Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 395 - Shao Xue Jumped Into the Trap

Chapter 395 Shao Xue Jumped Into the Trap

When Shao Xue arrived in the Colored Clouds, Song Yunjia had already taken a booth there waiting for her.

It was a very quiet booth by the window. Song Yunjia could see outside clearly.

It was their first official meet.

Shao Xue came into the booth. Giving her a searching look, Song Yunjia bent her lips and said, “You really do not look like Tianze.”

Shao Xue nodded, “My brother was adopted.”

“I heard about that.”

Song Yunjia invited Shao Xue to have a seat politely.

Shao Xue felt a little strange, “Miss Song, shouldn’t you be in the hospital at this very moment?”

Song Yunjia smiled, “Can’t I get discharged?”

Shao Xue stunned briefly and then nodded, “Sure you can do that.”

Since they had settled down, Song Yunjia hadn’t cut to the chase.

Shao Xue kept silent for a while. She didn’t know how to get it straight and let Song Yunjia say it.

She had confirmed that it was Shao Tianze who killed her parents.

She stayed in the Shao Family and waited for Shao Tianze to be brought to justice.

Now Song Yunjia knew who killed her parents and wanted to meet her.

If she had not come, it would have surely caused Song Yunjia’s suspicion.

She made this appointment, but Song Yunjia refused to come straight to the point. Shao Xue could not bring it up rashly when she did not know what game Song Yunjia was playing.

Otherwise, she would fall into this trap.

Song Yunjia noticed Shao Xue’s hesitation, “The reason I have to see you today because I have just learned a truth.”

Shao Xue stared at her eyes, “The truth of my parents’ death?”

Song Yunjia nodded, “Yes.”

“You asked me to come. I’m here now. Could you tell me?”

Shao Xue looked at Song Yunjia, hoping her say it out quickly.

Song Yunjia made up her mind to keep Shao Xue guessing. She pursed her lips slightly as if it had been very difficult for her, “You’ll have to calm down if I say it.”

Shao Xue nodded, “Miss Song, rest assured that I can be calm.”

“If I tell you the truth, it may cause your suspicion. After all, you may not be willing to accept her as a bad person.”

Song Yunjia built the suspension up.

Shao Xue raised her eyes and looked at Song Yunjia firmly, seeming to have had careful consideration, “Just tell me everything you know. I can guarantee that I will treat this matter calmly.”

On hearing of this, Song Yunjia looked relieved a little.

“Since you said so, I will let you know. In fact, I have kept it to myself for a long time…”

She showed some guiltiness.

Shao Xue fixed her gaze on Song Yunjia without a blink.

Indeed, everything, as long as it was about her parents, she was willing to listen to them without blinking.

However, she might hear a lie this time.

In front of Shao Xue, Song Yunjia sighed softly and got ready for the emotion, “Actually no one should know you and Tianze came from Qingcheng Town, except for me and Changle. We kept it a secret from her.”

Shao Xue asked her alertly, “Miss Song, her? Who is she?”

Song Yunjia knew that Shao Xue would definitely ask this question. She pursed her lips slightly and answered, “Gu Changge.”

Shao Xue was silent for a moment before asking, “My brother did not tell her about that? She was his wife after all.”

“Although she was his wife, Gu Changge was a person who valued social rank quite much.” Song Yunjia felt sorry and showed extreme disagreement with Gu Changge

She found Shao Xue showed interest in this matter, so she continued, “Your brother probably did not tell you that Gu Changge was the daughter of the Gu’s chairman, Gu Cheng. She was his only child. Gu Cheng cherished her so much, and he was extremely strict with the choice of her future life partner.”

“Was that the reason my brother lied to Gu Changge?”

She knew it clearly that there was no limit to what Shao Tianze had done in order to be able to marry Gu Changge.

He feared Gu Changge would be aware that his true identity was just an orphan adopted from an orphanage, so he cut off the clues of the tracing.

Therefore, even if Gu Changge and Gu Cheng checked his identity, they would only get a fake identity that was carefully decorated.

However, Song Yunjia was very sympathetic to Shao Tianze. She sighed, “You know your brother well. He is a very committed person. He fell in love with Gu Changge at first sight. Even if she loved him the same as he did, he couldn’t confess his past with her because of his low birth. After all, if Gu Cheng had known that the man she fell in love with was just an orphan, Gu Cheng would never have permitted their marriage.”

“What happened next?”

Next, Shao Tianze killed Shao Xue’s parents.

Then he successfully deceived Gu Changge, entered Gu Family, and became what he was now step by step.

Of course she knew Shao Tianze was a committed person.

