Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 327 - Shao Tianze Was Drunk

Chapter 327 Shao Tianze Was Drunk

Looking at the wine glass in front of him, Shao Tianze saw double.

He was in a daze and saw a face appearing between the wine glasses.

It was a young girl with short hair and snowy skin, wearing a white sweater and light blue jeans. However, a pair of brown pupils were cold and indifferent as if they were not interested in anyone.

He reached out, trying to touch her cheek.

The girl frowned. Her figure was getting farther and farther.

He wanted to catch her.

He wanted her to stay.

But the distant figure became out of reach.



Don’t go.”

He reached out his hands, trying hard to grab the distant figure.

However, his outstretched fingers could not touch her.

He instantly felt a sense of despair rising.

The sight in front of him began to blur. He kept mumbling, “Changge… Changge, don’t leave me… Don’t….”

As soon as Song Yunjia went downstairs, she heard Shao Tianze muttering “Gu Changge” repeatedly.

Every time she heard the name of Gu Changge, she felt chill.

Contrary to Song Yunjia, although Shao Tianze had personally killed Gu Changge, he could still whisper Gu Changge’s name when he was drunk.

She didn’t understand what Shao Tianze wanted to do.

She walked towards him, pushed his shoulders gently and called him, with her eyes frowning, “Tianze, wake up. You got drunk.”

She shook his shoulders, trying to wake him up.

After his body was shaken, Shao Tianze looked up at her with a pair of affectionate eyes.

Song Yunjia couldn’t help but be fascinated. Suddenly, her soul seemed to be taken away by his eyes. She stared at Shao Tianze dully.

She loved Shao Tianze.

She was driven to distraction by this love.

She had known Shao Tianze in years. She took every step carefully. She had thought that after Gu Changge’s death, Gu Changle could not live long, and she could soon be Shao Tianze’s wife.

However, the reality was not her imagination.

The current reality deviated from her expectations.

The deviation was severe.

Gu Changle didn’t die. Even worse, she was pregnant.

Both she and Shao Tianze knew that Gu Changle’s health condition wasn’t suitable for delivering a baby.

However, as a doctor, Shao Tianze did not let Gu Changle have an abortion in the early stage of her pregnancy.

He let Gu Changle rest to prevent miscarriage.

Until now, Gu Changle had thought that the child in her belly had become her biggest trump card.

Relying on this trump card, Gu Changle dared to hurt Gu Yi and Miaomiao.

Shao Tianze’s indulgence towards her caused the death of Gu Yi and Miaomiao.

However, it was because of this that Song Yunjia had the opportunity to get rid of Gu Changle as soon as possible.

Now, if she had found the evidence that Gu Changle killed Gu Yi and Miaomiao, it would have been enough to incite Shao Tianze to evict Gu Changle from the Shao Family.


“Changge….” Shao Tianze looked at her with the obsessed eyes which she had never seen before, “Changge….”

He raised his finger. The slender fingers touched her cheek lightly.

Feeling that he really touched her skin, Shao Tianze curved his thin lips and showed a happy smile, “Changge, you are here.”


Song Yunjia frowned, not understanding what Shao Tianze was doing now.

Shao Tianze did not respond to her.

He held her cheeks with both hands and slowly moved his lips towards hers.

Song Yunjia felt that her heartbeat accelerated a lot in an instant.

She watched Shao Tianze’s face getting closer.

She felt that her breathing was about to stop.

Shao Tianze’s face enlarged in front of her eyes, getting closer and closer.

Then his hot lips touched her lips.

They twisted and turned.

The heat of the lips spread to the body’s skin.

Song Yunjia moaned lightly.

Her clothes were pulled off her shoulders by his flexible fingers. Her white shoulders were exposed to the air.

The romance was scattered.

Song Yunjia felt that her world had become romantic.

She had been looking forward to having more contact with Shao Tianze for a long time.

She had hoped that one day their relationship would be closer and go beyond friendship.

The day had finally arrived.

She enjoyed it, squinting her eyes and holding his shoulders with her hands.

She gently took off his clothes.

The lights were bright in the living room.

But Song Yunjia didn’t care.

As long as Shao Tianze was hugging her at night, she was not afraid of anything.

She didn’t care anything else.

Panting came from the living room.

They were too absorbed to notice a flash on the second floor.

Song Yunjia clutched Shao Tianze’s back tightly and became more and more obsessed with Shao Tianze’s rhythm.

The whole room fell into lust.

A bright moon in the sky outside the window emerged from behind the dark clouds.

Song Yunxuan moved gently, trying to leave Miaomiao alone, who was asleep.

As soon as she was about to get out of bed, she noticed that her nightdress had been hooked.

She turned to see that although Miaomiao was asleep, her small hands were still grasping her nightdress.

Seeing Miaomiao’s manner, she couldn’t help but bend her lips and smile. Then she loosened Miaomiao’s small hand which were holding her nightdress, put it under the quilt and left the bedroom.

