Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 298 - Song Yunjia's Crazy Ideas

Chapter 298 Song Yunjia’s Crazy Ideas

Song Yunxuan was cut off by Song Yunjia before finishing her polite words.

Song Yunxuan turned to look at her elder sister lying on the sickbed with a pale face.

Song Yunjia’s body was still shaking because she had been too agitated just now.

Song Yunxuan’s words made her feel both angry and incompetent.

“Are you trying to befriend me?”

Song Yunjia stared at Song Yunxuan, trying to read her thoughts through Song Yunxuan’s eyes.

Song Yunxuan’s expression didn’t change much. She just made a quiet eye contact with her. Song Yunjia was surprised by her sincerity and honesty.

“I don’t deny that I’m showing you goodness. If you are willing to come back, I believe you will help me run the Song enterprise, right?”

“Help you?” Song Yunjia sneered, “Why would I help you?”

Was she crazy? Why would she abandon Shao Tianze and go back to the Song enterprise to help Song Yunxuan at this critical time?

What benefits could she get if she helped Song Yunxuan?

Everything in Song Yunxuan’s hands should have been belonged to her, Song Yunjia.

Now she had nothing.

She only had Shao Tianze. It didn’t matter she lost the Song enterprise as long as she had Shao Tianze. As long as Shao Tianze was standing beside her, that was enough.

Seeing the resolution expression on Song Yunjia’s face, Song Yunxuan knew that Song Yunjia had made the decision.

And she could immediately figure out what decision Song Yunjia had made.

However, it would be no fun if Song Yunxuan said Song Yunjia’s decision out clearly.

She wanted Song Yunjia to say her final choice.

“Sister, don’t forget the Song Family is your home.”

“I won’t go back.”

Song Yunjia’s voice echoed clearly in the ward. It was apparent that Song Yunjia had chosen Shao Tianze.

She still couldn’t come out from the swamp named Shao Tianze.

But it was still good. Without Shao Tianze restraining Song Yunjia’s heart, how could she experience the pleasure of revenge?

She would pull up all the lackeys by Shao Tianze’s side one by one.

Let those who had killed Gu Changge be doomed forever.

Song Yunjia had given her the answer.

Song Yunxuan didn’t feel like staying any longer.

She turned to look at Song Yunjia and smiled, “Since you have made your decision, I’ll leave now.”

She turned and left. She had ascertained Song Yunjia’s attitude, so this visit was not in vain.

Song Yunjia angrily watched Song Yunjia walk towards the ward door.

She had thought that Song Yunxuan would leave like that. Unexpectedly, when Song Yunxuan reached the door, she turned to look at Song Yunjia as if she suddenly realized something, “Sister, if you have nowhere to go, I will reluctantly accept you.”

Those ironic words made Song Yunjia grip the bedsheet tightly. She gnashed her teeth in anger. Words were squeezed out of her teeth, “There won’t be such a day.”

It would be impossible that she had nowhere to go.

She still had Shao Tianze.

Shao Tianze would be by her side, definitely.

Song Yunxuan smirked and thought there was no need to argue with her. So she turned around and left the ward.

The news of the People’s Hospital spread quickly.

Song Yunxuan’s Fanxing Magazine also got the news that Song Yunjia was admitted to the hospital.

Xiao Hong hadn’t seen Song Yunxuan for a long time, so she couldn’t help but call Song Yunxuan, “Miss Song, do you think the news should be on the front page of our magazine?”

Although Song Yunxuan had bought out Fanxing Magazine secretly, like paper couldn’t wrap fire, many had known Fanxing Magazine was under Song Yunxuan’s control.

Since it was her company, it would be just like injuring an injured person if they made headlines about her elder sister’s suicide and hype.

She didn’t want the people in Yuncheng to know that she and her elder sister were antagonistic to each other so soon.

After thinking for a while, Song Yunxuan said, “Not the front page. You could put it on the following pages.”

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s instruction, Xiao Hong nodded, “I got it, Miss Song.”

“You have been managing this magazine recently. Thanks for your hard work, Editor Xiao.”

Xiao Hong replied at once, “It is too kind of you to say that. It is my responsibility to manage the magazine. I am just fulfilling my duties.”

As a skilled and smart woman, Xiao Hong operated Fanxing Magazine very well after Song Yunxuan trusted it with her.

Moreover, Fanxing Magazine could respond promptly every time she needed the magazine to add fuel to the flames.

She was satisfied with Xiao Hong.

However, she hadn’t seen Shao Xue for a long time.

“Is Shao Xue okay at the magazine?”

“Shao Xue has done a good job in the magazine. If Miss Song has any demands, I can tell her.”

“I want to see her when I have time. She is still a newcomer, and thank you for taking the time to teach her.”

“You could trust me. Miss Song.”

Xiao Hong asked when Song Yunxuan would come to the office before she hung up the phone.

After the phone call, Song Yunxuan stopped her steps in front of the window of the hospital to look at the night scene outside.

