Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 397 - His Companion

Chapter 397 His Companion

Song Yunxuan had another strange dream tonight.

Shao Tianze’s face appeared in her dream now and then.

Shao Tianze had such a gentle and elegant face. While he was young, he had starry eyes and long thin eyebrows. Every time he curled up his lips, the gentleness was like an incoming warm breeze.

He had always been a reserved and warm person.

He liked wearing clothes in light colors.

When Shao Tianze married her, he wore a white suit.

Though she didn’t show much appreciation or affection on the surface, she felt quite happy from the bottom of her heart.

It went without saying that it was fascinating and lucky to be able to marry such a man and live together with him for the rest of her life.

Though their married life was routine, yet Shao Tianze was so happy when she was pregnant for the first time that he had always been treasuring her.

After she had aborted her first baby, Shao Tianze held her fingers, bowed and kissed the back of her hand.

She seemed to sense his tears fell on the back of her hand in a trance.

She had always been feeling that she had a heart of stone.

After having lived in the Gu Family for all these years, She did a lot to maintain Gu Family’s dominant situation and position.

She had sacrificed too much. She even did not really protect her first child but game with it.

Shao Tianze should have understood what a person she was at that time.

After that, she gave birth to Gu Yi and Miaomiao. The relationship between Shao Tianze and her was not intimate enough to make them attached to each other. However, it was also not cold enough to make them disgusted with each other.

She had thought that she could live with him like this forever. But out of her expectation, she didn’t know from when….

Shao Tianze had begun to think about how to murder her.

She pressed her lips. A cold operating table and Shao Tianze’s face, which was so cruel-hearted that it even became perverted, appeared in her dream.

Cold sweat oozed from her forehead bit by bit.

Just at the time the scalpel touched her body….

Song Yunxuan woke up from her dream in fear.

She swiftly opened her eyes.

Song Yunxuan felt that she could hardly breathe as her heart retracted so quickly.

Though the scalpel just appeared in her dream, yet the cutting edge of it still made her feel that her heart would be gouged out in any second.

Song Yunxuan raised her hand in the dark and touched her forehead.

As expected, her fingers wiped off several bits of sweat.

She took a long breath and turned over to bury her face into the soft pillow, recalling why she had such a dream at this time.

She hadn’t dreamt of Shao Tianze for a long time.

Everything went as she planned, and it went quite smoothly.

She would soon beat Shao Tianze.

Song Yunxuan wanted Shao Tianze to suffer like Gu Changge did and make him understand the feeling and mood of being desperate.

Song Yunxuan pressed her lips and closed her eyes stubbornly.

She wanted to fall asleep again.

After all, every following step must be going as she planned. Therefore, she must gather her strength to deal with changes that might happen later.

Song Yunjia, Gu Changle, or Shao Xue.

None of them was a pawn. They were living people who might cause some changes at any time.

And the changes could be totally different from what Song Yunxuan had imagined.

But no matter what changes happened, Song Yunxuan must overcome them. Because only by this could her second life be meaningful.

She breathed in the dark quietly while closing her eyes in order to calm herself down to fall asleep again.

However, before Song Yunxuan could fall asleep, something happened.

The handle of the door was slightly twisted.

Now Song Yunxuan wasn’t used to locking the door after entering her bedroom for sleep.

Because now the whole Song Family belonged to her, so there was no need for her to guard against anyone.

However, she didn’t allow servants to enter her bedroom when nothing was urgent.

She didn’t move but opened her eyes. Then her fingers quietly reached under her pillow.

There was a small dagger under her pillow.

Though it was small, yet it was a valuable treasure brought back from the Zang Family in the Habour City.

It was said that the dagger could cut clean through iron as if it had been mud, and it was priceless.

Song Yunxuan had once drawn out that dagger which only had a size of a palm, but it didn’t look quite different from fruit knives. Thus she just placed it under her pillow.

In case of an emergency.

Yet out of her expectation, she spoke of the devil. Now the time she needed to use that dagger really came.

The door was gently pushed open.

Her nerves had already been stretched.

Just at the moment, Nurse Wang’s worried voice came from the door, “Mr. Chu, our miss has been asleep.”

Mr. Chu….

Hearing the call, Song Yunxuan’s fingers let go of the dagger under the pillow.

It was Chu Mochen who came.

She felt relieved at once and listened to the low voices coming from the door.

Just by listening to Nurse Wang’s voice, one could tell that Nurse Wang didn’t really want Chu Mochen to enter Song Yunxuan’s bedroom. Besides, she had told Chu Mochen that Song Yunxuan had been asleep.

Yet Chu Mochen had no intention of retreating from the door. What’s more, he put his index finger in front of his mouth to tell Nurse Wang to be silent. Then a smile appeared on his handsome face, “Go to sleep, Nurse Wang. I won’t wake her up.”

Though Nurse Wang was quite unwilling to let Chu Mochen enter Song Yunxuan’s bedroom, yet she felt that it was not OK for her to continue stopping Chu Mochen from entering. So she just nodded and left the door.

Song Yunxuan heard that Nurse Wang sighed and left. Then she heard Chu Mochen close the door and come over to her.

