Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 396 - Sink or Swim

Chapter 396 Sink or Swim

Hearing that Shao Xue had guessed Gu Changge’s name, Song Yunjia frowned slightly, seeming that she disagreed.

Shao Xue stared at her, asking, “Was Gu Changge the murderer?”

Song Yunjia shook her head, replying, “No, Gu Changge would never do this.”

“Wasn’t Gu Changge ruthless? If Gu Changge hadn’t done it, then how could my parents have died during the operation….”

“Gu Changle did it.”

Song Yunjia spoke in time to interrupt Shao Xue.

Hearing Song Yunjia say the name Gu Changle, Shao Xue stopped talking at once.

Sure enough, Song Yunjia wanted Shao Xue to deal with Gu Changle.

Seeing that she suddenly stopped talking, Song Yunjia thought Shao Xue was frightened by her words.

Song Yunjia sighed softly and consoled her, “As you have been living with Gu Changle for so long, you wouldn’t believe me easily when I say that Gu Changle murdered your parents. But I have already expected that you would suspect me if I tell you this. So I’ve brought the materials relating to that accident.”

With this, Song Yunjia drew a kraft paper bag from her handbag.

It went without saying that the things inside were definitely the materials Song Yunjia had carefully prepared.

Since the materials had been carefully prepared, so there must be no obvious flaws.

Shao Xue reached out to take the kraft paper bag and drew out the materials inside.

Looking at that thick pile of materials and a videotape, Shao Xue turned to look at Song Yunjia thoughtfully.

Song Yunjia looked down at her tea, saying, “I know that you may suspect me, but you will not doubt after you see this. Everything is based on evidence, right?”

Shao Xue was not opposed to Song Yunjia’s words.

Shao Xue nodded slightly and looked down at the materials in her hands.

Song Yunjia took a look at how Shao Xue reacted while having tea.

Though Shao Xue tried to keep calm on the surface, yet astonishment still appeared at the bottom of her eyes.

Shao Xue didn’t really believe Song Yunjia’s words, but she began to show great distrust of Gu Changle.

Song Yunjia was waiting for Shao Xue’s reply when she finished reading the materials.

Yet out of her expectation, the nurse of the hospital called Song Yunjia after Shao Xue had read only two pages of the materials.

The nurse was a bit anxious, “Miss Song, Mr. Shao called just now and said he would come to see you.”

Since Shao Tianze would come to see her, Song Yunjia surely had to get back to the hospital now.

Song Yunjia looked away from Shao Xue and made a decision at once without much thinking.

She stood up, saying, “Miss Shao.”

Shao Xue looked away from that thick pile of materials, and then her gaze fell upon Song Yunjia.

Song Yunjia looked at her and said while feeling sorry, “Sorry, I have something important to do and have to leave now. I can’t wait for you to finish reading all these materials.”

Shao Xue nodded, “It doesn’t matter. It will take a long time for me to finish reading all these.”

Song Yunjia nodded, saying to her, “Though I can’t wait for Miss Shao to finish reading all these, but you can call me at any time if you have any questions when you finish reading these.”

With this, Song Yunjia took out a name card from her handbag and pushed to Shao Xue who was at the other end of the desk.

Shao Xue reached out to take the name card Song Yunjia pushed to her and nodded to Song Yunjia, “Anyway, I really appreciate that Miss Song told me all these. Now my mind is in great confusion, so….”

Shao Xue’s fingers were trembling slightly.

Seeing Shao Xue’s reaction, Song Yunjia smiled gently and consoled her, “It’s OK. Calm down. I’m leaving now. Call me at this number if you have any problems.”

Shao Xue nodded with mixed feelings, and it seemed that she was speechless at the moment.

Seeing Shao Xue’s reaction, Song Yunjia felt relieved.

What she wanted to see was exactly Shao Xue’s present reaction.

As long as Shao Xue had begun to hold a grudge against Gu Changle, then Song Yunjia would have had numerous ways to let Shao Xue take her side.

Song Yunjia needed a helper, and Shao Xue was the best one.

Shao Xue was Shao Tianze’s younger sister.

Shao Tianze cared much about his younger sister. If Song Yunjia had had her help, then it would have been worthy for her to risk carrying out many of her plans.

Song Yunjia turned many things over in her mind.

But Shao Xue flung the pile of documents on the desk after Song Yunjia had left.

And the countenance on her face became quite indifferent, “What a calculating bitch.”

Shao Xue was in the booth, and no one could hear what she said.

Shao Xue raised her hand to rub her temples, feeling that the things she talked about with Song Yunjia just now was just like a farce.

Just as Song Yunxuan said, Song Yunjia was on her last legs.

And Song Yunjia would sink or swim as she was on her last legs.

If Song Yunjia had made it this time, then Gu Changle would have had no chance to fight with Song Yunjia anymore.

However, this was a very risky plan.

Even if Song Yunjia had made it, she would have had to pay a big price.

The best way was to get a third party to do it, and the third party she looked for was Shao Xue.

She sneered, “Song Yunjia is really overreaching herself.”

Song Yunjia actually thought of Shao Xue who barely had a relationship with Song Yunjia without much thought. Besides, not only did Song Yunjia think of her, but she also fabricated the evidence that could make everyone hate Gu Changle, and she had already begun to carry out her plan.

Shao Xue tapped on the desk with her fingers several times.

