Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 334 - Be Thrown Out

Chapter 334 Be Thrown Out

Did Shao Tianze want her to die because of Song Yunjia?

Song Yunjia was also a doctor. Both of her and Shao Tianze were doctors.

They both knew that Gu Changle’s physical condition was not suitable for childbirth.

But no one mentioned it to Gu Changle, and no one said to her that the child would kill her.

They were united to make her die?

Gu Changle thought in this way, the resentment surging in her heart.

“Want me to die?”

She was angry to the extreme and sneered coldly, “Song Yunjia, show me what you’ve got to kill me.”

Her fingers were clenched tightly, and her eyes narrowed fiercely. She called the maid outside the door, “How is the Champs-Elysea?”

The maid had been waiting by the door. Now Gu Changle called her, she opened the door and answered immediately, “I just called Wang. She said she had not arrived there.”

Gu Changle was a little upset, “How long has it been since she left? How come she hasn’t been there yet?”

The maid couldn’t answer and went silent.

Gu Changle was burning.

Zhao Yang hurried to the Champs-Elysea.

Now that Song Yunjia calmed down at the Champs-Elysea, she suddenly felt it needed further confirmation that Gu Yi and Miaomiao were at Song Yunxuan’s place.

As long as Zhao Yang had the evidence, she had so many ways to deal with it.

She could use Song Yunxuan trying to harm Zhao Tianze’s a pair of children as an excuse to provoke Shao Tianze against Song Yunxuan.

The Shao family was an influential business family. If they had really been against the Song family, they would have made Song Yunxuan suffer.

Thinking in this way, she was the one who didn’t need to be so anxious.

Song Yunjia originally wanted to use those two children as the excuse to handle Gu Changle.

Now that the two children were still alive and they were right in Song Yunxuan’s house, it could be a powerful weapon to attack Song Yunxuan.

She hated Gu Changle and Song Yunxuan so much.

As long as these two children were useful, whether it was used to handle Song Yunxuan or Gu Changle, it was a great weapon.

Furthermore, judging from the clues that the medical scandal broke out, she found that Gu Changle and Song Yunxuan had already united against her.

Such two enemies needed to be removed sooner or later. Getting rid of either of them could reduce a lot of trouble.

She began to think about how to seize the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, getting rid of Song Yunxuan and Gu Changle at the same time.

While she was thinking about it, a maid rushed in and yelled, “Miss Song, bad news!”

The maid’s voice interrupted her contemplation.

Song Yunjia twisted her eyebrows and looked impatiently at the maid who had just rushed in, “What’s wrong?”

The two maids Shao Tianze arranged at the Champs-Elysea were young and reckless.

Song Yunjia had already thought about replacing them.

Now that she wasn’t in charge of the Champs-Elysea, she could only tolerate them for now.

The maid’s face turned pale and flustered and her speech became intermittent, “There are… There are a lot of people outside….”

Song Yunjia heard this and looked towards outside the door.

As the maid said, the door was pushed open the next second when the maid had just finished speaking.

Five or six women wearing maid uniforms came in through the door.

They weren’t considered aggressive, but they all wear a sneering look and their eyes were filled with disdain for Song Yunjia.

Song Yunjia narrowed her eyes and recognized that the women were wearing maid uniforms of the Shao family. She figured out why they came here in her mind.

Song Yunjia counted carefully. There were six maids in total. Two of them were a bit older. They were in their forties. One was Nurse Sun and the other was Nurse Li.

After all, she had lived in the Shao family for a while.

These maids also knew her.

Nurse Li was generous and honest. She didn’t feel like doing things to please the hostess at home.

She only nodded when she saw Song Yunjia.

Nurse Sun was different.

She was the one who had always taken care of Gu Changle, and she was good at it. She looked out for Gu Changle’s best interests.

She treated Gu Changle like her own daughter.

Song Yunjia was very impressed by this Nurse Sun. When Gu Changge was still alive, Nurse Sun had worked as a maid at the Gu Family for more than 20 years.

At first, when Gu Changge was alive, she asked Nurse Sun to take care of the garden in other villas and do some cleaning job. Nurse Sun was not allowed to work in the main house.

After Gu Changge died, Gu Changle transferred the old maid back to work in the main house.

Therefore, Nurse Sun was very grateful to her. She served Gu Changle wholeheartedly.

Now Gu Changle sent them to drive Song Yunjia and her people away. Nurse Sun took the lead.

When Nurse Sun saw Song Yunjia, she felt disgusted, “Miss Song, this is a property that belongs to Miss Gu. Please clean up and leave now.”

Song Yunjia was arranged to live here by Shao Tianze. She certainly refused to be driven out by a maid.

She tickled her lips, “Miss Gu? Do you mean Gu Changle?”

Nurse Sun looked at her, “Yes.”

“What a pity. If the Miss Gu you mentioned refers to Gu Changge, I will move out immediately because this is Gu Changge’s property. But if you referred to Gu Changle, then there’s no need for me to move out.”

As soon as Nurse Sun heard Song Yunjia mentioned Gu Changge, she became angry immediately, “Gu Changge is the younger sister of Miss Changle. Now that Gu Changge had gone, Miss Changle owned the entire Gu family, let alone the Champs-Elysea.”

