Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 324 - The Argument Between the Two

Chapter 324 The Argument Between the Two

Gu Changle was sure that Shao Tianze wouldn’t ask Shao Xue.

Sure enough, Shao Tianze just took a look at Shao Xue and stood up, “Let’s go back to the room.”

Gu Changle slightly frowned and clenched her fingers.

It appeared that Shao Tianze would interrogate her fully.

Moreover, he took her back to the room to interrogate her in case that Shao Xue might help her.

She exhaled and steadied the expression on her face. Seeing that he turned around and went upstairs, she got up and followed him upstairs.

Sitting on the sofa in the living-room, Shao Xue lowered her eyes and seemed to think about something on seeing them go upstairs one after the other.

She thought that Shao Tianze’s love for Gu Changle was enough to tolerate her.

Now it seemed that things didn’t go as she expected.

Shao Tianze still had feelings for the two kids left by Gu Changge.

Moreover, the two kids seemed to be his bottom line.

Now it appeared that Shao Tianze still loved Gu Changge.

However, if Shao Tianze had still loved Gu Changge, how could he have got entangled with Gu Changge’s younger sister?

She could not understand these, so she just raised and went upstairs.

A servant was going to follow her.

Shao Xue was a bit angry, “Don’t need to follow me upstairs.”

“But, Miss Shao….” the servant felt a surge of embarrassment.

Shao Xue turned to look at her and found that the servant was the one having the best relationship with Gu Changle.

It was Gu Changle’s confidant.

She probably feared that she might want to listen in as she followed her upstairs.

Gu Changle was really calculating. And it seemed that Gu Changle did not believe her right from the beginning. Even though she curried favor with her later, she still guarded against her.

She was annoyed and could not drive the servant away. She could only turn her gaze back and went upstairs in silence.

After they had entered the room, Gu Changle closed the door and walked to him, petting his face, “You lost some weight. It’s only been a week.”

Her fingers petted his face lovingly. But before long, Shao Tianze raised his hand and grabbed her wrist.

And he grabbed her hand so hard.

Her wrist hurt while being grabbed like this, so she frowned and looked at him, “You’re hurting me.”

Shao Tianze didn’t beat around the bush and came straight to the topic, “Did you do it?”

Gu Changle played dumb, “What are you talking about?”

“Did you make Yi and Miaomiao disappear?”

Shao Tianze’s eyes were full of anger.

Gu Changle looked at him and felt shocked by the anger on his face.

Shao Tianze had been very nice to her since he courted her and never did he lose his temper with her.

He pampered and spoiled her. He almost treated her as a goddess.

But now, the man stared at her with anger in his eyes while grabbing her wrist.

She felt sad and she also felt a surge of anger.

She flung her hand sharply, hoping to take back her wrist from Shao Tianze’s hand.

Unexpectedly, Shao Tianze held her wrist hard this time as if he had expected that she would try to break away from him.

He clenched his fingers very hard.

She struggled but she did not free herself from his hand as wished.

“Let go of me! Let go!” she continued struggling to take back her wrist disobediently.

Shao Tianze’s eyes were fixed on her and his words were gloomy, “Where are Yi and Miaomiao now?”

“You can do nothing but to be aggressive to me!” her voice became shrill and she struggled hard to pull her hand out of his shackles, “Let go of me! Let go!”

The more she struggled, the harder Shao Tianze grabbed her.

Gu Changle’s hand hurt while being grabbed and her eyes were flooded with tears because of anger and grievance. She whimpered, “Yi and Miaomiao were from you and Gu Changge. Now they are missing, you actually blame me. It’s because you didn’t take good care of your children, why do you interrogate me? How could I know where the two kids are?”

“I know you had always been wishing to get rid of them because you don’t like them as they were born by Gu Changge.”

“Don’t frame me. Though I don’t like them, I’ve never thought of killing them!” Gu Changle tried to defend herself, “Besides, I didn’t know where they lived after they had gone to Italy. So how could I possibly harm them?”

A glint appeared in Shao Tianze’s eyes.

He never told Gu Changle that the two kids lived in Roume.

Not until Gu Yi and Miaomiao were missing did Gu Changle know that they were in Roume.

It was truly possible that it was not pulled off by Gu Changle.

If it had been Gu Changle who did it, he hoped to persuade Gu Changle to hand over the two children.

However, if Gu Changle hadn’t been the person behind it, he would have had to think about who had it in for his two children.

It had him thinking for a short while.

He loosed his grip on Gu Changle’s hand a little.

Just at the moment, Gu Changle managed to free herself from his hand with great effort.

But because she struggled too hard with such great strength, Gu Changle fell onto the ground as she did not maintain her balance.

She was pregnant and the doctor had always reminded her not to bump into anything. If she had bumped into anything, it would have been possible that she might lose her baby.

So she had always been very careful.

But this time, she fell bodily on the floor. Not until now did Shao Tianze realize in a panic that she was still pregnant.


Seeing her falling onto the ground, Shao Tianze immediately rushed to help her up.

He tried to help her up from the floor.

Gu Changle felt that she was finished when falling onto the floor. If she had lost the baby because of this, then she would have been finished.

