Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 300 - Something Hateful

Chapter 300 Something Hateful

Song Yunjia severely threw the glass on her bedside table to the door just after Gu Changle left.

She was extremely upset as soon as she saw Gu Changle.

It was unacceptable for her that Gu Changle came here to add insult to injury on purpose. She was in the hospital now, but things didn’t go on as she expected.

She had thought that Shao Tianze would be there for her when she woke up. However, he didn’t show up.

Moreover, it had been for three days since she was in the hospital, but Shao Tianze hadn’t visited her once.

She was a little sad, and she couldn’t figure out what Shao Tianze meant.

The suspiciousness, jealousy and insecurity tortured her, making her sleepless.

There was a weekly meeting in the Song enterprise every week.

The content of the meeting was nothing but to report the progress of various departments. Song Yunxuan was seated on the main chair and listened to the reports of the people from each department.

She didn’t have any interests.

Zhao Yang was beside her without any expressions.

Zhou Jian’s seat was empty.

Zhou Jian recently seemed to be in a state of retirement in advance. He even didn’t attend the weekly meeting.

Song Yunxuan rather admired Zhou Jian’s understanding of the times. Thus, she always permitted Zhou Jian’s applications for leave.

When the meeting was about to end, Zhao Yang suddenly said, “Manager Song, should we tell Yunjia to come back to work?”

Mei Qi was next to Song Yunxuan then. Hearing Zhao Yang’s words, he looked up at him with interest.

Zhao Yang particularly hated Mei Qi. One reason was that Mei Qi acted in the best interests of Song Yunxuan.

The other reason was that Mei Qi was really effective in dealing with issues. The more effective Mei Qi was for Song Yunxuan, the more annoyed he was to them.

If it hadn’t been for Mei Qi, Song Yunxuan would not have consolidated her position in the Song enterprise so soon.

Although Mei Qi was just an assistant of Song Yunxuan on the surface, he could be called a slippery fellow judging from the situation of handling the various affairs in the Song enterprise.

Mei Qi was a cunning fox, even more cunning than Zhao Yang.

That was why Zhao Yang didn’t like him.

According to the current situation, everyone thought that Song Yunxuan would reject Zhao Yang’s proposal.

They didn’t expect that Song Yunxuan agreed with great pleasure.

“If my eldest sister had recovered her emotion, she should have come back to work. I wanted her to return to the Song Family a few days ago, but she refused me. Uncle Zhao, you can help me to persuade my sister to move back to the Song Family in passing. After all, it’s not very convenient for her to live in the Shao Family. There are so many rumors.”

Zhao Yang raised his eyebrows. He found that Song Yunxuan was so good at deriding others.

After hearing that, the people present could see something unusual.

Song Yunjia was the eldest daughter of the Song Family. She was unmarried and had no boyfriend. Now, she would rather move to Shao Tianze’s house than live in her own house.

It was not right from any perspective.

Zhao Yang was angry in his mind, but he couldn’t express it. He could only call Song Yunjia after he returned to his office after the meeting.

Song Yunjia had been in the hospital for several days.

Zhao Yang went straight to the subject, “Yunjia, when can you come back to work?”

Song Yunjia didn’t want to go back to work for the Song enterprise, not forever but at least not now.

She just moved in the Shao Family. How could she go back to the enterprise now?

If she went back to the Song enterprise, how could she have any chance to contact Shao Tianze?

She knew all these things clearly in her heart.

So she refused, “Uncle Zhao, I’m still in the hospital, so I can’t go back for the time being.”

Zhao Yang felt sorry for her, “Yunjia, you are so impulsive. How could you hurt yourself? If you hurt yourself, it can only let Song Yunxuan see you a joke.”

Of course, she knew that Song Yunxuan would see her a joke for doing this. However, once she could get Shao Tianze’s attention, it didn’t matter whether Song Yunxuan was seeing her a joke.

Zhao Yang still persuaded her, “Yunjia, you return to the Song Family after you leave the hospital, OK?”

Song Yunjia wouldn’t agree for sure.

She refused directly, “Uncle Zhao, you also know the contradiction between Yunxuan and me. We can’t live under the same roof.”

Zhao Yang couldn’t help saying it out at last, “However, Yunjia, it is inappropriate for you to live in the Shao Family like this. Shao Tianze isn’t your relative.”

Of course Song Yunjia knew that she and Shao Tianze were not relatives. It was because they were not relatives that she had to live in the Shao Family.

The public opinion in Yuncheng spread quickly.

Gu Changle was a person easy to be jealous. If Gu Changle made a fuss with Shao Tianze because Song Yunjia lived in the Shao Family, Shao Tianze would definitely be tired of her.

By that time, the relationship between Shao Tianze and her would have made great progress.

Considering Gu Changle’s position in Shao Tianze’s mind, she couldn’t just get her away from Shao Tianze. The only way was to be with him for a long time and change his mind to accept her feelings.

Zhao Yang didn’t understand what Song Yunjia thought, but he hoped that Song Yunjia could return to the Song enterprise as soon as possible.

“Yunjia, you should return to the Song enterprise after you leave the hospital.” Zhao Yang repeated his request for her going back to the Song enterprise.

However, Song Yunjia made all sorts of excuses. “Uncle Zhao, I’m in poor condition now. Han Mei’s affairs haven’t been resolved yet. I will return to the Song enterprise as soon as it is solved.”