The neon shone in the night of Yuncheng and sketched the vague outline of the city. However, one couldn’t see the end of this light sea.

Yuncheng was too big.

The city was so big that she couldn’t see the margins at a glance.

The heart was the same.

Gu Changle was lying on the bed, her hands covering her abdomen.

Shao Tianze was taking care of her beside the soft bed.

Putting his hands on her wrist and seeing her painful expression, he couldn’t help but ask with concern, “Does it still hurt?”

Gu Changle said with grievances, “I was a little scared just now.”

“What were you afraid of? Haven’t I let people call the doctor immediately?”

“But you weren’t by my side.” She grabbed his hand and lowered her eyes as tears emerged from the bottom, “I was scared every time you weren’t by my side.”

Shao Tianze rushed back half an hour ago.

At that time, he accompanied Song Yunjia to the hospital. Song Yunjia was under treatment in the emergency room.

He waited outside impatiently.

At that moment, the nanny called him. He thought it was a trifle but unexpectedly, the nanny said that Gu Changle passed out because of over shock after he left with Song Yunjia.

Since Gu Changle was pregnant, Gu Changle was the more important one of the two to Shao Tianze. So, he immediately rushed home from the hospital.

By the time he got home, the family doctor had diagnosed Gu Changle.

The family doctor told him that Gu Changle was fine. She was frightened and passed out.

Shao Tianze felt Gu Changle grasped his fingers tightly and couldn’t help but put the other hand on her. He held her fingers in both hands.

Gu Changle was stunned.

Then she saw Shao Tianze held up and kissed her fingers gently.

Red floated on Gu Changle’s white cheeks.

Shao Tianze said with worry and solicitude, “You have been suffering a lot as you are pregnant.”

Shao Tianze knew that she wasn’t suitable for childbirth better than anyone.

However, both he and Gu Changle had been closely observing the development of the fetus.

It would be perfect if she could luckily give birth to the child. If not, and once the childbirth jeopardized Gu Changle’s life, Shao Tianze would choose to protect her life first.

Because of Gu Changle’s poor physical condition, he would be anxious and nervous about her once there was something wrong with her.

“Changle, do you believe you can continue bearing the child?”

Shao Tianze raised this question to Gu Changle after thinking about it.

Gu Changle’s heart seemed to miss a beat. She frowned and pathetically looked at him, “Tianze, what do you mean?”

Shao Tianze reckoned that abortion could be dangerous when the fetus grew up. Gu Changle’s body could not bear the hardships of pregnancy and pregnancy reaction. The best way was to carry out an abortion on her soon.

Having guessed Shao Tianze’s thoughts, Gu Changle immediately pulled her hands back from his hands nervously to protect her abdomen, “The child is ours. You don’t want me to abort him, do you?”

Shao Tianze persuaded her, “Changle, your body is not suitable for bearing a child. You know I don’t want your life to be threatened because of this unborn child.”

“No…” She shook her head in panic and confusion. The flushing that had just floated on her face faded away instantly. She repeated anxiously, “I can’t have an abortion. I can give birth to this child safely. None of you can take my child away!”

She was getting more emotional.

Seeing that her situation became terrible, Shao Tianze immediately caught her finger to appease her, “Changle, calm down. I just made a suggestion. We will not take this child away. We will not. ”

After hearing Shao Tianze was willing to let her keep the child, she opened her eyes and became a little quieter.

Her fleshless face and big eyes looking at Shao Tianze, made him feel she was fragile and pitiful.

Shao Tianze felt sorry for her and couldn’t help but reach out to take her into his arms.

Gu Changle’s fingers grabbed the clothes on his chest. She might feel aggrieved and even sobbed softly.

Shao Tianze patted her back gently, “It’s all right. Don’t cry. I am wrong.”

“You shouldn’t have said that I need to have an abortion….” She raised her eyes while weeping, “You should know how difficult it was for me to conceive this child. I won’t end the pregnancy anyway.”

“Okay. Changle, I’m sorry. I won’t talk about this anymore. You’d better have some sleep.”

He hugged her slightly tighter and hoped that she would forget what he said today.

Although Gu Changle was aggrieved, she still surrendered in his arms after hearing his promise.

Shao Tianze stayed with her like this, patting her gently as if hypnotizing a child to fall asleep as soon as possible.

Gu Changle cried in his arms for a long time. Finally, she was tired and stopped crying and slept.

After finding that she was asleep, Shao Tianze gently placed her on the bed and covered her with a quilt. After drawing a long hair from her cheek behind her ear, he sighed and stood up to leave.

The bedroom door was closed gently.

Gu Changle didn’t need to guess but knew Shao Tianze was going to the hospital.

Now that Song Yunjia was lying in the hospital, Shao Tianze should visit.

However, Song Yunjia lacked self-knowledge. Did she think she can take Shao Tianze away from her by just using a suicide scheme?


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