Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 417 - Persuaded Lu Xia

Chapter 417 Persuaded Lu Xia

Lu Xia shook her head, “There are no surveillance cameras in my bedroom.”

When she said this, she felt embarrassed for no reason.

Song Yunxuan didn’t need to think deeply and knew why.

Now that Lu Xia was pregnant, it meant that George slept with her.

Since George liked her very much, he naturally lived in the same bedroom with her.

With George monitoring her every move in person, there was no need to use cameras.

Lu Xia raised her hand to cover her belly and then went to the windows to draw the curtains.

After seeing Lu Xia drawing the curtains, Song Yunxuan said, “Miss Lu, what is George’s attitude towards the kid in your stomach?”

After closing the curtains, Lu Xia turned around to look at Song Yunxuan with tightened mouth and indifferent eyes, “No matter what his attitude towards this child is, I will go back to Harbor City.”

“I have known a little about the rules of Family Sophia. I believe the chance of you returning to Harbor City is not very high.”

Song Yunxuan said bluntly.

Lu Xia frowned, “I have to go back to Harbor City.”

Seeing Lu Xia’s insistence, Song Yunxuan explained, “I see George has a deep affection for you and wants to marry you.”

Lu Xia held no hope or expectation for the marriage, “Family Sophia has strict requirements for the lineage of married women. Even if I agree to be with George, I cannot marry him and become his wife.”

Hearing Lu Xia’s words, Song Yunxuan squinted and thoughtfully asked Lu Xia, “If you can marry George, are you truly willing to?”

Being asked, Lu Xia suddenly fell into silence.

Marry George?

She had sworn to the Lu Family’s former master that she would stay in and protect the Lu Family as long as she lived.

How could she marry a man in a distant country after she made such a pledge?


Lu Xia pursed her lips and gave Song Yunxuan a precise answer.

Song Yunxuan pouted lightly and felt that it was starting to get a little sticky, “What if you are not willing to marry George, and he doesn’t let you go?”

Lu Xia raised her hand to touch her belly with a cold expression, “He just likes the short-lived freshness. We are all adults. There can be no real love forever.”

Lu Xia was a person of an indifferent nature. Maybe she was not born like that. However, after she poured all the love and affection to the dead only son of the Lu Family, she never believed others’ feelings.

Song Yunxuan felt that Lu Xia had similarities with her in this respect.

However, as soon as Song Yunxuan arrived in Yuncheng, she met Chu Mochen.

And Lu Xia met George, who held sinister motives.

George loved her, but after doing this kind of thing and getting her pregnant, he had betrayed her.

A good servant should not have a presumptuous desire for his master.

But George broke the discipline.

Lu Xia’s trust in George was gone. No matter how George persuaded her to stay, Lu Xia’s heart only wanted Harbor City.

She wanted to return to Harbor City and the Lu Family.

Song Yunxuan puckered her lips and rationally analyzed for Lu Xia, “Miss Lu.”

“When you call me Miss Lu, I feel you regard me as an outsider. Just call me Sister Xia.”

“OK, Sister Xia.” Song Yunxuan preferred to use this name for Lu Xia, and Lu Xia did not express any objection.

After sizing the room’s decoration up, Song Yunxuan said to Lu Xia at an appropriate speed, “Sister Xia, I believe Mr. George sincere to you.”

“There is no sincerity. He just wants another taste. When he was in the Lu Family, he concealed his intention so deeply that I didn’t find it.”

Lu Xia had no affection for George.

She had been docile in public, but she did not conceal her alertness against and dissatisfaction with George when she was alone with Song Yunxuan.

“And Mr. George also likes the child in your stomach.”

Song Yunxuan made Lu Xia fall silent.

Indeed, as Song Yunxuan said, George liked the child in her belly very much.

After equipping her with six doctors of gynecology and obstetrics, he also found a senior maid who specialized in caring for pregnant women.

From food to travel, he cared for her.

Such care must be because he valued the child in her stomach.

Lu Xia didn’t speak.

Song Yunxuan walked over to her and gently reached out, trying to touch Lu Xia’s belly.

However, after reaching out, Song Yunxuan felt that reaching out to touch her belly in this way was impolite. Therefore, she smiled embarrassingly and quickly took her hand back.

Lu Xia did not mind that. When she saw that Song Yunxuan reached out to touch her stomach but withdrew her hand, Lu Xia simply held Song Yunxuan’s wrist and let her finger rest on her stomach.

Song Yunxuan touched the belly of another pregnant woman for the first time. The feeling on her finger was a bit wonderful.

When she carefully felt the child in Lu Xia’s stomach, she persuaded Lu Xia, “Maybe mothers become precious because of their sons in other places. However, in Family Sophia, this child has been valued by Mr. George because of you.”

