Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 382 - Coming Home

Chapter 382 Coming Home

Song Yunxuan had made full of preparations to welcome Ye Meiqi.

Other people in the Song Family did not know that Song Yunxuan made all these efforts to welcome this Madame who had not been mentioned by the Song Family for many years.

Even Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian did not expect that it was Song Yunjia’s mother who was invited by Song Yunxuan when they heard of the news that the Song Family rearranged the guest room.

Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian did not realize it.

Let alone Song Yunjia, who was busy fighting with Gu Changle.

Song Yunxuan had breakfast early the next morning. Then she went to the Song enterprise for a regular meeting.

Mei Qi did not remind her until the meeting ended, “The flight has already taken off.”

“When can she get here?”

“Maybe she will stay over. But Mrs. Song will arrive early according to the situation.”

Song Yunxuan nodded.

Mei Qi told Song Yunxuan an approximate time, “Mrs. Song can come back before dinner.”

Song Yunxuan nodded. She was obviously satisfied with this answer, “Though she is not my natural mother, I respect her as my real mother. Be sure to arrange it well in advance, please.

Mei Qi nodded. He knew what Song Yunxuan meant was about the pickup in advance.

Mei Qi had people waiting for Ye Meiqi at the airport.

No matter whether Ye Meiqi arrived early or late until midnight, Mei Qi could guarantee that Ye Meiqi would be very satisfied with the person who picked her up.

Song Yunxuan finished lunch at noon. She tapped on the table in the office, waiting for Ye Meiqi.

Yuncheng had changed a lot over the years. Ye Meiqi had never returned to Yuncheng after leaving the Song Family.

Ye Meiqi might feel anxious when she returned home this time.

Song Yunxuan raised her lips as she thought of this.

Then Song Yunxuan remembered the day when she was reborn. She opened her eyes and saw the world with complicated feelings.

At that time, Song Yunxuan had been thinking about killing everyone who murdered her in Yuncheng immediately.

However, after being calm, Song Yunxuan knew how difficult it was to do it, though she could say it simply.

Song Yunxuan needed to sort out everything. Then she would see Shao Tianze, Song Yunjia, Gu Changle….

And see Yuncheng.

When Song Yunxuan stepped on the land of Yuncheng again, she had no cowardly sentiment in her heart, nor did she feel anxious.

What Song Yunxuan wanted to do was to take back the Shao Tianze in Yuncheng. She wanted it to be reclaimed by the Gu Family.

She wanted to take back what Shao Tianze owned to Gu Changge.

No one could take the Gu Family from her.

Gu Changge had devoted her life to the Gu Family, which contained Gu Changle’s expectations for Gu Changge.

Song Yunxuan could not compromise, nor could she allow the Gu’s to be in others’ palm.

Moreover, She had her daughter and son in Yuncheng.

Song Yunxuan quietly waited for Ye Meiqi in the Song enterprise.

After Song Yunjia did the examination in the hospital, she had urged her attending doctor to let her go home.

The attending doctor heard her urging. He said seriously, “Miss Song, it is better for you to be in the hospital for observation.”

Song Yunjia did not want to follow the doctor’s advice. She frowned and looked at him, “I know my body situation. Besides, I’m also a doctor. I need not to stay in the hospital.”

The attending doctor of course knew that Song Yunjia was a doctor.

Although Yuncheng was a big city, everyone in the medical community of Yuncheng knew Song Yunjia’s name.

Besides, one might have no idea before.

But they would definitely recognize Song Yunjia after the rumors during this period.

The doctor heard Song Yunjia’s words. He did not say anything else, but reminded her, “Mr. Shao gave me a call. He let me persuade you to stay in the hospital. You can’t go home until you get well.”

Song Yunjia was a little glad to hear that.

At least, it proved that Shao Tianze cared about her.

But hearing that, she also considered that Shao Tianze just wanted to keep her at rest in the hospital.

Or Shao Tianze did not want her to go back.

Song Yunjia was worried. She was not sure what to do now.

She did not know whether she should stay in the hospital or go back to the Champs-Elysea.

Once Song Yunjia could not go back to the Champs Elysee now, would Shao Tianze just drive her out of the Champs Elysea forever?

Song Yunjia felt anxious. But she had no way, nor did she know the best choice for her.

Song Yunjia was sitting on the bed. The attending doctor saw her calm down without asking to go back. He told Song Yunjia, “Miss Song, though you are not so serious, you still need a good rest. I hope that you can stay here so that you will recover faster.”

Song Yunjia did not hear the doctor’s words at all.

Song Yunjia just pursed her lips. She seemed to be tired of the doctor being wordy. She demanded, “I hope that you can go out first.”

Being driven out, the doctor did not intend to stay here. He nodded, “Well, Miss Song, have a good rest.”

The doctor was polite to her. Shao Tianze must have told this doctor in advance. Otherwise, the doctor in the hospital had no reason to treat her so well.

