Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 335 - To See the Mess

Chapter 335 To See the Mess

Song Yunjia turned around in anticipation.

Through her teary eyes, she could see the car parked not far from her.

Then a man in a black suit got out of the car.

Song Yunjia’s eyes were full of hope.

She hoped it was Shao Tianze.

As long as Shao Tianze came to see her now, he would certainly understand how vicious Gu Changle was.

He would see what Gu Changle had done to her. She needed to use this opportunity to talk more about Gu Changle’s shortcomings in Shao Tianze’s ears.

She would let Shao Tianze understand how bad Gu Changle was.

She put on a pitiful look, hoping that Shao Tianze would have a tender affection for her later when he came over.

The more pitiful she appeared, the more compassion she could get from Shao Tianze.

The competition between Gu Changle and her was who could get more attention of Shao Tianze.

She knew it clearly.

As she saw the figure approach her, she was ready to stand up from the ground.

She calculated how long it would take to make Shao Tianze step forward to help her when she pretended to fall.

Three steps away.

Two steps away.

She stood up, but her body tilted and was about to fall to the ground.

At this moment, the man indeed reached out and supported her.


Suddenly she saw the face of the person who supported her.

Her eyes froze for a moment.

The man opened his mouth, “Yunjia, I’m your Uncle Zhao.”

This voice made Song Yunjia’s full expectations instantly subsided.

Seeing that she was pretending, Zhao Yang ordered the assistant beside him, “Take off your coat.”

The assistant beside Zhao Yang took off his coat very obediently and handed it to Zhao Yang.

Zhao Yang reached over to take the coat and draped it over Song Yunjia, “Yunjia, how did you get this way?”

The maid who went to the villa to pack her things had not yet come out.

Hearing Zhao Yang’s question, Song Yunjia immediately tore off the coat and threw it to the ground.

“Uncle Zhao, I am busy. Please leave.”

Seeing her attitude, Zhao Yang was stunned, “Yunjia, what do you mean?”

Song Yunjia stared at the gate in front of her, “I won’t leave! Tianze must come here!”

Seeing Song Yunjia’s insisting, Zhao Yang frowned and whispered to her, “Gu Yi and Miaomiao are in the Rose Garden.” Song Yunjia was surprised.

Zhao Yang turned to his assistant and said, “Let’s go.”

The assistant left with him.Visit website

After getting into his car, Zhao Yang ordered the assistant, “Find a way to call Shao Tianze, in the name of the servant in the Champs-Elysea.”

Since Song Yunjia put all hope on Shao Tianze, he was willing to help her.

If Shao Tianze really have pitied her, his support to her for long would not have been in vain.

Song Yunxuan finished lunch.

Seeing that the snow outside had stopped, she planned to go out.

She called Mei Qi and asked him to come over.

The moment she ended the call, Miaomiao grabbed her clothes by her small hands and stared at her with big eyes, “Are you going out?”

Squatting down and touching Miaomiao’s hair with her fingers, Song Yunxuan smiled and said, “Yes. I’m going out to deal with something important.”

“Can you take me with you?”

Miaomiao looked at her with a pair of eyes full of anticipation, “I’m so bored at home.”

Hearing Miaomiao say she was bored, Song Yunxuan knocked on her forehead, “Why are you bored? Your brother is with you, isn’t he?”

Miaomiao pouted, “He thinks and does his homework all day. He doesn’t play with me at all.”

“You can play with your brother’s puzzles and building blocks.”

Miaomiao shook her head, “I don’t like puzzles and building blocks.”

“I have asked the servant at home to buy you delicious food. Do you want some?”

Miaomiao batted her eyes before she turned around to go to the servant to get delicious food.

However, It seemed that something occurred to her when she just turned around. She grabbed Song Yunxuan’s clothes again, “If I go to find the delicious food, you will go out, won’t you?”

Song Yunxuan couldn’t help but laugh when hearing Miaomiao’s words.

“You’re so smart.”

The little girl in front of her was her favorite daughter. She hid them in this villa presently to protect them.

She had leaked the news that Miaomiao and Gu Yi were in the Rose Garden to Zhao Yang.

Without firm evidence, Zhao Yang dared not tell Shao Tianze the news.

But he must have tried to reveal the news to Song Yunjia.

In this case, if Miaomiao had been caught when Song Yunxuan took her out, she would have never been able to bring the child back.

Although she felt sorry when she saw Miaomiao’s begging, she still chose to leave her in the villa so that they could continue to live together.

She couldn’t let Miaomiao go out.

After Song Yunxuan admitted, Miaomiao pouted with a sense of grievance, “You used to take me out to play.”

“The current situation is different from before.”

“What’s the difference?”

Miaomiao’s big watery eyes were similar to the young Gu Changge’s, but they felt different.

As soon as he entered, Mei Qi saw Miaomiao whining to Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan was a little troubled. It seemed that she had spoiled this little girl, so she couldn’t decisively refuse the child’s pleading.

Mei Qi was different from her, having no affection for this child.

Therefore, Mei Qi could solve this problem that was annoying Song Yunxuan.

