Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 419 - Doubts about Yunjia

Chapter 419 Doubts about Yunjia

Song Yunjia received Shao Tianze’s phone of silence. She was nervous.

But she had heard Gu Changle’s condition from the hospital early.

Her friend in the People’s Hospital told Song Yunjia that Gu Changle had not woken up yet.

Besides, Gu Changle’s condition was awful. If she had not woken up in a few hours, she might have never woken up again.

Song Yunjia was looking forward to this result.

But she suddenly received a call from Shao Tianze for no reason.

Song Yunjia asked what had happened.

Shao Tianze, however, had no explanation but said, “You come to the People’s Hospital to see Changle.”

Song Yunjia had mixed feelings. She was not sure whether it was good news or not.

From Shao Tianze’s tone, Gu Changle didn’t seem to wake up.

Shao Tianze wasn’t critical or angry either, which made Song Yunjia confused. Song Yunjia didn’t know why Shao Tianze had that call.

Song Yunjia put down the phone and changed her clothes to go out.

Wenwen had always been Song Yunjia’s side to take care of her. Sometimes Wenwen also followed her to go out.

At this time, Wenwen followed Song Yunjia wittily. She asked Song Yunjia, “Miss Song, where do you go? Do you want me to go with you?”

Song Yunjia thought it didn’t matter whether Wenwen followed or not.

Therefore, she didn’t let Wenwen go with her.

Song Yunjia went out alone and took a taxi to the hospital.

She specially asked whether Gu Changle had come to life when she checked Gu Changle’s ward at the nurse station.

The nurse receptionist of the nurse station was a talkative young girl. Being asked by Song Yunjia, she said with sympathy, “I’ve heard that Miss Gu hasn’t come to life yet. It is so worrying.”

Song Yunjia also expressed her sadness.

However, before Song Yunjia went into the ward, a woman doctor who had been good with Song Yunjia greeted her at the restroom’s door.

Song Yunjia looked around. Then she walked towards her colleague.

That colleague had been fond of gossips since they worked together.

Now she called Song Yunjia and began to gossip, “Do you know it? Dr. Shao has found Gu Changle’s killer. Moreover, the killer has been locked in the ward to be heard for half a day.”

Song Yunjia was confused. She did not understand what the doctor said.

“What killer?” She pretended to know nothing.

The woman doctor thought she knew a lot. She explained in detail, “Gu Changle had an attack suddenly and was sent to the hospital because someone had switched her medicine.”

“Who is the killer?”

“Of course it’s the person who switched the medicine.”

The woman colleague’s words made Song Yunjia nervous. Her heart beat quickly.

The woman doctor then muttered, “I heard that one servant in the Shao Family was dragged to the police station. The servant was so audacious that she even switched the medicine of her employer’s wife. She can really make waves.”

The colleague rattled away for a long time.

However, Song Yunjia had been frightened by her words.

The guy who switched the medicine?

The servant had been caught?

Those made Song Yunjia stunned.

It was Shao Xue who switched the medicine. Why did the servant become the killer?

Song Yunjia became more confused.

After washing her hands in the restroom, she soon remembered that Shao Tianze called her to the hospital.

She should find Shao Tianze immediately. And then she could see whether Gu Changle had died in the ward.

Song Yunjia walked to Gu Changle’s ward. She could see several bodyguards in black stand in front of the ward in the distance.

Song Yunjia pursed her lips, considering whether she should knock the door now.

The bodyguards recognized Song Yunjia. They saw Song Yunjia standing in front of the door carefully, without knocking.

Zhang Qing, the bodyguard leader, knocked the door slightly.

Here came Shao Tianze’s voice from the ward, “Who is it?”

Zhang Qing said, “It’s Miss Song.”

“Just in time.”

Without any preparation, Song Yunjia heard Shao Tianze’s words, which made her trembled. She felt something wrong subconsciously.

But she had arrived at the ward. Besides, the bodyguard had knocked for her.

Even if she wanted to stand still in front of the door, the bodyguard gave her a please gesture, “Miss Song, please come in.”

Song Yunjia became very anxious.

Thinking for a while, she entered the ward reluctantly.

There was no one else except Shao Tianze and Gu Changle.

Gu Changle sat in bed. When she saw Song Yunjia, the viciousness and pride crossed her face.

Shao Tianze’s expression was awkward.

Although Song Yunjia was surprised Gu Changle’s being awake, she had to pretend to care for Gu Changle in front of Shao Tianze.

“Changle has woken up? That’s brilliant.”

She walked towards Gu Changle.

Gu Changle said coldly, “I’m afraid that you are disappointed.”

Gu Changle had given up pretending. She stared at Song Yunjia and said the truth directly, “You have my medicine switched. You are surprised that I’m awake, aren’t you?”