“Huh…” Song Yunxuan listened to Nurse Sun keeping talking about “Miss Changle” and couldn’t help laughing, “You are really Gu Changle’s good dog. You think about her all the time. Gu Changge has been dead, but after her death, how come her Gu’s did not become Gu Changle’s enterprise, but Shao Tianze’s Shao’s enterprise? ”

Nanny Sun’s face turned blue.

Song Yunjia continued laughing, “Gu Changle is nothing but Gu’s accessory. Everything that belonged to Gu Changge is in Shao Tianze’s hands. You think she is a mistress in the Shao family now, but if one day Shao Tianze doesn’t like her, she will be nothing.”

Nanny Sun’s face changed from blue to red. She was furious.

The other maids didn’t move. They just listened to Song Yunjia while observing Nurse Sun quietly.

Song Yunjia said nothing wrong.

Everything in the Gu family belonged to Gu Changge. Gu Changle was just an adopted daughter.

After Gu Changge died, Shao Tianze had all her property.

If it had not been that Shao Tianze banged with his sister-in-law, Gu Changle would have been nothing at the Gu Family.

All maids agreed with Song Yunjia except the Nurse Sun, who had just changed her face as if she had been hit a sore spot.

“This is either Mr. Shao’s property or Miss Gu’s property. It’s not yours!”

She was right.

Song Yunjia choked at once.

Seeing this, Nurse Sun asked the maids by her side loudly, “Why are you still standing here? Kick her out!”

The maids looked at each other and didn’t move.

Nurse Sun saw this, pushed Nurse Wang next to her hard, “Go!”

The rest few young maids saw Nurse Sun went mad and had to walk towards Song Yunjia.

Nurse Sun found that the rest of them didn’t know how to do it unless she gave an example.

So she went directly to Song Yunjia and grabbed Song Yunjia’s long hair, dragging her towards outside.

Song Yunjia got a sharp pain on her scalp and screamed to fight with Nurse Sun.

The maids wanted to separate them and the servants of the Champs-Elysea also wanted to join.

However, all of them were shocked by the Nurse Sun’s roar.

“Drag her out! This crazy woman steals someone else’s man”!

Nurse Sun cursed Song Yunjia while making the maids drag Song Yunjia out.

The scene was totally a mess.

Song Yunjia’s scalp was aching and the anger in her heart was rushing upward, too.

She had lived for more than thirty years and had never been treated like this. Now her hair was dragged out by a maid.

Thanks to you, Song Yunxuan.

If the person who inherited the Song family were her instead of Song Yunxuan, how could a maid dare pull her hair and drag her outside?!

The more she thought, the more she hated Song Yunxuan.

And the more grief she felt so that she couldn’t help crying.

She was originally an elegant and intellectual lady in Yuncheng, but now she had fallen into the situation of being insulted as a slut.

How miserable it was.

She burst into tears uncontrollably.

Nurse Sun and her people took the upper hand.

They dragged her all the way from the living room of the Champs-Elysea to the door.

Then they threw her on the concrete ground in front of the door.

The ground was very hard and it was still winter.

Song Yunjia didn’t wear much indoors. Now she was dragged out and thrown on the ground. The cold wind instantly blew through her clothes and froze her.

Even her pink lips turned bluish purple.

She didn’t look as pretty as before.

After the Nurse Sun threw Song Yunjia out, she looked smugly at Song Yunjia and began to spew venom, “I used to think that you are a well-educated young lady, but now it looks like you are a bitch! You have been single for so many years and refused to be with a man. You just can’t stop seducing Mr. Shao, right? How could a woman like you live at the Champs-Elysea? Do you really think you are the hostess here?”

Nurse Sun laughed at her loudly.

Song Yunjia could not lift her head because of the humiliation in the laughter.

She was mad with hatred in her heart.

She couldn’t wait to tear the old maid who laughed at her into pieces and feed a dog with these pieces.

However, when the cold wind blew, her body trembled and the slippers on her feet fell off while she was pulled out.

Stepping barefoot on the ground was as painful as being stuck by an ice pick.

She shrank herself, curling up into a little ball.

Tears ran down from her cheeks.

Nurse Sun was satisfied with her embarrassment. She was in a good mood. She turned around and arrogantly ordered the maids, “Drag these two idiots out of here, too!”

The two idiots referred to the two maids from Rose Garden.

“Also, all the things of this bitch should be thrown out!”

The maids were instructed to do so by Nurse Sun. They began to move after a glance at Song Yunjia.

Some of these maids sympathized with Song Yunjia and whispered to each other while lifting things, “She’s so pitiful.”

“Pityful?” A maid sneered, “She deserves this because she tried to seduce other woman’s man!” The maids did not dare to comment too much on Song Yunjia’s affairs and began to throw things from the bedroom.

Things in the closet and bathroom were thrown out as ordered.

Song Yunjia sat at the door, crying and cuddling herself tighter.

At this moment, she heard the sound of a car driving into the courtyard of the villa suddenly.

She raised her eyes, looking at the direction where the car was heading in hopefully—was it Tianze?

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