Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 415 - Pressing Shuang

Chapter 415 Pressing Shuang

Shuang had a sneaking suspicion that something was not right.

But she couldn’t tell what was wrong.

Therefore, she had no choice but to continue staying around Gu Changle and taking care of her.

When the third-time test result came out, the test sheet was faxed to Shao Tianze.

Looking at the result on the test sheet, Shao Tianze pondered for such a while and still could not accept it.

Yet Tan Yi, who was reading the test result next to him, sneered and said, “Mr. Shao, how astonishing it is! You even can’t trust the people around you.”

With this, Tan Yi sighed, seeming that he wanted to provoke Shao Tianze, “Nevertheless, the medicine is the same while the test results are totally different. It’s worth thinking carefully, right? Mr. Shao?”

Looking at the test sheet on his hand, Shao Tianze’s face turned livid with anger.

Tan Yi’s words were like long needles piercing into his brain.

It made his head hurt a lot.

Just as Tan Yi said, there had already been two suspicious points about the thing.

And there must be something else that he did not expect.

Looking at the ingredients of the medicine, Tan Yi shook his head repeatedly, saying, “No wonder Miss Gu became ill that suddenly. Judging from this test sheet, the one wanted to kill Miss Gu.”

Shao Tianze frowned tightly, and the expression in his eyes also became terrifying.

Someone actually wanted to murder Changle.

It took so much effort for him to let Changle survive, and now someone actually wanted to kill her.

Damn it!

He would keep on investigating and find out who was the prime mover.

Since the person wanted Changle’s life, then Shao Tianze would let the man suffer one step ahead!

The first suspect Shao Tianze thought of was Shuang, who brought medicine to Gu Changle and watched her take medicine.

After going to the hospital, the people who had been staying with Gu Changle were just him and Shuang.

If he had wanted to find Shuang, he would only have needed to enter Gu Changle’s ward.

Tan Yi was in the office, watching how Shao Tianze would react.

Sure enough, after calming down, Shao Tianze immediately thought of Shuang who was the prime suspect.

He turned around and left. Seeing him go out of the room, Tan Yi sneered subtly and then began to follow him.

Tan Yi’s office was not far from Gu Changle’s ward.

It could be said that they could reach the ward just within a few steps.

But Shao Tianze’s soft spot had been touched. When entering Gu Changle’s ward, he flung open the door of the ward sharply.

Shuang was taking a nap while propping her head with her hand on the edge of Gu Changle’s sickbed. When hearing that the door was kicked open abruptly, she was quite taken aback.

She turned her head in fear and thought that someone came to pick a quarrel.

And she immediately saw Shao Tianze who appeared at the door.

Seeing Shao Tianze, Shuang felt slighted relieved. But she still felt a bit afraid when seeing the taut expression on Shao Tianze’s face, so she asked Shao Tianze, “Mr. Shao, is there anything troubling you?”

“Aren’t you clear if anything is troubling me?” Shao Tianze asked in reply.

This made Shuang stupefied. She frowned and became more scared, “What do you mean by this, Mr. Shao?”

Shao Tianze wanted to step forward to grab Shuang’s collar right away.

Tan Yi, who followed him, gently coughed and reminded him, “Mr. Shao, please calm down a bit.”

Reminded by Tan Yi, Shao Tianze narrowly suppressed his anger. But his eyes still fell sharply on Shuang’s face like cold knives, and he flung the test sheet onto Shuang’s face.

When the test sheet hit her face, Shuang’s sight was blocked for a moment. Then she hastily picked up the test sheet and carefully read the content of it.

Shuang was not very scared before reading it, yet when she read it, her face turned pale instantly.

Shao Tianze fixed his black pupils on her.

Shuang came from a small town and was not a highly-educated girl, so she shouldn’t understand such a professional test sheet.

However, when she saw the test sheet, she suddenly goggled and appeared to be quite flustered.

Just by looking at the expression on her face, Shao Tianze and Tan Yi could conclude that she must have something to do with the thing that Gu Changle’s medicine was switched.

Sure enough, before Shao Tianze began to talk, Shuang could not hold it anymore, so she dropped to her knees, crying, “Mr. Shao, though I bring Miss Gu the medicine on time every day, I didn’t switch the medicine!”

Tears poured down her face, and she felt that she would be doomed.

Tan Yi was looking on, crossing his arms.

Yet Shao Tianze immediately called in the bodyguard at the door.

The bodyguard did a double-take on seeing Shuang crying on the floor.

Shao Tianze pressed his lips and told the bodyguard to guard at the door to stop anyone from entering.

Shuang was not stupid. Seeing what Shao Tianze did, she knew that he wanted to interrogate her by himself instead of sending her to the police.

Thinking of this, Shuang suddenly felt more worried and scared.

Shao Tianze was usually courtly, seeming that he was not temperamental. But the servants in the Shao Family all felt tacit that Shao Tianze was not the courtly man he appeared to be.

She even heard lots of rumors which said that Shao Tianze murdered his wife Gu Changge.