Song Yunxuan slowly closed her eyes and felt that there was nothing to worry about. She knew that Chu Mochen wouldn’t have sex with her at his will.

Especially when he knew that she was pregnant.

Chu Mochen groped in the dark to reach the bed. It seemed that he didn’t want to wake Song Yunxuan up as he had no intention to turn on the light.

He just sat on the side of the bed and looked at the figure on the bed quietly in the several beams of moonlight coming through the window.

Song Yunxuan could hear his quiet breath, and she wasn’t going to turn over to open her eyes to talk to him.

Chu Mochen had been sitting on the side of the bed for quite a long time. Just at the time when Song Yunxuan felt that Chu Mochen would continue sitting on the side of her bed while keeping silent, Chu Mochen suddenly reached out to tuck her hair behind her ear.

Then he bent over to kiss her cheek lightly, saying in a low voice, “I miss you, Yunxuan.”

Song Yunxuan closed her eyes and did not change her countenance at all.

But inside her heart, something had already touched her heart because of his words.

Song Yunxuan had to admit that she had fallen in love with the man after tangling with him for quite a long time.

Song Yunxuan liked to be protected and cared for by the man.

Though the man once stopped her from getting revenge, yet she knew that Chu Mochen was quite aware of the risk she would have had to take if she had got her revenge.

After kissing her gently, Chu Mochen wanted to see if she woke up.

Then he got onto her bed quietly and lay down beside Song Yunxuan. Then he reached out to pull her into his arms.

Song Yunxuan just moved a little bit as she felt a bit uncomfortable. After having found a comfortable position, she pretended to be asleep again in his arms.

Chu Mochen put his fingers on her back and couldn’t help patting her on the back.

Song Yunxuan recalled that she always patted Gu Yi and Miaomiao on their backs when she got them to sleep during the time they were still babies.

It seemed that this would make the two kids feel safe. Thus soon after being patted on the backs, the two kids always fell asleep as she wished.

Now, Chu Mochen was like stroking a little kid. He was holding her in the arms and patting her on the back.

Song Yunxuan had mixed feelings.

But she didn’t know how to compress her mixed feelings.

She almost drifted into sleep.

Yet the hand patting her on the back didn’t stop.

She knew that Chu Mochen hadn’t fallen asleep at the moment.

She buried her face into Chu Mochen’s arms and listened to Chu Mochen’s strong heartbeats.

Chu Mochen was slightly stupefied by her intimate act. Then he stopped patting her on the back.

Chu Mochen looked down at the woman in her arms and couldn’t tell what she looked like during the time she was asleep.

Yet he could feel the warmth when Song Yunxuan was in his arms.

Chu Mochen didn’t come to visit her often recently, yet he was quite aware of the little things she did.

She had already been joining in the fight between Gu Changle and Song Yunjia.

Besides, judging from Song Yunjia and Gu Changle’s current situations, Song Yunxuan could definitely let either of the two persons win as she had joined into their fight.

Song Yunjia was her elder sister, but their relationship was not very good.

Yet Gu Changle barely had a connection with her. But in the fight for the inheritance of the Song Family, Gu Changle did everything in her power to obstruct her.

Song Yunxuan meddled in their fight now, yet Chu Mochen was not very clear about who Song Yunxuan was going to help.

Chu Mochen planned to have a few words with Song Yunxuan when he arrived tonight.

However, he came at the wrong time. Song Yunxuan had already been asleep.

Usually, Chu Mochen would have tried various ways to wake Song Yunxuan up from her dreams.

Yet considering that she was pregnant, Chu Mochen knew that he should not wake her up no matter what.

It was not worth waking her up for the fight between Song Yunjia and Gu Changle.

He gently kissed Song Yunxuan’s hair on the temples and he could clearly smelt the scent on Song Yunxuan’s body with his nose tip.

Yet the scent was peaceful.

Chu Mochen felt a bit hot in his heart.

Yet he would not lay one finger on Song Yunxuan.

He just held her in his arms quietly.

And waited for the night to pass.

In the beginning, Song Yunxuan didn’t fall asleep because of Chu Mochen’s coming. But after having been patted on the back by Chu Mochen, she felt that she could not fight off the urge to sleep and then she soon fell asleep.

When she woke up the next morning and looked at her bed, Song Yunxuan found that Chu Mochen had gone.

Song Yunxuan had guessed that Chu Mochen might return the next morning.

But she still felt disappointed when seeing that the other part of the bed was empty.

Song Yunxuan put her long hair behind her head and then called out to Nurse Wang.

Hearing Song Yunxuan calling her, Nurse Wang immediately pushed the door open and entered.

It seemed that she had been waiting for so long at the door.

Looking at Nurse Wang, Song Yunxuan asked, “Did anyone come to see me last night?”

Looking at Song Yunxuan’s expression, Nurse Wang lowered her eyes and answered, “No, Miss Song.”


Since Nurse Wang said that no one came to see her last night, then Chu Mochen must have told Nurse Wang not to tell her the thing that he dropped by last night.

Song Yunxuan suddenly felt a bit angry.

Why did Chu Mochen ask Nurse Wang not to tell her that he dropped by last night?

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