Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 418 - The Wire-puller

Chapter 418 The Wire-puller

Chu Mochen knew that this journey to Roume was very dangerous for Song Yunxuan.

He came along with her anyway.

Now that they had arrived, it was meaningless to say that it was dangerous. He could only try his best to protect Song Yunxuan.

He folded his fingers over the dining table, looking at George sitting opposite to him leisurely.

George had a typical westerner’s face. When he was looking at someone with a smile, he wouldn’t be considered annoyed.

Chu Mochen was different from George.

Whether there was a smile on his face or not, he made people feel cold.

A coldness that would raise people’s caution.

Song Yunxuan was sitting next to Chu Mochen, watching these two men looking at each other for a moment and waiting for George to talk.

Since Lu Xia had gone upstairs, George didn’t hesitate to come straight to the point.

“Miss Song, I know why you came here.”

Song Yunxuan smiled slightly and looked at George, “You heard what Sister Xia told me this morning, right?”

George narrowed his eyes slightly and asked, “How could I know what you two have talked about? Besides, that room is our bedroom without any monitor equipment installed.”

Song Yunxuan nodded and did not deny, “Right, indeed I haven’t found any CCTV, but…”

She looked at George with a smile in her eyes, “But I’m sure there’s an audio monitor.”

George’s face darkened slightly, and the seemingly friendly smile froze instantly.

Song Yunxuan stared at him, watching the smile on his face fading away. George asked, “How did you know?”

Song Yunxuan’s smile remained the same. She said at ease, “It was just a feeling.”

In fact, she got her reason. When she was Gu Changge, the experience of claiming the Gu Family’s estate was even bloodier and crueler.

Being able to successfully get all of the Gu Family’s wealth among so many competitors, she certainly had her means.

She didn’t even give it a thought that George installed some audio monitoring equipment. She was sure that he had done it.

George loved Lu Xia, and he would do whatever she asked. He wouldn’t take the risk to upset her.

However, if someone from outside had come to visit her and they had had a private talk.

He would certainly have installed some audio monitoring equipment in advance. He needed to know what they talked about.

George did not deny it. Song Yunxuan continued in a good mood, “Since you did not deny it, I’ll take it that I had the right feeling about it.”

George said nothing.

In fact, he was not sure what game Song Yunxuan was playing and what purposes she had to be here.

If she had wanted to bring Lu Xia back, she would not have persuaded Lu Xia to stay with the Family Sophia during their conversation.

George bugged their entire conversation.

From that dialogue, Song Yunxuan did not quite agree to the idea of Lu Xia returning to the Harbor City.

She did not only disagree but also looked for ways to change Lu Xia’s mind and convinced her to stay in the Family Sophia.

She even indicated that staying in the Family Sophia as the Madam was Lu Xia’s best choice.

George was very satisfied with Song Yunxuan’s persuasion of Lu Xia.

Due to this, George told the maid to invite them for dinner.

If Song Yunxuan hadn’t helped convince Lu Xia, he probably would have asked them to leave before noon.

Seeing George’s complicated look, Song Yunxuan decided no longer to keep him guessing. She offered directly, “If you really want to give Lu Xia a rightful name, I will be happy to help you.”

George was not stupid. He knew that Song Yunxuan was not simple. She would not help him persuade Lu Xia so easily.

He asked her, “What do you want from me?”

Song Yunxuan liked to deal with smart people.

When dealing with smart people, they could understand what she meant even she wasn’t straightforward.

Since George asked, Song Yunxuan didn’t intend to hide her real purpose anymore. She smiled and looked at him, “It’s really simple. I just hope that after you get what you want, Mr. George, can you be a mentor and teach two kids I favored?”

George was sharp. When he heard “two kids”, he had already thought of Shao Tianze’s pair of children.

“Miss Song, they have no blood ties with you. Why bother to protect them?”

“Although I knew not much with their father, I knew their mother well. Now they had lost their mother, and their father has no affection for them. Even if I am just an outsider, I can’t stand by.”

What Song Yunxuan said made a good sense.

But Chu Mochen twisted his eyebrows and looked at Song Yunxuan with a complicated expression.

She knew their mother well?

When did they become friends? How come he hadn’t heard any of it?

Song Yunxuan noticed Chu Mochen’s eyesight and gave him a wink.

Chu Mochen could not tell where Song Yunxuan’s words were between truth and lie, so he kept silent and listened to what Song Yunxuan was going to say next.

