Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 290 - Move into the Shao Family

Chapter 290 Move into the Shao Family

She seemed to hear the funniest joke in the world.

Song Yunjia asked the dean, “Why would I quit?”

The dean looked at her sad look and couldn’t help but say, “Yunjia, I know you have worked hard for many years here, but there are some things that can’t be changed anyway.”

“Do you mean that I compete with Gu Changle for Tianze?”

The dean nodded, “I can see that Tianze really likes Miss Changle while he and you are just normal colleagues and friends.”

“I don’t believe it.”

Song Yunjia said absolutely.

She did not believe that Shao Tianze had no affection for her. She had met Shao Tianze earlier than Gu Changge. She had been with Shao Tianze for so many years. She had been willing to do everything for Shao Tianze.

She was willing to help him with even the most dangerous things.

But what about Gu Changle? She was always ill, and she was a burden. She couldn’t even have a baby with Shao Tianze.

If Shao Tianze chose her, he would be 100 times happier than that with Gu Changle.

She believed so. So, she was always standing by Shao Tianze’s side.

She believed that as long as she stayed with him, he would find that she loved him more than anyone else when he looked back after a while.

She believed that Shao Tianze would come to realize and be with her.

However, it was too late this time.

It was so late that she felt she couldn’t endure anymore.

She turned around and walked outside.

Seeing her walking outside, the hospital president thought she was going to do something impulsive. He couldn’t help but followed some steps and called her, “Yunjia, what are you going to do?”

When Song Yunjia stepped out of the door, she paused slightly and said absolutely, “I want to take back what belongs to me.”

Shao Tianze should like her.

She had done so much for him and Shao Tianze should be with her.

She didn’t want to continue to endure. Since Gu Changle had already been against her, why didn’t she fight back freely?

Maybe after this time, Shao Tianze might choose her.

She went down to the parking lot to drive.

However, as soon as she left the hospital, she heard the sound of a police car.

The moment when she stepped out of the hospital’s main entrance, she saw someone wearing a Yuncheng police uniform approaching her.

Next to the police, a reporter pointed at her, “It’s her. She ran over Yang Qing.”

When the police came towards her, Song Yunjia’s mind was a little flustered. However, she quickly remembered the reporter she had knocked down when she left her community.

Did the reporter die after being hit?

She pursed her lips and wanted to turn around and run away.

However, the only rational mind left told her that she should not turn around and run away at this time.

She needed to stay here. Otherwise, turning around and running away would only make her a hit-and-run driver. And it would cause difficulties for those who would come to bail her.

The police stepped forward and showed the documents to prove their identity. Then they went straight to the subject, “Miss Song, someone called the police and said that you had run away after causing a car accident. Please come with us to the police station.”

Song Yunjia did not refuse but said, “This may be a misunderstanding.”

“You could defend yourself when you are at the police station.”

Song Yunjia said calmly, “Please let me call my lawyer.”

The police had no right to refuse her to call her lawyer.

However, instead of calling her lawyer, Song Yunjia called Shao Tianze.

Half an hour after Song Yunjia arrived at the police station, Shao Tianze brought his lawyer to bail her out of the Yuncheng Police Station.

Shao Tianze didn’t understand, “What’s going on?”

Touching her forehead, Song Yunjia responded in a bad mood, “The reporter blocked me in my neighborhood and asked some questions that came out of nothing. In anxiety, I stepped on the gas pedal and knocked down a reporter.”

Shao Tianze was dissatisfied with her impulsive behavior, “How could you be so impulsive?”

“Sorry. It was my fault. At the time I didn’t know what to do.”

Seeing that her emotions were on the verge of collapse, Shao Tianze didn’t blame her too much but said, “I’ll handle this for you.”

She knew that Shao Tianze would help her deal with it because it was nothing compared to the previous medical accident.

Shao Tianze said, “Fortunately, the person you hit did not have serious injuries. But the machine was broken. The one was slightly concussed. It’s a blessing in misfortune.”

Song Yunjia nodded, “I will compensate him for the broken machine.”

Thinking of her being surrounded by so many reporters in the morning, Shao Tianze reminded her, “You should find somewhere else to live.”

Song Yunjia said in surprise, “Change my living place?”

“Now, the place where you live is known to reporters. Until the medical accident is over, the reporter will always wait for you in front of your door. If you don’t want to be troubled all the time, it is better to live in another place. ”

Speaking of moving, Shao Tianze thought of the mansion of the Song Family.

“You also have the right to live in the Song house. You can move back.”

Song Yunjia had moved out of the Song house. And when she moved out, she vowed not to return.

Moreover, Song Yunxuan’s attitude was that once she moved out, she should not think she could move back.

Now, it was not easy for her to move back.

She shook her head with frustrated eyes, “I can’t go back there.”

