Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 304 - Kick Her When She Was Down

Chapter 304 Kick Her When She Was Down

The servants couldn’t help frowning.

Noticed that none of them took any actions, Song Yunjia got angry. “Are you all deaf?”

The servants stared at her, seeming to stare at a stranger.

The sight of those servants was too indifferent, making Song Yunjia couldn’t bear with her pride.

Once she couldn’t bear it from her heart, she would lose her temper much more severely.

She stood up from the sofa. Her voice was also lowered and cold, “Are you blind? I’m the eldest daughter of the Song Family. I order you to move my luggage to my bedroom.”

Her voice was so cold, trying to awe the servants in her house.

But no matter how intimidating she tried to appear, none of the servants reacted to her order.

What she said was just in vain. Everyone turned a deaf ear to her order.

At that moment she felt embarrassed.

She felt like that she was a comical clown who was solo acting.

She was torn between rage and shame. Sitting on the sofa again, she waved the cup of red tea fiercely. The cup of red tea was whisked on the carpet.

A woolen carpet covered on the floor in the living room. Even if she vigorously waved that cup down, it didn’t smash to pieces.

All the tea in the cup was spilled on the carpet.

The servants were frightened by Song Yunjia’s impertinent action.

One of the servants couldn’t help talking to her, “Miss Yunjia.”

Hearing someone called her, Song Yunjia leashed her anger. She said, “All of you act as dead people. Do you really want to ignite me?”

The servants were a little embarrassed.

Finding out their embarrassed expression, Song Yunjia knew that the issue in which she went back to the Song Family definitely could not be judged by those servants.

It was the refusal of Song Yunxuan who made the servants not dare to react.

However, if the servants moved her luggage into her bedroom, she would reasonably live in the room which she used to live. Even if Song Yunxuan wanted to drive her out of the Song Family, she wouldn’t make it.

She was wishful thinking in her mind.

Some of the servants started to vacillate, wanting to help Song Yunjia to move her luggage into the room she used to live.

Seeing their vacillation, Song Yunjia smiled.

Finally, a servant walked to Song Yunjia’s draw-bar suitcase, trying to hold the bar.


A young servant said.

Song Yunjia looked at her. Finding that it was a strange face that she never met before.

But what she said weighed a lot.

The servant who wanted to pull the suitcase for Song Yunjia stopped after her words.

Hearing what she said, the servant slightly said, “Steward Du.”

“Steward Du?”

Song Yunjia couldn’t help squinting her eyes.

The woman in front of her who was called Steward Du seemed to be about 26 or 27. There were several apparent freckles on her face. But if the freckles were ignored, she really got good facial features.

It was a pity that she appeared to be cold, seeming to be a tough woman.

Song Yunjia glared at her, “Is it your turn to talk?”

She was the daughter of the Song Family. What qualifications did a steward have to stop her from going back to the Song Family?

Steward Du didn’t show any disrespectful sign to her. But what she said didn’t care much about her feeling. “I’m sorry, Miss Song. There is no room for your luggage.”

Song Yunjia twisted her beautiful brows. “What do you mean?”

Steward Du was not afraid of her at all. She said without emotion, “There are no spare rooms in the Song Family.”

Song Yunjia got a black face after hearing the cold words she said. She gritted her teeth, “It is not your turn to decide whether the house has rooms or not. Where’s Song Yunxuan? Call her over!”

Song Yunjia was not a simpleton.

Such a giant house of the Song Family had many rooms. There was only Song Yunxuan living here. How could she apply all the space?

What the steward said just wanted to keep her from living in.

In the Song Family, what the steward did was all ordered by the owner of the Song Family.

If it was not song Yunxuan who kept her from living here, how dare the steward say that?

She felt so resentful that she got chest tightness.

The steward didn’t feel panic to her resentment at all. She just slighted over, “Miss Yunxuan has no time to meet you. I think you should go back.”

If Song Yunjia was ready to move back, how could she be slighted over by a steward of the Song Family?

She licked her lips, sitting on the sofa again. “I won’t leave if Song Yunxuan doesn’t come to meet me.”

She said firmly.

The steward was not flustered.

She accompanied her to waste time there.

About more than one hour later, a servant told Song Yunxuan what happened in the living room.

“Miss Song, Miss Yunjia is unwilling to leave.”

Song Yunxuan cozily lied in the cradle chair and basked in the sunshine. Hearing what the servant said, she frowned. “If she likes to wait here, then let her wait.”

Seeing that Song Yunxuan was willing to dawdling with Song Yunjia, the servant returned to the living room.

Song Yunxuan was thinking for a while in the garden. She stood up and left for the study.

Song Yunjia was so determined when she left the Song Family. At that time Song Yunxuan told her if she left, she never tried to return.

At this moment she came back.

So, did she forget what she had said, or was she really confident about the status she was in the Song Family?

