Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 326 - A Beautiful Night

Chapter 326 A Beautiful Night

The missing of Gu Yi and Miaomiao reminded everyone in Yuncheng of Gu Changge.

Gu Changge had been dead for almost half a year.

However, everyone remembered her.

After all, this woman had appeared frequently in major domestic financial magazines and was also hailed as a talented businesswoman by entrepreneurs.

No one expected that she ended up like this after death.

Not long after her ashes were buried at sea, her two children were inexplicably missing abroad.

What’s even more bizarre, recent rumors claimed that Gu Changle was now pregnant.

This rumor had not been confirmed, but it had become more and more widespread.

People in Yuncheng speculated about who was the child’s father.

Most of them thought that the child’s father was no one but Shao Tianze.

All the gossip caused the Shao enterprise to be in the crosshairs.

Shao Tianze felt that the Shao enterprise was currently devastated by public opinion, but he could not come forward to clarify everything.

Because all the rumors were actually true.

He was upset and drank a lot.

Song Yunjia called him now and then. He hung up without saying much. She was not his concern.

This evening, Song Yunjia called again, unexpectedly she received the attention of Shao Tianze.

“Where are you now?”

“Right at the Champs-Elysea.”

“I’ll come over now. Wait for me.”

Such a short sentence made Song Yunjia’s heart excited for a good while.

She took a bath and put on makeup in her room. Seeing the pretty face in the mirror, Song Yunjia felt that her plan had been slowly pushed forward.

Shao Tianze had already been tired of Gu Changle.

Indeed, Gu Yi and Miaomiao were the keys to defeating Gu Changle.

Anyway, Shao Tianze cared about other people’s opinions.

Now that Gu Yi and Miaomiao had gone missing, it certainly put a lot of pressure on him. Gu Changle didn’t help him but still made trouble for him.

In front of the mirror, she gently applied the blush on her cheeks.

Her beautiful and delicate face instantly looked even much better.

A maid outside knocked gently on the door, “Miss Song, Mr. Shao’s here.”

Song Yunjia smiled. She stood up in a good mood, “I’ll be there soon.”

Shao Tianze came over tonight. She might be able to take this opportunity to make him hate Gu Changle a little more.

She turned around and started to move out in a champagne-colored bustier dress.

Her slim waist and long legs were outlined attractive body curves.

The maid was waiting for her at the door, and she was stunned when she saw Song Yunjia’s dress.

Then she followed behind Song Yunjia to meet Shao Tianze.

Shao Tianze was in a bad mood. When he arrived at the Champs-Elysea, he only took a sip of tea and went to the counter of the wine cabinet, looking for the good wine.

Song Yunjia walked downstairs and saw his back. She felt her heart fluttered.

A throbbing sensation spread quickly from the bottom of her heart.

She squinted her eyes and put on a worried look. She walked over, “Are you going to drink?”

“You drank a lot of wine in the wine cabinet.”

Shah Tianze opened a bottle of 1982 Lafite and poured it into a glass.

He poured himself a drink and poured one for Song Yunjia, “Would you like to join me?”

Song Yunjia smiled, “Of course, I’ll join you.”

She took the goblet with red wine and shook it gently. She raised her delicate neck and drained the goblet.

When a man drank, he was either happy or unhappy.

In these days, when Gu Yi and Miaomiao were missing, Shao Tianze mustn’t come over to drink because he was happy.

An unhappy man was her perfect prey.

And alcohol was an indispensable catalyst.

How could she let such a good opportunity go?

She would like to accompany Shao Tianze for drinking, even she might have to do it till midnight.

Shao Tianze drank one glass after another.

Seeing him drinking too much, Song Yunjia also poured him drinks.

Shao Tianze began to talk while drinking, “I haven’t heard any news of Yi and Miaomiao up to now.”

“Don’t worry too much, maybe it’s…”

Song Yunjia wanted to think of a good reason to comfort Shao Tianze, but when she said it, she realized that the two children might be doomed.

Shao Tianze also knew that there wasn’t much she could say, so he laughed in self-deprecation.

“A lot of people think that the two children are mostly going to be with their mother.”

When Shao Tianze mentioned Gu Changge’s death, Song Yunjia felt somewhat uneasy.

Gu Changge was killed, and now it was her children’s turn.

Even if Song Yunjia had committed countless murders, she still felt a chill.

Shao Tianze drank down a glass of wine, placing the glass heavily on the counter, “Do you think Yi and Miaomiao are still alive?”

Song Yunjia had no answer. She lowered her eyes, hiding the cold light in her eyes, and spoke in a low voice, “Tianze, things change, you’d never know. I’m sorry for your loss.”

“My loss?” Shao Tianze sneered, “Yi and Miaomiao are just two kids.”

“But, after all, their mother is Gu Changge, not Changle….”

In the middle of her words, Shao Tianze shot her a scathing look, “You mean that Changle was the one who hurt these two children?”

Song Yunjia was frightened by his look. She pursed her lips, “I was just making that up. I didn’t mean that Changle harmed them. Don’t get me wrong.”

She took the initiative to confess.

Shao Tianze let her get away with it.

