Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 384 - Your Little Daughter

Chapter 384 Your Little Daughter

Ye Meiqi was hurt by Song Yan when she was young.

In her years of living abroad alone, she became cold and aloof.

She was not a woman who was easy to get close to.

She wouldn’t have met with her daughter, Song Yunjia, only once every few years if she had been easy to get close to.

Moreover, if Song Yunjia hadn’t taken the initiative to see her in the WK, Ye Meiqi wouldn’t have returned to Yuncheng to visit her daughter.

Ye Meiqi looked at Song Yunxuan carefully.

She had her judgment about this girl in her heart.

She hadn’t contacted Yunjia for a long time. The last time was when Song Yan died. She heard her daughter’s angry complaint that her father gave all the inheritance to a bastard who was found back later.

She just heard that this bastard was called Song Yunxuan.

“Mom, I am Yunxuan.”

Hearing Song Yunxuan call her Mom, Ye Meiqi straightened her lips.

She just went ahead, “I’m not your mother. Where is Yunjia? Why didn’t Yunjia come to pick me up?”

Song Yunxuan called Ye Meiqi Mom actively, but Ye Meiqi turned her down in such a cold attitude.

In the next several minutes, Song Yunxuan didn’t actively call her Mom.

Ye Meiqi asked Song Yunxuan about Song Yunjia’s whereabouts but did not get Song Yunxuan’s reply.

She felt strange and turned around to look at Song Yunxuan, “Don’t you know why Yunjia didn’t come to pick me up?”

“I don’t know.”

Ye Meiqi frowned, “Yunjia is your elder sister. Don’t you know why your elder sister didn’t come to pick me up?”

“Maybe my eldest sister does not recognize me as her younger sister, so she doesn’t want to tell me anything, just like the mother does not recognize her daughter.”

This sentence was full of connotations, and Ye Meiqi also heard the hidden meaning.

Ye Meiqi was not arrogant, but she had been young and vigorous when she finished with Song Yan.

After so many years, she was unexpected to see Song Yan’s eloquent daughter when she came back to the homeland.

She was angry but couldn’t hold back her laughter.

Seeing Ye Meiqi’s smile on the corner of her lips, Song Yunxuan knew that Ye Meiqi had changed the view about her.

As expected, in the next second, Ye Meiqi said, “Your name is Yunxuan, isn’t it?”

Song Yunxuan nodded, “Yes, Mom.”

This time, Song Yunxuan call Ye Meiqi mother actively.

Ye Meiqi didn’t grumble anymore and nodded, walking out with Song Yunxuan, “Okay, let’s go back. I haven’t seen your eldest sister for a long time, and I miss her.”

After finishing this, Ye Meiqi felt it was not appropriate and added, “I also haven’t seen Yunying for a long time. Call her, too. Let’s have dinner together tonight.”

Hearing Ye Meiqi’s words, Song Yunxuan frowned slightly and said, “Mom, it’s a little late now. It seems that we can’t have dinner together.”

“Just call your eldest sister.”

Song Yunxuan froze a little. It seemed that there was something in her mind that she found it hard to disclose.

Ye Meiqi wanted to invite Song Yunying due to social etiquette.

It didn’t matter whether she couldn’t see her.

After all, Song Yunying was not her biological daughter. Moreover, Song Yunying’s mother took her husband, so she would have felt uncomfortable if she had met Song Yunying.

The only one she wanted to meet as soon as possible was her daughter, Song Yunjia.

She was stunned by Song Yunxuan’s expression when she asked her to call Song Yunjia.

She felt a little displeased in her heart but didn’t show it on her face. She just looked at Song Yunxuan’s face and asked in a puzzled tone, “What’s the problem? Don’t you know your eldest sister’s phone number?”

Song Yunxuan shook her head and wore an embarrassed expression, “Mom, I know her contact information, but…”

The embarrassed expression on her face never meant to disappear.

Ye Meiqi saw her expression and realized that something might have happened to Song Yunjia.

She also felt nervous, “What’s wrong?”

Since Ye Meiqi was worried, she failed to control her facial expression when she asked the question.

Song Yunxuan was relieved when she saw the worry on Ye Meiqi’s face.

Although Ye Meiqi seemed indifferent to the eldest daughter on the surface, they were blood-related after all. Hence, as a mother, Ye Meiqi must take care of her daughter when something happened to her.

“Mon, nothing happened to my eldest sister.” She seemed to think about how to explain to Ye Meiqi. After pondering, she said to Ye Meiqi, “Well, it’s too late now. Even if I invite her, she won’t come and maybe scold me for the wrong time.”

Ye Meiqi’s eyebrows frowned, “What do you mean?”

“Mom,” Song Yunxuan seemed to have made up her mind before said to Ye Meiqi, “She doesn’t live in her apartment now.”

Ye Meiqi had known that Song Yunjia didn’t live in the mansion of the Song Family.

Song Yunjia was so embarrassed that she didn’t Ye Meiqi that she was kicked out of due to Song Yunxuan’s evil plan. She told Ye Meiqi that the mansion was so far from her office that she moved from the mansion to her apartment.

