Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 282 - The Han Family Called to Account

Chapter 282 The Han Family Called to Account

When Song Yunxuan set foot on the land of Yuncheng, she knew the Song Family would face dramatic changes this time in Yuncheng.

Mei Qi was waiting for her at the airport. She got Song Yunying’s phone call shortly after she deplaned.

Song Yunying had minor conflicts with Xue Tao.

Xue Tao took a woman home for the night again.

That young woman was very disrespectful to her, so Song Yunying slapped her heavily.

The young woman naturally didn’t dare to be so rampant to slap back in front of Song Yunying. However, she just tattled to Xue Tao with tears.

She gave Xue Tao several days of pillow talk in a row. As a result, when Xue Tao was drunk to return home, he made use of his mild drunkenness to push Song Yunying down the stairs.

Song Yunxuan wasn’t in Yuncheng at that time, so Song Yunying found Mei Qi.

Mei Qi just told Song Yunxuan about this matter after she came back.

Song Yunxuan just sneered. “Xue Tao never tries to get rid of the bad habit that he likes to hang out with other women. Will he stop only after really meeting with some big troubles?”

Mei Qi got it. “You mean…”

Song Yunxuan slightly stopped her smile on the face. She was clearly not in the mood to care about Song Yunying’s affairs at this moment.

“Anyway, Song Yunying is my second older sister. She hasn’t tripped me up recently. I don’t want to be too ruthless. You just go to find out the background of that woman and ask her how much she wants.”

Mei Qi followed her to walk out. “If this woman could be dismissed with money, she wouldn’t have given the pillow talk to Xue Tao.”

Song Yunxuan didn’t approve. “It is not that she cannot be dismissed with money, but that she is a little greedier than the average material girls.”

She always knew that there was no shortage of greedy women in this world. However, just because these greedy women had such a fatal weakness, they were more likely to be bought over and made use of.

Receiving Song Yunxuan’s order, Mei Qi then started to investigate that woman who gave the pillow talk to Xue Tao.

Song Yunxuan planned to go straight back to the company. But she just saw that a group of people flooded into the airport before she could walk out of the customs.

Those people seemed to have been waiting for her on the tiptoe of expectation for a long time. Seeing her walk out, their eyes all began to shine. “It’s Song Yunxuan in the Song Family!”

“Song Yunxuan walked out!”

“She is the younger sister of Song Yunjia!”

Seeing that the media reporters came to her in great numbers from afar, Song Yunxuan knew that it would be an important appearance next.

She slightly adjusted her expression, trying to show an appropriate facial expression in front of the cameras of the media to express her attitude after knowing that her own sister was slandered so badly.

Seeing her, the journalists all rushed up with microphones and asked, “Miss Song, as the hostess of the Song Family, what do you think of your sister Song Yunjia’s terrible behaviors when she worked in the hospital?”

Song Yunxuan was slightly stunned. It seemed that she didn’t hear clearly the question of the journalists. “What are you talking about?”

Seeing her innocent and blank face, the journalists were slightly stunned as well.

Then, they took a tumble. “Miss Song. You may not know clearly about it because of the business trip these days. Someone exposed a great amount of evidence to prove that your elder sister Song Yunjia murdered a patient while she worked in the hospital, and she used some despicable tricks to make the patient’s family members have nowhere to redress an injustice. What do you think of Miss Song Yunjia?”

Apparently, the journalists just wanted to see whether Song Yunxuan would add insult to injury at this crucial moment as her younger sister.

Of course, Song Yunxuan would be so silly to insult her own sister. She seriously stared at the journalist with the microphone in front of her. “Don’t spread rumors if you don’t have hard evidence. My sister has been a doctor for so many years. I really believe in her medical ethics and her personality. I believe that she wouldn’t do such a terrible thing.”

The journalists were all stunned when hearing her answer.

Then, several journalists shook their heads. They knew Song Yunxuan wasn’t someone incapable, so they began to ask some other questions.

But some journalists were still badgering her with the topic that Song Yunjia did something harmful to her medical ethics.

The cameras of the media showed Song Yunxuan’s every tiny facial expression on the big screen.

At the biggest intersection in Yuncheng, the huge LCD screen was broadcasting live. Countless people in Yuncheng saw Song Yunxuan stating clearly her stand when they were waiting for the traffic light.

Some people slightly shook their heads and sighed while others just faintly sneered.

Shao Tianze was just upset about Song Yunjia’s affairs. Seeing that Song Yunxuan appeared on the LCD screen, he still couldn’t help cocking his lips coldly.

Gu Changle arrived at the Shao enterprise. Seeing that Shao Tianze was sneering in front of the LCD screen, she immediately became vigilant.

Following his eyes to look over, she just saw Song Yunxuan’s face on the LCD screen.

Gu Changle softly went over. The noise alerted Shao Tianze.

Shao Tianze turned his head slightly. His eyes became much gentler instantly, and he also stopped sneering when he saw Gu Changle. “Why are you in the company?”

Gu Changle smiled gently. “Since Gu Yi and Miaomiao went abroad, I have been really bored at home. So, I just wanted to come to see you.”

Shao Tianze asked her to sit next to him. He asked her considerately, “Is your morning sickness getting better?”

