Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 296 - Being Sent to Hospital After Suicide

Chapter 296 Being Sent to Hospital After Suicide

There was a bloody smell in the magnificently decorated European-style room by the time they opened the door.

As Shao Tianze had been a doctor in the People’s Hospital for so many years, he was sensitive to the blood.

After he entered the room, he got into a panic. “Something terrible happened.”

Seeing there was no one in the bedroom, he turned to rush into the bathroom inside the bedroom.

Following Shao Tianze, Gu Changle looked at him rushing to hit the door without even touching the handle.

She was worried, trying to persuade him, “Tianze, you will get hurt. Let me ask the servant to find the key.”

She turned to find the servant. However, the impatient Shao Tianze didn’t listen to her at all. He just directly knocked against the door.

It was lucky that the door wasn’t too hard to open. He just hit it about three to four times to bang it open with strong power.

Gu Changle followed him to see what had happened.

But when they entered the room, they saw there was a blurry figure on the floor through the figured plate glass. And also, there was blood mixed with water streaming.

She used to be afraid of blood. But this time when she saw the bloody water, she didn’t get scared. Instead, she was in a kind of mysterious excitement.

If Song Yunjia had taken things too hard and had already died, that would be great.

She was expecting.

However, the fact was not as smooth as she expected.

Shao Tianze rushed there, seeing Song Yunjia lying in the tub with a totally wet white shirt.

She looked pale. The blood was still running from her wrist.

Shao Tianze reached out his hand and checked her breath. His heart finally calmed down.

Gu Changle pretended to be concerned, “How is she, Tianze?”

The expression on her face was so sincere, making Shao Tianze really believe that she was worry about her sister after he turned to look at her.

“It’s okay. She was still breathing. Let’s drive her to the hospital.”

Gu Changle was unsatisfied in the heart. But she pretended to show relief. She nodded immediately and turned to walk out. “I will call the ambulance.”

She turned to call the ambulance. Shao Tianze patted Song Yunjia’s face, “Yunjia?”

Song Yunjia didn’t react.

Shao Tianze frowned and shook her shoulder. “Yunjia, wake up! Don’t fall asleep!”

Song Yunjia still didn’t react.

But at the place Shao Tianze didn’t pay attention to, her fingers moved slightly.

Gu Changle went downstairs. Her fingers wrung the clothes tightly.

Her eyes squinted maliciously. She turned to look at the door opened on the second floor. “Song Yunjia, why are you still alive?”

The living room was quiet without response.

The only sound was the servant’s breathing not far from the living room.

Gu Changle realized there was still another person after she finished the sentence.

She turned her heads, founding the servant who watched her with scary.

Gu Changle’s beautiful face became savage immediately. Her beautiful eyes stared at the servant. She shouted, “Why are still standing here with a silly face? Go to call the ambulance right now!”

Hearing her instructions, the servant quickly rushed to the telephone to call the nearest hospital around the Shao’s house in H City.

Gu Changle recognized the phone number she dialed was the nearest hospital. She quickly hung it up.

Her sudden action made the servant stunned. The servant didn’t understand what she meant and looked at her in confusion.

The expression on Gu Changle was cold. Seeing the servant staring at her, she said, “Call the People’s Hospital.”

Hearing that, the servant nodded, “Yes, Miss. Gu, I will make the call immediately.”

Had been working in the Shao Family for these days, the servant found out the intricacies in the wealthy and influential families. Gu Changle was the hostess in the Shao Family. Of course she should follow Gu Changle’s order.

So, when the ambulance of the People’s Hospital arrived, almost half of the people in Yuncheng knew that Song Yunjia lived in the Shao Family and committed suicide there.

Song Yunxuan got that news later.

Song Yunxuan just walked into the mansion of the Song Family at that time.

Before she could give her coat to the welcoming Nurse Wang, the servant who was just hired in her mansion told her with terrific, “Miss Yunxuan, Miss Yunjia committed suicide.”

Song Yunxuan was about to unbutton her cashmere coat. When she heard the words, she paused and put her hands down.

Chu Mochen who had been away for a long time walked to the door from the living room.

Seeing her turned to leave, the chill and magnetic voice louder, “Why are you leaving? You just went back.”

Song Yunxuan felt sorry. She turned around and smiled at him bitterly, “I am sorry I have to leave, otherwise the small talks will kick me out of Yuncheng.”

Song Yunjia cut her wrist to commit suicide. The news was leaked by the People’s Hospital right away by the time she settled in the hospital.

It could be taken as read that it was Gu Changle oppressed the hospital to give away the news.