Song Yunjia was shocked. She never expected that Gu Changle and Shao Tianze had known everything she had done.

But Song Yunjia had a quick response. She responded, “Changle, what are you talking about? What do you mean by switching medicine? I don’t understand your meaning.”

It was Shao Xue who switched the medicine. Why should Song Yunjia be blamed while Shao Tianze just interrogated a servant?

Song Yunjia felt nervous and very puzzled.

She even wanted to know Shao Xue’s present situation right now.

Gu Changle stared at Song Yunjia with angry eyes and said, “Now everything is exposed. You still pretend to know nothing?”

“Changle, I really don’t understand your words.”

Even though the medicine switching had been found, Song Yunjia determined not to admit it unless Shao Xue confronted her face-to-face.

Once Song Yunjia admitted it, everything was over.

“You don’t understand? Should I let Shuang confront you face-to-face?”

Gu Changle had heard Shuang’s confession that Song Yunjia was the one behind it. Song Yunjia still struggled in vain and refused to admit it.

Gu Changle thought that Song Yunjia could be charged as long as Shuang confronted Song Yunjia.

It would become easy to send Song Yunjia into prison for a life.

Moreover, the charge for intentional murder could be sentenced to either life-imprisonment or for decades, at least.

According to Gu Changle’s method, Song Yunjia might not come out alive from prison.

Until that time, Song Yunjia still wanted to fight with Gu Changle. How could she do it?

The evil plan for switching medicine didn’t kill Gu Changle. Instead, it gave Song Yunjia a hit.

What else did Gu Changle need to do to fight with Song Yunjia?

The competition had ended.

Song Yunjia got caught by Gu Changle. She had been desperate.

However, a little hope rose from her heart when she heard that Gu Changle would ask Shuang to confront her.

Song Yunjia struggled to defend for herself, “I don’t know Shuang. Why would I let her hurt you? Changle, don’t sling mud at me.”

Gu Changle heard her words. She knew that Song Yunjia didn’t give up. Her eyes fell on silent Shao Tianze, who had been watching them, and she said, “Tianze, Shuang has said that Yunjia wants to kill me. Now she is here, but she has no sense of regret. Should we let Shuang confront her?”

“Shuang has been to the police station.” Shao Tianze said slightly. Then he turned to Song Yunjia whose face had become pale. He looked at her with complex appearance and disappointment, as well as some empathy that could easily be found by Song Yunjia. “Yunjia, if you did this, you’d better admit it. I don’t want to get this worse, nor to send you into prison.”

Gu Changle heard Shao Tianze’s words. She simply wanted to shout down his suggestion.

Shao Tianze went on before Gu Changle started, “Yunjia, I know your feeling for me. But Changle was the one we struggled together to rescue. If you made the wrong decision on an impulse, you should apologize to Changle. We can pretend it didn’t happen.”

The more tolerant Shao Tianze was, the crazier and disappointed Gu Changle felt.

Gu Changle looked at Shao Tianze. She said unbelievably, “Tianze, Yunjia wants to kill me. Why do you let her go every time?”

“Changle, you keep silent first.”

Gu Changle was told to do this. Her eyes were full of tears.

Song Yunjia heard Shao Tianze’s words. She pursed her lips, not knowing what to do.

Yes or no?

It seemed like if Song Yunjia had admitted it, Shao Tianze wouldn’t have got rid of her.

If Song Yunjia had not admitted it, Shao Tianze would have traced some things. By then, Shao Tianze would have found her out and known that Song Yunjia had been cheating him.

Shao Tianze would never show mercy to her when he knew the truth.

Gu Changle was very disappointed. She was also very angry with Shao Tianze’s mercy to Song Yunjia.

However, pursing her lips and being silent for a while, Song Yunjia finally decided to make a bet. “It’s not me.”

Song Yunjia could not admit that she instructed others to get Gu Changle’s medicine switched.

If Song Yunjia had admitted it, Gu Changle would have definitely managed to hunt her down even though Shao Tianze would have excused her.

In contrast, it would take Shao Tianze a long time to find Song Yunjia’s tricks even he traced from Shuang.

Besides, it was Shao Xue who switched the medicine. Why did Shuang come out and point to her?

It was simply weird. There must be something fishy. Someone must want to bring her to her bony knees.

The one who wished Song Yunjia to be in prison most was nobody but Gu Changle.

Song Yunjia suspected that Gu Changle had already known her medicine was switched. Now, Gu Changle just wanted to meet trick with trick and hunt Song Yunjia down.

Song Yunjia had made her decision. She looked firmer.

No matter what Shao Tianze said, Song Yunjia would never admit that she would kill Gu Changle.

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