Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 297 - Visit the Oldest Sister

Chapter 297 Visit the Oldest Sister

Gu Changge had already died.

Though Song Yunjia was punished at present, that kind of punishment meant nothing. After all, she was alive.

But what about Gu Changge?

Gu Changge’s body had already become ashes.

She slightly turned to look at Chu Mochen. She smiled, being unfriendly. “You are so softhearted. Are you the guy who I knew before?”

Chu Mochen wanted to express something.

But Song Yunxuan was unsatisfied with his behavior. Not wait for him to finish the sentence did Song Yunxuan opened the door and got off.

He meant to catch up. But when he put her hand on the handle, he saw Mei Qi came toward Song Yunxuan in the distance.

Her personal assistant, Mei Qi.

His eyes were dark. He had some bad feelings for the man called Mei Qi.

Mei Qi came toward Song Yunxuan. He also saw that she got off from Chu Mochen’s car.

He was talkative to ask, “Did you argue with him?”

Song Yunxuan just moved on. She didn’t really mind the conversation just now. “Just a quarrel between lovers. Not big stuff. By the way, what is going on in the hospital?”

“The media outside even jam-packed the elevator in the hospital.” Mei Qi sighed, “I suggest you walk in from the back door.”

When the news that Song Yunjia was hospitalized gave away, all the media in Yuncheng turned out in full force, swearing to get the first-hand information.

Though the guards in the hospital were trying their best to stop those crazy journalists, they couldn’t make them to perish the thoughts to vie for the headline.

Hearing Mei Qi’s suggestion, Song Yunxuan smiled silently. She turned to look at him. “Why do I have to walk in by the back door since I have already arrived here?”

“The media in Yuncheng was a little mad.” Mei Qi was worried that such a delicate girl like Song Yunxuan would get injured in the crowds.

Song Yunxuan didn’t care at all. “The reason why I’m here is to tell others that I get along well with my sister with fanfare. If I get in from the back door, how many journalists will find out I’m here to visit her?”

After hearing her explanation, Mei Qi could only accompany her to go to the front door of the hospital.

Many famous media gathered at the front door already.

The journalists found Song Yunxuan when she was walking far away. One journalist of them shouted that Song Yunxuan was coming.

The journalists all focused their sights on the direction where Song Yunxuan was. They rushed to her.

Song Yunxuan didn’t avoid them.

The cameras and voice tubes were all given to Song Yunxuan by the journalists.

A journalist vied for questions. “Miss Song, I heard about your sister’s suicide in the Shao enterprise’s chairman, Shao Tianze’s house. So, do you know why she killed herself?”

Why did she commit suicide?

Song Yunxuan sneered from the heart.

What other reasons else could it be?

Of course, fighting for Shao Tianze against Gu Changle.

If she didn’t want to fight for Shao Tianze, would she use such a desperate measure on herself?

She didn’t agree that her sister who was good at enjoying life would really spoil her life.

Though she knew why, there were no signs on her face to show her interpretation.

“Sorry, I don’t know why. Please let me go.”

The journalists definitely would not be tame to let her go.

She actually was not in a rush to go to the hospital.

The journalists stopped her from entering the hospital with crowds. They made use of the opportunity that she stayed at the front door to ask questions.

“Miss Song, why does your sister live in the chairman of the Shao’s, Shao Tianze’s house instead of her own house?”

“Miss Song, does your sister have some unknown dubious relationship with the chairman of the Shao enterprise?”

“Have they lived together?”

“Did she commit suicide because of their relationship?”

“Please reveal something to us.”

The journalists all aimed their voice tubes at Song Yunxuan, wishing her to say some valuable answers.

But Song Yunxuan said seriously, “I’m sorry. I had nothing to say. These are my elder sister’s personal stuff.”

After saying that, she turned to walk to the hospital.

Mei Qi got that she didn’t want to badger with them anymore. He acted as a guard to carve out a way for her.

Mei Qi thought that the journalists were tightly packed. Even if they wanted to enter the hospital, they couldn’t make it for a while.

But he didn’t predict that it was smooth to carve out a way.

It seemed that someone was trying to help her deliberately. Song Yunxuan said no comment. Then she entered successfully into the People’s Hospital.

The dean heard about Song Yunxuan’s coming. He rushed out from his office to welcome her. When he saw Song Yunxuan he sprinted up. “You finally arrived, Miss Song.”

Song Yunxuan slightly turned to look at him, observing his exaggerated expression. “What’s the matter, dean?”

The dean was afraid of meeting troubles. He explained immediately, “Since Song Yunjia woke up, she has been in an unstable mood. There is no one to accompany her. Please go there to comfort her.”

The sweat covered his forehead.