Lu Xia looked up at Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan continued, “Family Sophia gives priority to bloodlines. Therefore, they must not like the kid. There must be many people who have suggested Mr. George abort your kid. However, Mr. George not only protects your child but also gives you such a life. It can’t be for the child in your stomach, but you.”

Lu Xia’s eyebrows tightened.

Song Yunxuan kept on saying, “I’m afraid Mr. George has known that you want to return to Harbor City, so he wants you to give birth to this child. He hopes to use this child to influence your decision.”

“This child inherits his blood. He will stay in Roume after he is born.” Lu Xia’s voice was cold.

Song Yunxuan withdrew her hand and looked at Lu Xia with a smile, “By then, as a mother, you will be reluctant to be separated from the child.”

As people said, blood was thicker than water. And mothers needed to go through ten months of hardships before they gave birth to their children. Even if they had decided to leave their children after the delivery, they couldn’t be heartless when the time came.

As a mother of two children, Gu Changge knew that deeply.

Lu Xia pursed and didn’t say anything.

Song Yunxuan knew that Lu Xia had hovered in her heart.

She giggled and persuaded Lu Xia, “Sister Xia, in my opinion, you should think about how to stay in Family Sophia rightly and properly rather than think how to break up with Mr. George and return to the Lu Family.”

It should be known that Family Sophia was a great cake.

It was a better place than the Lu Family that could benefit her greatly.

Lu Xia held back her sight.

Song Yunxuan knew what she had said just now had moved Lu Xia.

However, what Lu Xia was thinking and what decision she would make were hard to guess.

Song Yunxuan looked at the tightly closed curtains.

She said, “We have been chatting alone in the room for a long time. Let’s go out.”

Lu Xia nodded, “I’ll show you the house.”

Lu Xia hadn’t been hospitable. As the master of the Lu Family, even if she hadn’t been swamped with work, she hadn’t been idle enough to show people her house and garden.

After being forced to come to Itali and becoming pregnant, she became freer and freer day by day.

She didn’t want to stay in the room, so she could only move around within the prescribed limits together with cautious maids and family doctors who were keeping watch on her.

Lu Xia showed her hospitality, and Song Yunxuan and Chu Mochen followed her, walking around in the courtyard.

When it was almost noon, a maid came to ask Lu Xia what cuisine to eat at noon.

Without thinking, Lu Xia uttered two words, “Chanese cuisine.”

When the maid heard it, she went back immediately and told the people in the kitchen to prepare Chanese food.

In this villa, all the servants were obedient and treated Lu Xia as a queen.

The essential reason was that George supported Lu Xia behind her back.

Everyone in Family Sophia knew that after George returned from Harbor City, he brought back an indifferent Eastern woman.

This woman turned out to be George’s treasure and was spoiled by George.

Since George liked her now, people in this villa somehow feared this Eastern woman.

Song Yunxuan had planned to leave after lunch.

And she had believed that George wouldn’t come back at lunchtime because he was busy.

However, she hadn’t expected that George had returned to the villa before lunchtime.

George was very passionate about Lu Xia. After entering the door, he walked to Lu Xia’s side, took her in his arms, and gently kissed her forehead, not caring the guests’ views at home.

Seeing that, Song Yunxuan immediately coughed softly and turned to look at Chu Mochen.

When Chu Mochen came to Family Sophia, he was like a complete idler. In addition to looking around, he just listened to Lu Xia’s story about Roume.

Now when the host came back to eat with them, Chu Mochen only nodded with a smile.

Everyone was seated for lunch. The dishes served were all Contoonese cuisine Lu Xia liked.

Two dishes were the special food of Yuncheng.

When eating, Song Yunxuan couldn’t help but sigh, “I have never expected to eat authentic hometown food here. It’s really touching.”

George took care of them courteously.

During lunch, he did not forget to stare at Lu Xia multiple times as if his heart would itch without seeing her for some time.

After lunch, Lu Xia had wanted to talk with Song Yunxuan for more time.

However, George acted out of character. He did not allow Lu Xia to stay to talk with Song Yunxuan according to her intention. However, he ordered the maid, who took care of Lu Xia, to take Lu Xia back to rest by a little force.

Song Yunxuan was not surprised by George’s behavior.

After pulling off the napkin and putting it on the table, Chu Mochen lifted his eyelids and gave George a faint look.

Being seen by Chu Mochen, George felt Chu Mochen was not someone to be trifled with.

However, George didn’t fear. After all, this territory was under the control of Family Sophia.

As the master of Family Sophia, he didn’t need to be afraid.

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