Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 343 - Being Followed by Him

Chapter 343 Being Followed by Him

“I think you must be very angry now. You are angry that I took Tianze away from you, right?”

Raising her lips, Song Yunjia asked Gu Changle in the Champs-Elysea.

Gu Changle and Song Yunjia were just connected by the phone line.

However, Gu Changle shivered in anger because of Song Yunjia’s provocation.

Gu Changle hated Song Yunjia very much.

She couldn’t wait to tear Song Yunjia at once.

However, Song Yunjia did not appear in front of her.

Gu Changle raised her hand to hang up.

Song Yunjia seemed to know that Gu Changle was going to hang up the phone. She suddenly said, “Changle, you are not too angry to know what to do now, are you?”

“Song Yunjia, what’s your purpose for calling me now? Are you showing off your success to a loser?”

Gu Changle asked Song Yunjia.

Song Yunjia smiled with arched eyes. She said with a relaxed tone, “Yes. Why don’t I show off to you since I’m the winner.”

“How long do you think you can be arrogant?” Gu Changle narrowed her eyes, with a cold voice, “You see. Even if you had that night with Tianze, I have been in a relationship with Tianze for more than ten years. How can you compare it with me?”

These words touched Song Yunjia’s sore spot.

The smile in Song Yunjia’s eyes immediately became cold, “You said that you have had a relationship with Tianze for more than ten years. Isn’t there any affection between us since I have also been with Tianze for so many years?”

The two women contrasted sharply with each other.

Song Yunjia persuaded Gu Changle with pride, “Since you feel that you have a deeper relationship with Tianze, why should you hate me? Anyway, I’m not as important as you in Tianze’s heart. I’m not a threat to you.”

“I never allow anyone to share Tianze’s love with me.”

Gu Changle’s words, which was bossy and jealous, made Song Yunjia couldn’t help sneering, “Of course you don’t. But now, you can’t change the fact that Tianze will fall in love with me.”

“You….” Gu Changle chuckled.

Song Yunjia heard Gu Changle’s emotional voice. She laughed, “Changle, don’t be so excited. Although your sick heart has been replaced, the heart in your chest now may be the last heart that you can get.”

Song Yunjia said with irresistible viciousness, “If this heart is exploded with anger. No one will give you another one. What’s more, I will not do the operation for you with Tianze. We will watch you die!”

“Bitch!” Gu Changle screamed and scolded Song Yunjia, “You bitch!”

Song Yunjia heard Gu Changle scolding because of anger on the phone. She burst into laughter.

The laughter sounded arrogant and satisfied, full of a mockery of Gu Changle.

Gu Changle could hardly breathe anymore as she heard this laughter.

Gu Changle hung up the phone in a hurry. Then she slammed the phone against the bed.

Gu Changle went to the drawer of the cupboard by the window. She put a heart-protecting pill into the mouth.

“It’s an outrage! It’s an outrage!”

Gu Changle murmured these words over and over again on the bed while covering her chest after taking pills.

Outside her room, Shao Xue slightly closed the door, which was opened a little just now.

Shao Xue turned back her gaze.

After returning to her room, Shao Xue was to call Song Yunxuan and tell her about the current situation of the Shao Family.

Song Yunxuan didn’t go back to the Song Famly.

Instead, she went directly to Rose Garden.

After Song Yunxuan entered the villa, the servant in the house greeted her, smiling, “Miss Song, welcome you back.”

Song Yunxuan nodded and asked her, “Did Yi and Miaomiao go to bed?”

“It’s so late. They both have fallen asleep.”

Reminded by the servant, Song Yunxuan nodded afterward, “Yeah, I was so attracted to the show there.”

It was over ten o’clock when Song Yunxuan returned home. Mei Qi told her about the latest taxation and accounting issues in the Song enterprise.

After hearing those, Song Yunxuan asked Mei Qi to sort out the materials. She would check it out carefully the next day in the company.

Song Yunxuan knew that it was late at night now, so she told the servant, “You can go to sleep now. I will have a look at Miaomiao.”

“Oh, well. Miss Song, you also rest early.”

The servant in the family was called Aunt Zhang. She was in her forties and good at taking care of children.

Song Yunxuan hired Aunt Zhang in Rose Garden since she had heard that Aunt Zhang could take good care of children.

After letting Aunt Zhang go to sleep, Song Yunxuan went upstairs to Miaomiao’s bedroom.

As Aunt Zhang said, Miaomiao had already fallen asleep.

In Miaomiao’s arms was a Pooh bear plush toy.

Miaomiao was sleeping soundly.

Song Yunxuan raised her hand. She gently touched Miaomiao’s forehead. Then she sat by the bed and looked at Miaomiao.

Watching Miaomiao like this made Song Yunxuan feel very satisfied and happy.

Song Yunxuan hadn’t watched her children like a good mother before, nor had she coaxed them to fall asleep. She had hardly sung lullabies for them.

She had time now. Song Yunxuan wanted to make up for the debts that owed the two children.

Thinking of this, Song Yunxuan bent over to kiss Miaomiao’s forehead.

When Song Yunxuan’s lips just fell on Miaomiao’s forehead, the phone in Song Yunxuan’s pocket rang.

Song Yunxuan was shocked by the sudden ring. She hurriedly hung up the phone in her pocket to end the ringing vibration.

She looked back to confirm that Miaomiao didn’t wake up. Then she left Miaomiao’s bedroom with her phone.

Song Yunxuan picked up the phone and found that it was Chu Mochen who called.

