Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 333 - Changle's Fury

Chapter 333 Changle’s Fury

Zhao Yang was sweating anxiously over there.

His face was pallid.

He wanted to help Song Yunjia and he also felt that Rose Garden was guarded because those two children were right inside.

But he couldn’t confirm it because he couldn’t get any evidence.

He was very resentful to Song Yunxuan after he took a long-term sick leave forced by her. Now he told Song Yunjia this news to lend a hand.

In fact, rather than saying he would help her, he was more of provoking Song Yunjia against Song Yunxuan and incidentally letting Song Yunjia avenge for himself.

He walked back and forth in the room, waiting for the private detective agent back.

He waited for about half an hour.

Before his patience was exhausted, the phone finally rang.

He picked up the phone and heard the voice of the detective agent, “Boss.”

“Did your camera catch those two kids inside?”


The answer from the detective agent made Zhao Yang frown heavily, “Then why do you call back?!”

This agent heard Zhao Yang reproaching him angrily. He comforted his Boss, “Calm down, Boss. Although I didn’t photograph anyone in the Rose Garden, I got evidence to prove that there are two kids inside.”

Zhao Yang’s eyes flashed, “What is it?”

“I saw the nanny of the Rose Garden went to the supermarket to buy groceries. She bought many snacks for children, including a lot of chocolate candies.”

“This is not evidence. Song Yunxuan is a girl. Maybe the nanny bought her snacks and chocolate.”

“There are butter cookies in it.”

The butter cookies silenced Zhao Yang.

The detective agent, on the other end, continued, “We have investigated. Song Yunxuan hates butter cookies the most, and the young lady of the Shao family, Gu Miaomiao, especially likes butter cookies. The nanny of the Rose Garden also bought a new set of Lego and several sets of high-level puzzles. I have checked it. The young master, Gu Yi of the Shao family, likes to play with toy blocks and puzzles best.”

Zhao Yang fell silent.

Butter cookies, Lego, and puzzles are all things that Song Yunxuan didn’t like, according to the detective agent.

But she asked the nanny to buy them.

It seemed that Shao Tianze’s children were indeed in the Rose Garden.

If he had told Song Yunjia this news, Shao Tianze would have caught Song Yunxuan by surprise.

At that time, Shao Tianze would point out his position against Song Yunxuan, hence Song Yunxuan would suffer a lot.

Zhao Yang called Song Yunjia right away.

He hoped Song Yunjia would inform Shao Tianze as soon as she knew the news.

However, no one answered the phone for a good while.

Zhao Yang frowned, instructing the maid by his side, “Get me a car. Now.”

The maid left to prepare the car immediately.

Before Zhao Yang left, a maid at his house picked up a phone call. She called out to Zhao Yang, “Mr. Zhao, here’s a phone call from Mr. Zhou for you.”

“Zhou Jian?”

He frowned and asked the maid.

The maid nodded.

Zhao Yang was a little impatient, but he gave it a second thought. Zhou Jian was his old friend. Every phone call from him was to offer help.

He turned back to answer the phone from the maid’s hand.


Zhou Jian heard Zhao Yang’s voice and asked directly, “Do you still want to help Song Yunjia?”

Zhao Yang was startled for a second, then he said, “Zhou, how can you think of me like this? I’m just like you. I have already come out of the mess of the Song family. How could I want to help her?”

Zhou Jian had no emotion in his voice. He warned Zhao Yang, “When I came back today, I heard that you have been sending people to spy on Song Yunxuan. I think you haven’t given up.”

Zhao Yang got caught and was unable to deny it.

Zhou Jian knew he was right when Zhao Yang remained silent.

He tried to persuade Zhao Yang again, “You know that now Song Yunjia can only rely on Shao Tianze, but it’s hard to say if Song Yunjia can win with Shao Tianze’s help. Why don’t you stay out of this?”

Zhao Yang said with a cold look, “Song Yunxuan is just a chit of a girl. She is capable of nothing.”

“Zhao Yang, you are asking for trouble if you go on like this.”

Zhao Yang had made up his mind to fight against Song Yunxuan. He wouldn’t listen to anyone’s advice.

“Zhou, don’t talk to me out of this. At this age, I know things.”

“What do you know? Song Yunxuan is not a chit of a girl. She is more calculated than everyone.”

Zhou Jian attempted to persuade Zhao Yang, but Zhao Yang did not want to continue this conversation.

To stop Zhou Jian, Zhao Yang interrupted, “Zhou, I have got an urgent business today. I’ll call you when I’m free. I need to go now.”

Zhou Jian persuaded him not to go against Song Yunxuan over and over again.

Zhao Yang felt uncomfortable. Zhou Jian and he had worked together for so many years. Zhou Jian should have supported him no matter what time it was.

But now Zhou Jian had fallen to Song Yunxuan’s side.

The more Zhou Jian persuaded him, the more he wanted to go against Song Yunxuan.

Because Song Yunxuan caused him to lose too much in the Song enterprise.

As a senior in the Song enterprise, he was unwilling to retire and wait for the annual share bonus at home.