Ye Meiqi didn’t ask more, thinking that Song Yunjia lived in her apartment safely.

She was puzzled that Song Yunxuan told her that Song Yunjia did not live in her apartment now.

“Yunjia isn’t living in her apartment. Is she living in the hospital dormitory?”

Ye Meiqi believed that it was natural that Song Yunjia wasn’t living her apartment but the dormitory as a doctor who had a separate dorm room.

However, when Song Yunxuan heard Ye Meiqi’s speculation, she frowned and looked at Ye Meiqi in surprise, “Can my eldest sister live in the hospital dormitory after resigning?”

It was a sudden question.

Ye Meiqi was stunned, and subconsciously repeated, “Resign?”

Her head was in a mess, and she asked Song Yunxuan, “You mean Yunjia has resigned?”

“Mom, don’t you know that?”

Hearing this news, Ye Meiqi felt she couldn’t stand stably.

She bit her lips.

However, she didn’t want to lose control in front of the daughter born by another woman, so she tried her best to keep calm, “She has never mentioned it to me.”

Song Yunxuan frowned, and then said, “She didn’t mention that maybe because she was afraid that you would be worried.”

Song Yunjia’s medical skills were excellent and performed countless operations in the operating rooms.

Moreover, she had been an outstanding doctor favored by the dean.

Therefore, Ye Meiqi couldn’t believe that her daughter resigned because of mistakes during an operation.

She frowned, “Why did she resign?”

Song Yunxuan pursed her lips and felt embarrassed, “You should listen to my eldest sister’s explanation in person after you meet her.”

Ye Meiqi walked out, “Call her now. No matter what she is doing, call her immediately.”

Ye Meiqi was already annoyed.

She had thought she didn’t need to worry her daughter because she could live in the Song Family well and successfully by herself.

Why had she quit her job in the hospital only a few days after Song Yan’s death?

What happened to make her make such a stupid decision?

Ye Meiqi’s heart turned over.

Watching Ye Meiqi walking forward, Song Yunxuan hooked the corner of her lips before she followed.

She believed Song Yunjia might be caught unprepared.

She could know that Ye Meiqi was very angry about Song Yunjia’s resignation from her expression.

“Mom, Yunjia probably has fallen asleep at this time.”

“If she refuses to come, I’ll go to meet her. Where is she?”

Song Yunxuan was waiting for Ye Meiqi’s sentence. Finally, hearing Ye Meiqi’s question, she said, “In the Champs-Elysea.”

Ye Meiqi was unfamiliar with the name, the Champs-Elysea.

However, Song Yunjia had mentioned this place countless times in front of her when Gu Changge had been alive.

Her expression showed her envy and jealousy every time she mentioned it.

She had said that Gu Changge bought this Champs-Elysea as her daughter’s future dowry.

At that time, she even had laughed at Gu Changge, saying that Gu Changge had already started preparing a dowry for her daughter even she didn’t know whether she could live until her daughter grew up.

Now she recalled what Song Yunjia had said then.

Ye Meiqi felt a little chill in her heart for no reason.

“What is she doing there?”

Ye Meiqi pursed her lips.

She knew that her daughter had not enough money to buy the Champs-Elysea.

Because Song Yan had given most of his inheritance to Song Yunxuan, the youngest daughter of the Song Family, standing in front of her now.

Since she couldn’t buy the Champs-Elysea, why was she there?

Song Yunxuan frowned and asked Ye Meiqi, “Mom, don’t you know that the Champs-Elysea is Shao Tianze’s real estate? My eldest sister lives there, of course, with the approval of Shao Tianze.”

Ye Meiqi gnawed her back teeth.

She had been knowing that her daughter had an unspoken and strange feeling for Shao Tianze.

However, she hadn’t expected that she was unwilling to give up and hook up with Shao Tianze after so many years later.

Moreover, she had always wished that her daughter could marry a gentleman.

She didn’t want her to be an unknown and shameful woman behind a successful man.

Gu Changge had dead, and her daughter was now with Shao Tianze.

No one would have ensured that people wouldn’t gossip about her, saying that she had an underground relationship with Shao Tianze when Shao Tianze’s ex-wife was not dead if they had married in the future.

Ye Meiqi felt that her temples were beginning to jump suddenly.

She reached out and pressed her temples.

A maid next to her immediately took out a small medicine box and took out a capsule from inside, “Madam…”

The maid handed over the capsule.

Ye Meiqi waved her hand slightly, indicating that she would not take it.

A worried expression appeared on the maid’s face.

Ye Meiqi insisted on not taking medicine.

Song Yunxuan supported her, “Mom, you just got off the plane. You need to rest. I’ll call my eldest sister. If she knows that you come back, she will be thrilled. She will come to see you tomorrow.”

Ye Meiqi nodded.

Seeing her nod, Song Yunxuan then helped her to go outside.

After leaving the airport, Song Yunxuan helped Ye Meiqi into the Song Family’s private car and then took her back.

And she was not very sure whether Ye Meiqi could rest well this night.

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