Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 328 - His Beloved

Chapter 328 His Beloved

Shao Tianze had made up his mind.

His eyes, which were looking at Song Yunjia, slowly softened, “I drank too much last night.”

“I know,” Song Yunjia nodded while her eyes still glued to him, “but this is not the reason, is it?”

In Song Yunjia’s view, Shao Tianze, at this moment, wanted not only to get rid of her anyway but also to seal her mouth, preventing her from telling what happened last night.

However, if it hadn’t reached Gu Changle’s ears, what would the last night have meant?

She knew what she wanted presently better than anyone else.

She wanted Shao Tianze to recognize her as his girlfriend.

She didn’t want to stand behind Shao Tianze and be invisible anymore.

She wanted to be like Gu Changle. No, not like Gu Changle. Although Gu Changle was standing next to Shao Tianze, she was also invisible.

She wanted to be different. She wanted to stand next to Shao Tianze and to make everyone know that she was Shao Tianze’s wife.

She wanted everyone to see her as a woman who could stand shoulder to shoulder with Shao Tianze.

She worked hard for such a day she had been expecting and could pay any price.

Realizing that she did not want to forget what happened last night, Shao Tianze said, “What do you want?”

“You are treating me like a prostitute on the street now.”

“I didn’t think in that way,” Shao Tianze denied, but the look on his face was not gentle at all.

He clearly knew that last night was an accident because he really drank too much.

If he still had had a little consciousness at that time, he would never have done that to Song Yunjia.

“Yunjia, this matter has to be settled. What do you want to do?”

Shao Tianze wanted Song Yunjia to make a request. As long as he could cover up this matter and not let Gu Changle know, he was willing to fulfill her request as long as it was within reason.

Song Yunjia was not a woman whose brain was burnt out overnight. From Shao Tianze’s reaction, she knew that he didn’t want the things that happened last night to leak out.

To gain Shao Tianze’s favor, she was willing to say, “You can rest assured that I won’t tell Changle about last night since her health is not good.”

With such a guarantee from Song Yunjia, Shao Tianze felt relieved.

However, Song Yunjia’s next sentence made him anxious again.

Staring at him, Song Yunjia said after a light sigh, “Although I won’t tell Changle about it, as a suspicious woman, Changle will soon be able to know the news that I live here. You also know that she can quickly and accurately find people’s whereabouts.”

This literally meant that Gu Changle would find her soon.

However, thinking about it more, he could associate Gu Yi’s and Miaomiao’s disappearance with Gu Changle.

Squinting his eyes, Shao Tianze was displeased as he thought of Gu Yi and Miaomiao.

Song Yunjia’s words unintentionally reminded him of the things he didn’t want to mention the most in recent days.

He suspected that Gu Changle had hurt Gu Yi and Miaomiao but could not find evidence.

Without evidence, Gu Changle would not admit that she did it.

He could not know the whereabouts of Gu Yi and Miaomiao from Gu Changle.

The two kids’ disappearance had made him extremely anxious.

What should he do at present?Continuing searching for them? Or just giving up?

He hesitated.

Seeing him frowning and lost in thought, Song Yunjia knew that her words had worked.

She gently locked the door before returning to the bed to find her dressing gown and put it on.

She intended to have a heart-to-heart talk with Shao Tianze.

“I know you are in a mess now.”

“Not because of you,” Shao Tianze took the initiative to explain.

As long as Song Yunjia promised not to tell the outside what happened last night, he could rest assured.

He was very restless because of Gu Yi and Miaomiao.

Song Yunjia was very smart to shift the topic to Gu Yi and Miaomiao gradually.

“Are you thinking of Gu Yi and Miaomiao?”

Shao Tianze didn’t answer.

However, his deeper frowns were another form of his admission.

Song Yunjia slightly raised her lips and smiled. She said while tying her belt, “Tianze, since you can’t find them, just don’t force yourself to search.”

“What do you mean by ‘force’?”

Shao Tianze frowned, turning back to look at her with an angry expression.

Song Yunjia raised her eyebrows slightly and was surprised a little, “Gu Yi and Miaomiao were born by Gu Changge. Do you still have feelings for Gu Changge?”

Shao Tianze’s eyes suddenly became hazy for a moment.

Seeing the haze that appeared in his eyes, Song Yunjia felt relieved.

Judging from his drunken performance last night, she had thought that he murmured Gu Changge’s name after getting drunk because he couldn’t let go of Gu Changge.

From the present situation, it seemed that he didn’t like Gu Changge so much.

On the contrary, from the emotion in his eyes, Shao Tianze hated Gu Changge very much.

Since he hated Gu Changge, how could he like Gu Changge’s children?

Everyone was the same. Love me, love my dog, and vice versa.

Since he didn’t like Gu Changge, it was natural that he didn’t like the two children much.