However, Song Yunjia could see it that Shao Tianze frowned as he turned around.

She knew that Shao Tianze was suspicious of Gu Changle.

Shao Tianze started to suspect Gu Changle from the first minute he knew the two children were missing.

“Changle is currently pregnant. You should take good care of her. Don’t ignore her for this matter.”

Song Yunjia pretended to be kind as if she had been worrying about Gu Changle.

However, every word she uttered tended to turn Gu Changle and Shao Tianze against each other.

“Yi and Miaomiao are your flesh and blood, so is the baby of Changle. Since Yi and Miaomiao are missing, you should look after Gu Changle even better, Tianze.”

She took Shao Tianze’s arm gently, and spoke to him tenderly, “You must cheer up for Changle.”

Shao Tianze was originally displeased by his suspicion of Gu Changle. Now he was advised by Song Yunjia to take care of Gu Changle, which was even more irritating.

He jerked his arm that grabbed by Song Yunjia.

Song Yunjia was swayed by him, getting a little dazed.

Shao Tianze spoke coldly, “You should go to bed.”

“I’d like to stay with you for a little while.”

“Go to sleep.”

Shao Tianze’s tone was extremely unpleasant.

Song Yunjia had to leave.

Tonight, she got dressed up meticulously, wearing exquisite makeup and a champagne-colored dress that could show her figure the best.

But she didn’t catch Shao Tianze’s eye much.

What she had done seemed to be in vain.

Now Shao Tianze rushed her to her room to sleep. She felt more unwilling.

Her eyes stayed on Shao Tianze for a while. She was not willing to move.

Shao Tianze felt that she had yet to leave, pouring himself a drink, “You refused to go to bed. Maybe I should leave?”

Song Yunjia stunned and immediately remedied, “No, I’m just worried that you drink too much, which is bad for your health.”

“Go to sleep. Leave me alone.”

Song Yunjia sighed and went upstairs with unwillingness.

When she went upstairs, she deliberately slowed down, looking back at Shao Tianze, who was still pouring and drinking.

When she reached her bedroom, she whispered to the maid, “Tianze is in a bad mood. Don’t disturb him when he’s drinking.”

The maid nodded and asked, “Do I need to prepare some sober-up tea, Miss Song?”

Song Yunjia frowned. Her voice became a lot colder, “Don’t do unnecessary things unless you are told to do.”

The maid was reprimanded and hastened to apologize, “I’m sorry, Miss Song. I shouldn’t.”

“Alright. Go back.”

Song Yunjia gave her a cold glance and slammed the door.

The maid lowered her head, apologizing. Until the door shut, she slowly raised her head and looked at the closed door in front of her.

Song Yunxuan ‘s home received a call.

Song Yunxuan was sleeping with Miaomiao in Rose Garden.

The call from home was put through here.

The housekeeper gently opened the door and spoke to Song Yunxuan, “Miss Song, here comes a call from the Champs-Elysea.”

Song Yunxuan’s eyes lit up and reached out her hand thoughtfully.

The housekeeper came over and handed the phone to her.

In her arms, Miaomiao slept soundly.

The SD doll Song Yunxuan bought for her also lay in the bed with her.

Song Yunxuan put the phone in her ear by one hand and pulled the silk quilt up for Miaomiao by the other hand.

A voice came through, “Miss Song, Mr. Shao is drunk.”

“Well, did Song Yunjia say anything?”

” Miss. Yunjia asked us not to make sober-up tea.”

Song Yunxuan couldn’t help laughing on hearing the maid’s words. Her voice softened a lot instantly, “ Since Song Yunjia commanded you to do so, you do what she told you. I don’t think you need to guard a drunk man in the middle of the night. It’s just that when Song Yunjia brings Shao Tianze back to the room, you should help them.”

The maid understood Song Yunxuan’s meaning and nodded, “Miss Song, don’t worry, I will.”

Song Yunxuan was highly satisfied with the maid in the Champs-Elysea.

As soon as she had hung up, she spoke to the housekeeper, “Transfer 500,000 to her account.”

The housekeeper heard it and immediately transferred the money.

Song Yunxuan put her hands on Miaomiao’s back.

Miaomiao frowned and seemed that she was not sleeping well.

Song Yunxuan smiled and patted gently on this child’s back.

Miaomiao felt that someone was patting her on the back and calmed down right away.

Song Yunxuan looked at Miaomiao. Her smile was even warmer.

Miaomiao spent more time than Gu Yi with her mother when she was little.

At that time, Gu Changge saw Miaomiao asleep at night after she came back, she would go to bed gently and sleep with her daughter.

When Miaomiao was half asleep, Gu Changge would pat her back gently and coax her to sleep.

Now coaxing her in this way was still useful.

She patted Miaomiao ‘s back gently while thinking about what might happen at the Champs-Elysea tonight.

Shao Tianze went to Song Yunjia’s place, trying to drown himself. Song Yunjia had originally thought that she could take this chance to impress him.

Now with such a good opportunity, would Song Yunjia let it go?

Tonight was destined to be a beautiful night.

Whether it was for Song Yunjia, for Shao Tianze or for Song Yunxuan.

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