Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 344 - The Storm Is Coming

Chapter 344 The Storm Is Coming

She had no idea what Chu Mochen would have reacted if he had known that she had been pretending to be pregnant.

But she knew that she must never let Chu Mochen know she was actually not pregnant. Even if her plot had been on the edge of being exposed, she would still have had to keep him in the dark.

She plunged her hand into the water to reach for his hand on her belly. Then she raised her head and gazed at him, “He doesn’t like being touched by you like this.”

“He is my child.”

Chu Mochen curled up his lips.

Song Yunxuan took his hand away from her belly, “I’ll turn in after the bath and I’m exhausted. You’d better get out now.”

Even though he was being driven out like this, yet Chu Mochen had no intention of leaving.

Song Yunxuan raised her hand and took his hand off.

Chu Mochen did not resist.

Song Yunxuan didn’t get out of the bathtub instantly.

When Chu Mochen saw that she still remained in the bathtub and did nothing but gaze at him, he understood something.

The thing he understood was that she wouldn’t have got out of the bathtub if he hadn’t left.

He raised, took the big towel from the shelf and turned his back to her, “Come out when you are done.”

Only after having taken a breath did Song Yunxuan get up in the bathtub.

Just as she got out of the bathtub, Chu Mochen turned around and wrapped her in the big towel.

“Didn’t I tell you to get out?”

“But you didn’t drive me out when I’m still here.”

Chu Mochen wrapped her in the big towel and held her in his arms with a little effort. Then he walked out of the bathroom with Song Yunxuan in his arms.

She was rarely carried by someone in the arms. While she was little, Gu Cheng always let her walk by herself, which was to make her tough. At best, he would hold her hands and help her walk forward.

After having married to Shao Tianze, Shao Tianze had been so respectful to her as he had always been showing his love in an implicit way.

Maybe it was because her personality was too dominant, so she and Shao Tianze’s life had always been lacking romance.

But Chu Mochen was nothing like Shao Tianze.

The man would do anything that Shao Tianze didn’t do for her.

The man didn’t care about her dominant personality, which was probably because he believed that he would always be able to control her at any time.

She was ice-cool and level-headed. She would have never made a fuss unless she had considered it necessary for her to do so.

Now being held by Chu Mochen, she didn’t overreact.

It seemed that Chu Mochen would like to spend a night here. After having put her on the bed, he went to take a shower in the bathroom.

Song Yunxuan was lying on the bed, quiet and calm.

The sound of the water in the bathroom fell on her ears lightly. She raised her hands and touched her belly, feeling that her move was not very good this time.

She suddenly began to worry whether Chu Mochen would have been disappointed in her if he had known that she had been pretending to be pregnant.

She even began to worry about her gains and losses from the bottom of her heart.

She had never been like this before. It was clear that everything went as planned, but why was she having the feeling of worrying about gains and losses now?

She slipped into the quilt and listened to the sound of the water coming from the bathroom. Gradually, she almost drifted into sleep.

However, after having been in the half-sleep for a while, she was woken up at last.

When she opened her eyes, she found that Chu Mochen had already taken a bath and was lying on the bed, wearing a white bathrobe.

She was turned over by him, and then he held her in his arms.

Song Yunxuan wanted to remind him, “I’m….”

“I know you’re pregnant and sex is out of the question now. It’s just that I haven’t held you for a long time and I miss you a little.”

Chu Mochen’s voice was light and mild.

Hearing his voice, for the first time, she didn’t guess what he meant.

“Do you want to ask me something?”

“Not really.”

“You want to sleep like this?”

“Is it not OK with you?”

Chu Mochen’s question really befuddled her.

“I thought you had something important to ask me hastily when you dropped by tonight.”

She buried her face in his arms and didn’t feel like saying anything else as she was exhausted.

Chu Mochen’s fingers patted her back lightly, “I’ve got no questions to ask you. Have a good sleep.”

Only after having heard his words did Song Yunxuan close her eyes.

She didn’t fall asleep at once. Instead, she was wondering subconsciously in her mind why Chu Mochen didn’t have anything to ask her.

Chu Mochen had always been concerned about what she was up to. He even suspected that she would kill Gu Yi and Miaomiao when she went to Itali to look for them. Yet he didn’t ask her any questions though he knew that Gu Yi and Miaomiao were now being taken care of by her.

She felt a bit confused.

However, she felt quite tired at the end of the day, so she didn’t continue pondering.

Chu Mochen was still holding her and watching her fall asleep in his arms.

With his eyes half-closed, he took a close look at Song Yunxuan’s facial features by the dim lamplight in his bedroom.

For more than one time, he doubted the identity of the young girl in front of him.

He felt that she was so much like Gu Changge.

However, they only have similarities in character.

From the aspect of facial features, she and Gu Changge were two different styles of beauties.

Gu Changge had such manly beauty, and it was soft like spring breeze when she smiled.

But when she was serious or angry, her beauty would make people feel there was great pressure approaching out of nowhere.

Yet Song Yunxuan was different, who was born gentle and graceful. She was the kind of girl that men wanted to protect and love the moment they saw her.

However, she was just an empty suit. Though she had such lovable appearance, yet it did not make people feel from the bottom of their hearts that she was soft or gentle.

Like Gu Changge, she also knew that she should make clear current situations and never show mercy when she needed to take action.

All these together made her so distinctive and let her get along quite well in the Song Family, like a duck to water.

