Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 303 - No Spare Room

Chapter 303 No Spare Room

Song Yunjia’s original plan had also failed.

And she couldn’t see even a bit of light.

She was thinking that she could let Song Yunying fence a little after returning to the Song Family.

Yet unexpectedly, Song Yunying not only refused to fence, but she even evaded answering her phone calls.

It made her furious.

She hurled her mobile phone out of the car window angrily, which made the passers-by somewhat shocked.

Miss Song, who was rumored to be intellectual, graceful, smart and generous, was like a desperate crazy lady at the moment.

She clutched her hands and looked like a bitch being abandoned.

Passersby’s eyes were fixed on her, which gradually aroused her vigilance.

She raised her head up and wanted to take a look at them, but her eyes were so terrifying.

The passers-by hurriedly headed back and no longer looked at her.

Song Yunjia’s fingers were loosened bit by bit and then clenched little by little and the hatred in her eyes was sometimes bright and sometimes dark.

After being calm for a few seconds, she raised her hand and winded the window up.

Song Yunjia, who used to be so elegant, now fell on evil days.

She looked up at the rearview mirror in front of her and saw thick black circles under her eyes. She even felt sad for herself.

She should have been the favored daughter of the Song Family. Why did the balance of fate decline to Song Yunxuan?

On what plane of existence was Song Yunxuan better than her?

She was better than Song Yunxuan in any aspects.

Her fingers were trembling. Envy and hatred seemed to cauterize her heart and lung.

Just as she was wondering whether to continue driving or not, someone patted the door.

She looked up at the guy sharply.

Outside the door stood Zhao Yang.

Zhao Yang was aged. Even though he paid attention to his diet, yet it could not slow down the passing of time.

The hair on his temples had already turned grizzled.

He patted the window of Song Yunjia’s car anxiously. After seeing Song Yunjia had noticed him, he stopped and waited for Song Yunjia to wind down the window.

Song Yunjia suppressed her anger and resentment in her heart for the time being and wound down the window.

“Uncle Zhao?”

Hearing her call him, Zhao Yang’s eyebrows were unfolded for a second. But he then frowned again.

His sight was thoughtfully at Song Yunjia’s mobile phone which had been hurled far away, “Yunjia, were you calling anyone?”

Song Yunjia knew that Zhao Yang was the only one who was at her side, so she said directly and honestly, “I was calling my sister.”

“Song Yunying?”

Song Yunjia and Song Yunxuan were incompatible like fire and water, so she wouldn’t say that Song Yunxuan was her younger sister placidly.

Zhao Yang thought of Song Yunying naturally.

“What did you say to Yunying?”

Since Song Yunjia called Song Yunying at this time, it was obvious that she hoped Song Yunying could fence to help her return to the Song’s house.

If Song Yunying was willing to speak for Song Yunjia, the situation might be much better.

When thinking of this, Zhao Yang became concerned about Song Yunying’s reply and asked quickly, “What did Miss Song Yunying say?”

Song Yunjia was already very angry, so she scolded directly without hiding the anger and resentment towards Song Yunying when Zhao Yang asked her, “That little bitch didn’t answer my call!”

She thought nothing of Song Yunying when she was in the Song Family. Song Yunying hung out with men all day long.

Now, when she wanted to make use of her, she didn’t pay any attention to her like a weathercock.

Zhao Yang didn’t expect that Song Yunying even did not answer the phone.

He sighed with a bit worry and comforted Song Yunjia, “Yunjia, once a phoenix falls down, it’s no better than a chicken. Considering your present situation, you have no option but to return to see what’s going on.”

Song Yunjia’s eyes turned cold and wanted to say something, yet finally she said nothing.

She had always been a proud girl, always been excellent at school. And as she came from a rich family and was beautiful, she had always been treated like the moon surrounded by a myriad of stars.

But today, she was actually stepped on by an unspectacular stupid girl bit by bit.

She was not reconciled to it.

Besides, she didn’t want to yield to Song Yunxuan.

She could live on her own and could lead a good life in Yuncheng alone.

Since she could lead a good life in Yuncheng, why did she have to go back to Song Yunxuan?

Zhao Yang saw the changing of her eyes and thought she was worried that she could not return to the Song Family. Giving it a thought, he said directly, “Miss Yunjia, if you want to continue living in Yuncheng, you have to keep a low profile and conserve your strength!”

Now Song Yunjia was no match to Song Yunxuan.

The only way was to take a long view of everything and wait for an opportunity to get everything back.

Song Yunxuan was not a fool. She had been suppressing Song Yunjia step by step.

Zhao Yang thought that when Shao Tianze was with Song Yunjia, his time would come. But out of his expectation, rift had already appeared between Song Yunjia and the Shao Family.

Fighting alone always led to a tragic death.

Song Yunjia’s fight with Song Yunxuan could only be described as courting her own ruin.

Instead of encouraging Song Yunjia to continue fighting against Song Yunxuan, it was better to suggest her staying in the Song Family temporarily and waiting for an opportunity.

Song Yunjia wanted to refuse the suggestion.

Yet Zhao Yang reminded her before she opened her mouth, “Yunjia, after you had moved out of the Shao Family, the media soon got the message. Now the media were waiting at your door. But no media dared to wait outside the Song’s house.”

