Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 383 - The First Meeting with Ye Meiqi

Chapter 383 The First Meeting with Ye Meiqi

It turned dark slightly at seven o’clock in the afternoon.

Song Yunxuan did not stay in the Song Family.

She had not contacted Chu Mochen for a long time.

Their relationship became a little distant.

She was sitting in the office of the Song enterprise, where there was no light. She saw the sky outside gradually getting dark.

She put her hand on the phone and touched it gently.

Mei Qi knocked on the door of the office slightly.

Song Yunxuan turned and said, “Come in.”

Mei Qi came in from the outside and saw Song Yunxuan didn’t turn on the light in the office. He asked her curiously, “Manager Song, why don’t you turn on the light?”

“I would not want to see the night view outside the French window if I turned on the light.”

Hearing this, Mei Qi did not say a word. He reached out and turned on the light in the office for her.

Song Yunxuan turned the swivel chair for half a turn to look at him, “Do you have any good news for me?”

After hearing Song Yunxuan’s question, Mei Qi said to her, “Manager Song, the person you are waiting for has arrived.”

A bright smile appeared on Song Yunxuan’s face after she heard this.

She had not smiled so brightly for a long time.

Mei Qi was slightly shocked when he saw the smile on her face.

After that, Song Yunxuan left her chair, without waiting for Mei Qi to see the smile on her face more deeply, grabbed the coat beside her, and walked straight out of the office, “Let’s go and meet the Song Family’s Madame.”

Mei Qi saw her walking lightly and smiling.

Even without asking more details, he had known that Song Yunxuan had been waiting for this person for a long time.

This person finally returned.

When Song Yunxuan was in the car, she specifically took a look at her face with her mobile phone screen as a mirror.

Looking at her face appearing on the screen of the mobile phone, she raised her corner of the mouth a little bit, showing a pretty pleasant mood.

Mei Qi saw her smile from the rearview mirror and asked her, “Manager Song, why are you so happy?”

Song Yunxuan was not stupid either. She looked up at Mei Qi, with a sly smile in eyes, “Didn’t you ask this question knowingly?”

“I just feel a little curious.”

Song Yunxuan looked at him, “What’s curious?”

Mei Qi said, “Miss Song, you look as if to wait for your biological mother.”

The Song Family’s Madame was Ye Meiqi.

Ye Meiqi was Song Yunjia’s biological mother but had no blood relationship with Song Yunxuan.

He had thought Song Yunxuan’s meeting with Ye Meiqi was just a show.

But now looking at the smile on Song Yunxuan’s face, Mei Qi felt himself was in a trance.

She really looked like expecting her biological mother to return home.

Hearing his words like this, Song Yunxuan faded her smile at her corner of the mouth a little.

But soon, she raised the smile again, “There is nothing wrong with what you say. The way I welcome Ye Meiqi will be the same as that to my biological mother.”

Mei Qi’s thin lips spit out one word, “Why?”

Song Yunxuan felt this question somewhat funny.

However, she could easily answer this question.

“She is the Song Family’s Madame and is nominally my mother.”

“It is only nominal, and it is not necessary for you to be so happy.”

Song Yunxuan felt bored on the way to the airport. Since Mei Qi had so many problems, she could tell him clearly, “I didn’t grow up with my biological mother, so I really hope to have a mother.”

“But Miss Song, she’s Song Yunjia’s mother.”

“It doesn’t matter. I will regard her as my biological mother.”

Although Song Yunxuan’s raising angle of her mouth was very attractive, Mei Qi still felt a little cold.

He felt that Song Yunxuan was definitely not that naive little girl.

And the reason why she voluntarily had a relationship with the Song Family’s Madame was certainly not simple.

Song Yunxuan was a person who would analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the road ahead at every step, and she had also calculated what benefits she would get from Ye Meiqi’s return with full expectation.

Such planning and calculation were enough to make Song Yunxuan more frightening than her peers.

Mei Qi thought a lot about Song Yunxuan in his mind, but no matter what he thought, he didn’t think Song Yunxuan hateful.

Everyone had what he wanted to pursue and to achieve.

Song Yunxuan’s goal was very clear.

Her spearhead was to Song Yunjia.

Along with Gu Changle and Shao Tianze….

These people made her feel uncomfortable, so she wanted to remove them one by one.

Now, Song Yunjia was already at the edge of being removed.

Ye Meiqi was a pawn against Song Yunjia.

The reason why Song Yunxuan was willing to see her immediately was also probably for that Ye Meiqi had the value of being taken advantage of.

This meeting could bring Song Yunxuan great benefits.

They arrived at the airport soon.

Song Yunxuan usually took a nap on the road.

However, she did not even close her eyes to have a rest this time.

She immediately got off the car after it arrived at the airport.