“Even if Song Yunxuan lives in the Song house alone, she has no right to reject you. If you return to the house, those annoying reporters will be much less.”

Song Yunjia looked up, “Why?”

As he was driving out, Shao Tianze unhurriedly slowed down before the red light and pulled the handbrake, “Because Song Yunxuan is not a person who likes noisy. I have sent someone to check it. After staying in front of the Song’s mansion only for a day, those reporters were driven away by Song Yunxuan.”

“But I don’t want to go back to live.”

Song Yunjia refused.

Shao Tianze did not continue to force her but just reminded her, “A lot of journalists will chase you for a while. You’d better consider moving. Would you like to find a house by yourself or I help you with it?”

Song Yunjia declined Shao Tianze’s help, “I can handle this myself.”

Shao Tianze nodded and drove her back to her apartment.

Song Yunjia held the idea of trusting to luck about moving before she arrived home. She didn’t want to move. If the reporters chased and stopped her, she would be fine to stay at home and reduce the frequency of going out.

However, when she arrived at the door of her house accompanied by Shao Tianze, she saw a mess in front of her door.

There was a pit smashed by a sharp weapon on a high-end security door and a word—death—was written by blood-red paint on the wall.

Song Yunjia had never been threatened in this way. She stood still, and her eyes popped with terror for a while.

Seeing this scene, Shao Tianze couldn’t help but tighten his eyebrows.

It seemed that someone in Yuncheng had developed extreme aversion and hatred for Song Yunjia.

Corruption of medical ethics could indeed arouse public anger.

Song Yunjia had to move.

Shao Tianze took out his mobile phone, “This is terrible. I’ll call the police.”

Song Yunjia grabbed his hand, “No. Don’t call the police. I’ll just move.”

Shao Tianze was very worried, “This time it is intimidation. The next time it may get worse. It is better to call the police.”

Shao Tianze’s words made sense.

Song Yunjia took out the key to open the door. Unfortunately, the keyhole was also blocked with glue.

After Shao Tianze called the police, the police came over to take a look and take notes.

Song Yunjia’s face grew paler.

Shao Tianze helped her find someone to unlock the door and then supported her to walk into the house.

The home was not damaged, and everything was very neat.

Shao Tianze gave her a glass of water from the kitchen.

After pulling her long hair behind her ears, Song Yunjia immediately started consulting the housing agent and the moving company.

However, to her surprise, after knowing her name, each agency said that no landlord was willing to rent the house to her every time they called to ask them.

She consulted several companies in succession and each responded to her like this.

A little frustrated, she just left the phone off and put her hands to her face, trying to calm down.

Looking at her like this, Shao Tianze said after thinking for a moment, “You can move to one of my houses.”

“Forget it. I just stay here. Even if I move, those people will surely find and come to destroy my new home.”

She covered her face with her hands. Although it was simple to say, her mood was very bad.

She had never suffered such grievances in her life. Before, Song Yan had put her in his palm and taken care of her.

But now everything had changed.

The old accident was exposed. And in a flash, she couldn’t even find a place to settle in Yuncheng.

After she lost all reputation, everyone considered her as a shameless scum. Public outcry had driven her to the teeth of the storm.

She had become a target of public criticism in Yuncheng.

“I never thought that there would be such a day before.” She covered her face with her hands as tears couldn’t help but came out through her fingers.

Her back was fragile and weak. Her long hair was sorrowful. Her body shuddered slightly because of crying and her long hair slipped off her thin back.

Song Yunjia that Shao Tianze had seen before was confident and beautiful.

In his anticipation, Song Yunjia might not have the appearance of painful weeping for a lifetime.

However, Song Yunjia now seemed to be forced into despair.

And he failed to help her in time to prevent her from falling into a desperate situation.

He put his hand on Song Yunjia’s back gently and said with a soft voice, “Live with me.”

Song Yunjia’s body was stiff for a moment but she still lowered her head and didn’t move.

Seeing that she didn’t move, Shao Tianze said again, “Come and live in my house. Live with us.”

“You?” Song Yunjia looked up and asked him.

Shao Tianze nodded, “Changle and me. Come and live with us.”

Living with Shao Tianze was her dream. But living with Gu Changle did not make her happy.

She did not answer Shao Tianze immediately.

Shao Tianze believed that she was going to refuse. So, he said, “You can live in the Shao’s house for a time. Reporters will not make a fuss about the Shao Family so you can temporarily live a peaceful life.”

Song Yunjia lowered her eyes and expressed worry, “But Changle….”

“Changle won’t refuse. Would you like to come to live in the Shao’s house?” Shao Tianze spoke softly, and his eyes fascinated her.

Although Song Yunjia’s voice was trembling slightly, she spat out clearly, “Yes.”

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