Not to think could they know when Song Yunjia woke up without Shao Tianze, she definitely would start to lose temper regardless of manners.

She lifted her brows slightly, nodding, “You have gone through hard work, dean. I will persuade her right now.”

Her sister might perceive that she was so poor like a clown.

She used such a desperate measure in the Shao Family. But when she woke up, the one who accompanied her was not Shao Tianze.

But Gu Changle really was a tactical woman. She even could persuade Shao Tianze to leave the hospital at this point without effort.

She was not an easy one either.

The dean eventually threw out the trouble. He nodded continuously. “Please visit her right now. Please.”

Song Yunxuan noticed the worried face of the dean. At this point, no one would like to bear Song Yunjia’s temper in the ward.

She guessed that her sister must smash everything in the ward, otherwise the dean wouldn’t get so much sweat on his head.

The actuality matched her expectations. Song Yunjia sat in the bed madly. Her wrist was sewed up because of being cut and there were white bandages covering on her wrist around and around.

Seeing Song Yunxuan pushed the door open, Song Yunjia glared, almost to curse her.

The hand which didn’t hurt tried to catch something to throw to her.

However, the fruit basket, the cups, and the vase with flowers had been thrown by her without hesitation. At that moment when she saw Song Yunxuan stood at the door, she had nothing as a weapon to attack her.

Song Yunxuan knew her sister wanted to throw something to her.

Her lips opened slightly. She took a step forward. When she came in, she turned to close the door. “Seeing your action, are you trying to find something to fling at me?”

Song Yunjia gritted her teeth, filling with detest in her heart.

Living in Shao Tianze’s house was the best progress. If she could get the companion of Shao Tianze after she cut her wrist, then she could have the qualification to against Gu Changle in the Shao Family.

But at this moment, she suffered a lot because of the desperate measure without any effects.

When she woke up, Shao Tianze was not on her side, even a shadow.

After she asked the nurse, she knew that Shao Tianze went back after sending her to the hospital.

She was grieved and raged. Even if she was a lady who had been receiving high-quality education for so many years, she couldn’t control her temper. She smashed everything that she could reach.

However, when she was in her worst condition, Song Yunxuan came here to visit her.

And she witnessed her embarrassing appearance.

She couldn’t let Song Yunxuan laugh at her in such a condition.

Song Yunjia’s lips licked in a straight line. She couldn’t hide indignation in her eyes.

Song Yunxuan got her sister’s indignation. So, she just walked several steps before she stopped.

“I know you are in a bad mood.”

“If you know I’m in bad temper, why are you still here?”

Song Yunjia wished Song Yunxuan could get out of here right away.

But every expression on Song Yunxuan’s face showed a sign that she would not leave easily.

“Even if you live in the Shao Family, you are still a member of the Song Family. You’re my elder sister. Now you get injured. Shouldn’t I come here to visit you?”

“You just want to laugh at me, don’t you?” Song Yunjia sneered ironically.

She glared at Song Yunxuan with strong power even seeming to bleed.

Everyone in Yuncheng knew that she was in harsh strives with Song Yunxuan. But when she was in the hospital, Song Yunxuan came here to visit her. It was definitely a good show.

In other people’s eyes, Song Yunxuan came here because the little daughter of the Song family had a deep connection with her elder sister.

But she was clear. The reason why Song Yunxuan came here was just because she wanted to laugh at her.

She wanted to check what miserable condition she was in.

She was a loser. She totally figured out that she was beaten by Song Yunxuan in this round.

Song Yunxuan was asked by her old sister. She didn’t explain too much. “If you think I’m here to laugh at you, I could tell you I am.”

Song Yunjia was impacted to choke by such honest words. “You…”

She raised her finger to point at her. Her eyes were so scary, trying to tear Song Yunxuan down.

Song Yunxuan wasn’t afraid of her at all.

No matter how scary her expression was, she wouldn’t get afraid. Song Yunjia at that time was just a toothless tiger.

She had a slight influence on the Song Family. She lived in the Shao Family, being suppressed by Gu Changle in every aspect. She had a rough time anyway.

Obviously, Song Yunjia didn’t have the ability to convert everything if she went through such a hard time.

“Sis, let me ask,” she planned to make it clear to Song Yunjia. “Are you seriously going to live in the Shao Family instead of coming back?”

Song Yunjia has already declared a war to Gu Changle. How could she move out at this point?

If she moved out, she would never have a chance to fight.

Seeing her insistence, Song Yunxuan alerted, “Sis, don’t ruin your own life for such an insubstantial pursuit. If you want to return to the Song enterprise, I promise I can treat you well. I’m willing to bury the hatchet with you….”

“Shut up!”

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