Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 325 - Miaomiao Caught a Fever

Chapter 325 Miaomiao Caught a Fever

Originally, Song Yunxuan only wanted to take advantage of Chu Mochen.

However, she gradually realized that she cared more and more about Chu Mochen’s opinions.

She cared about Chu Mochen and her status in Chu Mochen’s heart.

Those two kids did not make her jealous. Gu Changge did.

She felt contradictory jealousy.

She was jealous because she cared.

Gu Changge was dead. Song Yunxuan wanted Chu Mochen to give up Gu Changge and love her wholeheartedly.

Now it seemed no matter what she had done, Chu Mochen would have only regarded her as Gu Changge’s substitute.

It was clear that they shared the same soul, but Chu Mochen just didn’t know how to be flexible about it.

He was foolish.

Or he was a so-called one-woman man.

In a bad mood, Song Yunxuan went to bed after a shower.

With her eyes closed, Chu Mochen appeared in her mind again.

She nipped her fingers, trying to fall asleep as soon as possible, but she just couldn’t.

At this very moment, a maid gently knocked on her door, “Miss Song?”

Song Yunxuan opened her eyes and sat up from the bed.

A voice outside called out, accompanied by a soft knock on the door, “Miss Song? Are you asleep?”

“Not yet.”

On hearing of that, the maid immediately replied, “Miss Song, a call from the Rose Garden said Miss Miaomiao….”

“What happened to Miaomiao?”

She got out of bed at once and walked over to open the door.

She looked so worried that the maid answered quickly, “Miss Miaomiao is having a fever.”

“Have she seen a doctor? If she doesn’t get better, see another one. If that doesn’t work, send her to the hospital. Get me a car. I’m going there.”

Song Yunxuan turned back into the room to get dressed.

The maid turned to the housekeeper.

The young housekeeper ordered other servants to prepare a car right away and waited for Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan saw the young housekeeper behind her and gave her an order, “Go with me.”

The housekeeper nodded and followed her into the car.

“How did Miaomiao catch a fever? Why haven’t you told me till now?”

She questioned the housekeeper unhappily.

The housekeeper also felt remorse. She explained, “Miss Miaomiao did not show any symptoms before, so the servants did not pay attention.”

“Fire them.”

Song Yunxuan said impatiently in a cold tone.

The housekeeper was slightly startled, and did not understand what Song Yunxuan meant, “Miss, what do you mean?”

“Replace all the servants in the Rose Garden and find a batch of responsible ones. I hired them to take care of these two children. If they couldn’t do their job, why should I keep them?”

Looking at her indifferent look, the housekeeper knew that she was really angry, so she nodded, “Tomorrow, all of them will be replaced.”

“Miaomiao can’t handle it more, okay?”

The housekeeper hastened to nod, “Yes, Miss.”

Song Yunxuan went to the Rose Garden, where the two children lived late at night.

Walking into the door, she saw the servants shrinking their shoulders and holding their breath one by one.

Song Yunxuan frowned. She went upstairs to Miaomiao’s room.

Miaomiao’s face flushed with her eyes closed on the princess bed in the room.

Song Yunxuan touched her forehead by her hand gently. It was burning.

Gu Yi was watching over her beside.

Song Yunxuan felt sorry and talked to Gu Yi, “I’m sorry, Yi. My people didn’t take care of Miaomiao.”

Gu Yi did not respond to her apology. He just looked at Miaomiao’s face, frowning and waiting for her to wake up.

After a while, the housekeeper came and talked to her, “Miss Song, the doctor is here.”

Song Yunxuan stood up and waited for the doctor to come in.

This new doctor was a female one, wearing a pair of glasses. She was tall and slim, looking very tender.

Her surname was Gao.

Song Yunxuan particularly sent the housekeeper for Dr. Gao in the on-call room of the children’s hospital.

Dr. Gao was her former family doctor of the Gu family. She was responsible for the health of Gu Yi and Miaomiao.

Gu Changge paid her the highest salary among family doctors of all families in Yuncheng when she was alive.

Dr. Gao was also a discreet person, knowing what could speak out and what couldn’t.

Song Yunxuan asked her to come over but only noticed her that there was a child who was having a fever.

Dr. Gao had never imagined that the sick child Miss Song talked about turned out to be the youngest daughter the Shao family was looking for.

Gao Min instantly froze.

Song Yunxuan let the housekeeper close the door and spoke, “I hope that Dr. Gao can bring this child’s fever down first.”

Gao Min pursed her lips, getting a little shocked that the youngest daughter of the Shao family appeared in the Song family.

But when she heard Song Yunxuan’s words, she immediately put away the puzzled look on her face. She took out the medical objects such as a stethoscope and a thermometer from the medical box.

Song Yunxuan looked at how Dr. Gao diagnosed next to her.

After Dr. Gao finished, Song Yunxuan asked her, “What’s the reason for the high fever keeping going up?”

“This child’s body has always been weak. Having too much antipyretic medicine has been a burden on her body. Not only did the fever remain, but it also made her illness worse. I suggest rubbing her body with alcohol, which may cause a good outcome.”

Gao Min took out the alcohol and some cotton wool from the medical box while talking.

The housekeeper picked up the alcohol, tending to wipe Miaomiao by it.

Song Yunxuan reached out her hand, “Let me do it.”