Only by one sentence, Zhao Yang made Song Yunjia abandon her idea which was to return to her apartment.

Now she was turned out of the Shao Family, so many people were waiting to taunt her.

She couldn’t go back and let the media watch the fun of her.

The only thing she could do was to return to the Song Family.

She had to return to the Song Family.

Her father’s will said that she was the eldest daughter of the Song Family and had the right to live in the mansion.

“Uncle Zhao, it’s OK if Yunying was not going to answer my call. I’ll go back to the Song Family by myself.”

Hearing her words, Zhao Yang felt somewhat surprised.

Without saying anything else, Song Yunjia said goodbye to Zhao Yang and drove to the mansion of the Song Family.

There was good sunlight in the mansion of the Song Family. The huge windows were like glittering crystals. When the sunlight poured down through the window, the floor turned golden.

The festival had just passed and the temperature in winter began to rise.

The room was even warmer and more pleasant when it was covered by sunlight.

Song Yunxuan put on a light camel fringed shawl and leaned lazily in a cradle chair, reading magazines.

The headlines selected in the magazines were all about the gossips which were most concerned by the citizens of Yuncheng.

Among the news, the most striking one was the news of Song Yunjia’s admission to the hospital.

The news that Song Yunjia cut her pulse and was admitted to the hospital had been on all major magazines and newspapers of Yuncheng for quite a long time. And the speculation in every report was quite striking.

Nowadays, magazines and newspapers had permeated into every corner of Yuncheng. All the people here knew that Song Yunjia had entered the hospital after attempted suicide in the Shao’s house.

She thumbed through the magazines as she had nothing else to do. Except for the news of Song Yunjia, no contents in the magazines could make her feel joyful.

Her lip corner was slightly raised, and she looked at the sky outside the windows.

A few clouds scattered in the blue sky.

Looking at the clouds, she felt much calmer bit by bit.

She had sent someone to Itely to investigate where Gu Yi and Miaomiao were.

Yet a few weeks had passed, she gained nothing.

She began to worry. But just as she was worried, Shao Xue deliberately called to tell her not to think too much.

Shao Xue said that Shao Tianze kept his lips buttoned on where the two children were. Even though Gu Changle tried to get the address again and again, she failed at last.

Shao Xue guessed, “Is Shao Tianze afraid that Gu Changle will harm them when she knows where they are? What do you think?”

Gu Changle would definitely harm the two children after knowing where they were.

However, she could make sure to bring the two children back to her side before Gu Changle made the move.

She only had to know where the two children were.

When thinking of this, she couldn’t help but frown.

Nurse Wang who was standing beside her saw her frown and asked her anxiously, “Miss Yunxuan, are you feeling bad?”


Song Yunxuan shook her head and lowered her eyes again, saying to herself, “I’m fine. Now I feel comfortable all over my body.”

Except for the thing about Gu Yi and Miaomiao, everything went as she expected.

Seeing that she was in a good mood, Nurse Wang asked her again, “What would you like to eat at noon, Miss Yunxuan?”

Song Yunxuan smiled slightly and turned her pupils to look at her, “Please cook the dishes I like, Nurse Wang.”

Hearing her say this, Nurse Wang nodded, “OK, I’ll go to the kitchen to prepare it.”

After watching Nurse Wang go into the kitchen, Song Yunxuan tilted her head to one side and looked at the wall clock in the living room.

It was almost time for that person to come.

Things seemed to be happening just as she expected.

Just after her thought had come out, a nurse came to talk to her, “Miss Song, the eldest miss is back.”

Song Yunxuan’s eyebrows were slightly raised and she repeated the servant’s words, “The eldest miss?”

“It’s Miss Song Yunjia.” the servant explained hurriedly.

Song Yunxuan nodded, not interested in Song Yunjia’s return, “What does she want me for?”

“Miss Yunjia came back with her luggage.”

Song Yunxuan bent her lips, “It seems that my eldest sister is going to move back and live with me, doesn’t it?”

The nurse couldn’t figure out what Song Yunxuan meant, so she just nodded, “It appears like this.”

Song Yunxuan had no intention to get up from the cradle chair. She just reached out and pulled up the fringed shawl on her shoulder, saying indifferently, “Let my eldest sister go back.”

The servant was stunned.

Song Yunxuan said without looking up, “Go and tell my eldest sister that there is no spare room at home.”

The servant knew that Song Yunxuan didn’t want to receive Song Yunjia, so she just nodded and turned away.

Now Song Yunxuan took charge of the whole Song Family.

Naturally, all the servants and nurses in the family should obey Song Yunxuan’s orders.

She didn’t know why Song Yunjia came back under such circumstances. Could she be thinking that Song Yunxuan would let her live here?

When the servant reached the living room, she saw that Song Yunjia had put down the teacup with some disgust.

Obviously, she was not satisfied with the black tea in the cup.

Compared with Song Yunxuan, she preferred scented tea.

Every time when she drank the black tea which was liked by Song Yunxuan, she felt annoyed.

As soon as she put the teacup down, she saw the servant who went to ask Song Yunxuan. She frowned and said impatiently, “Take the luggage to the room since you have asked her.”

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