Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 305 - Rolled Down the Stairs

Chapter 305 Rolled Down the Stairs

Song Yan looked kindly on the photo.

Song Yunxuan recalled that Song Yan rarely wore such a kind look to her when he was alive.

Only when Song Yan was sick in bed, he treated her nicely for a while.

But at that time, the Song Family had already been in chaos.

Even though he was the big father of the Song Family, he couldn’t help feeling upset and lonely.

The Song enterprise was handed over to Song Yunxuan at the end because Song Yan completely lost his confidence in his other three children.

But Song Yunxuan promised that it would be the best decision Song Yan had made in his entire life.

Though this decision had been a great benefit to the Song enterprise, it was an endless suffering for both Song Yunjia and Song Yunqiang.

Song Yunjia has always hated that Song Yan entitled Song Yunxuan to control the Song enterprise before his death. What if her father gave it to her?

It would be Song Yunxuan, not her, who now becomes so miserable.

Holding her father’s photo, Song Yunjia stared up at Song Yunxuan, “By my father’s will he promised my elder brother and I have a permanent residence permit in the house of Song Family.”

Song Yunxuan smiled and did not deny, “Yes.”

“I am moving back right now.”

Song Yunxuan still smiled, “Okay.”

On hearing that Song Yunxuan didn’t stop her from moving back, Song Yunjia felt strange.

Even the servants in the house felt confused, too.

However, the young housekeeper selected by Song Yunxuan remained calm and did not turn a hair.

She seemed not surprised at Song Yunxuan’s decision at all.

After making a scene like that for a while, Song Yunjia had the promise from Song Yunxuan that she could stay here, which was considered as an achievement of her goal.

She raised one hand and wiped the tears on the corner of her eyes right away, giving an order, “Put my luggage in my room.”

All servants were motionless, except for a very young girl who tended to move.

However, Steward Du gave her an irritable glare the moment that she was about to move. The poor girl was scared stiff instantly.

Song Yunxuan glanced over the young maid, and then satisfyingly watched Song Yunjia’s luggage being left without anybody’s care in the living room.

Seeing this, Song Yunjia frowned her eyebrows, “Why don’t you move?”

Song Yunxuan cast her a sarcastic smile, “I did allow you to live here, but I didn’t say that you can boss around my servants while living in my house.”

When Song Yunjia heard this explanation, she was immediately frozen.

Exactly. Although Song Yan’s will state that they had the right to live in this house, they only owned the residency rights.

The servants of the Song Family were employed by Song Yunxuan and paid by Song Yunxuan. Song Yunjia had no right to be served by them.

But she has been served well since she was a child. If she lived here without any service provided and had to do everything herself, she would be more of a servant than a master in the Song Family.

On the thought of this, she became unwilling and angry. She uttered a word to Song Yunxuan, “In this way, do I have to pay for the water and electricity myself?”

Song Yunxuan smiled naturally, “Or else?”

On hearing the answer, Song Yunjia felt that her chest was stuffy as if she had been hit hard.


She pointed one of her fingers at Song Yunxuan and intended to curse her, but she couldn’t think of what to say.

Song Yunxuan didn’t want to be polite anymore. She turned around and walked leisurely, “Sister, as the saying goes, losers are always in the wrong. You and I cannot even pretend to be friendly to each other. There’s no need for you to be here as my doormat, right?”

“You promised I can live here.”

Song Yunjia knew very well that she had no better choice now. Staying at the Song Family and saving some energy was the only way for her to rise from the ashes.

However, Song Yunxuan had already seen through her.

After Song Yunjia finished speaking, she revealed the bloody facts to Song Yunjia at once, “Sister, even if you stay here, I still have many ways to drive you out. You are in my realm. What chance do you have to win in this pathetic position?”

Song Yunjia was clear about the answer but she wasn’t ready to admit it right now. So she swallowed all her anger and tried to fish for sympathy.


“Forget it, sister. Only stupid people will let the enemy turn the tables.” Song Yunxuan interrupted her when she was about to say something flattered.

Song Yunjia’s face turned stiff and a little bit of resentment appeared from the bottom of her eyes.

Song Yunxuan turned around, watching her spiteful eyes. She continued indifferently, “If you stay with me, I will guard against you. Maybe in order to ensure you would never win, I will make your life more miserable.”

Song Yunjia kept silent, but her idea of staying was still firm and unshakable.

Of course, she knew that Song Yunxuan didn’t want her to be here. But in this situation, she was willing to do anything opposite to Song Yunxuan’s intention.

She was determined.

No one helped her with the suitcase, so she reached out her hands and lifted it to the second floor.

Song Yunxuan just watched and didn’t stop.

She was very calm and sure that Song Yunjia would run down the stairs with anger within half a minute after spotting her room upstairs.