The housekeeper had to pass her the alcohol and cotton wool.

Miaomiao was already five years old. It was inappropriate for Gu Yi to be here.

Song Yunxuan spoke to the housekeeper, “Bring the young master to bed. Dr. Gao and I will be here. It’s alright.”

The housekeeper took Gu Yi back to bed.

Gu Yi knew Dr. Gao, so he consciously glanced at Dr. Gao when he left.

Dr. Gao seemed to understand what he meant at that glance. She nodded with a smile, showing that she would take good care of Miaomiao.

After the housekeeper and Gu Yi were gone, Song Yunxuan began to use the alcohol and cotton wool to wipe Miaomiao’s body.

Dr. Gao was there for them, too.

Song Yunxuan wiped Miao Miao’s body with medical cotton wool moistened with alcohol while talking to Gao Min, “I know, it must be strange that Miaomiao and Gu Yi are in my villa.”

Dr. Gao got used to the disputes inside the giant families. She did not say a word.

Song Yunxuan knew that silence meant she was right.

She slightly raised her eyes and shifted her gaze from Miaomiao’s arm to Dr. Gao’s face, “Are the Shao family having ants in their pants now?”

She was clear about the Shao family’s current situation, but she asked Gao Min intentionally.

Gao Min had to answer her, “Mr. Shao is worried about his daughter.”

“His daughter is here with me. Do you think what will happen? Will I help him take good care of her?”

Song Yunxuan said this without much emotion.

Gao Min twisted his eyebrows. After a long silence, she replied, “I believe Miss Song will take good care of these two children.”

“I can’t take care of them alone. These two children will live with me for a long time. I hope you could take care of them with me.”

“Miss Song. It’s my pleasure.”

Gao Min’s attitude fitted exactly Song Yunxuan’s wishes.

Song Yunxuan was satisfied with Dr. Gao’s reaction and took her gaze back. She continued, “The context is too complicated. I won’t explain. If Dr. Gao agrees, I hope you can take responsibility for their health as their private doctor. I will offer you an excellent salary.”

On hearing this, Gao Min nodded, “Miss Song, you have my word. I will do my best to look after these two children.”

Gao Min was a wise woman. Song Yunxuan had never doubted about this.

Now that Gao Min had made such a promise to her, she was sure that Gao Min would not tell it to outsiders.

Song Yunxuan had been wiping Miaomiao’s body alone until midnight. Gao Min offered to help, but Song Yunxuan refused.

Now that there wasn’t much she could do, Gao Min could only watch them by the side.

Song Yunxuan wiped Miaomiao’s body very carefully.

As a girl who had not been married yet, the way she took care of this child made Gao Min feel a radiant mother nature.

She was very gentle.

She cared for Miaomiao as if Miaomiao had been her own child.

Gao Min once worked as a family doctor in the famous Gu family. She was also responsible for the health of Gu Yi and Miaomiao.

At that time, she was paid a high salary.

She always thought that Gu Changge would take care of these two kids herself.

However, she didn’t usually witness much parent-child interaction.

Gu Changge was a businesswoman. She was often busy with work all day.

Gu Yi and Miaomiao usually played at home by themselves.

But now, seeing Song Yunxuan taking care of Miaomiao in such a way, Gao Min had a strange feeling.

She felt that Song Yunxuan had a deep feeling towards Miaomiao.

In the middle of the night, Miaomiao’s fever went down.

After testing the temperature of Miaomiao with a thermometer, Gao Min was relieved, “Miss Song, Miaomiao’s fever has been allayed. She will get better tomorrow morning after some sleep.”

“Thank you, Dr. Gao.”

Gao Min smiled, “There’s no need to thank me. Since I am already the family doctor of these two children, it is my duty.”

“Dr. Gao, what happened tonight….”

“Miss Song, I promise I will never tell anyone.”

Song Yunxuan nodded. She asked the housekeeper to send Gao Min back and paid a double consultation fee.

When Gao Min left, Song Yunxuan crouched by the Miaomiao’s bed and touched Miaomiao’s forehead with her fingers gently.

Indeed, the fever had been brought down.

She smiled and kissed Miaomiao’s forehead, “Good girl. The fever has gone. It’s alright now. Mom was so worried.”

She spoke in a low voice. No one could hear what she said except for herself.

She was relieved because Miaomiao’s fever was gone.

Shao Tianze was freaking out because he hadn’t heard any news of his children for a long time.

Shao Tianze’s conversation with Gu Changle didn’t help much.

He couldn’t find a clue from Gu Changle’s words.

He suspected that Gu Changle was the one behind the scenes, but no matter how hard he investigated, he couldn’t find any proof of it.

He had been in a relationship with Gu Changle for many years. If there had been no evidence, he would have had no way to turn on her.

After Gu Changle was diagnosed that she and her baby were okay, he went to the Shao enterprise the next day.

Due to the news that Gu Yi and Miaomiao had gone missing, there was an uproar inside the Shao enterprise.

Yuncheng media also reported on the disappearance of these two children.

Yuncheng police did not file a case to investigate the whereabouts of the children because the children were missing in Roume.

It was good news for Song Yunxuan.

However, it just added Shao Tianze much pressure.

He wanted to find Gu Yi and Miaomiao as soon as possible. Even if he couldn’t find them, he just wanted to make sure if they were okay.

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