After having turned over the matter in her mind, Shao Xue felt that she should talk to Song Yunxuan about it.

Shao Xue didn’t feel like calling Song Yunxuan because she thought that it was better for her to talk to Song Yunxuan in person. Therefore, after having packed all the materials, Shao Xue went out of the booth with the materials. Then she hailed a taxi and went straight to Song Yunxuan’s home.

However, Song Yunxuan was now in the Song enterprise.

The housekeeper suddenly called her and said that there was a visitor, making her feel that it was Chu Mochen.

But Song Yunxuan found that the visitor was Shao Xue when she returned. It made her slightly disappointed.

Song Yunxuan quickly adjusted her mood and walked to Shao Xue.

She knew that Shao Xue’s coming showed that her guess about those things was all right.

Shao Xue handed over the kraft paper bag to Song Yunxuan, saying, “As you guessed, Song Yunjia paid me a visit and brought me these.”

Song Yunjia let the housekeeper serve tea, and she sat down to open the kraft paper bag. Then she took out the pile of materials and read them one after another carefully.

After Song Yunjia had finished reading them, she felt amused and looked up at Shao Xue, “What do you think of these?”

Shao Xue pressed her lips, “I know best about the reason why my parents died. Perhaps Song Yunjia didn’t inquire thoroughly into me, so there is such an obvious flaw.”

The materials Song Yunjia gave Shao Xue showed that Shao Xue’s parents both died during operations because doctors suspected that they had stomach cancers.

And they were sure that they had stomach cancers.

But the truth was quite the opposite. Shao Xue secretly asked someone to perform an autopsy on her parents’ bodies.

The results gave by the doctor who performed the autopsy showed that neither of them had stomach cancer.

So she realized that someone murdered her parents after having misdiagnosed them.

When she was in her hometown Qingcheng, she hired someone to sue the hospital.

At first, the hospital didn’t admit the misdiagnosis. However, the hospital compromised and secretly offered her a large sum of compensation for the sake of its reputation.

And the matter was hushed up.

It didn’t cause any public wrath. Even if in Qingcheng, there were not many people knowing it.

Therefore, it was normal that Song Yunjia didn’t find out this as she didn’t dispatch someone to look into it carefully.

Song Yunxuan said, “The materials my eldest sister gave you showed that your parents both died during unsuccessful operations because they were suspected of stomach cancers.”

“Her materials must have been fiddled by someone,” Shao Xue made a judgment.

But Song Yunxuan just pressed her lips and smiled, “No, you are wrong. It’s not that her materials have been fiddled, but that the truth has been hidden by lies since the day you got the compensation from the hospital.”

Shao Xue looked at Song Yunxuan, feeling quite confused.

Song Yunxuan explained, “Even if the person who had investigated it hadn’t been Song Yunxuan but me or someone else, the results would have been the same. The fact that your parents didn’t die of stomach cancers but die from unsuccessful operations had been completely blotted out. No one knows it except you.”

Shao Xue furrowed her brow bit by bit, “You are saying….”

Song Yunxuan looked at Shao Xue and didn’t reply to her.

Yet Shao Xue seemed to come to light immediately and said the following words one by one, “Shao Tianze… He… he has been concerning about the matter all the time?”

“Or what? Why did no media pay attention to the thing that you sued the hospital for the unsuccessful operations? Why were there no reports about it? Think about it!”

Shao Xue’s lips were trembling slightly. She didn’t know whether it was because she hated Shao Tianze’s guts or she came to realize how formidable Shao Tianze was.

“He had become this powerful at that time?”

When Song Yunxuan heard Shao Xue’s words, a trace of a sneer appeared in Song Yunxuan’s eyes. Then she said, “Shao Tianze was not able to cover things up only by himself. However, the Gu Family was able to pull this off.”

It was true that Qingcheng was not a big place.

But it was not a small place where news couldn’t leak out either.

At that time, Shao Tianze had just attached himself to the Gu Family. Therefore, Shao Tianze couldn’t make the political and commercial forces do him a favor to hush up the medical disputes only by himself.

However, if Shao Tianze had had the powerful Gu Family to back him up, things would have been so different.

In this case, Qingcheng would do anything as he told.

After having married Gu Changge, several sums of money had been appropriated to some small places.

Gu Changge didn’t pay much attention to it. But if she had been alive and thought of it now, then she would have realized that those sums of money must have been used to keep someone’s mouth shut in Qingcheng.

Shao Xue raised her hands slightly and covered her mouth with them.

The expression in her eyes was churning.

“He is really something.”

On the surface, Shao Xue was praising him.

However, the tone Shao Xue used showed that she hated Shao Tianze’s guts.

After Shao Xue had removed her fingers from her mouth, she clenched them into a fist, and the hatred flashed in her eyes could not be ignored.

“Why did Gu Changge like such a man?” Shao Xue couldn’t understand.

When Song Yunxuan heard Shao Xue’s question, a bit of confusion appeared in her eyes.

Just like Shao Xue said, why did Gu Changge like a man who was so cruel, merciless, and sophisticated?

After pondering for a moment, Song Yunxuan looked up at Shao Xue, explaining, “Perhaps, Gu Changge was deceived by the friendliness Shao Tianze showed.”

It might be true because Gu Changge was also a victim after all.

Gu Changge had been smart throughout her life, yet she was murdered and even her ashes were not preserved.

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