Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 345 - Wake up

Chapter 345 Wake up

Song Yunjia came down from the second floor.

Shao Tianze was sitting on the leather sofa in the living room on the first floor. When he heard someone coming downstairs, he turned his eyes to the stairs.

As expected, it was Song Yunjia who was coming downstairs.

He had a servant to pour him a cup of coffee.

Seeing him drinking coffee, the expression in Song Yunjia’s eyes changed slightly. She walked gently to the wine cabinet and extracted a bottle of Lafite made in 1982.

“If you are upset, then liquor serves better than coffee. Let me accompany you.”

She brought over two goblets.

Then she opened the wine and poured it into the goblet in front of Shao Tianze.

Then she poured some wine into the goblet in front of her as well.

Seeing her gentle motion of pouring wine, Shao Tianze felt that he paid so little attention to her that he even ignored her beautiful posture while pouring wine.

“Why don’t you sleep this late at night?”

“I was going to sleep after you had left. But a servant told me that you are back, so I couldn’t fall asleep.”

She picked up her goblet and proposed a toast to him, “Cheers! I’ll empty my glass first.”

Shao Tianze picked up his goblet and clinked hers.

Song Yunjia drank all the wine in her goblet at one draft.

Song Yunjia could hold her alcohol. When she first worked as a doctor, everything went so smoothly. However, every time she performed an operation, she still felt squeamish on seeing blood, flesh, and internal organs.

She felt terrified. In order to overcome it, she began to drink alcohol.

Later, when she got used to performing operations, she rid herself of boosting her courage by drinking alcohol.

But she could still hold her alcohol.

After having finished the wine in her goblet, she intended to continue pouring wine into her goblet.

This time, as soon as she reached for the goblet, she touched something.

It turned out that she touched Shao Tianze’s fingers holding the goblet.

She was slightly taken aback and withdrew her fingers in hindsight.

A flicker of panic appeared in her eyes while joy and happiness stayed at the bottom of her eyes.

Everyone knew the old saying- love develops with time. But during these many years with Shao Tianze, Song Yunjia had always been claiming to be Shao Tianze’s friend without crossing the line.

But now, after the night.

She had such a relationship with him. It was actually like breaking a paper window, which brought them closer at once.

She felt a little happy, watching Shao Tianze pour the wine into her goblet.

However, she wore an indifferent face without showing happiness in her heart.

After having finished two goblets of wine in succession, she slowly began to talk. She asked Shao Tianze, “Did Changle… make trouble with you?”

“You know her temper and personality. How could she not make a fuss when something like this happened?”

Shao Tianze was somewhat vexed.

He liked Gu Changle and was willing to connive at anything she did. But on the matter of her hurting Song Yunjia, he could not pamper her, no matter what.

He had explained to her, but she wouldn’t listen.

He had no other way but to leave her by herself for now.

Perhaps she would have understood how important Song Yunjia had been to them after some time.

He drank one glass of wine after another.

Seeing that he had drunk too much, Song Yunjia couldn’t help grabbing his arm and advised him, “Even though you are in a bad mood, you shouldn’t drink like this. It’s not good for your health.”

“It doesn’t matter, I don’t drink often,” he said, removing her hand which was grabbing his arm. Then he picked up the bottle and poured some wine into her goblet, “Didn’t you say that you wanted to drink with me? Can you drink more?”

“Yes,” said Song Yunjia, reaching for the goblet in his hand. Then she said, “I will drink with you as long as you want to drink.”

Hearing Song Yunjia’s words, he curled his lips, and the appreciation in his eyes grew much stronger than it was just now.

He drank the goblet of wine and began to murmur, “You should know that Changle can’t drink any alcohol because of her physical condition. So I don’t drink at home. Changle often reminds me to drink less in social intercourses and I always listen to her. But why didn’t she listen to me when I offered her advice for the first time?”

Shao Tianze must have been drunk as he talked so much at one time.

Seeing that he was drunk, Song Yunjia reached for the goblet in his hand, “You’ve been with Changle for so many years and during which you’ve always been spoiling her. Now the reason that she is so self-willed is probably that you have been too nice to her.”

Now that he was drunk, then when would have been the best time to dramatize Gu Changle’s behavior if not now?

Sure enough, after having recalled his attitude towards Gu Changle all these years, Shao Tianze laughed at himself, “Yunjia, you are right. I’ve been pampering her all these years and conniving at whatever she did. I’ve spoiled her.”

Seeing that he rested the empty goblet on the table, Song Yunjia picked up the bottle and poured him another goblet of wine, “You can totally say that again.”

“So tell me, how should I deal with her?”

Shao Tianze’s question amused Song Yunjia at once, “How to deal with Changle is your own business. I’ve got no good answer to the question.”

“Don’t you have any suggestions?”

Shao Tianze gazed at her.

His eyes, which had once been soft, now appeared quite tipsy.

Song Yunjia felt that there was no need for her to continue urging him to drink.

So she took over the goblet held in his hand and advised, “You’ve drunk enough, and you can’t drink anymore. Let me help you upstairs to have a rest.”

She rested the goblet on the table and was going to help him up.

However, just at the time she was going to help him up, he did something that surprised her.

With a thrust of his hand, he pulled her back onto the sofa. Then he turned over slightly and sat on top of her, taking a dominating position.