Song Yunjia fell into silence.

After the doctor left the ward, Song Yunjia turned her head to see the door of the ward.

Song Yunjia did not figure out what Shao Tianze thought at all. She only knew that the current situation seemed to get better.

But, there was no guarantee that this was really getting better.

Perhaps this was just an illusion.

Song Yunjia fell into silence. She quietly recalled what had happened in the Champs-Elysea in her mind.

The more she thought, the more annoyed she became.

Song Yunjia called the Champs-Elysea. It seemed that Wenwen at home had known that Song Yunjia was going to call to blame her.

Wenwen answered the phone and said first, “Miss Song, are you okay in the hospital?”

Song Yunjia heard Wenwen’s voice. She got a headache, “Is Tianze home?”

Wenwen heard Song Yunjia’s question. She was stunned for a while. Then she asked Song Yunjia, “Are you meaning Mr. Shao?”

Song Yunjia nodded. Of course Song Yunjia would ask the things that she was kept in the underground cellar with the temperature lowered.

However, compared with that thing, Song Yunjia was more likely to know where Shao Tianze was now.

“Mr. Shao is not in the Champs-Elysea.”

Song Yunjia had thought she could hear the news that Shao Tianze was in the Champs-Elysea now. But Wenwen’s words made Song Yunjia feel disappointed.

Shao Tianze did not come to the hospital or go to the Champs-Elysea.

What did it mean?

Did it mean that Shao Tianze had been tired of her and willing to see her again?

Song Yunjia felt terrified in her mind.

Wenwen on the phone seemed to know what Song Yunjia was thinking about. She told Song Yunjia, “Miss Song, don’t worry. Mr. Shao always cares about you even though he is not here now. When you collapsed in the underground wine cellar, it was Mr. Shao who came over to hold you in person and took you to the hospital.”

Wenwen’s words successfully attracted Song Yunjia’s attention.

Song Yunjia’s voice revealed some obvious excitement, “Really?”

Wenwen nodded, “Miss Song, it is true.”

After saying that, Wenwen seemed to be afraid that Song Yunjia would not believe it. She continued to explain, “If you don’t believe it, you can come back and ask the other servants in the house. Miss Song, I will never trick you.”

Hearing her words, Song Yunjia naturally believed in it.

Song Yunjia pursed her lips slightly. Then she asked about the terrible experience, “Why the temperature of the underground wine cellar would be adjusted so low?”

Song Yunjia had already been suspected Wenwen when she said this.

However, Wenwen seemed to have been guarded before Song Yunjia’s question. She became angry immediately, “Miss Song, the thing you mentioned. I also feel very thrilled!”

Hearing Wenwen’s tone, Song Yunjia knew there must be something wrong with it.

Then Wenwen complained, “Liu Yue, that little bitch, usually is not happy with me. When I asked her to help me find you, she found that the door of the underground wine cellar was locked. Therefore, she secretly lowered the temperature of the underground wine cellar.”

Wenwen accused Liu Yue’s of her behavior. She was very angry.

“But don’t worry, Miss Song. Mr. Shao had already made it clear. He had sent Liu Yue to the law.”

“Did she admit it?”

“She admitted it. But she refused to admit that she had stolen the key.”

Song Yunjia was not sure who lowered the temperature. But she thought it was not bad for Liu Yue to afford it.

At least, Song Yunjia had been unsatisfied with Liu Yue, because Liu Yue was sent over from the main course of the Shao Family.

Song Yunjia knew that it was Gu Changle who sent her in.

As long as it was the one who was sent by Gu Changle, Song Yunjia would be unsatisfied. It was better to get rid of them early.

Song Yunjia did not ask anymore, but just told Wenwen, “If Tianze asks about this matter again, you should take care of your mouth.”

Song Yunjia said this with a warning.

Wenwen could easily feel it.

Hearing the warning, Wenwen immediately assured Song Yunjia, “Miss Song, don’t worry. I won’t say anything that I should not say.”

Hearing Wenwen’s vowed promise,

Song Yunjia felt relieved a little.

“Did Tianze say anything about this issue?”

Wenwen shook her head, “Mr. Shao said nothing. However, I said I wanted to take care of you in the hospital. But he refused it.”

Shao Tianze knew the relationship between Song Yunjia and Wenwen. Now Shao Tianze did not allow Wenwen to take care of Song Yunjia, probably because he still suspected Song Yunjia.

After all, Shao Tianze really cared about the child that Changle had already induced.

Gu Changle maintained it was Song Yunjia who hurt her.

It made Shao Tianze unable to tell whether it was true.

However, judging from the current situation, Shao Tianze did not fully believe Gu Changle’s words.

As long as Shao Tianze did not believe Gu Changle, it was a good thing for Song Yunjia.

She would become better in the Shao Family.

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