Otherwise, how could he be together with Gu Changle this easily?

Shuang was trembling with fear.

Tan Yi wasn’t going to get out. The bodyguard felt that Tan Yi was also an outsider, so he asked Shao Tianze thoughtfully, “Mr. Shao, about this Director Tan?”

Shao Tianze pressed his lips and took a look at Tan Yi.

He thought that such a person like Tan Yi would stay to watch the show, yet out of his expectation, Tan Yi just cast a glance at Shuang and tut-tutted, “What a poor kid! You’d better give up the prime mover’s name, or you will suffer a lot.”

With this, he began to walk to the door.

The bodyguard followed Tan Yi out and then guarded at the door of the ward.

Now there were only Gu Changle who had not woken up yet, Shuang and Shao Tianze left in the ward.

Seeing that there were no outsiders except Shao Tianze whose face clouded, Shuang said immediately, “Mr. Shao, it’s all my fault. Please forgive me this time!”

Seeing that Shuang was on her knees and kowtowing, Shao Tianze’s eyes were cold, saying, “Changle almost died. You’ve been with Changle for such a long time. Why didn’t you think of quitting when you hurt her?”

Shuang pressed her lips and did not know how to answer the question.

Seeing that she didn’t know how to reply, Shao Tianze slightly raised his eyebrows and came up with a solution.

He was not going to wield a big stick over Shuang.

Shao Tianze had been living under the same roof with Shuang for so long, and he knew that the little maid was a weak and good-tempered girl like a lamb.

She and Changle were no enemies, and she had no reason to hurt Changle.

But now she hurt Changle as her wish. She even switched Changle’s medicine which almost made Changle die.

There must have been someone who instigated her to do this.

As for who it was, he needed Shuang to tell him in person.

Shuang pressed her lips, and her forehead touched the ground. Hearing Shao Tianze’s words, her heart was full of guilt.

But Shao Tianze continued on seeing that she just kept kowtowing without speaking, “Though Changle was not good-tempered, yet I believe that you do not want to kill Changle even if you feel wronged. Do you have your difficulties?”

“No… No….”

Shuang denied it, yet it was clear that she was not confident enough.

Shao Tianze concluded that Shuang would give up the name of the prime mover. It was just that he had to try harder to let Shuang understand that there would have been consequences she could not take if she hadn’t told him who the prime mover was.

“Shuang, do you want to be in prison for the rest of your life because of your conviction for murder?”

Shuang’s body was trembling even harder.

Shao Tianze had got the proof that she switched the medicine. He was the powerful one who had the initiative in this matter.

As long as Shao Tianze had wanted to, he could have used his social network to make her be in prison for the rest of her life. And he could even make her die in prison.

She did not want to be in prison for the rest of her life. She even wanted to quit her job in the Shao Family to start a romantic relationship with someone and live well for the rest of her life.

Shao Tianze sighed, “The women’s prison is not a good place. If such an innocent girl like you is sent into the prison, you will be bullied so hard within a month. Those women prisoners are not good people. They are perverts and always do some nasty things, like….”

Shao Tianze talked about things that always happened in the women’s prisons dramatically.

Shuang listened irresistibly, and she was shivering so hard.

In the meantime, Shao Xue arrived at the hospital.

She should visit Gu Changle since she was in hospital. Yet out of her expectation, she met such an embattled atmosphere when she came over this time.

Shao Xue was quite familiar with Shao Tianze’s bodyguards.

Now seeing that the bodyguards all guarded in front of Gu Changle’s ward, she could not help going blank for a moment. She asked the bodyguard at the right side of the door, “What’s wrong? Did anything happen to Sister Changle?”

The bodyguard was Zhang Qing, whose voice counted between theirs.

Seeing Shao Xue, he nodded politely and called Miss Shao.

Hearing Shao Xue’s question, he didn’t say much, “Miss Changle is still asleep. She has not woken up yet.”

Shao Xue doubted, “Can I enter to see Sister Changle?”

Zhang Qing frowned and refused in embarrassment, “Mr. Shao is inside. Please wait for a moment, Miss Shao.”

He meant that he didn’t allow Shao Xue to enter.

Shao Xue looked at the door and took a step forward.

Though the room’s sound insulation effect was quite good, Shao Xue still heard the cries coming from inside clearly.

Shao Xue immediately changed her expression and wanted to open the door to enter, “Who is crying inside?”

Seeing that Shao Xue was going to open the door, Zhang Qing reached out to stop Shao Xue at once.

Shao Xue frowned, “I heard a woman crying inside! Let me in! What happened to Sister Changle?!”

She appeared to be worried about Gu Changle, but actually she had concluded that it was not Gu Changle’s voice after only hearing a small part of the cries.

Since it was not Gu Changle’s voice, then whose voice was it?

Her heart was full of misgivings, and the expression on her face became quite serious.

Seeing that she was worried and considering that she was Shao Tianze’s younger sister, the bodyguard told her, “The one crying inside was Shuang.”

Hearing this, Shao Xue’s face turned pale.

And she was taken aback bodily.

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