She looked very gentle. Thinking of what Song Yunjia’s face would be like in that moment, she felt in a splendid mood instantly.

While listening to Song Yunjia going upstairs and opening her room’s door, she gently raised one of her hands to admire her new nails done yesterday.

She hadn’t finished all of them yet.

A sharp cry came upstairs, “Song Yunxuan!”

Song Yunxuan bent her lips, raised her eyes slowly and looked up slightly.

Song Yunjia was so angry that she didn’t even take the suitcase. She asked Song Yunxuan loudly with red eyes, “Why did my room become a bathroom?!”

Song Yunxuan looked at her with a smile and replied, “I told you there are no spare rooms.”

“You’re literally hitting a person when he is down!”

Song Yunxuan felt not ashamed at all, “Sister, if I were you today, would you do the same thing to me?”

Song Yunjia’s face turned to iron-blue, but she couldn’t say a word.

There was no doubt that if Song Yunxuan had been in a desperate situation, she would have not only done this but even much worse.


“I know that you would treat me even worse. Likewise, I feel the same as you.”

Song Yunxuan’s eyes smiled at her.

Song Yunjia found that her eyes were smiling, but she couldn’t help sweating when looking right into them.

It was like there was a pair of scarlet eyes behind Song Yunxuan, looking at her, waiting to come up and tear her up when she was unguarded.

She felt uneasy and terrifying.

She turned around to look for the eyes in panic but found nothing. Only the chilling fear got heavier and heavier.

Song Yunxuan smiled and looked at her nervous appearance.

Servants of the Song Family also witnessed that this noble and elegant young lady turned around ceaselessly with a frantic look on her face, like a madwoman.

The steward got confused that Song Yunjia kept looking back. She lowered her voice and asked Song Yunxuan, “Miss, what is she looking for?”

“She isn’t looking for anything,” Song Yunxuan replied imperturbably, “She’s just being afraid.”

“Being afraid?” The Steward Du became even more puzzled, “Of what?”

Song Yunxuan smiled, with her eyes staring straight at Song Yunjia. When Song Yunjia’s sight was fixed on her face, she opened her mouth gently and spoke a name silently, “Gu Changge.”

This name was like a time-bomb.

Song Yunjia was shocked. Her mind was blown up immediately and blanked out in a flash. After that, there was only the echo of Song Yunxuan’s sound left in her mind.

“Gu Changge…” She repeated the name unconsciously and even started to hallucinate.

Song Yunxuan’s face became hazy. It was like a kaleidoscope where there were countless Song Yunxuan in front of her and these illusions were undergoing terrible changes.

They all changed from Song Yunxuan to Gu Changge.

Innumerable Gu Changge’s faces were shaking in front of her.

She couldn’t move. The creepy feeling of being watched by a dead woman made her wet her forehead and palms and she became more and more scared.

She screamed madly, with hands laced behind her head.

Even the servants of the Song Family was kind of terrified by her.

Only Song Yunxuan watched her silently from beginning to end.

Song Yunjia finally broke down.

But this taste of her breakdown was nothing compared to the previous torture that Gu Changge had suffered at that time.

The steward next to Song Yunxuan was also scared, “Miss, is she going mad?”

Song Yunxuan didn’t say a word. She enjoyed watching Song Yunjia’s frantic madness.

From that elegant and noble Miss Song who always showed up in the spotlight, step by step, she became what it was today.

Song Yunjia was pushed too hard but it made Song Yunxuan feel extremely pleasant.

No one knew what Song Yunxuan thought about and how hard it was for her to go through all this.

She had always dreamed of Song Yunjia being punished and driven crazy.

Today, her dreams came true.

Song Yunjia continued screaming with hands over ears as if being possessed by a devil. She stumbled down from the second floor while screaming out loud, “Don’t come to me! You damn bitch! You deserve it! You deserve it! Go to Gu Changle! Not me! ”

No one understood what these words meant.

Only Song Yunxuan did. She understood exactly every word.

Song Yunjia ran down from the second floor, suddenly slipped on her feet and rolled down the stairs like a ball.

The servants in the living room screamed in shock.

As she rolling down from the stairs, her forehead hit the steps and bled even if these steps were covered with a carpet.

When the rolling stopped, she was right at Song Yunxuan’s feet. Song Yunjia could barely open her blood-stained eyes.

She could only saw Song Yunxuan looking at her in blood indifferently.

She wanted to blink, but Song Yunxuan suddenly turned into the dead Gu Changge in front of her.

Being frightened to death, she passed out.

Song Yunxuan looked at Song Yunjia in a faint on the ground. Her lips slowly drew a smile.

That smile was dark but full of pleasure.

Song Yunjia should have a good taste of the pain at this moment because this was exactly what she deserved.

But there was no need to worry too much. The pain was far from over.

There would be much more waiting in the future.

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