Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 295 - Do Silly Things

Chapter 295 Do Silly Things

Song Yunxuan called home after she left the nightclub.

After Nurse Wang received the call, she couldn’t help pressing her, “Miss, Childe Chu has arrived.”

Song Yunxuan nodded, “I’ll come later.”

Nurse Wang was still a little worried, “Miss Yunxuan, you should hurry up.”

Song Yunxuan sensed there was something wrong, “What’s the rush?”

Nurse Wang paused, and then she said, “Miss Yunxuan, Childe Chu has been waiting for you for a long time.”

Hearing the words, Song Yunxuan realized that Chu Mochen must have been unhappy because of the long wait.

Then she told Nurse Wang, “You take care of him well. I’ll be home soon.”

She intended to visit her second elder sister in Marie Hospital afterward, yet how could she do it since Chu Mochen had already arrived at the Song Family?

If letting Chu Mochen wait for too long, he would definitely be angry.

She looked up at the sky and bowed to get into the car, “It’s late indeed. Take me home, Mei Qi.”

Though Song Yunxuan was Mei Qi’s leader, yet they had always been like friends.

Song Yunxuan knew what kind of man Mei Qi was and what he was capable of while Mei Qi also had a reason to help her revenge.

She felt that Mei Qi was a great help to her, and she would never let Mei Qi think that he was with the wrong person.

She would help Gu Changge to revenge and let Mei Qi get what he wanted.

Mei Qi felt quite bored driving her home, so he talked about Xue Tao with her, “Xue Tao is the only child of the Xue family. He must have never suffered this kind of pain before.”

Song Yunxuan was very unimpressed, “Since he had married to my second elder sister, he should treat her well. If he wants my second elder sister to turn a blind eye to his affair, then he should get the women around him in line. Otherwise, he will suffer what he had today for another time.”

Mei Qi shook his head with a smile. He sympathized with Xue Tao, “Xue Tao is too unlucky. He actually got such a domineering sister-in-law.”

“Since I have been in charge of the Song Family, I naturally want to protect all the family members from being bullied by outsiders.”

Li Lina was just a woman who was greedy for money from sex clubs. She really shouldn’t have been involved in the muddy water between the Song Family and the Xue Family.

Yet the woman was not smart enough. It was so stupid of her to get involved just because of money.

“Manager Song, how much money are you going to give Li Lina in order to make her leave Xue Tao?”

Song Yunxuan looked out of the window out of sheer boredom, “I won’t give her even a single cent.”

Mei Qi felt surprised and looked at her through the front reflector, “Not even one cent?”

Song Yunxuan’s eyes were indifferent, “She has been in Yuncheng for long enough. Hasn’t she understood the rules of life in Yuncheng?”

“What rules of life?” Mei Qi felt strange.

Song Yunxuan raised her lip corner, looked at him and said proudly, “Once opportunities come along, you have to take them. If you let them pass by, then others won’t give you another opportunity.”

On this point, Gu Changge did quite well.

Gu Changge grew up under Gu Cheng’s personal guidance since she was a child. What Gu Cheng told her was not the dark side of Yuncheng, yet he didn’t let her feel the bright side of the city.

After steering a course between the bright and the dark and playing games in the business, she learned a good many tricks.

She never let an opportunity slip away when it was time to seize it.

And she never hesitated to make a decision.

In those years in the Gu’s, she took care of the Gu’s better than any other business families in Yuncheng. The only failure she had was probably her marriage.

Her marriage to Shao Tianze.

She looked out of the window at the night lights. The neon lights of the shops flashed by.

If looking up slightly, she could see the former office building of the Gu’s.

It was such a magnificent skyscraper.

Yet now it was occupied by the Shao enterprise.

She shook her head, trying to get rid of her resentment for the time. But she still couldn’t hold back the inner hatred at the bottom of her heart.

She would take it back, which Shao Tianze had once taken away from her.

Then she would let Shao Tianze crawl at her feet to admit his mistake.

She wanted Shao Tianze to know that Gu Changge was still alive.

Her dark eyes were fixed on the skyscraper of the Shao enterprise. Her pupils were deep and dark like ink.

Gu Changle felt a little uncomfortable. She didn’t want to finish the food because of the slight sense of vomiting. The nurse next to her saw that she was uncomfortable and asked her with concern, “Miss Gu, do you want me to call in a family doctor to have a check?”

Gu Changle was about to nod.

She had always been protecting her belly. Naturally, once feeling a bit uncomfortable, she would hope that a family doctor could come and have a check.

But just as she was about to nod, Shao Tianze at the door came in.

The document bag in his hands was picked up by a house servant.

The long thin fingers pulled the necktie at his neck. And then he put on his slippers at the porch and walked into the living room.

The nurse called Mr. Shao on seeing him back.

Shao Tianze nodded.

Gu Changle also talked to him sweetly, “Good evening, Tianze. Are you tired today?”

Gu Changle had always been so considerate and caring for him, so he liked Gu Changle all the time. But now when he saw Gu Changle’s cheek, he thought that she had lost a lot of weight recently.

It was actually not easy for her to be pregnant. But now that she tried so hard to be pregnant. It made him somewhat worried.

