Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 299 - Dream About Gu Changge

Chapter 299 Dream About Gu Changge

Song Yunxuan had been sending people to pay attention to the news from the People’s Hospital.

Song Yunjia’s condition was terrible. She was upset in the hospital and sometimes even yelled.

After completing work every night, Song Yunxuan called the hospital and asked the dean about her elder sister’s condition.

The dean informed her of Song Yunjia’s specific condition.

On the third day of Song Yunjia’s hospitalization, the dean suddenly said, “Miss Gu was transferred to our hospital today.”

Song Yunxuan was slightly surprised, “Do you mean Gu Changle?”

The dean nodded cautiously.

Song Yunxuan thought of Gu Changle’s pregnancy and Song Yunjia’s recent situation at the Shao Family. She sneered, “Gu Changle and my elder sister are close friends. Maybe because Miss Gu is worried that my elder sister will be lonely during hospitalization, she comes to the hospital and chats with my elder sister.”

Hearing her relaxing joke, the dean smiled in an affected manner.

Others might not know the reason why Gu Changle was transferred to the People’s Hospital, but Song Yunxuan and the dean knew it very well.

The dean had known that Gu Changle and Song Yunjia had fought openly since Song Yunjia’s medical accident had been exposed.

Their relationship was not just incompatible. They fought like cats and dogs.

The best place for Gu Changle’s miscarriage prevention was the Marie Hospital in Yuncheng which had the best department of gynecology and obstetrics.

However, Gu Changle didn’t go to the Marie Hospital but came to the People’s Hospital where Song Yunjia was hospitalized. It was evident that she wanted to humiliate Song Yunjia.

The dean had known that Song Yunjia loved Shao Tianze all the time. After so many years, the two women couldn’t maintain their fake peaceful relationship.

This time during her hospitalization in the People’s Hospital, Gu Changle would surely harm Song Yunjia more.

Thinking of that, the dean sighed as he was going to hang up the phone.

At first, Song Yunxuan didn’t plan to say anything more. However, after hearing the dean’s sigh, she squinted her eyes, “Dean, are you worried that my elder sister will be badly provoked?”

As a crafty old fox knowing the strife between Song Yunxuan and Song Yunjia, the dean didn’t dare to sympathize with Song Yunjia. So he said genuinely, “Yunjia’s current condition is bad. I heard that she was often troubled by nightmares. She probably feels guilty about Han Mei’s death.”

Hearing the dean’s explanation, Song Yunxuan said in a ghastly tone with a hollow smile, “Gu Changge is the one she should feel most guilty about, right?”

The dean was stunned at the moment when Song Yunxuan named out Gu Changge. The name was like a curse.

He suddenly realized Song Yunxuan knew more than he had thought.

Hearing the dean had deeply inhaled, Song Yunxuan couldn’t help but laugh and ask, “Dean, are you okay?”

“Well, I’m good.”

“Since you are okay and I have other things to do, we will talk next time.”

The dean answered submissively and hung up the phone shakily after Song Yunxuan ended it.

There was fear in his eyes. “How could she know Gu Changge?”

Song Yunxuan was just a love child from a remote county. How could she know Gu Changge?

Furthermore, she seemed to know that Gu Changge died in the People’s Hospital.

“No… It’s impossible….”

Thinking of this possibility made him feel extremely frightened.

If Song Yunxuan knew that the employees of the hospital killed Gu Changge and she unveiled it, the People’s Hospital would meet its doom.

Chu Mochen certainly would help her knock down the People’s Hospital entirely.

The more he contemplated, the more panic he felt. He couldn’t help but sit on the sofa with his hands around his head.

Song Yunxuan slowly put down her Auropean-style telephone. On the imported coffee table in front of her was a set of delicate china teacups that could usually only be used by the Auropean royal family.

Inside the teacup was a very fragrant scented tea.

Song Yunxuan felt interested as she recalled the dean’s tone just now.

“Do you feel scared now?”

She pinched the teacup with her fair-skinned fingers, looked at the pattern on it and said to herself with a smile, “It’s too late to be afraid. Do not expect me to stop halfway.”

Since Song Yunjia would be retaliated for killing Gu Changge, Shao Tianze, Gu Changle and those who had killed her in the People’s Hospital should pay the price for Gu Changge’s death.


The man who had caused a car accident that led to Gu Changge’s amputation.

As she sipped the scented tea and savored the fragrance left on the tip of her tongue in the mouth, she felt that this revenge game was becoming more and more enjoyable.

In the hospital, Song Yunjia struggled to fall asleep after tossing about in the bed for a long time. However, she was troubled by the nightmare.

She shook her head uncomfortably on the sickbed, trying to struggle from the nightmare. However, despite the constant drop of sweat on her forehead, she was still trapped in her dream.

The person sitting next to her bed was interested in her painful expression because of her nightmare. And then, the one wondered what she was dreaming.

The nurse couldn’t help but said, “The patient was having a nightmare. Should I wake her up, Miss Gu?”