Anyway, according to the current conversation, everything went smoothly as Song Yunxuan’s wish.

If George had given them his word, then this trip to Roume would have been worth it.

George stared at Song Yunxuan, “How do you want me to teach those two kids?”

“Just teach them like a friend’s children.” Song Yunxuan did not make specific requirements.

After all, considering Family Sophia’s reputation, even if Song Yunxuan only asked them to bring the children back, George would teach them something after he promised to be their mentor.

To say the least, it wouldn’t have been a big deal even if George had not really taught them anything. As long as those two kids were under Family Sophia’s shelter, they would be safe.

In this way, Shao Tianze wouldn’t be able to find them and harm them.

“You have my words. In return, I need you to help me suppress those remarks against me marrying Lu Xia in my family.”

Song Yunxuan nodded, “You may rest assured. I will fulfill your wish.”

It was not easy to find a way to let the Family Sophia accept a foreign woman as Madam.

However, after all the ups and downs, Song Yunxuan had come up with an idea in her mind.

It was hard to make Lu Xia marry into the Family Sophia. Yet it was because of the difficulty that it became even more meaningful.

The rewards and gratitude received would be greater.

An easy favor tended to be forgotten easily, while a hard one would remain unforgettable.

Moreover, it would be greatly appreciated.

If Song Yunxuan had helped their marriage get the Family Sophia’s approval, what she attained would have been the support of the entire Family Sophia.

The process might be very difficult, but its fruits were very tempting.

Song Yunxuan had got a plan for this.

In Harbor City, everything was slowly coming to an end.

Especially the road that Song Yunjia expected seemed to have come to an end.

Shuang couldn’t resist the pressure of Shao Tianze. Finally, she said a name.

After hearing the name behind the scenes that Shuang spared, Shao Tianze gasped.

Then he pressed his fingers into his temples.

He felt a headache. The name that he hated to hear the most was spoken by Shuang.

“If you lied…”

“I’m telling the truth, and I heard she mentioned that the medicine was taken from the People’s Hospital.”

Shuang’s words made Shao Tianze’s eyebrows twisted up all at once, “People’s Hospital?”

“Yes…” Shuang asked Shao Tianze with some fear, “Mr. Shao, I have told you everything you want to know. Could you let me go?”

Tears burst into Shuang’s eyes.

She looked pitiful.

However, Shao Tianze wasn’t in the mood to feel her mercy. He knocked on the door panel to call the bodyguard to come in.

The bodyguard came in. He looked at Shuang kneeling on the ground and asked Shao Tianze, “Chairman Shao, do you want me to send her to the police station?”

“Go ahead.”

Shao Tianze spoke lightly to the bodyguard.

On hearing of Shao Tianze’s order, Shuang got up from the ground, “Mr. Shao, you promised to let me go. You said that as long as I told on that person behind the scenes, you would forgive me.”

Shao Tianze promised her earlier that he would not put her in jail, so she spoke out of that name.

She didn’t expect that Shao Tianze would break his words like that.

The bodyguard came to pull her arm and drag her out.

She struggled hard and wanted to break free from the bodyguard’s hand.

While the bodyguard dragging her out, she struggled and asked Shao Tianze loudly, “Weren’t you saying let me go?! Mr. Shao! Mr. Shao!”

Shao Tianze turned a deaf ear.

He wouldn’t forgive anyone who tried to harm Changle.

Letting her go? It was just to trick her into telling the secret. It was just a lie.

Silly as this woman was, she really bought it.

Shao Tianze put down the fingers off his temples and took out his mobile phone to find out Song Yunjia’s number.

Just before dialing out, he stopped.

When the call was dialed out, the relationship between Yunjia and him would come to an end.

After so many years, he suddenly felt reluctant to abandon her truly.

Shao Tianze was hesitating.

Gu Changle, who was lying on the hospital bed, had awoken before he knew.

She noticed Shao Tianze’s reluctance. There was a sad complaint in her eyes, “You’ve still had feelings for her?”

Gu Changle’s eyes were filled with pitiful tears.

Shao Tianze turned to see the tears in Gu Changle’s eyes, and he was stunned instantly.

Gu Changle frowned, “If you can’t do it, I really cannot be killed by her. Maybe it’s time for us to say goodbye. Send me abroad, and I might live longer if I was far away.”

This was Gu Changle’s ultimatum.

Shao Tianze heard her. His eyes narrowed and directly called to Song Yunjia without hesitation.

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