Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 288 - Yunjia Got a Demotion

Chapter 288 Yunjia Got a Demotion

The medical scandal gained momentum.

Because of the scandal of the Song enterprise, the media contained at the building of the Song enterprise and the cottage.

Song Yunxuan saw a group of journalists contained at the door of the cottage when she went out in the morning.

Having no choice, she could only call Mei Qi to ask him to protect her.

Mei Qi was in a very good mood recently. He teased her leisurely when he arrived, “Your old sister is now someone famous in Yuncheng.”

Song Yunxuan disagreed with him. “My sister is always a person with a reputation.”

However, she used to have a great reputation while now she had a bad reputation.

What feelings would Song Yunjia have after that she went through such a dramatically fluctuating experience?

She felt this issue was interesting whenever she thought it.

Mei Qi followed her to the building of the Song enterprise from the back door.

The journalists at the building were much more than the journalists at the Song’s cottage. Even Mei Qi thought there were too many. “Can you imagine what expression your sister will show if she comes here to work seeing that so many journalists are containing her at the door of the Song enterprise?”

Song Yunxuan wouldn’t imagine at all since Song Yunjia had already asked for leave for a week.

In this week she would also come to the Song enterprise for a look.

She was so hard to get into the Song enterprise with the guards carving out a way for her. The journalists asked her fluently. Their voices surrounded her. “Miss Song, what’s your opinion to your old sister, Song Yunjia’s attitude of the medical scandal?”

Song Yunjia’s attitude?

She felt it funny. Had Song Yunjia shown her attitude?

As she knew, since the medical scandal had begun, Song Yunjia hadn’t stood out to say any words.

And she didn’t make any statement.

Such a behavior basically appeared to be a tacit admission of the medical scandal.

She couldn’t figure out what Song Yunjia was thinking. Would that be better if she tried her best to save her reputation?

She shook her head, avoiding answering the rapid-fire questions raised by the journalists.

Song Yunxuan walked into the building of the Song enterprise, showing a no comment attitude to the questions from the journalists.

The journalists couldn’t do anything about it.

After she went into the Song enterprise, she heard that Zhou Jian came to the company, talking to Zhao Yang personally.

Mei Qi felt interesting and suggested, “Manager Song, do you need to have a talk with Zhao Yang?”

Song Yunxuan didn’t think it was a bad idea and said, “Sure. I would like to talk to uncle Zhao. But if uncle Zhou comes here, please invite them both.”

The assistant on duty turned to Zhao Yang’s office immediately to invite the two senior managers after that she heard Song Yunxuan’s order.

Zhao Yang was invited just now.

At this side, Zhou Jian didn’t finish his sighing while Mei Qi opened the door and smiled, “Manager Zhou?”

Zhou Jian knew that Mei Qi was popular in the company. Being called as Manager Zhou made him flattered.

Mei Qi knew that Zhou Jian wasn’t really surprised. He was just acting as a response. But Mei Qi didn’t care about it and said, “It has been a long time since Manager Zhou hadn’t come to the company. Hearing that you are here, Manager Song wanted to have a small talk with you.”

“I was just in better spirits. It has been so long that I hadn’t come to the company. I felt boring. So, I came here without an invitation.”

“Not in the least. Manager Zhou has been working in the Song enterprise for a long time. You are the right-hand man of the elder. It is reasonable that you come to the company to have a look.”

Zhou Jian knew Mei Qi was smart. He also knew Mei Qi was not somehow fuel-efficient lamp. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be chosen by Song Yunxuan to be her assistant.

After talking with Mei Qi for a while, he said, “Yunxuan was an outsider before she entered into the company. But it was found that Old Song didn’t choose the wrong one. Yunxuan indeed was a great successor.”

The words were needless to say. It was obvious to all people in Yuncheng.

Nowadays Song Yunxuan had handled her brother decisively like cutting off some vegetables in the Song enterprise. She had started to handle her own sister.

Everyone knew that this daughter of the Song Family was hard to be trifled with.

The people in the upper class used to secretly laugh at the little girl who came from a town. Now they gradually created a new impression on Song Yunxuan.

Even some financial magazines compared her with the Yuncheng’s legendary girl Gu Changge after she entered the Song enterprise.

Zhou Jian sighed, “It was rare to see such smart girls in the business circle in Yuncheng.”

Then he seemed to recall something. He added, “Except Gu Changge who has already passed away.”

Saying that he showed pity, “Gu Changge indeed was a legend on running business. But she was unlucky to pass away so young.”

The sentence made Mei Qi’s eyes dark.

When Gu Changge was little, she called him teacher. He taught Gu Changge how to run business and deal with others.

But he didn’t expect that Gu Changge lived such a short life.

Such an intelligent girl passed away.

He didn’t want to continue the conversation. He reminded Zhou Jian, “Manager Zhou, please do not just talk to me. Manager Song is waiting for you.”