But after falling, Gu Changle didn’t feel any pain in her belly.

So She felt a little relieved. When she was helped up from the ground, she blinked and let the tears in her eyes roll out deliberately.

“You don’t believe me.”

She looked at Shao Tianze in despair and repeated her words to him in tears, “You don’t believe me! I’ve never laid a finger on the two kids but you don’t believe me!”

Seeing her crying so hard that looked quite pitiful and aggrieved. He also felt that his attitude towards her might have been too bad.

He opened his mouth, trying to comfort her, “There, there. How are you feeling? If there’s something wrong with you, I’ll take you to the doctor.”

He wanted to help her up from the carpet and put her onto the bed.

Yet Gu Changle grabbed his arms hard and didn’t want him to pick her up, “Why don’t you believe my words? I didn’t take Gu Yi and Miaomiao away and I have no idea about their whereabouts at all. Why do you suspect me? I have already had your baby, why do you suspect me this much?”

She felt aggrieved and released all her questions and grievances on him.

Looking at Gu Changle’s pitiful face, Shao Tianze was speechless for a while.

In his mind, the only person he could suspect was Gu Changle.

Only Gu Changle had the motive and reason to hurt Gu Yi and Miaomiao.

As long as she had got rid of Gu Yi and Miaomiao, Gu Changle would have completely owned the Shao Family and nothing would have been able to threaten her.

Gu Changle questioned closely.

She insisted on getting an answer.

After looking at the persistent expression in her eyes for a while, Shao Tianze said, “I’m sorry.”

Finally, she forced Shao Tianze to say sorry and only by then did Gu Changle stop grabbing his hand in satisfaction. Then she frowned and fell into his arms painfully.

Shao Tianze was worried about her after all.

Seeing her faint, he picked her up in a hurry and asked a family servant to call the family doctor.

Hearing the flurry of footsteps of the servants outside, Shao Xue walked out of the room and looked down from the second floor.

In the living room, the servants followed a doctor in white who came in.

Shao Xue slightly raised her eyebrows and recognized that the doctor downstairs was Gu Changle’s regular doctor.

The servants led the doctor into the room and they talked to the doctor on the way, “Doctor Gao, hurry. Miss Gu is so painful.”

Hearing the servants’ words, Shao Xue turned her gaze back, turned around and entered the room.

Since Gu Changle was in great pain, she probably had argued with Shao Tianze.

Because of Gu Yi and Miaomiao, the two who worked hand in glove with each other actually had an argument.

How ironic.

Shao Xue called Song Yunxuan to tell her about it.

Song Yunxuan knew very well in her heart about it and she was in a better mood while meeting with Chu Mochen the next day.

Chu Mochen invited her to meet in the restaurant.

When she arrived, Chu Mochen had already been waiting.

It was a Franch restaurant and its western meal and steak were very popular.

As soon as Song Yunxuan sat down, a waiter came over to her and handed over the menus respectfully.

Without even looking at it, Song Yunxuan pushed away the menu, “I’ll have the same as the gentleman’s.”

The waiter folded up the menu and left.

Chu Mochen unfolded the white napkin.

While unfolding the napkin, Song Yunxuan talked to him, “We haven’t had dinner together for a long time.”

“How are Miaomiao and Yi doing under your care?”

Song Yunxuan raised her eyebrows slightly and looked up at him unpleasantly, “Do you ask me out just to inquire about how the two kids doing?”

“Or what do you think I’m doing?”

Thinking for a while, Song Yunxuan smiled, “I was thinking that it was because you missed me.”

“You will lead a good life even if I leave you alone, but Gu Yi and Miaomiao are different,” Chu Mochen did not look at her eyes or expressions. He just fixed his eyes on something held in his fingers, “Gu Yi and Miaomiao are still small. If no one cares about them, they may be in danger.”

Song Yunxuan raised her head slightly, “I have promised you that I will never hurt those two kids.”

“I don’t really believe your promise.”

Hearing his words, Song Yunxuan changed her tune and smiled gently, “Even if you don’t believe it, I will not let you take care of the two kids.”

“Then don’t let anyone else know that the two kids are in your hands.”

“You don’t have to remind me of this, I know.”


Chu Mochen became more and more indifferent to her.

When they were eating, the atmosphere was tense and cold.

No matter how romantic it was around them, they still took no notice of it.

Chu Mochen held a knife and fork in his fingers and he cut the steak in a graceful and elegant way.

Song Yunxuan had the whole dinner in silence.

After the meal, she wiped the corners of her mouth and put the napkin on the table. Then she looked up to him, “If you still ask me out for the two kids next time, then please put your foot down.”

With this, she raised and left.

Seeing her come out of the restaurant, Mei Qi hurriedly walked to the car and opened the door for her.

After having sat down, Song Yunxuan frowned and punched the front seat.

She seemed to be quite unhappy.

Seeing that she frowned tightly through the rear-view mirror in the driver’s seat, Mei Qi didn’t ask her why she was unhappy.

Because even if he hadn’t asked, he could have guessed that Song Yunxuan might probably have been angry because of Chu Mochen.

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