He was not only committed to a person, but also more committed to a fancy target, or prey.

Did he really love Gu Changge?

Shao Xue asked herself a question. According to her own understanding of Shao Tianze, she could not say that Shao Tianze really loved Gu Changge.

If Shao Tianze had loved Gu Changge, how could he have hooked up with Gu Changle after her death?

Moreover, bossy as Gu Changle was, she almost erased all the traces of Gu Changge in the Gu Family.

If Shao Tianze had really loved Gu Changge, Gu Changle would have never be allowed to do so.

Even children would not believe that Shao Tianze loved Gu Changge wholeheartedly.

She chuckled softly in her heart.

Song Yunjia was still talking.

“Your brother was very sad. I was his classmate at that time. I could see how distressed and worried he was all day long.”

Shao Xue realized Song Yunjia started to talk about what Shao Tianze did in school.

She couldn’t help but interrupt, “But my brother married Gu Changge at last. How did he manage to do that?”

This question was the key.

It was also a question that Song Yunjia had been waiting for Shao Xue to ask.

Song Yunjia lowered her eyes as if she was torn. She pursed her lips, “Don’t tell anyone what I am going to say next.”

“I won’t. Miss Song, please be assured. I have always been sad and doubtful about how my parents died inexplicably during the operation, and there was no clue at all. I am very grateful that you are willing to tell me the truth.”

While talking, Shao Xue was about to leave her seat and kneel before Song Yunjia.

Seeing Shao Xue’s movement, Song Yunjia was startled and reached out her hands to stop her quickly, frowning, “Miss Shao, what are you doing?”

“It is a rule in our hometown. We have to be on our knees before our benefactors to thank them.”

Song Yunjia showed a complicated expression.

Shao Xue looked at her with eager eyes, from which tears emerged, “I have never believed that my parents died in an accident, but I was so weak that I couldn’t investigate on my own. I planned to ask my brother to help and investigate this with me after I was with him, but his wife died, and there’s work in the company, and then Gu Yi and Miaomiao….”

Speaking of Gu Yi and Miaomiao, she choked up.

Song Yunjia felt sorry for seeing this. She pulled a tissue from her bag and handed it over.

Shao Xue took the tissue and wiped the tears on her cheeks. She looked at Song Yunjia and said, “Too many things happened. Although my brother doesn’t tell me, I know he must be really busy recently, so I put the investigation of my parents’ death off.”

Song Yunjia sighed with a bit of luck, “Fortunately, you didn’t rush to ask Tianze to investigate this matter. Otherwise, your brother would be sadder when you find out the truth.”

Shao Xue opened her eyes wide and looked at Song Yunjia, “Why would my brother be sad? Was… he in this?”

Realizing that Shao Xue started to suspect Shao Tianze, Song Yunjia pursed her lips gently and denied, “It has nothing to do with your brother.”

“Who was in this then?”

“It was a woman who’s with your brother.”

“A woman with my brother?” Shao Xue thought about it carefully for a while. Then she asked, frowning, “So it was either Gu Changle or Gu Changge.”

Shao Xue seemed to recall something suddenly. She frowned, “I heard that Gu Changge was very cruel when she was in Gu Family. Was it she?”

She was being reasonable in front of Song Yunjia.

She knew that Gu Changge would not have done it. She pretended to doubt Gu Changge on purpose.

It seemed that Song Yunjia was guiding her to suspect Gu Changle.

In this way, if Shao Xue had started to suspect Gu Changle, Song Yunjia could have led her to arouse disgust and avenge against Gu Changle.

Therefore, Song Yunjia would expect Shao Xue stood on the same side with her to deal with Gu Changle.

If that had been Song Yunjia’s plan, apparently she would have thought about it very carefully.

However, Song Yunjia would have never thought about it.

As the daughter of Shao Family, Shao Xue, had long known who killed her parents.

From the beginning, they were deceiving each other.

Song Yunjia was trying to guide Shao Xue’s hatred towards Gu Changle.

Yet Shao Xue, who knew that Song Yunjia was calculating her, voluntarily jumped into the trap set by Song Yunjia.

Originally, she didn’t want to see Song Yunjia playing this game.

It was just she suddenly thought of Song Yunxuan in her mind when Song Yunjia asked her out.

Song Yunxuan once told her that when someone set her up.

She could choose to avoid it so that she might be able to dodge a bullet.

However, it was not the way to get rid of the enemy.

If she had been sure enough and willing to gamble, she could have walked right into the trap on her own.

That happened to be a good way to get rid of the enemy.

Now, Song Yunjia dug this pit for her.

She was willing to jump into it and roll those dices.

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