Gu Changle was happy to see Song Yunjia’s painful expression. Hearing the nurse want to interrupt it, she became impatient, “You can go out. I’ll call you if something happens.”

The nurse hesitated.

Seeing the nurse’s expression and her eyes looking at Song Yunjia, Gu Changle realized the nurse was Song Yunjia’s acquaintance.

It was not strange that the nurse in the hospital knew Song Yunjia. After all, Song Yunjia had worked in the People’s Hospital for so many years.

Thinking of that, she wore a gentler expression and said softly, “You could go back to your work. I’ll wake her up.”

The nurse had been driven away by Gu Changle twice. Even if she wanted to wake Song Yunjia up, she had no choice. So, she had to follow Gu Changle’s words and turned around and left the room.

When she heard that the nurse had left, the smile on Gu Changle’s face suddenly disappeared.

Then she turned her head around to stare at Song Yunjia fiercely and coldly.

As if feeling her cold sight, Song Yunjia woke up from her nightmare, her body bouncing off the bed.

Seeing her head covered with sweat, Gu Changle laughed scornfully and pulled a tissue and handed it over.

Song Yunjia thought that there was no one else in her ward, but suddenly she saw a hand passing the tissue.

Immediately, she turned to look at the owner of the hand, seeing Gu Changle.

She frowned and couldn’t help but ask, “Why are you here?”

Gu Changle smiled and stood up from the soft chair, “Why can’t I be here?”

Walking around the ward and looking the decoration in the room up and down, she sighed, “It is truly a sickroom for internal staff. It’s good to have worked here. You can see that your room arranged by the hospital is much better than others.”

At the moment when she decided to fight for Shao Tianze with her, Song Yunjia knew that she couldn’t talk to Gu Changle frankly afterward.

Gu Changle’s appearance here was not a good sign.

She couldn’t help but crumple the tissue in her hand into a ball, gripping it tightly in her hand.

Noticing this, Gu Changle ridiculed her, “Even if we have declared war on each other, you don’t need to be like birds startled by the mere twang of a bow-string. The tissues I handed to you have never been manipulated. Don’t be afraid. Wipe the sweat from your face before you talk to me.”

Glancing at her coldly, Song Yunjia threw the tissue to the ground and took a tissue from the box on the bedside table by herself to wipe her sweat, “I have nothing to talk to you. Get out of here.”

She wanted to say something, but not towards Gu Changle. If the person present were Shao Tianze, she would have been delighted to speak and talked a lot to Shao Tianze.

It was a pity that the person who came was Gu Changle.

Although Gu Changle heard Song Yunjia’s cold order for her to leave, she continued to stand in Song Yunjia’s ward as if she hadn’t heard it.

Song Yunjia was disgusted, “Why are you still here?”

“Aren’t you going to tell me what you dreamed of?” Gu Changle turned to look at her, her crescent eyes bearing a little expectation and maliciousness.

Song Yunjia curled her lips into a straight line.

Since she didn’t reply, Gu Changle began to guess, “I saw you were terrified in your dream. To be honest, did you dream of Gu Changge coming back to ask for your life?”

Song Yunjia’s expression suddenly changed.

Gu Changle laughed, “I guessed it right.”

She was pleased by her right guess. However, her complacent expression irritated Song Yunjia instantly. Her emotions became out of control.

She stared at Gu Changle, “Don’t forget that I’m not the only one who killed Gu Changge.”

Gu Changle didn’t care, “Although there are other murderers, it was only you who dreamed of Gu Changge’s demanding life, didn’t you?”

Song Yunjia couldn’t refute. Indeed, she never heard that Gu Changle and Shao Tianze dreamed about Gu Changge.

She couldn’t understand why Gu Changle and Shao Tianze who had taken part in killing Gu Changge never dreamed about Gu Changge.

As if she knew what was in Song Yunjia’s mind, Gu Changle smiled viciously, “Yunjia, I heard that your father had dreamt of Gu Changge’s ghost before he died.”

Song Yunjia’s face turned as pale as death.

Song Yan, who was seriously ill at that time, did yell that he had seen Gu Changge in the hospital before his death.

Song Yan didn’t have any relation with the Gu Family. Why did Song Yan see Gu Changge?

“Do you believe that Gu Changge has known that it was you who killed her, so she tries every mean to haunt you.”

Gu Changle felt excited.

After hearing her guess, Song Yunjia sneered, “If Gu Changge returns to take revenge, do you think you can escape?”

Gu Changle sniffed, “She is dead. She has completely disappeared from this world.”

Song Yunjia didn’t say anything.

Gu Changle changed their topic and said, “It is said that only those who are dying will dream of those who have died frequently.”

Song Yunjia glared at her, “You curse me!”

Gu Changle smiled softly, “It is ruthless of you to say that. I asked a fortune teller about your fate and he also said that it is unlucky to dream about the dead people.”

Song Yunjia wanted to throw Gu Changle out.

Before she could do that, Gu Changle had walked towards the door. Before leaving, she took a kind of dark pleasure in Song Yunjia’s pain and said, “Yunjia, take care of yourself.”

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