Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 416 - Met Lu Xia

Chapter 416 Met Lu Xia

The name Shuang alone made Shao Xue feel tense.

Now hearing her crying, Shao Xue had a feeling about what was going on.

She could not ask. She could only withdraw her hand, looking nervously at the door, and asked the bodyguard, “What is Shuang crying for? Is my brother in there?”

Count the unconscious Gu Changle out, a crying woman and a man were in one room. Anyone would picture something in their heads.

The bodyguard worried that Shao Xue was thinking more and more wildly. He hurriedly explained, “Mr. Shao is interrogating her inside.”

Shao Xue pursed her lips and frowned, “What’s it for?”

“She replaced Miss Gu’s medicine with something else. Miss Gu almost died for it.”

Shao Xue’s heart felt hammered.

She knew it was dug out.

She was so uneasy, but she couldn’t show it.

She stepped back with suppressed panic, “Alright. I will see Changle after they are done.”

The bodyguard was grateful that she did not break in. He nodded quickly, “Miss Shao, could you wait elsewhere for a few minutes. I will let you know when Mr. Shao comes out.”

Shao Xue nodded and walked away nervously, grasping the clothes tightly with her fingers.

Shuang saw her switching Gu Changle’s medicine.

Now it was discovered by Shao Tianze. Would Shuang confess everything about her?

In a panic, she pursed her lips, not knowing what to do.

After giving it more thought, she found a relatively private place and made a call to Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan was the only one she could think of right now.

Shao Xue waited for her to answer.

Listening to the ringing tone, she became even more panicked.

Fortunately, after a few seconds, the voice of Song Yunxuan passed over, “Shao Xue?”

“Bad news, Yunxuan. Shao Tianze knew about the medicine.”

As soon as Shao Xue heard the call got through, she couldn’t wait to tell Song Yunxuan everything happened here.

Song Yunxuan could tell the panic in her voice. She tried to comfort Shao Xue, “Calm down. Shuang won’t tell on you.”

Shao Xue did not understand what she meant.

Song Yunxuan sounded to be in the middle of something. After the comfort, she told Shao Xue, “Don’t be nervous. Don’t fear. Do whatever you are supposed to do. Shuang won’t say anything about you. Don’t worry.”

“Yunxuan, why are you so sure about it?”

Song Yunxuan could not help chuckling, “Because Shuang listens to my orders.”

Her tone was soft, but it was like a giant hammer fell on Shao Xue’s heart.

She felt assured as much as shocked instantly.

“When did Shuang start to follow your orders?”


Yunxuan asked her not to be so excited.

Shao Xue could barely calm down when she heard Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan pursed her lips, “It’s a long story.”

“Is it recently?” Did Song Yunxuan buy Shuang after she switched the medicine?

Shao Xue couldn’t figure it out by herself. She expected Song Yunxuan to give her a firm answer.

Song Yunxuan smiled, “Shuang was arranged in the Shao Family as early as she got into there. The reason is very complicated. I will fill you in with the details after I return from Roume. Now you know it, so please don’t do anything reckless, okay?”

She didn’t plan to tell Shao Xue that Shuang had always been her spy.

However, it was the first time that Shao Xue had performed so panicking while calling and asking her what to do.

Now if she had not revealed this secret to offer such reassurance to Shao Xue, Shao Xue wouldn’t have rest assured.

She could only tell Shao Xue about Shuang in advance.

Song Yunxuan hung it up and turned to the scenery outside the window.

Yesterday, Lu Xia called to invite her over.

She kept her words. The next morning, Song Yunxuan had just taken breakfast. Someone came to inform her that Miss Lu was waiting for her.

Song Yunxuan and Chu Mochen exchanged a look.

They both were wary of Family Sophia.

They were sure that they didn’t spoil which hotel they were in, yet Family Sophia had sent someone to pick them up the next morning.

It was obvious. Huge as Roume city was, there was no place that Family Sophia couldn’t penetrate.

Song Yunxuan didn’t fear to attend alone. She had planned all this out. Her ultimate purpose of this journey was to meet the head of Family Sophia as well as Lu Xia.

Since she came, everything went smoothly.

Chu Mochen was with her. What else should she be afraid of?

The car traveled fast.

Song Yunxuan watched the changing scenery outside the window. Soon the car came to a hill with verdant trees and fresh air.

The plants on the mountain were all famous breeds.

Moreover, when passing by, she saw a large golf course.

Song Yunxuan raised her lips slightly, looking at everything outside the window with interest.

Chu Mochen was different.

Chu Mochen only gave it a glance, and then he closed his eyes, conserving his energy for more important things. It seemed like he was not interested in the scenery outside the window at all.