As soon as she stepped out of Miaomiao’s bedroom, the housekeeper stepped forward and called her softly, “Miss Song, it’s here.”

Hearing the housekeeper’s words, Song Yunxuan turned slightly.

The housekeeper handed the phone.

Just glancing at the photo on the phone, Song Yunxuan laughed, “These two people can’t bear being lonely.”

The housekeeper didn’t respond.

She knew Song Yunxuan was talking to herself and didn’t need other’s reactions.

After seeing the pictures, Song Yunxuan turned back to the bedroom, “Save the pictures and send them to Fanxing Magazine. Tell Xiao Hong and Shao Xue to come to the Song enterprise tomorrow.”

“Yes, Miss Song.”

The housekeeper nodded.

After ordering, Song Yunxuan opened the door of Miaomiao’s bedroom and entered.

As she looked at Miaomiao, who was asleep on the bed, her eyes were much softer.

She walked over gently, lay down next to Miaomiao again and hugged the little child.

She felt content in her heart.

She went from Qingcheng Town to Yuncheng and from Yuncheng to Harbor City.

She went through a lot of ups and downs.

She had been pursuing the strongest goal. She wanted to get enough power to defeat Shao Tianze.

And now her efforts would soon bear fruit.

Feeling happy, she raised her hand and smoothed the long hair of Miaomiao. Then she closed her eyes and fell asleep beside Miaomiao.

The next morning would be the best.

She would have a good sleep and welcome this long-awaited morning with the best spirit.

The next morning, the sun did not rise as promised.

It was fine the night before, but in the morning the weather changed.

The weather was gloomy, and the cold wind was blowing around the street.

After breakfast, Song Yunxuan stood in front of the large French windows and looked at the withered trees and flowers in the garden.

The housekeeper came, “Miaomiao and Gu Yi’s piano teacher has arrived.”

Song Yunxuan didn’t look back, still watching the scenery outside the windows intently, “Let the teacher take them to practice the piano.”

The housekeeper left after hearing Song Yunxuan’s instruction.

Gu Yi and Miaomiao’s lives in the Rose Garden were not inferior to those in the Shao Family.

Song Yunxuan provided the two children with the best quality of life.

It was because she felt guilty and wanted to compensate them.

As their mother, she should have seen them grow.

However, she was killed by Shao Tianze and Gu Changle in the hospital because of her wrong judgment.

She made her two children lost their mother.

The two children were harmed after losing their mother’s asylum.

Gu Changle regarded the two of them as thorns in her flesh, anxious to get rid of them as soon as possible.

All she could do was to protect the two children.

Then she would take back everything that initially belonged to them from Gu Changle.

She looked at the scenery outside the window.

It occurred to her that something interesting must be happening in the Champs-Elysea at this moment.

It was interesting in the Champs-Elysea.

Song Yunjia woke up with many kiss marks all over her body on the bed.

Seeing the woman lying next to him, Shao Tianze instantly felt somber.

With eyes still heavy from sleep, before she could recognize the expression of the man in front of her, she heard the man said coldly, “Remember to take birth control pills.”

One sentence wiped out all the affection of Song Yunjia.

Song Yunjia froze, watching him get up from bed, put on clothes and trousers, and opened the door to leave.

Suddenly she picked up the pillow on the bed and threw it at him.

The pillow didn’t hit Shao Tianze but just hit the door, falling on the ground next to his feet.

His eyes were solemn. Before he could turn his head, he heard Song Yunjia crying and questioning him, “How could you do this to me?”

Hearing her questioning, Shao Tianze slowly turned his head back and placed his eyes on her face.

Her face was bathed in tears.

A pair of beautiful eyes were also filled with tears.

Last night, she was delighted and thought that her wish for many years had finally come true.

She thought Shao Tianze would become her boyfriend the next morning.

Even if not, he should not have let her take birth control pills heartlessly.

She had known him for so many years and had had so many feelings for him.

Why could she only get a sentence to ask her to take birth control bills in return for her affection for so many years?

As she recalled Shao Tianze’s words, tears rolled out of her eyes unstoppably.

“I was drunk last night.”

“But you called my name,” she argued.

Regardless of the shame of being naked, She threw back the covers, got out of bed, walked to him, and forced him to look at herself, “Look at me! It was you who called me by my name and did this kind of thing to me. How could you say such a sentence to me the next day?”

“I don’t remember calling your name.”

He was drunk, but Song Yunjia’s name did not exist in his memory.

The name he called was not Song Yunjia.

“It was my name that you called.”

She stared at him stubbornly, her eyes full of tears, “You called my name. If you didn’t call my name, you wouldn’t do such things to me!”

Her voice was a bit loud, but her tone was very stubborn.

Standing still in place, Shao Tianze appeared calm on the surface, but his mind had already messed up.

He never thought of touching Song Yunjia.

In the case that he had already had Gu Changle, if he had touched Song Yunjia again and Gu Changle had known it, there would have been a storm.

In these troubled times, he must stop Song Yunjia from spreading what happened last night.

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