She was Song Yunjia’s sister. Though they were born from different mothers and they had conflicts, she had to show convincingly care in front of others.

Otherwise, if others knew that she still enjoyed love and intimacy with her lover after her sister’s suicide, they must condemn her as a malicious woman.

The helpless expression made Chu Mochen moved a little. He said, “I will go with you.”

Song Yunxuan smiled and the emotion in her eyes became gentle, “Thanks Childe Chu for the bother.”

“Let’s go.”

Chu Mochen didn’t say too much. Promised to accompany her, he drove her to the People’s Hospital.

It was late. She just dealt with Xue Tao in the bar and intended to have a nice dinner with Chu Mochen. However, it was unexpected that Song Yunjia created such tough trouble.

No matter what she thought, she felt a headache to handle.

But this was actually a thing she predicted.

Song Yunjia was in a tough situation. She had had a crush on Shao Tianze secretly for so many years. Now she could live with him as she expected. How could she just wait there without any actions?

Her elder sister would eventually fight for her own love.

She wanted to get Shao Tianze’s love so she was not afraid to use any tactics she could. She would strive for his favor, battling with Gu Changle.

She wanted to nab away Shao Tianze’s love from Gu Changle.

Song Yunxuan really liked the striving of her sister.

However, success or failure had been just destined.

The probability that Song Yunjia could win Gu Changle was so small.

Chu Mochen concentrated on his driving. Looking at the flashing neon lights outside the window, Song Yunxuan was also abnormally quiet.

She got so many things to do tonight. When she appeared at the People’s Hospital, she would face so many media.

No matter what happened, it was a hit news that Song Yunjia committed suicide.

The noble daughter in the Song Family now degraded to live in another’s house and even committed suicide.

How would the media remark Song Yunjia?

She felt it interesting once she thought about that.

Song Yunjia mustn’t expect the conflicts with Gu Changle when she took out Gu Changge’s heart and transplanted it to Gu Changle.

She slightly massaged her temple.

Seeing her action, Chu Mochen said, “Many things happened in Yuncheng when I was away.

She nodded, “Yep.”

Chu Mochen didn’t make it clear about the “things” he just mentioned.

But Song Yunxuan knew he meant the medical scandal of her sister which was exposed by the Han Family.

There were always medical disputes. The reason why the dispute concerning Song Yunjia drew so much attention was that she was the noble daughter of the Song Family.

Also, Song Yunxuan and Gu Changle added the fuel to the fire.

“You have already owned the Song enterprise. Don’t you think it was improper to punish your sister so maliciously?”

Surprisingly, Chu Mochen said it directly.

Song Yunxuan put down her hand and turned to look at him.

She looked at him as if the man had changed into another man in a day.

Chu Mochen felt that she was staring at him. He moved the steering wheel without any expression, turning to the road that led to the People’s Hospital.

“What do you want to express?”

Song Yunxuan smiled softly. Her smile was so slight, “I remember the Chu Mochen I used to know would never be so merciful to his enemies.”

Yes. She knew him a long time ago. Since she had known him, he wouldn’t show mercy to his enemies.

She remembered a sentence from Chu Mochen when Gu Changge was fifteen.

He said—

“Being merciful to the enemies means being merciless to yourself.” She peacefully repeated the words Chu Mochen said at that time.

Chu Mochen licked his lips, “You’re right.”

he didn’t deny what Song Yunxuan said.

Song Yunxuan nodded, “If you agree with me, why do you suggest me to be merciful to Song Yunjia?”

Chu Mochen slowly stopped the car at one kilometer far away from the People’s Hospital.

Seeing him silently applied the handbrake, she knew the man had something to say.

She waited for Chu Mochen’s speech silently.

Chu Mochen sat silently for a while. Then he turned to look at her. “What kind of deadly feud do you have with your sister to treat her like this?”

“You might forget when my father was kidnapped with heavy sickness, she tried to kill me.”

“That was not the excuse.” Chu Mochen shook his head. He didn’t take her explanation which seemed to be reasonable.

“So, what reasons do you think I have?”

Chu Mochen looked at her deeply, “I remember that at that time the one who kidnapped you and your father and tried to kill you was Song Yunying, not Song Yunjia.”

Of course, what Chu Mochen said was right.

“Why could you forgive Song Yunying but not Song Yunjia?”

The question from Chu Mochen made her sneer.

Why couldn’t you let Song Yunjia go?

She just wanted to ask Song Yunjia. When Gu Changge was lying in the sickbed lingered out with her amputated legs, why couldn’t Yunjia let her go?

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