Song Yunxuan noticed Chu Mochen’s closing eyes. The smile on her face grew bigger and bigger, “Mochen, don’t you wanna check it out?”

“I can buy you some similar property if you fancy here.”

“You’d better remember what you said.”

Chu Mochen heard her upbeat ending voice, knowing that she must be in a good mood.

He opened his eyes and reached over to touch her hair.

Song Yunxuan bent her eyes. While looking at the outside scenery, she took time to glance at the expression on the driver’s face via the rearview mirror.

The driver was so stretched that he looked like a plaster statue. She couldn’t tell any emotions from his face.

But now, the white blonde driver’s face changed subtly.

There was some disdain in his eyes.

Song Yunxuan laughed mindlessly in secret.

Judging from this driver’s reaction, George must treat Lu Xia well.

A mountain with such elaborate decoration in the prime area of Roume, along with a large yard and quiet environment.

It must be the property George used to win Lu Xia’s affection.

Family Sophia had not agreed with the relationship between George and Lu Xia, which could also be inferred from the driver’s look.

Although George was nice to Lu Xia, the family pressure on his shoulders was great.

It would be very difficult for Lu Xia to marry George justly.

Otherwise, the driver would not show disdainful emotions in his eyes.

Probably everyone in Family Sophia believed that no matter how well George treated the oriental woman, she wouldn’t become part of Family Sophia at the end, let alone become the Madam of Family Sophia.

She pursed her lips and said nothing more.

Chu Mochen also observed the change of the driver’s look acutely.

He turned to Song Yunxuan thoughtfully.

He found that she was looking at the scenery passing by the window with a faint smile.

Although the purpose of this journey was a bit difficult to achieve, Song Yunxuan’s mood was pretty good.

It seemed that she had already understood Lu Xia’s embarrassing situation and figured out the countermeasures.

Thinking of this, Chu Mochen closed his eyes again with a meditative mind.

It took about fifteen minutes from the foot of the mountain to the villa on the mountain.

Song Yunxuan got off the car, looking at the white villa in front of her. She was amazed, “What a beautiful palace.”

Chu Mochen looked at this villa along with her.

It reminded him of the White House.

The entire villa was ivory white, with complex and elegant carvings and patterns everywhere.

Even those Greeak goddess statues standing in the spurted springs in front of the villa were white.

They were guided into the villa.

Lu Xia was waiting for their arrival in the villa.

A tall western man in a black shirt and trousers was with her.

Song Yunxuan recognized it was George by a mere glance.

George saw Song Yunxuan and smiled slightly, “Miss Song, we meet again.”

Song Yunxuan smiled, “Nice to meet you again, Mr. George.”

She hugged George.

George also hugged Chu Mochen as if Chu Mochen was one of his good friends.

Lu Xia stood on one side and looked at Song Yunxuan and Chu Mochen.

Lu Xia used to be mighty and dignified. However, when Song Yunxuan touched her bulging belly, Lu Xia became a little embarrassed instantly.

After George said hello, he went over and grabbed Lu Xia’s shoulder, “I am very happy that you can visit Xia from afar.”

Lu Xia pursed her lips. Her pretty eyes did not look at George, and there was no happiness that a mother-to-be should have on her face.

Watching Lu Xia, Song Yunxuan had a weird feeling.

As if she could share Lu Xia’s feelings in the current situation, Song Yunxuan walked to Lu Xia, “Miss Lu, I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

She reached out to Lu Xia.

Lu Xia took the opportunity to leave George’s arms and hugged with Song Yunxuan.

George looked at them by the side. Some helplessness flashed on his face, but he did not stop her.

He had already had breakfast with Lu Xia. For the whole morning, he planned to be with her.

But Family Sophia had a regular family meeting. They made several phone calls, and George finally went to attend.

Lu Xia couldn’t be relaxed until George left.

She glanced at Chu Mochen and apologize, “I’m sorry to ask you to come here, taking such a big risk.”

Chu Mochen replied straightforwardly, “I came with Yunxuan.”

Lu Xia smiled at Chu Mochen’s frankness. She glanced over the maids in the hall and smiled at Song Yunxuan, “Yunxuan, would you like to talk to me in private?”

Song Yunxuan nodded, “My pleasure.”

Lu Xia stretched out her hand. Song Yunxuan grabbed her fingers and followed her to a room on the second floor.

Chu Mochen was left alone in the living room.

But he did not get bored even if he was left alone in the living room.

He inspected the interior of the villa and walked toward the outside.

As soon as Lu Xia and Song Yunxuan stepped into the room, Song Yunxuan closed the door and asked Lu Xia, “Is there a monitor in this room?”

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