Song Yunxuan had been busy watching Gu Changle and Song Yunjia fighting with each other these days. She almost forgot Chu Mochen.

The person on the phone was obviously dissatisfied that Song Yunxuan hadn’t contacted him for so long.

Song Yunxuan dialed back the call.

Chu Mochen didn’t pick up the phone until it rang several times, “Why did you hang up just now?”

Song Yunxuan heard deep displeasure in Chu Mochen’s tone. Song Yunxuan said helplessly, “Miaomiao was sleeping. Your sudden calling almost woke her up.”

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s answer, Chu Mochen kept silent for a while. Then he said, “You are in Rose Garden?”


“You come to me? Or I come to you?”

“It’s already so late now. We’d better meet tomorrow if there is no urgent issue.”

Song Yunxuan felt very happy after seeing the big show in the Champs-Elysea.

Song Yunxuan was also a little tired. She didn’t want to see anyone at night.

“I’ll come to you.”

Chu Mochen hung up the phone after saying that.

As the phone was hung up too neatly, Song Yunxuan just heard the busy signal from the phone before she could refuse Chu Mochen.

Song Yunxuan was very helpless since she had no idea about what Chu Mochu would tell her.

However, Song Yunxuan had to wait for Chu Mochen as he had said he would come here.

Song Yunxuan went to Gu Yi’s bedroom to see him after she saw Miaomiao. Song Yunxuan pulled the quilt for Gu Yi before she went out of the bedroom.

Chu Mochen said that he would come, while Song Yunxuan didn’t prepare anything for him.

Song Yunxuan just felt tired, so she took a shower first. She thought of waiting for Chu Mochen to have dinner with him.

Before entering the bathroom, Song Yunxuan told the two servants who hadn’t gone to bed yet to let Chu Mochen be seated for a while after Chu Mochen arrived.

Song Yunxuan went to take a bath first.

Song Yunxuan had been standing outside the Champs-Elysea to watch the show for a long time. Although she had worn a lot, she felt a little cold.

After the bath was filled with warm water, Song Yunxuan poured in some essential oil to take a bath.

With faint bubbles on the surface of the water, Song Yunxuan was soaking in the bathtub. She was completely relaxed to recall the appearance of Song Yunjia being held by Shao Tianze.

At that time, she saw through the telescope that Song Yunjia had passed out.

However, there hadn’t been any expression on Shao Tianze’s face.

Thinking about it for a second, Song Yunxuan knew that if Song Yunjia had been awake at this time, she would have been very happy and proud.

Indeed, why wasn’t she satisfied?

Gu Changle had been waiting for Shao Tianze for more than ten years.

Gu Changge had died, and now Song Yunjia could easily get Shao Tianze’s attention from Gu Changle.

What a joyful thing this was.

Song Yunxuan thought in the bathtub, while her body slipped in it involuntarily.

Just when Song Yunxuan was to slide completely into the bathtub, even her head was to be in the water.

Some footsteps suddenly came from the door of the bathroom.

She stunned and immediately sat up from the bathtub. Then she reached out and pulled the curtain in front of the bathtub to cover the bathtub.

“Haven’t you done yet?”

It was Chu Mochen’s voice.

Song Yunxuan frowned, “I’m taking a bath. Why are you here?”

“Is there anything I can’t see?”

His words were somewhat abusive.

Song Yunxuan pursed her lips. She didn’t answer his question.

The tall man came over. He reached out his hand and pulled the curtain without hesitation, which she had just pulled on.

Song Yunxuan became ashamed and annoyed.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m watching you bathing.”

He squatted down and looked at her face with his eyes.

Song Yunxuan was no longer an innocent girl. She wouldn’t feel blushed as Chu Mochen watched her bathe.

However, she felt a little unhappy under the current situation.

“I don’t like being watched when I’m bathing.”

“Then, you can turn your back.”

Song Yunxuan frowned.

She sank into the bathtub again.

Song Yunxuan spread some essential oil in the bathtub. There was a light cover of foam on the water. Those bubbles were not enough to cover the whole bathtub, but they could block some sight.

It couldn’t be seen clearly.

Song Yunxuan reached out to take the bath towel down from the shelf by her side.

Chu Mochen stretched out his hand and grabbed her wrist, “That’s it?”

“Haven’t you been satisfied?”

She asked him back.

“I’m indeed not satisfied.”

Chu Mochen admitted it without embarrassment. He leaned forward gently. His lips were close to Song Yunxuan’s ear, “Do you know what I want to do?”

His breath sprayed on Song Yunxuan’s earlobe. The burning breath made her slightly tremble.

Song Yunxuan tilted her head with vigilance. She looked at Chu Mochen, “I’m pregnant now. I don’t know what you want to do.”

“Since you know you are pregnant, why do you run around everywhere?”

Song Yunxuan knew that Chu Mochen seemed to know her whereabouts throughout the day.

“Do you send someone to follow me?”

“You belong to me. Can’t I send someone to follow you?” Chu Mochen kissed Song Yunxuan earlobe gently. Chu Mochen reached out his hand to the bathtub. He gently pressed Song Yunxuan’s belly, “Besides, my child is in your belly. I have no reason not to take care of you.”

His hand rested on Song Yunxuan’s belly.

It made Song Yunxuan’s heart tremble instantly.

The fake pregnancy couldn’t be hidden for a long time, could it?

Would Chu Mochen allow Song Yunxuan to do whatever she wanted once the cover was blown?

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