He strode towards them, drawing Miaomiao’s attention.

Miaomiao’s eyes turned to his face. After a curious glance, she took back her eyes and continued to beg Song Yunxuan, “Will you take me out, please?”

Song Yunxuan sighed, “No, Miaomiao.”

Mei Qi watched Song Yunxuan patiently and unusually explain to the child. He couldn’t help but shake his head before he squatted down and grabbed the child by the shoulder.

He turned her to face himself, “Miaomiao, let me explain to you, OK?”

“I want Sister Yunxuan to explain it to me.”

“Sister Yunxuan is afraid that you will be in danger while you are out.”

“As long as Sister Yunxuan is with me, I’m afraid of nothing. No one can hurt me. Moreover, I can also protect Sister Yunxuan.”

The child’s voice was tender and cute.

Mei Qi smiled softly and continued to say, “Miaomiao, you should know that there were some bad guys who wanted to hurt you, but Sister Yunxuan desperately saved you back.”

Although she was still young, Miaomiao understood what Mei Qi had said clearly.

When she was in Itali, her brother had told her that someone wanted to hurt them.

If Yunxuan hadn’t brought them back from Itali, they would have been killed.

Seeing the kid pondering, Mei Qi continued, “Miaomiao, those bad guys want to kidnap you. If you go out with Sister Yunxuan, they will stop and hurt you and Sister Yunxuan.”

Miaomiao pouted and didn’t speak, obviously torn by conflicting thoughts.

Knowing what the kid could think was limited, Mei Qi continued to explain, “However, if you don’t go out with Yunxuan, they will not see you in Yunxuan’s car and will not hurt Sister Yunxuan.”

Miaomiao understood but became upset.

However, she quickly cheered herself up and turned to ask Song Yunxuan, “Sister Yunxuan, you won’t get hurt if I don’t go out with you, right?”

“It is right literally.” Song Yunxuan nodded.

Getting Song Yunxuan’s confirmation, Miaomiao gave up completely and waved to Song Yunxuan, “Please bent over.”

When Song Yunxuan stood, Miaomiao could only grab the hem of her clothes.

She didn’t know what Miaomiao wanted to do.

Just Miaomiao wanted her to bend over, so she bent down.

Seeing Song Yunxuan bend over, Miaomiao walked to her and kissed her on her face with a chirp.

Yunxuan was shocked by the kiss. She lifted her finger and touched the part of her face that Miaomiao had kissed.

Miaomiao looked at her with a smile, “Come back early. I’m waiting for you at home.”

Her voice was sweet, soft, and lovely.

Hearing her daughter’s words to herself, Song Yunxuan felt a sudden warmth in her heart, and she couldn’t help but be moved.

She crouched down, embraced Miaomiao, and kissed her forehead, “Good girl, I will be back soon.”

After talking, she went out with Mei Qi.

The outside temperature was very low.

Before going out, Song Yunxuan specifically asked nannies to take care of the two children so that they won’t get cold when they were outdoors.

Mei Qi opened the car door for her, waiting for her to get in the car.

After Song Yunxuan got into the car, Mei Qi sat down in the driver’s seat.

The car slowly drove out through the iron gate of the Rose Garden.

Mei Qi said to her while driving, “Manager Song, is it OK that only two of us go to the Champs-Elysea?”

“What’s the problem?”

“Too few.”

Hearing what he said, Song Yunxuan couldn’t help but laugh. Her voice showed her good mood, “We are not going to the Champs-Elysea to fight. Two people are enough. And….”

She paused thoughtfully.

Mei Qi looked at her confusedly.

Song Yunxuan continued to say, “You can beat ten people, can’t you?”

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s words, Mei Qi couldn’t help but laugh and said modestly, “Thank you very much for your kindness. However, I can’t fight ten people.”

Song Yunxuan ignored his lies out of humility.

It was not an exaggeration to say that Mei Qi could beat ten people.

Formerly, Gu Cheng had asked Mei Qi to be Gu Changge’s private tutor.

Gu Cheng was of great insight.

Mei Qi, whom he had found, was the best of the bunch.

He entrusted Gu Changge to Mei Qi.

During that time, Gu Cheng’s mistresses learned that the righteous young lady of the Gu Family had no protection except for a newly recruited tutor.

They wanted to take a risk for their future.

First of all, they needed to get rid of Gu Changge, the lady of the Gu Family.

To achieve their purpose, the mistresses hired people to kill her again and again, trying to create a fake scene of accidental death.

Fortunately, all these tricks were suppressed by Mei Qi alone.

Gu Changge liked visiting art exhibitions when she was young. Once, when Mei Qi accompanied her to visit an art exhibition, foreign mercenaries tried to shoot her from a height.

They wanted to kill her in only one attempt.

Mei Qi blocked the bullet for her, holding her in his arms.

Then, a dozen people, hiding among the tourists who were visiting the exhibition, wanted to attack Gu Changge.

However, they were all stopped by Mei Qi with the bullet wound.

It was an assassination that Gu Changge would never forget.

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