Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 289 - Friends Turned Against Each Other

Chapter 289 Friends Turned Against Each Other

When Zhao Yang called Song Yunjia, Song Yunjia’s face was numb.

Zhao Yang felt a little guilty, “Yunjia, I’m sorry. I tried to fight for you. But I failed.”

Song Yunjia was a general manager in the Song enterprise. In fact, it was a high position. Zhou Jian had already asked for an extended vacation in the company. Now It was Song Yunjia’s turn. Song Yunxuan never allowed her subordinates to take a position without work.

A veteran like Zhou Jian couldn’t be punished as a warning. It could only be Song Yunjia who just entered in the company to work.

Song Yunjia could understand Song Yunxuan’s meaning. She also knew what Song Yunxuan was thinking. She nodded and said to Zhao Yang, “Uncle Zhao, please don’t feel sorry. Now I am framed and slandered by someone. It is good for me to a vacation.”

“But Yunxuan only permitted you to have a vacation for one month.”

Saying that made Zhao Yang himself feel embarrassed.

A month’s vacation. How many sudden changes would happen in a month?

Song Yunxuan had many ways to kick Song Yunjia out of the Song enterprise after a month.

Song Yunxuan knew what Zhao Yang was worried about because she was worried about the same thing.

However, the issue developed to that stage. It was in vain to struggle and resist. They would rather calm down to figure out what else they could do than just wrack their brains to think ideas.

Her voice gradually calmed down. She started to comfort Zhao Yang instead. “Thanks to uncle Zhao that you have been worried about me for this period. Now I will take a vacation. After I heal and re-energize, I will come back to the company to dust off.”

Hearing what she said, Zhao Yang was a little rest.

Song Yunjia hung up after talking a few words.

Zhao Yang hung up first. The phone was still in her hand.

She held the phone with her fingers for a long time to loosen.

When she felt her fingers were painful, she put down the phone while the nails were dug into her palms.

She squinted her eyes. She didn’t believe that she would fall down heavily because of Han Mei.

No one should mention these things happened so many years ago. But Song Yunxuan knew it.

The dean in the People’s Hospital betrayed her. What tactics did Song Yunxuan play to make it?

She wanted to meet the dean in the People’s Hospital. She wanted to figure out the context of the issue.

Thinking of it, Song Yunxuan immediately took the key of her car and went out.

But she didn’t predict that by the time she went out, she saw a man in the corridor leaving furtively.

she chased after him several steps, seeing there was paint spilled to the floor.

Maybe someone in the apartment building was decorating. She didn’t care too much. She went downstairs to the garage to drive her car.

She wanted to drive to the People’s Hospital directly after she left the garage.

But she didn’t expect that when she left the community, there were couples of journalists rushed in front of her car.

The car didn’t leave the community, so it was slow.

At that point, journalists rushed out. She subconsciously slowed down. But at the next point, she seemed to remember something, so she speeded up quickly.

She couldn’t slow down. If she slowed down, those journalists would thoroughly stop her if they had the opportunities.

At that time, she could not leave at all even though she wanted to.

She didn’t want to face the journalists. So, she had to quickly drive away.

The car speeded up with her mind changed. The journalists thought if they flooded to her, she would hit a brake.

But they never expected that Song Yunjia didn’t hit a brake and speeded up instead.

Seeing the car crazily rushed to them, the journalists split out.

A journalist who was carrying a video camera could not move as fast as others. When the car rushed to him, he had nowhere to avoid so he was knocked out.

Being knocked out suddenly, the machine in his hands fell to the ground and broken into several parts.

Other journalists all went to check that journalist’s condition after seeing that.

Song Yunjia only glanced at the journalist coldly through the rearview mirror. Then she drove to the road outside the community straight, saying two words, “You deserved it.”

Song Yunjia’s car speeded away.

The journalists were too late to chase after the car. They all gathered to check the journalist who got injured, giving him proper emergency treatment and making the emergency call.

When Song Yunjia arrived at the People’s Hospital, she coincidentally met the ambulance in the People’s Hospital drove away with the shining emergency light on.

Song Yunjia didn’t care about where the ambulance destined to. She just wanted to meet the dean of the People’s Hospital as soon as possible.

She wanted to know who betrayed her.

She knew exactly about the office of the dean of the People’s Hospital.

She easily found the door of the dean’s office.

She lightly twisted the handle, finding that the door was not closed.

She was about to push the door to open while she heard the voice passed.

It was the dean’s voice which she was familiar with.