His eyes, which were full of intoxication, were fixed on her, “You haven’t told me how to deal with Changle yet.”

Being pinned by him on the sofa, Song Yunjia felt her heartbeats quickened when seeing his face.

“How should you deal with Changle?”

She asked in reply.

“Yep.” he nodded.

Song Yunjia remained silent, and she slightly lowered her eyelashes.

Shao Tianze kept gazing at her like this without even blinking once, looking really serious and charming.

Song Yunjia curled up her lips and looked him in the eye, “You’ve always been pampering her, so she is self-willed. If you stop pampering her, she’ll probably not be self-willed any more.”

“Not pampering her?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

Song Yunjia nodded and felt quite satisfied with her answer.

It seemed that Shao Tianze couldn’t immediately understand how to do it.

Song Yunjia swept her eyes over all kinds of empty bottles on the table. Then she turned her gaze back, looked at Shao Tianze on top of her and asked him, “You want to ask me how to stop pampering her, do you?”

Shao Tianze nodded.

“Like this….”

She put her hands around his neck and then pressed her lips on Shao Tianze’s lips.

The feeling of kissing stimulated Shao Tianze’s body numbed by alcohol and then a certain kind of desire burst from inside of his body.

It burned almost instantly.

Shao Tianze kissed her back with great passion.

And because of the stimulation of alcohol, he became more addicted to the feeling of intoxication.

Song Yunjia allowed him to kiss her at his will.

Her expression showed that she was indulging in it.

Yeah, that was how it worked.

She liked being kissed by him. After having waited for so many years, she had finally been successful in her attempt to own the man.

What about Gu Changle?

Just let her go to hell.

The Champs-Elysea was full of love.

While on the other side of the picture, there was pitiful gloom and loneliness in the villa of the Shao Family.

Gu Changle was sitting on the bed, and her fingers moved back and forth on her belly. Her eyes looked a bit glassy.

Jiang Minjing had already told her everything about her child and instructed her on what was the best way to deal with it.

Gu Changle knew what to do. She was just reluctant to lose the baby.

And she felt that she didn’t have the heart to do it.

At this stage, she shouldn’t have always quarreled with Shao Tianze. She should go and get Shao Tianze’s heart back right away, and she could never let Song Yunjia take possession of Shao Tianze’s heart again.

She needed to get on well with Shao Tianze and she should never quarrel with him.


She told herself repeatedly. And after having gradually suppressed her anger, she walked out of the bedroom in slippers.

She walked to the door of Shao Tianze’s study, raised her hand and tapped on the door, “Tianze?”

There was no response from the study.

But she knew that if Shao Tianze hadn’t had sex with her because of having a problem with her and hadn’t coaxed her after a long time, it would have highly been possible that he had hidden in the study.

She used to be sulking in her bedroom and waiting for Shao Tianze to come and apologize to her.

But now, because Song Yunjia had come between them, she had to succumb to Shao Tianze and take the initiative to admit her mistake and begged Shao Tianze’s forgiveness.

The fight between her and Song Yunjia was totally because of Shao Tianze.

As long as Shao Tianze had always been on her side, Song Yunjia’s days would have been numbered.

When she found that no one opened the door from the inside, Gu Changle raised her hand and tapped on the door again, calling him, “Tianze, it was my fault to quarrel with you just now. Please open the door and allow me to apologize.”

She was not reconciled to her apology.

However, she had to do it under such circumstances.

After having apologized, she felt that Shao Tianze would have almost had come to open the door if he had heard her apology.

However, after having waited for such a while, she still didn’t hear anyone was coming to open the door.

She frowned and knocked on the door of the study again.

She put her ear to the door of the study and listened to what was going on inside.

There was no sound in it at all.

Suddenly, she turned hostile. Then she turned the handle and opened the door of the study.

As she expected, there was no one inside.

Inside the study, it was dark. She looked at the empty room in front of her and frowned instantly.

Her countenance became a little ferocious, and then she said furiously, “Shuang!”

The servant who was called came at once.

Seeing Gu Changle standing at the door of the study, Shuang understood why Gu Changle was furious.

“What’s the matter, Miss Gu?”

Hearing Shuang asked her worriedly, Gu Changle turned to her.

Gu Changle turned her head to her, staring at her and questioning, “Where is Shao Tianze?”

Hearing Gu Changle’s words, Shuang realized that Gu Changle was furious this time.

She used to call him Tianze.

However, she called him Shao Tianze this time.

It indicated that she was furious.

Shuang was somewhat afraid and couldn’t help lowering her voice, “Mr. Shao….”

“Shouldn’t he be in the study?” Gu Changle asked her in a loud voice without letting her finish her words, “Why isn’t he in the study? Where did he go?”

Being asked like this, Shuang became a little nervous.

“Tell me! Now!”

Seeing that she was still hesitating, Gu Changle’s attitude became even worse.

Being questioned in such an angry voice, Shuang couldn’t help muttering, “Mr. Shao went out!”

“When did he go out?”

“Mr. Shao left right after having quarreled with you.”

“Where did he go? Did he tell you his whereabouts?” Gu Changle’s pair of eyes became terrifying.

Shuang was a little afraid of Gu Changle’s reaction, so she stuttered, “I heard that he went… went to….”

“Where did he go?”

“He went to Champs-Elysea….”

As soon as she spilled out the address, Gu Changle’s countenance became horrible.

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