She blazed her way forward through all the difficulties, through which she beat two elder sisters and elder brothers. Then she successfully got the real power of the Song Family.

And with the help of the springboard of the real power of the Song Family, she began to develop and strengthen the Song Family in an invisible way.

The strength of the Song Family was growing bit by bit. But clearly, it was still a long way from competing against the Chu Family.

But if he had wanted to keep the woman close to him, he would have had to take action to curb her development.

He clutched her in his arms and rested his lips close to her ears, whispering to her gently, “What should I do with you?”

He wondered whether he should continue helping her or curb her development from now on.

After all, she would leave him when she became strong enough.

Song Yunxuan’s characters were just like Gu Changge’s. And just like her, Song Yunxuan would never be willing to yield to others.

He held her in his arms and sighed softly, having no idea what to do with her.

Yet Song Yunxuan, who was sleeping in his arms, had no idea about what was going on in his mind.

Song Yunxuan had a sound sleep, but she heard her cell phone ringing busily in the middle of the night.

She thought for a moment, and then she recalled that she had told Shao Xue she must be informed of any changes in the Shao Family in time.

At this time, only the Shao Family could be restless.

The call was probably from Shao Xue.

She opened her eyes and looked for her cell phone.

However, when she turned her head, she saw that Chu Mochen, who was holding her in his arms, had her cell phone in his hand.

On the screen of the cell phone was Shao Xue’s name.

“The call is for me. Give me my phone.”

She reached for it.

But Chu Mochen raised the cell phone a bit higher.

Song Yunxuan pressed her lips and looked at him seriously, “Stop it. I have something important to deal with.”

Chu Mochen raised his eyebrows slightly.

Seeing that her words had registered in his brain, Song Yunxuan reached out and grabbed the cell phone from his hand.

As soon as she had snatched the phone, Song Yunxuan heard Shao Xue’s voice came through the phone, “Gu Changle was very disappointed with Shao Tianze and had a quarrel with him. What’s worse, Song Yunjia called to sting her.”

“What did Jiang Minjing say to her?”

“I don’t know yet.”

Song Yunxuan glanced slightly at Chu Mochen, who was listening to her call beside her, “Well, I’ve already known what you told me. Meet me sometime tomorrow and tell me the details.”

“Sleep early.”

“You too. Good night.”

After a brief chat with Shao Xue, Song Yunxuan ended the call.

When she hung up the phone, she turned to look at Chu Mochen, “Go to sleep.”

With this, she lay down on the bed.

Chu Mochen reached out to turn off the light.

The bedroom was plunged into darkness.

Song Yunxuan thought that Chu Mochen would soon ask her about what she talked about on the phone.

However, after she had lain on the bed for such a long time, Chu Mochen still did not ask her what the call was about.

She felt a bit strange.

She leaned slightly to one side to see Chu Mochen’s countenance.

Song Yunxuan wanted to see whether he had fallen asleep or not.

However, she had only moved a bit and felt that Chu Mochen put his big hand around her waist.

“Aren’t you going to sleep?”

His voice was with rare tenderness.

Song Yunxuan went blank, and then she nodded, “Yep.”

“Then go to sleep now and lie still.”

Being urged to sleep in his arms, Song Yunxuan didn’t say anything else.

Chu Mochen didn’t seem to be himself today. He was quite different from the Chu Mochen she saw every day before.

If it had been in the past and she had answered a phone call in front of Chu Mochen, then Chu Mochen would have probably asked her what she was plotting on the phone.

However, Chu Mochen didn’t ask her even one word about the call this time.

She felt a bit confused.

Did Chu Mochen’s behavior show that he acquiesced in her wild ambition and let it grow?

She clutched on the quilt with her fingers, feeling somewhat complicated.

Yet at this time, in the Champ-Elysea came a piece of good news which made Song Yunjia quite delighted.

A family servant opened the door and told her softly, “Mr. Shao is back again.”

“He’s back?” Song Yunjia felt somewhat surprised.

Right before this, Shao Tianze returned to Shao Family to see Gu Changle despite that it was late at night. So why did he return at this time?

Just by thinking about Gu Changle’s reaction when she called her just now, she came to understand why Shao Tianze turned back.

It was probably because Gu Changle lost her princess’s temper and quarreled with Shao Tianze.

Gu Changle was really stupid. She actually dared to quarrel with Shao Tianze under such circumstances.

Did she assume that she was still the apple of Shao Tianze’s eye?

How hilarious!

She was no longer Shao Tianze’s one and only but she still refused to see the light or think about how to retain Shao Tianze’s love for her.

She got up from the bed, put on her silk pajamas, and walked to the door, “Where is Tianze?”

“He’s in the living room, Miss Song.”

After the servant had finished her words, Song Yunjia wore a charming smile. Then she smoothed her long hair and walked out of the door to get into the living-room downstairs.

Since Gu Changle had pushed Shao Tianze away, Song Yunjia’s chance arrived.

Song Yunjia would take this chance to let Shao Tianze see clearly how much better she was than Gu Changle.

Most men did not like unreasonable and naive women.

Because of Song Yunjia and Shao Tianze’s relationship, Gu Changle must not only make trouble out of nothing but also do something that made Shao Tianze feel more annoyed and disgusted.

But this was better. The more Gu Changle disgusted Shao Tianze, the farther she would push him away from her.

And the farther Gu Changle pushed Shao Tianze away, the more easily Song Yunjia would turn into Shao Tianze’s legal wife.

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