Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 385 - Created Opportunities

Chapter 385 Created Opportunities

Ye Meiqi rubbed her temples gently along the way. It seemed that her headache was severe.

Seeing that she had been rubbing her temples, Song Yunxuan said softly, “Mom, would you want me to call a doctor for you?”

“I’m OK. I’m just a little tired after the flight. I’ll be fine after I get home and get some rest.”

Although she had said that, Ye Meiqi knew in her heart that the rest couldn’t heal her headache.

She just didn’t know how far Song Yunjia and Shao Tianze had got.

If Shao Tianze had really liked her, loved her, and been willing to cherish her, she would have accepted their relationship as her mother.

After all, Shao Tianze’s wife was dead.

If Song Yunjia had married Shao Tianze, she would have been Shao Tianze’s legal wife and the mistress of the Shao Family.

However, something was wrong.

Song Yunjia didn’t let her know that she and Shao Tianze had cohabited.

Her daughter had been fond of Shao Tianze for so many years. If Shao Tianze had once promised to marry her and give her the Shao Family’s right and title,

Song Yunjia would have told the news to her mother when she lived with Shao Tianze.

However, the reality was that she hadn’t said a word.

It meant that Shao Tianze hadn’t given her any promise even they lived together.

And Shao Tianze didn’t want her to be his legal wife.

Ye Meiqi was a member of the upper class in Harbor City and married Song Yan by right and title.

Although Song Yan had many romantic affairs after their marriage, Ye Meiqi’s daughter was the legitimate lady of the Song Family.

However, the current situation was that a legitimate lady of the Song Family degraded herself, cohabiting with a man who lost his wife without dignity.

Shame on her!

Not only the Song Family would have been shamed, but also she would have lost face if Song Yunjia’s gossip had been spread.

She understood everything in her mind.

However, in front of Song Yunxuan, she couldn’t lose her temper or immediately call her daughter to scold her.

She could only be patient, waiting to see the situation after getting to the Song Family.

Any action should be taken later.

After going home, Song Yunxuan asked the maids in the house to prepare a simple dinner and eat with Ye Meiqi because she knew that Ye Meiqi was in a bad mood and very tired.

Ye Meiqi was a very wary woman. She knew that Song Yunxuan wasn’t a simple woman since she could become the master of the Song Family. So, she didn’t talk too much while having dinner.

Song Yunxuan knew that Ye Meiqi was guarding against her but didn’t show any angry expression.

She also didn’t actively estrange herself from Ye Meiqi.

She just called the Gu Family after Ye Meiqi went to her room to rest.

At that time, Gu Changle was sulking at home.

She had believed that Shao Tianze would go home shortly after Shuang called him.

The result was completely different from their expectation.

Shuang later found out the news that Song Yunjia was locked in the underground cellar of the Champs-Elysea.

Moreover, the extremely low temperature in the underground cellar almost killed Song Yunjia.

Hearing the news from Shuang, Gu Changle laughed satirically, “Such a bitch should die inside and never come out.”

Shuang immediately said, “They found and rescued her quickly. Mr. Shao took her to the hospital by himself.”

When Shuang said this, she saw Gu Changle’s face twisted.

Fire almost came out of her eyes.

Shuang did not dare to continue to say.

Gu Changle clenched her fingers tightly and calmed herself down for a long time before saying, “She was so lucky. She played a good ruse of self-injury. Even if Tianze didn’t believe her, he couldn’t help but pity her.”

“Miss Gu…” Shuang deliberately said, “At last, Liu Yue took the blame for assaulting Miss Song.”

Gu Changle frowned. She was familiar with the name Liu Yue, but she had never noticed such a person.

Since Shuang said the name, she asked, “Who is Liu Yue?”

Looking at Gu Changle, Shuang was a little embarrassed, “She was a maid in the mansion of the Shao Family. And she had tried to please you, Miss Gu.”

Gu Changle heard Shuang said that.

She immediately understood and said with her eyes frowning, “Song Yunjia, the bitch, planned well. After playing the ruse of self-injury, she made me the scapegoat.”

Shuang was shocked that Gu Changle was so angry.

Then, Shuang immediately comforted Gu Changge, “Miss Gu, don’t get angry.”

Gu Changle had been fine before Shuang comforted her. However, hearing Shuang’s persuasion, she instantly fidgeted and angrily stood up from the sofa, “How could I not be angry? Now Song Yunjia treats me as a cream puff. She can do anything to me. She can frame me as much as she wants! I have looked down on her.”

She was furious.

In addition to Song Yunjia’s face that she wanted to tear, there was Song Yunxuan’s face in her mind.

Her face became sullen.

She spoke to Shuang, “How about Song Yunxuan?”

When she just finished the sentence, there was an unexpected call from the Song Family as if they had telepathy.

Shuang went to answer the phone.

Gu Changle frowned at her.