Mei Qi had ordered the Song Family’s bodyguards to protect Song Yunxuan when he was driving her to the airport.

As soon as Song Yunxuan got off the car at the airport, the Song Family’s bodyguards immediately surrounded her.

Song Yunxuan was protected by bodyguards wearing plainclothes.

Few passengers at the airport recognized Song Yunxuan’s identity, either.

She was waiting at the airport for Ye Meiqi to go out of customs.

In her impression, she had not seen Ye Meiqi.

Because Ye Meiqi had already left the Song Family before she came to it.

She knew Ye Meiqi’s appearance later on completely by photos.

Song Yunxuan knew nothing about Ye Meiqi’s attitude towards her, who was not her biological daughter.

However, Song Yunxuan was very looking forward to this first meeting with Ye Meiqi.

She waited at the place not far from the airport exit.

As long as Ye Meiqi came out, she could see her at first sight.

The Song Family’s bodyguards also opened a small protective circle around her.

Song Yunxuan waited in the peace of mind.

Mei Qi, standing beside, said, “Ye Meiqi did not come alone this time.”

Hearing Mei Qi calling Ye Meiqi’s name directly, Song Yunxuan frowned slightly. She opened her mouth and corrected him, “This is the Madame of our Song Family. Please be polite when you call her.”

Mei Qi knew from this sentence that Song Yunxuan had great respect for Ye Meiqi.

He immediately corrected himself, “This time Mrs. Song came back with her nurse when she was living in the WK.”

Song Yunxuan nodded, “It’s not unusual to bring someone back to take care of her.”

Of course, she understood the meaning of Mei Qi’s words, but she didn’t say it clearly.

Ye Meiqi returned to her husband’s home but took a nurse to take care of herself.

Obviously, she did not like the Song Family very much. Not only did she not like it, but she was also on guard against it.

From this point of view, it could be seen clearly that Ye Meiqi might not be gotten close to so easily as Song Yunxuan imagined.

Along with Mei Qi beside, Song Yunxuan was waiting for Ye Meiqi at the airport.

But after waiting for more than half an hour, Ye Meiqi could not be seen coming out of the airport.

Mei Qi turned to look at Song Yunxuan’s face and found that her expressions were the same as usual, without any anxious senses.

On the contrary, it was himself that had some impatience.

Probably feeling the anxious sight from Mei Qi, Song Yunxuan turned to look at him, “Are you impatient now?”

Hearing this, Mei Qi closed his mouth slightly, “No, I just think Mrs. Song may deliberately make you wait longer.”

Song Yunxuan also thought of this possibility, but she did not feel impatient.

She looked at Mei Qi with her lips raised, “I have never seen you look impatient before. You have always been patient in my impression.”

Mei Qi was rarely praised like this. Hearing the praise from Song Yunxuan, he couldn’t help close his mouth slightly and then reveal a faint smile, “Is it?”

He did not remember what else he had done in front of Song Yunxuan, but it made him feel precious that she could remember that he was a calm person.

It was boring for them to wait inside the airport.

However, with these few words of conversation, the impatience of waiting for people was slowly blown away.

After about 20 minutes of waiting, Mei Qi’s eyesight suddenly changed when he was talking to her.

Finding that Mei Qi was staring at the exit of the airport, Song Yunxuan immediately turned her sight to follow him.

As expected, a lady appeared over there.

It was a well-shaped lady with a hat on her head and a white dress. She wore a windbreaker because of the cold weather at night.

The windbreaker was a little dark red, but it showed her plump figure incisively and vividly on her body.

Beside the lady, another woman was dragging a suitcase.

The woman dressed simply, but she looked neat and clean. It looked like she was in her late forties.

Seeing the lady wearing a light gray hat, Song Yunxuan recognized her as Ye Meiqi immediately.

She walked over.

Before Ye Meiqi noticed her, she opened her mouth and said sweetly, “Mom.”

This salutation was abrupt, showing no many senses of closing.

Hearing the clear voice of Song Yunxuan, the lady turned her head to look for who was speaking.

Seeing Song Yunxuan’s face, the lady closed her mouth slightly.

Then, she raised her hand and took off the sunglasses on her face.

The woman beside her immediately stretched out her hand and took Ye Meiqi’s sunglasses.

Ye Meiqi stopped and looked closely at Song Yunxuan in front of her, “Who are you?”

Ye Meiqi was very beautiful. Even though she was now in her fifties, she looked only about forty years old because she was well maintained and had good-state skin.

She looked at Song Yunxuan with strange eyesight.

It made Song Yunxuan felt very distant.

However, it didn’t matter.

Song Yunxuan would not stop approaching Ye Meiqi because of this sense of distance that Ye Meiqi had shown her.

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