Thinking of it, Song Yunxuan sneered.

Her second elder sister was really smart. She knew to stop at the most crucial point.

Her elder brother may reflect himself in prison.

Only her eldest sister was still unrepentant.

She was dealing with some contracts of the Song enterprise in the study.

Hearing that Song Yunjia had returned to the Song Family, Mei Qi called Song Yunxuan to inquire about her.

“I heard that your sister came back.”

She nodded, “Yep.”

“Will you allow her to live there?”

Song Yunxuan’s eyes were clear and bright. She asked Mei Qi, “Why would I keep a threat by my side?”

Getting her answer, Mei Qi became silent for a while before he said, “Do you ever think to let her go?”

Song Yunxuan was totally shocked by what Mei Qi asked.

She couldn’t help repeating the sentence. “Let her go?”

Mei Qi said, “Yep.”

He was not the first one to persuade her to let Song Yunjia go.

Chu Mochen also told her to let Song Yunjia go.

She definitely gave him a flat refusal, thinking Chu Mochen was so merciful.

Mei Qi was a harsh guy when he handled things. However, such a person asked her whether she would consider to let Song Yunjia go.

She felt ridiculous, “Why do all of you suggest me to let Song Yunjia go?”

“Anyway, she is your sister. If you are so ruthless, other people will think that you are too malicious.”


Song Yunxuan sneered.

Mei Qi on the phone felt Song Yunxuan was unhappy. So he became serious.

“Listen,” Song Yunxuan said in an arrogant voice. There seemed to be a moment that enmity filled with her mind. “Sing Yunjia deserves to die.”

Mei Qi was shocked by the enmity in the words said by Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan held the phone tightly. She repeated with a black look, “It is not enough for her to die. In this world, no one deserves to die like she does.”

Gu Changge had been friends with her for so many years, helping the Song enterprise a lot stealthily.

However, Song Yunjia always wanted to murder her.

If she didn’t do the favor to Shao Tianze, how could he murder her by gutting on his own?

Those who had killed Gu Changge were supposed to die.

Shao Tianze was supposed to die! Gu Changle was supposed to die!

So was Song Yunjia!

If they were tainted with Gu Changle’s blood, there was no level of seriousness for their saints. They just had to know they must die.

Mei Qi was astonished by Song Yunjia’s sudden enmity. He didn’t even turn away to ask anything before Song Yunxuan hang up.

But he vaguely guessed that Song Yunxuan and Song Yunjia was not as simple as competitors.

If they only fought for the power and poverty of the Song Family, Song Yunxuan had already won.

But Song Yunxuan wanted to corner Song Yunjia, making her never try to roll over.

What kind of vendetta would she have with Song Yunjia?

He frowned, tapping the table with his finger.

He turned to look at the album put on the table thoughtfully.

There was a girl’s photo in the album. The girl was delicate and white. Her face was a kind of gallant beauty under her black short hair.

There was a fierce feeling running in her blood, with more amazement than indifference.

He reached out his hands and got the album. Looking at the little girl on the photo, he slightly called the girl’s name, “Gu Changge.”

The girl on the photo also looked at him with a cool expression.

He said again after a long while. “When she became crazy, she was really similar to you.”

Song Yunjia had waited in the living room for nearly 3 hours.

After Song Yunxuan finished her lunch, the servants in the Song Family started to prepare the afternoon tea for her.

Staying in the study, she pressed her fingers into her temples gently.

Suddenly, there was an insistent knock on the door.

Song Yunxuan looked at the door coldly. “Come in.”

Hearing Song Yunxuan allowed her to get in, the outsider twisted the handle to come in.

Seeing it was Steward Du, Song Yunxuan knew that she would tell her something about Song Yunjia.

The reality met her prediction.

Steward Du said, “Miss Yunjia starts to get mad in the living room.”


Steward Du felt it was improper to describe. She said, “Miss Song, please to have a look.”

Song Yunxuan’s brow slightly frowned. She seemed to have some interest.

She even could create such a disturbance that her steward came here to ask her to have a look.

It seemed that her eldest sister did some preparation.

She left from the study, following the steward to go to the living room to see Song Yunjia.

When she just arrived at the living room, she saw Song Yunjia was crying towards the black album on the table.

She walked downstairs from the second floor, recognizing the one who was on the photo was Song Yan.

She satirically smiled, judging, “Really use all your intelligence.”

Song Yunjia indeed was cornered. Otherwise, she would not act a show with her father’s photo.

Song Yunxuan walked downstairs. She didn’t even finish the last stair before Song Yunjia turned to look at her with tears. “Song Yunxuan, are you finally willing to appear?”

“Hearing that my eldest sister was creating disturbances in my house and my servants couldn’t stop it, of course I should come and have a check.” She looked at the photo with cold eyes. “Now you’ve realized that our father is your lifesaver?”

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