She worked in the People’s Hospital for nearly ten years. She was well acquainted with most of the backbones in the People’s Hospital. She could tell their voice immediately.

The dean’s voice was reverent. He was kind of afraid of the person.

Song Yunjia opened the door a lot more. Through the crack of the door, she heard the dean was talking on the phone. He bowed a little, showing a groveling attitude.

Song Yunjia was quite familiar with his behavior.

Being in society for so many years, of course he would be reverent to talk to the person who was noble, and he didn’t dare to provoke.

The dean had worked in the People’s Hospital for so many years. He would always be like this when talking to people who were above him.

Song Yunjia was wondering who he was talking to in such a reverent attitude. But she did not figure out.

She heard the dean sighed bitterly, “I have followed your orders. I have helped the Han Family to settle down. What? Where do they live?”

The dean was helpless, “Miss Song Yunxuan of the Song enterprise helped them to settle down after they arrived at Yuncheng. I have no idea about where they live.”

Was Song Yun Xuan protecting them?

That was not a surprise.

After all, Song Yunxuan was her deadly foe. Now she was a thorn in her flesh in the Song enterprise. It was no wonder that she would use these tactics.

But now who was talking to the dean on the phone?

Was Song Yunxuan’s companion?

She couldn’t figure out and hoped to get the information about that person through their conversation. However, the dean didn’t call the person anymore till he hung up.

When the dean hung up, he heard the door was knocked.

He was angry. He hadn’t turned around yet but started to scold, “Who allowed you to enter without permission?”

After scolding that, the dean turned around and suddenly saw Song Yunjia.

The expression on his face changed dramatically.

But to Song Yunjia, the behavior of the dean was because of feeling guilty.

Song Yunjia used backhand to close the door. She said with a cold face, “I didn’t expect that you could betray me without a word, dean.”

The dean was too guilty to say anything. He didn’t know how to answer Song Yunjia.

Song Yunjia walked to him. “Who was calling you?”

The dean shook his head, trying to show an expression which was not so guilty to face her, “Yunjia, though the thing had been hidden for so many years, it’s indeed our fault and we are sorry to the Han family.”

“It was different stuff that whether it’s our fault and whether you could betray me.” Song Yunjia insisted to ask who he was talking to on the phone, “Dean, telling me the one’s name would be better for you.”

The dean’s hair already turned into white. He was aging. He just wanted to have a stable life. But now the accident was given away. He could not live in peace anyway.

Song Yunjia insisted to ask who was talking to him. He could definitely not say Gu Changle’ name. He chose to say nothing.

Song Yunjia asked him several times but she did not get any answers from the dean.

She couldn’t help asking, “Dean, don’t you feel regret after betraying me in such a way?”

“Yunjia, you have to know. I am helpless with this stuff. You have worked in the People’s Hospital for so many years. Don’t you know I treat you as well as Shao?”

“If the medical malpractice was caused by Shao Tianze at that time, will you betray him without hesitation like now?”

Hearing Song Yunjia’ question, the dean shook his head, “Yunjia, that person would never let me frame Tianze.”

The sentence made Song Yunjia surprised. Suddenly there was a person striking in her mind.

“I got it.”

She knew who the person was.

What kind of person would be willing to betray her and see her meeting with trouble while unwilling to betray Shao Tianze and make him hurt and framed?

There was only one. She knew who she was.

She felt funny. She never expected that the truth was like this.

She couldn’t help smiling and shaking her head. She caught that table and asked the dean who had a mixed expression, “Was it Gu Changle that joined Song Yunxuan up to let you betray me?”

The dean knew he spilled out something. But now Song Yunjia had guessed right. It was impossible for him to change it.

He could only be silent with a mixed expression.

Song Yunjia just knew if she got too close to Shao Tianze, she would offend Gu Changle before this thing happened.

But she never expected that when she was not ready to offend Gu Changle openly, Gu Changle had already planned to frame her to doom eternally.

She licked her lips, getting pale on her face.

The dean just sighed continuously. Seeing the depressed face of Song Yunjia, he wanted to comfort her, “Yunjia, though the thing has been given away to the media and public, it doesn’t mean you will be ruined because of it. There must be other ways to handle.”

Song Yunjia glared at the dean, “What was the way to handle? I would like dean to show me the right direction.”

Song Yunjia said in such a polite way to the dean, making the dean feel chill in his heart.

He couldn’t figure out how to comfort Song Yunjia but said, “Yunjia, you are still young. If you give up some obsessions and quit, you could have a very happy life.”

Song Yunjia sneered, “Quit? Why do I have to quit?”

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