He could have climbed up and sought greater benefits.

After hanging up the phone, he moved towards outside.

His driver had already got the engine ready and waited for him in front of the car door.

Seeing Zhao Yang coming out of the house, the driver opened the door respectfully for him.

Zhao Yang got inside. He ordered the driver, “Go straight to the Champs-Elysea.”

“Yes, sir,” The driver answered, stepping on the accelerator and driving the car out of Zhang Yang’s house.

The Shao family.

Gu Changle gradually recovered under the treatment of Dr. Jiang.

She paled because of her previous abdominal pain.

She was thin, and now she was lying on a soft bed, wrapped in a white quilt, looking like a patient with excessive blood loss.

Dr. Jiang was packing up the clinic box next to the bed.

The housemaid was also waiting on the side.

Gu Changle was a little weak.

She had thought that Dr. Jiang would give some notes and leave since her condition had stabilized.

Unexpectedly, when Dr. Jiang finished packing, she said to Gu Changle, “Miss Gu.”

Gu Changle lifted her eyelids and looked at her with some nervousness, “What else, Dr. Jiang?”

Dr. Jiang was a famous gynecologist, and she was also very good at taking care of pregnant women.

Gu Changle called Dr. Jiang several times when she felt pain previously.

She felt relieved when Dr. Jiang told her there was nothing to worry about.

This time Dr. Jiang completed the diagnosis but didn’t say a word about the result.

Now that she called Gu Changle, It must be time to tell Changle the diagnosis result.

Asked by Gu Changle, Dr. Jiang looked over the maid on the side thoughtfully.

Gu Changle understood Dr. Jiang’s signal. She ordered the maid, “Leave us.”

The maid heard Gu Changle’s instructions and withdrew from the room.

When the maid left, Dr. Jiang stepped forward and leaned over to Gu Changle. She said, “Miss Gu, I’m not sure if I should tell you or not.”

Gu Changle smiled, “Dr. Jiang, you are my family doctor. If you found anything, you should tell me in time. Why you have such worries?”

Dr. Jiang heard Gu Changle.

She fell silent.

From the grave look on Dr. Jiang’s face, Gu Changle could tell that what Dr. Jiang was about to say might be pretty serious, or even be quite bad.

Predictably, after a brief silence, Dr. Jiang said, “Miss Gu, I should tell you that you may die if you gave birth to this baby.”

On hearing of this, Gu Changle turned deathly pale. Her smile that was about to emerge on her face got frozen.

Dr. Jiang noticed Gu Changle’s reaction and spoke in a hurry, “Miss Gu, calm down. You or your baby, I hope you can think about it very carefully, which should be given up.”

After a moment of stun, Gu Changle narrowed her eyes and said suddenly, “Thank you for letting me know, Dr. Jiang.”

“So Miss Gu, the sooner you have an abortion, the less harmful it will be to your body.”

Gu Changle wanted to have a good talk with Dr. Jiang.

But when she opened her mouth, she felt that her throat was dry.

It was too dry to talk at all.

Gu Changle looked terrible. Dr. Jiang felt that it was time to finish this conversation.

She offered to leave, “Miss Gu, you need to take a rest now. When you feel better, you can discuss this issue with me at any time.”

Gu Changle nodded with difficulty, “Alright, I’ll let you see yourself out, Dr. Jiang.”

“Miss Gu, now excuse me.”

Dr. Jiang left Gu Changle’s ward.

Gu Changle heard the sound of the bedroom door being lightly closed and suddenly swept down the bedside lamp.

The noise was a mess.

The maid outside who heard the noise tended to come and see what happened next second.

Gu Changle yelled loudly, “Go away! Leave me alone!”

Her sharp voice made the maid stop to push the door in time.

Gu Changle listened to the quietness outside before gasping for breath. She tried hard to calm down her emotions.

She knew that she was not in good condition, but she did not expect that she would have to pay the price of her life to give birth to Shao Tianze’s child.

Moreover, as a doctor, Shao Tianze hadn’t told her this consequence ever.

What was the reason that he didn’t explain to her how dangerous it was for being pregnant?

He wanted this child instead of her?

She loved him so much and had always been with him. They dealt with Gu Changge together and turned the Gu’s enterprise into the Shao’s.

She waited for him for ten years.


Why didn’t Shao Tianze tell her that she would have lost her life if she had given birth to this child?

Her fingers were tightly clutching the quilt beneath her, her eyes filled with resentment and irritation.

The light in her eyes brightened and darkened, and there was bitterness spreading in her heart.

Why didn’t Shao Tianze tell her?

Didn’t Shao Tianze like her anymore?

Did he want to take the excuse of having a baby to kill her?


Why did Shao Tianze do this to her?

Didn’t he promise that he would always love her?

He had made such a promise but broke it by giving up her life for a baby and deceiving her for so long.

If the doctor hadn’t explained it to her at this time, she might have died in the delivery bed.

The more she thought about it, the more she got annoyed. Song Yunjia’s smug smile flashed in her mind all of a sudden.

Was it for Song Yunjia?

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