Zhao Yang had something else to tell Song Yunjia.

However, Song Yunjia lied to him, saying that the nurse asked her to have an examination and then hung up.

Zhao Yang somewhat hated her failure to realize his expectations.

As Song Yunxuan returned to the office after the meeting, she heard Mei Qi’s voice. “Zhao Yang hasn’t given up on your eldest sister till now.”

“Uncle Zhao doesn’t deal with this issue as well as Uncle Zhou.” Song Yunxuan sat down on her office chair. She folded her hands together and smiled in a good mood. “He even doesn’t know where my eldest sister’s priority is now. How can he help my sister to settle down in the Song enterprise according to this trend?”

Mei Qi’s tone was faint which seemed to be a little sympathy for Song Yunjia. He said, “It won’t work for your eldest sister to put her focus on Shao Tianze.”

Song Yunjia didn’t deny him, “Shao Tianze is an ungrateful and vicious wolf. Even if Song Yunjia has helped him before, Shao Tianze won’t hesitate when he has to abandon Song Yunjia.”

She had married to Shao Tianze for ten years. Shao Tianze showed no mercy when he tried to kill her.

Not to say Song Yunjia.

“Probably, Shao Tianze has feelings for your eldest sister.”

Mei Qi speculated.

Song Yunxuan smiled with a little irony, “If he really has had feelings for Song Yunjia, he would have been with Song Yunjia after Gu Changge’s death. Song Yunjia hasn’t been in love with or married to others for ten years because of him, but she hasn’t got a clear answer from Shao Tianze yet.”

“What a pity!” Mei Qi summarized.

Song Yunxuan’s eyes were slightly cool, without any sympathy. She just reminded him, “There must be something hateful about the poor people. You don’t need to feel sorry for her.”

She was indeed not worth the mercy.

She was more vicious than people expected.

Even if she had a bad ending, she had only herself to blame.

Song Yunjia insisted on being in the hospital. She wouldn’t be discharged until Shao Tianze visited her.

After a week, Gu Changle began to gnash her teeth in hatred.

Although she had tried various methods to stop Shao Tianze from visiting Song Yunjia. However, Shao Tianze still decided to go to the hospital and see Song Yunjia after considering all aspects.

After he had made the decision, Gu Changle still didn’t give up the idea of stopping him. She grabbed his arm and persuaded him, “Tianze, although Yunjia is our good friend and it’s normal for us to visit her, the situation doesn’t allow us to do that.”

Shao Tianze had planned to go to Song Yunxuan’s ward after putting on his coat. As a result, Gu Changle took his arm and pulled him back at the door.

Shao Tianze rubbed his eyebrows. His distinguished face appeared a little distressed. “I know all you said. However, Yunjia has been hospitalized for more than a week and I haven’t visited her yet. What would those media outside and public opinions say?”

He knew the media in Yuncheng. The reason why he hadn’t gone to visit Song Yunjia soon before was that he was afraid that the media would create an unusual relationship between them.

But until now, it had been for one week. Song Yunjia showed no signs of being discharged from the hospital, while he stood still with cold eyes and even didn’t pay a visit for her. Those who didn’t know the situation would guess that there were some unspeakable contradictions between them.

Gu Changle thought twice. She was unwilling to let Shao Tianze go to see Song Yunjia. She came up with a solution, “You are busy in the Shao enterprise. I’m in the hospital to prevent miscarriage now. How about me going to see Yunjia often?”

It was pretty good for Gu Changle to be so considerate. However, Shao Tianze was somewhat skeptical and worried about it.

Gu Changle saw his uneasy expression. She gently asked him, “Do you think it would be inappropriate for me to visit Yunjia?”

“Yunjia’s feeling….” Gu Changle raised her hand to cover his lips before Shao Tianze had finished the words.

Gu Changle’s slender fingers pressed against his lips. She looked gentle and soft. “I know Yunjia has been liked you. Don’t worry. I’ve been her friend for so many years and she also saved my life. I won’t have conflicts with her.”

“I just think that you may feel uncomfortable when you see Yunjia.”

Gu Changle smiled bitterly, “No.”


She sneered in her heart.

It was more than uncomfortable for her to see Song Yunjia. She even wanted to kick Song Yunjia out from her sight. The farther, the better. It would be better if this woman couldn’t appear in front of Shao Tianze again.

She had been waiting for Shao Tianze for so many years before she was finally with him. How could Song Yunjia grab Shao Tianze from her hands?

She was angry in her mind, but she didn’t express it at all.

Shao Tianze saw her appearance and was in relief. He put his hands on Gu Changle’s, sighing, “Changle, thank you.”

Gu Changle raised her lips and lowered her eyelashes. She naturally got herself into Shao Tianze’s arms, as a little bird rest upon a man.

Shao Tianze tacitly approved that Gu Changle went to visit Song Yunjia for him.

After Shao Tianze left, Gu Changle just drank some water in the ward. Then she put on her coat and went to Song Yunjia’s ward.

Song Yunjia looked worse than Gu Changle.

Gu Changle was in a good mood for this week in the hospital, so she looked good as well.

However, Song Yunjia was terribly worse.

Her face was pale. There seemed to be a big stone crushing her heart when she saw Gu Changle.

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