slammed it.

When the door was closed, it made such a big noise.

And it made her neighbors come out to see what was going on.

Soon after Song Yunjia closed the door, she heard the doorbell ringing.

She was drinking in the living room, and she didn’t feel like opening the door when hearing the doorbell ringing.

Song Yunying and Song Yunxuan had just left. So Song Yunjia thought that the people outside ringing the bell were probably them.

She didn’t want to see these two people at all.

She pressed her lips and did not make any response to the person ringing the bell.

She thought that the person would soon leave as she did not respond to it at all. But it was out of her expectation.

It just kept ringing and was not going to stop at all.

She fretted on hearing the rings and started to feel annoyed.

She swept the beer cans on the table onto the floor.

Then she strode to the door angrily and felt like scolding at the person who was ringing the bell after opening the door.

However, just as she opened her mouth,

she was dumbfounded.

What she saw was the gentle, cultured and warm look of Shao Tianze.

He was wearing spectacles with thin gold wire frames.

It seemed that he smelt the alcohol on her when she opened the door. He frowned when seeing her.

Shao Tianze pressed his lips and found Song Yunjia was surprised. So he asked her, “Won’t you let me in?”

If it had been in the past, Song Yunjia would have surely got out of the way and let Shao Tianze enter the room when hearing his words.

However, the time had changed, and the intimate old days were gone.

She had just been released from the lockup.

And Shao Tianze knew that she tried to murder Gu Changle.

She remembered that Shao Tianze was furious when they were in the hospital that day.

And when she was released, she did not hope that Shao Tianze would think he wronged her.

The first possibility that came to her mind was that Shao Tianze might be afraid she would spill out something that should stay in the dark.

So what was the real reason that Shao Tianze came to see her?

She pressed her lips, remaining silent.

Seeing that she did not speak to him or let him in, Shao Tianze nodded, saying, “Since I’m not welcome, I may as well talk to you here.”

Song Yunjia did not reply. Instead, she just looked at him coldly.

She could barely conceal the heartbreak in her eyes.

“I’ve pacified Changle. But you know that she is always very suspicious, so she will come to give you problems. I don’t want you two to have a bad relationship, so I booked a plane ticket for you to go abroad. Go to Switserland to live with your mom. I’ve heard that your mom now settles in Switserland.”

Song Yunjia knew that her mother settled in Switserland.

And her mother once asked her to go abroad with her when she came back. It was just that she felt she would officially be with Shao Tianze, so she refused her mother’s offer.

Besides, they were deadlocked because of that.

She was actually quite confident of herself.

And she believed that she would be Shao Tianze’s wife.

She believed that she would be the Madam of the Shao Family and Shao Tianze’s one and only woman.

However, all her hopes had been scuppered.

At that time, she stated clearly that she would break with her mother and choose to be with Shao Tianze.

Yet now did she have to rely on her mother like a loser who had just been defeated?

Even if her mother had wanted to accept her, wouldn’t it have been a shame for her to turn to her mother?

Song Yunjia had mixed feelings. Looking at the plane ticket Shao Tianze handed over, Song Yunjia pressed her lips, took a step back and wanted to close the door.

But before she could close the door, Shao Tianze reached out to hold the door.

“Wait till I finish my words.”

Shao Tianze insisted on saying a few more words to Song Yunjia.

Actually, Song Yunjia could not wait for it. Yet women were always like this. The more the other one compromised, the pettier she would be.

She wanted to know how important she was in the other one’s heart by doing this.

Song Yunjia pressed her lips, continuing closing the door.

Shao Tianze did not want her to close the door.

After they had been like this for a while, Shao Tianze exerted a bit more strength.

And in the next second, he pushed the door open.

Song Yunjia retreated a few steps as it was a strong push.

Seeing this, Shao Tianze hastily reached out to grab her arm.

He seemed to fear that she might fall.

Song Yunjia was dumbfounded when being grabbed by Shao Tianze.

Then she pushed Shao Tianze away after regaining her balance.

“Just come to the point. I will not go to Switserland.”

“What’s the point of keeping stubborn like this? Will you really be happy about staying in Yuncheng?”

“Are you trying to drive me away?” Song Yunjia frowned and waited for Shao Tianze’s reply. In the meantime, she spoke airily, “Are you worried that I’ll spill out the thing that you killed Gu Changge? You come to me because of this, right?”

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