The nurse knew Gu Changle’s temper and could read her mind, so she asked Gu Changle again, “Miss Gu, do you want to ask the family doctor to come and have a check since you are not comfortable?”

Shao Tianze himself was a doctor. Although he had resigned from People’s Hospital, but he could still give pregnant women an examination.

He sat on the sofa and asked her, “What ails you?”

“Just feeling sick.”

“Did you still vomit badly today?”

Gu Changle shook her head and said, “No. I just felt sick when was drinking afternoon tea.”

The teatime was at three or four o’clock in the afternoon but Gu Changle’s sense of vomiting still remained.

Shao Tianze thought for a while and told his servant at last, “Go and call in a doctor.”

Gu Changle heard Shao Tianze’s order and said nothing else.

Just after the nurse went for a doctor, she took Shao Tianze’s hand and said something about Song Yunjia.

“Yunjia has been in her room for the whole day. I’m a little worried about her.”

Her eyebrows were folded and her look while she was caring for someone was very beautiful.

Although she and Gu Changge were sisters and had been living together for quite a long time, their characters were totally different.

Gu Changge was determined while Gu Changle was decent.

Any man in the world would like a woman who was soft like that.

Even owning a woman like Gu Changge would make a man enjoy the pleasure of conquering. However, men of this kind were so few.

Even Shao Tianze, who had been her husband and owned her for many years, had never felt that he had conquered her.

Gu Changge’s temperament showed that she could never be defiled.

Yet Gu Changle could induce men’s commonest reveries.

Gu Changle saw that Shao Tianze was not speaking. She looked up at the second floor, “The dinner is about to be ready. I’m calling Yunjia down to have dinner.”

Shao Tianze looked at her pale face and gently pressed her on the sofa, “You are not feeling well. Wait downstairs. I will call her to come down for dinner.”

Hearing this, Gu Changle nodded.

In recent days, rumors about Song Yunjia had been all around Yuncheng.

The Han Family was in harsher pursuit of Song Yunjia because of the medical accident.

The Song enterprise had already asked for a long leave for Song Yunjia.

The leave was so long that Song Yunjia could be swept out during this period while she was away from work.

Zhao Yang was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot in the Song enterprise, but Song Yunxuan handled affairs so coherently that Zhao Yang didn’t know what to do.

He had no choice but to let it go.

A little bird told Zhao Yang that Song Yunjia was close to Shao Tianze, so he called the Shao enterprise several times.

Now Song Yunjia had been given a long holiday by Song Yunxuan. There is nothing he could say. The only thing he could do is to let Zhao Yang come here to visit Song Yunjia when he was available and tell him that Song Yunjia had not been well recently.

Zhao Yang and Song Yunxuan were friends only on the surface. Those who preferred to be close to Song Yunqiang in the Song enterprise all turned their coats after Song Yunqiang’s imprisonment. Some of them had already curried favor to Song Yunxuan like weathercocks.

Song Yunjia’s present situation in the Song enterprise was quite terrible.

Shao Tianze came to the door of Song Yunjia’s room on the second floor and knocked on it.

No one opened the door.

Shao Tianze frowned and knocked again, “Yunjia, come downstairs for dinner.”

There was still no answer.

Shao Tianze felt a little strange. He reached out and twisted the door handle, but he found that it couldn’t be opened.

Song Yunjia locked the door from the inside.

He felt bad at once and called out to the servant downstairs, “Fetch me the spare key to Yunjia’s room now!”

The nurse was a bit taken aback when being called like this. And then she hurried to find the key to the door of Song Yunjia’s room.

Gu Changle downstairs heard Shao Tianze’s voice and knew that something was wrong. She got up from the sofa and went to the second floor.

“What’s the matter? Tianze?”

She hurried upstairs and saw Shao Tianze flinging himself against the door of Song Yunjia’s room.

Gu Changle frowned and had a bad premonition in her heart.

Shao Tianze looked anxious, “No matter how I called, there was no response inside. Could Yunjia commit …”

Song Yunjia had been the apple of Song Yan’s eye since childhood. She had never been so severely criticized by the public.

Now her reputation was ruined, and she was despised by the people in Yuncheng. For her, it was really an earthshaking change.

In this case, Song Yunjia could probably do something bad during her depression.

Gu Changle felt somewhat angry seeing Shao Tianze flinging himself against the door, yet she took a bit dark pleasure.

It would be great if Song Yunjia had been died because of her depression at this time.

However, she didn’t believe that Song Yunxuan would commit suicide after living in the coveted Shao Family.

The nurse downstairs hurriedly sent the key to the second floor, “Mr. Shao, this is the key to Miss Song’s room.”

Gu Changle was going to take the key to Shao Tianze.

But out of her expectation, Shao Tianze was so worried that she grabbed the key from the nurse’s hand.

Song Yunxuan suddenly felt jealous and resentful when she saw Shao Tianze grabbing the key so aggressively.

She was just a dependant. Why Shao Tianze was so worried?

He should have loved her with all his heart.

Why, why did Shao Tianze start caring about Song Yunjia after she moved in?

Did Shao Tianze also like Song Yunjia in his heart?

She pursed her lips when watching Shao Tianze insert the key into the lock hole. Seeing the door got opened, she was suffering from unbearable jealousy which was burning her.

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