Being reminding by Mei Qi, Zhou Jian seemed to recall something and smiled, “Human being! If you get old, you would be garrulous. You see, when I started garrulous, I nearly forgot the important stuff.”

He smiled and made jokes with Mei Qi. Mei Qi accepted his attitude when he made fun.

After a few minutes when Zhao Yang arrived at Song Yunxuan’s office did Zhou Jian arrived.

Zhao Yang was surprised. He turned to look at Zhou Jian who gave him a wink. Then he coughed without saying anything.

There were only Zhao Yang, Zhou Jian, Mei Qi and Song Yunxuan in Song Yunxuan’s office.

The assistant went out after she served the coffee.

The four sat around the tea-table. Song Yunxuan smiled, “Uncle Zhou hadn’t come here for a long time. Do you feel better?”

“It’s much better as I rested this period at home.”

Song Yunxuan nodded. Zhao Yang meant to pull Zhou Jian back.

No one expected that after Zhou Jian said that sentence, he went on, “But the doctor in my house is alarmist. He said that once I start to work, the condition will get worse. Damn. These family doctors all like to scare patients.”

Taking a look at Zhao Yang’s stink face, Song Yunxuan denied her laugh and said, “Uncle Zhou, you should follow the doctor’s advice. You work for the Song enterprise for your whole life. Now you are aging. It’s time to have a rest.”

This obviously meant that Zhou Jian should retire.

Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian were cunning old foxes. They could definitely understand her meaning.

Zhou Jian understood what Song Yunxuan said. He showed no signs that he was unwilling to retire. He nodded with a smile, repeatedly saying that Song Yunxuan was right.

But Zhao Yang was unwilling. He frowned and looked at Song Yunxuan, “Though we are aging, we treat the Song enterprise like our own kid. We have cared for it for a whole life. We just wish the Song enterprise could be smooth. As long as we are not too old to walk, we will still be anxious about it. We have to give our hands to support it still.”

Song Yunxuan smiled, “Uncle Zhao is right.”

The words Zhao Yang said were high-sounding. Song Yunxuan knew his thoughts.

He just wanted to help Song Yunxuan. Compared to him, Zhou Jian was smarter than him.

Zhou Jian knew that they were in a busted flush after Song Yunqiang got jailed. He already started to arrange well his sunset.

But Zhao Yang still wanted to do something in the Song enterprise.

Nowadays Song Yunjia was stuck in the medical scandal. How many people in the Song enterprise would still support her?

She was curious.

“Uncle Zhao, uncle Zhou, today I asked someone to invite you here. I have another important issue actually.”

Zhou Jian drank coffee. He definitely knew what issue she was going to say. He still played the fool, “Yunxuan, what important issue you want to tell us?”

Song Yunxuan seemed to glance at Zhao Yang unconsciously, saying, “Recently my sister’s issue is a hype. My sister delays her work because of it. She asked me to give her a one-week off. I don’t know what uncles think if I permit her vacation at this point. Would that impact the Song enterprise?”

Zhao Yang could nearly imagine Song Yunxuan would announce the demotion to Song Yunjia the next.

So, he said immediately to stop Song Yunxuan’s words, “This thing was created out of thin air by the media, making Yunjia received so much blaming.”

“We all knew whether it was out of thin air or not. But if the media always contained at the front door of the Song enterprise, it will impact us.”

“If Yunjia has taken a week off, we could just tell the media about that. If we tell them, they would not contain at the front door of the Song enterprise like that.”

Song Yunxuan nodded, “I agree, so I just asked a staff to tell the journalists that my sister has had a week off.”

“If you have told the media, it would not be a big trouble.”

Song Yunxuan put her sight on Zhao Yang’s face, finding that Zhao Yang’s expression was kind of relaxed.

Zhao Yang was cunning. So was Zhou Jian.

It was hard for her to deal with two old foxes. But now Zhou Jian would not help Song Yunjia anymore, only leaving Zhou Yang to fight.

Zhou Yang wanted to keep Song Yunjia by himself. That was too vagarious.

After Zhao Yang said that, Song Yunxuan continued, “If the media could relieve, it will not bother staff in the Song enterprise to get in and out to work. I’m afraid that if the media knows the time when my sister will come back to work, they will continue. That will be trouble.”

Just a one-week vacation. But the scandal might not be pressed down in one week.

If the issue got more and more serious in a week, the journalists who came to contain would be more.

Song Yunxuan could figure out. Of course, Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian could understand as well.

Zhou Jian understood Song Yunxuan’s meaning. He was wondering whether he should follow Song Yunxuan’s words.

Zhao Yang was in a dark face. He was afraid that Zhou Jian would say something terrible.

But what he was afraid of just happened. He even couldn’t give Zhou Jian a wink before he started to talk.

Zhou Jian said, “Yunjia is in a high position. It will cause great influence if she leaves for so long time. Why not just demote her and extend her vacation properly?”

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