He was now desperately looking for them just because of pressure from public opinion.

She believed that Shao Tianze would have given up looking for Gu Yi and Miaomiao if there had been no pressure from public opinion.

She walked to Shao Tianze and raised her soft arms. Her fingers gently climbed his shoulders.

Like a seductive siren, she whispered next to his ear, “You have tried your best. After searching for so long, you have become thinner. You should almost announce the bad news of those two children.”

The two words, bad news, made Shao Tianze’s expression even stiffer.

Song Yunjia pouted slightly, “I know you still have feelings for those two children. However, you are young. Even if you lose the two children born by Gu Changge, you can find another woman and have two more, for example, Changle.”

She took the initiative to mention Gu Changle.

Shao Tianze coldly looked at her, “You know her health condition is not suitable for childbirth.”

“What about me?”

As she successfully shifted the topic to herself, Song Yunjia became more eager, “I love you so much. I can give you a baby. I can do what Gu Changle can’t do! You should look back at me. I have done so much for you. I even took the risk to help you kill….”

“I know.”

Her fierce speech was cut off by Shao Tianze.

Shao Tianze took her fingers off his shoulder, walked away from her, and opened the door.

He stopped his steps before going out, “Don’t take birth control pills.”

It was an apathy sentence.

However, it made Song Yunjia lifted a coquettish smirk after he left.

She dropped her gaze, viciously and flirtatiously, and touched her belly with her fingers. Her smile grew bigger and bigger, “I knew there would be such a day.”

She gently touched her lower abdomen as if she had been pregnant with Shao Tianze’s child.

“I will soon be pregnant with his child. By then, I would like to see how Gu Changle fights me.”

Gu Changle can take Shao Tianze from Gu Changge.

She also could take Shao Tianze from Gu Changle.

The winner took all.

There was no promise or creed to comply with.

Shao Tianze left the Champs-Elysea with his head in a mess.

Taking out the car key and handing it to his hand, the maid called his attention, “Mr. Shao, it is raining outside.”

Shao Tianze went out to look at the sky, and it was gray.

Thin rain and snow fell from the sky.

It was freezing when the wind blew across his face.

He stared at the car key in his hand before stepping away from the Champs-Elysea.

After finishing the lunch with Gu Yi and Miaomiao, Song Yunxuan received Mei Qi’s call.

“You should come back to work in the Song enterprise. It is not good for you to stay in the Rose Garden all the time.”

Mei Qi added more deliberately, “Your every action is under surveillance.”

“Do they know my daily schedule?”

Song Yunxuan asked him.

Hearing the question, Mei Qi became earnest, “If I say yes, are you going to scold me for my negligence?”

“You’re right.”

Song Yunxuan admitted directly and frankly.

Mei Qi said more resignedly, “Manager Song, do not make jokes. Shao Tianze announced the death of Miaomiao and Gu Yi.”

Song Yunxuan frowned.

Mei Qi asked again, “Did you order Xiao Hong and Shao Xue of Fanxing Magazine to meet you yesterday?”

She did order her housekeeper to do so last night.

“Are they there now?”

“They have been waiting for you in the office for a long time.”

“Send them to the Rose Garden.”

Hearing the instruction, Mei Qi fell silent.

Song Yunxuan couldn’t get Mei Qi’s response before he said, “If you do so, you will reveal that Miaomiao and Gu Yi are still alive.”

“That’s what I want.”

Mei Qi couldn’t figure out Song Yunxuan’s purpose.

Nevertheless, he believed Song Yunxuan had her plan, so he didn’t continue to ask her to explain.

In fact, even if he had asked Song Yunxuan to explain repeatedly, he would have had no way to know the reason as long as Song Yunxuan didn’t want to.

After getting Mei Qi’s response, Song Yunxuan ended the call, locked the phone, and put it on the table next to her.

Gu Yi and Miaomiao still were practicing piano in the afternoon. Beautiful music came from the piano room.

She drank her afternoon tea in the flower room, listening to the music from the piano room.

Miaomiao was young and was learning musical instruments for fun.

And Gu Yi almost entirely inherited the talent and character she owned when she was a child.

He was quiet and knew what he should do.

Besides, he studied hard when doing what he should do.

She was satisfied with this son.

Although she didn’t give him too much spoiling, she had made him understand the correct way of life in his future.

In the greenhouse, she watched the wind and snow outside the glass windows grow.

She didn’t awaken from trance until someone knocked on the door of the greenhouse.

The housekeeper opened the door and said quietly, “Miss Shao and Miss Xiao has arrived, Miss Song.”

“Invite them to come in.”

Xiao Hong and Shao Xue were led in.

Servants went to prepare afternoon tea for them.

Song Yunxuan motioned them to sit beside the round table and to join her for afternoon tea.

Feeling no discomfort, they sat down.

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