Shuang covered the microphone and whispered to Gu Changle, “Miss Gu, it’s from Miss Song.”

Gu Changle confused and asked her impatiently, “Which Miss Song?”

Shuang said, “The youngest lady of the Song Family.”

Everyone knew that the youngest lady of the Song Family was Song Yunxuan.

And the call that Gu Changle had been waiting for was Song Yunxuan’s.

Hearing that the servant said it was a call from Song Yunxuan, Gu Changle stretched out her hand lazily and motioned to Shuang to hand it over.

Shuang handed the phone to her, and she immediately heard the voice of Song Yunxuan, “Miss Gu.”

“Miss Song.”

This time Gu Changle knew that she shouldn’t call Song Yunxuan’s name directly.

It made their relationship loosen. However, it was still a bit a cold sense of alienation this time even Gu Changle changed the form of address.

Song Yunxuan didn’t care how Gu Changle addressed her and said straightly, “Madame Song has returned.”

Gu Changle was stunned for a while and couldn’t help but ask in surprise, “So quickly!”

Song Yunxuan said calmly, “After all, every mother who cares about her child will come back as soon as possible when the child needs her. Do you think so?”

Gu Changle suppressed the surprise in her heart and vaguely responded.

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s explanation, she still felt unpleasant in her heart.

She even was slightly jealous of Song Yunjia.

Song Yunjia had a mother. Although her mother was not always by her side, she was a child having a mother’s care and love.

However, Gu Changle grew up in an orphanage when she was a child.

Although Gu Cheng took her to the Gu Family, Gu Cheng only cherished Gu Changge as a princess.

He saw Gu Changle as an accessory of Gu Changge.

Gu Changge got so much more than her. She hated Gu Changge for so many years in her heart.

She felt relieved and happy in her heart at last when she saw Gu Changge’s death.

And Song Yunjia, who obviously got more than her, still was greedy and competed with her for Shao Tianze.

Shao Tianze was the only person who gave her warmth and care and whom she liked very much in her heart since she was young.

When she just grabbed Shao Tianze from Gu Changge’s hand, Song Yunjia could not wait but declare war with her, wanting to steal the only man she liked.

How could Gu Changle just await her doom under this situation?

After Gu Changle responded, Song Yunxuan said, “Miss Gu, come and meet my mother when you have time. After all, I don’t know too much about the matter between you and my sister.”

It was reasonable that a witness with sufficient evidence came and complained to let Song Yunjia’s mother know that her daughter was involved in someone else’s marriage.

This witness shouldn’t be Song Yunxuan.

Gu Changle was the most convincing one.

Gu Changle was a clever woman. Her cleverness was shown everywhere, including confusing black and white to gain sympathy.

Song Yunjia and Gu Changle had been fighting for so long. They gained the upper hand in turn. However, Song Yunxuan was the one who would dominate the result at last.

Gu Changle understood Song Yunxuan’s words and nodded, “Let’s make an appointment.”

“Tomorrow afternoon, I will invite Song Yunjia and Ye Meiqi out for afternoon tea. I’ll let you know when and where. I hope you can get Ye Meiqi’s attention smoothly then.”

“OK, I’m waiting for your notice.”

She naturally wanted to seize this opportunity tightly now that Song Yunxuan was willing to help her.

If she hadn’t grasped this opportunity, Gu Changle wouldn’t have known whether she could get help from others next time when she fought with Song Yunjia.

Song Yunjia knew nothing about her mother’s return.

It would have got a lot of attention that Ye Meiqi, Madame Song, who had already emigrated abroad, returned homeland.

However, half of the media in Yuncheng belonged to Song Yunxuan’s business.

With such great control, concealing the news of Ye Meiqi’s return to her homeland was easy.

Song Yunxuan asked her magazines not to disclose the news of Ye Meiqi’s return.

She temporarily concealed the whole Yuncheng people.

However, she must tell Song Yunying.

Song Yunying received a personal notice from Song Yunxuan.

It had been a long time since Song Yunxuan saw her last time. And her expected date of confinement was in these two months.

Xue Tao learned a lot after the last time Song Yunxuan scolded him.

While they were on the phone, Song Yunxuan asked Song Yunying out of courtesy to show her care, “How is my brother-in-law?”

“I’m nourishing the fetus. He’d better not cause troubles to let me worry.”

Song Yunying also knew that the turmoil of the Song Family had gradually calmed down. Song Yunxuan was the only master of the Song Family.

Song Yunjia, as a legal lady of the Song Family, had been able to express a different opinion and question Song Yunxuan in the past. After her medical accident was exposed, Song Yunjia ruined all her reputation.

She had no status in the Song Family at all.

Song Yunying was glad that she had stopped her fight with Song Yunxuan early. Although she had suffered losses under Song Yunxuan’s hands, her current situation wasn’t so bad as Song Yunqiang’s.

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