“Much better.” She slightly drooped her eyelids. Her slim and weak body made Shao Tianze take pity on her.

Song Yunxuan’s face had been flashing on the LCD screen next to them. Gu Changle stealthily looked at Shao Tianze’s expression and then asked puzzledly, “Why was Song Yunxuan broadcast on TV suddenly?”

“Oh, she just walked out of the airport in Yuncheng. Recently, Song Yunjia has met with a lot of troubles. The journalists inevitably think that she is the troublemaker. Therefore, they are testing and trying to know her attitude.”

Gu Changle smiled. “Song Yunxuan isn’t silly. Even if she really did something in the dark to frame Yunjia, she will not speak ill of Yunjia in front of the media.”

Shao Tianze approved. “You’re right.”

Then, looking at the scene on the LCD screen that Song Yunxuan left the journalists and was protected to get into the car, he raised his lips and smiled. “She dissimulated very well.”

Hearing that he said these words, Gu Changle suddenly felt relieved a lot.

Shao Tianze didn’t know that it was she who dug out Song Yunjia’s past. And he put all his suspicion on Song Yunxuan now.

Song Yunxuan was an appropriate person to take the blame for her in the teeth of the storm.

Gu Changle felt relieved in her mind, but she didn’t appreciate Song Yunxuan at all.

Because her relationship with Song Yunxuan had never been good.

She disliked both these two sisters of the Song Family. But compared with Song Yunxuan, she hated Song Yunjia even more.

So, she was willing to do everything that could set Song Yunjia in trouble.

Gu Changle nestled in the arms of Shao Tianze. She didn’t chat with him about the business. Instead, appearing like a young and innocent girl, she gently began to talk about other topics with him.

“Tianze, Miaomiao and Gu Yi have gone to Itali for a long time. Should we spare some time to visit them? After all, they are so young.”

Actually, she didn’t want to see those two kids Gu Changge left at all. She just wanted to know where these two kids lived now.

Once she knew the exact address of the two children, she could find ways to create various accidents to kill them once and for all.

Gu Changle was maliciously thinking about that in her mind, but there was not any hideous expression on her face. Even the light in her eyes was so soft just like a mother full of love.

She was the best performer. She had been performing in Gu Family for so many years, but no one could unmask her. Besides, no one could figure out what she actually thought in her mind.

She believed that Shao Tianze would tell her the address of the two kids in Itali.

However, she just gently looked at him.

Shao Tianze just watched her carefully for a few seconds and then smiled gently, reaching out his hand and putting it on her abdomen. “They are too naughty. If we go to see them now, your nourishing the fetus will be influenced and delayed. We can go to see them after you get well.”

Shao Tianze refused it.

Gu Changle’s soft expression on the face became frozen for a while.

Shao Tianze unexpectedly refused to let her meet the two kids of Gu Changge. And even he kept tight-lipped about their address in Itali.

She didn’t know the reason. But she was very clear in her mind about what to do now.

She couldn’t be angry. And she couldn’t even show any malicious expression on her face.

She smiled softly, expressing her great appreciation for his consideration. “Tianze, you are always thoughtful.”

Shao Tianze stood up. “I will go to get you some water.”

Gu Changle wanted to say that she was not thirsty. But Shao Tianze didn’t intend to ask for her advice at all. Immediately, she understood that Shao Tianze didn’t mean to get her some water. He just wanted to find an opportunity to leave her.

It must be the topic she just mentioned that made Shao Tianze unhappy.

She slightly frowned. Sitting on the sofa alone, she wanted to redeem her image in Shao Tianze’s mind a little.

Shao Tianze liked Gu Changle. Because compared to Gu Changge, Gu Changle knew better how to please a man.

Gu Changle would never talk to him in a manner that made him feel tough and indifferent.

He liked girls with such a gentle attitude.

Song Yunjia couldn’t get rid of the nightmare.

After knowing that Song Yunxuan got back to Yuncheng, she looked at her performance on the TV screen as soon as possible.

Song Yunxuan said that she didn’t believe that her older sister would do such a horrible thing that betrayed the medical ethics.

She sneered, saying in a cold voice to the TV screen, “You just said like that. But actually, your heart is so malicious, Song Yunxuan.”

She knew that Song Yunxuan hated her.

She knew that Song Yunxuan regarded her as a thorn in her flesh.

But she didn’t understand how Song Yunxuan got the information. Also, where was the Han Family now?

She couldn’t figure it out at all.

When she was ruminating on the sofa, the nanny in the kitchen came to call her. “Miss Song, your dinner is ready.”

She stood up to have dinner. Because of the Han Family, she didn’t sleep well at night these days. So, she just slept in bed during the daytime.

But every time she closed her eyes, Gu Changge’s face would appear before her eyes, more or less.

She hated Gu Changge’s face. But that face had been lingering in front of her all the time.

Even just the expression in her impression could make her feel scared.

After all, dreaming of Gu Changge who was dead was not a thing that could make her in a good humor.

She got up and walked to the dining room to have dinner.

She didn’t turn off the TV, which was playing programs in the living room. It was just advertising time when she got up to leave.

She took two steps. After that, she was just about to ask the nanny to turn it off.

But at that time, she heard the broadcast sound with clear articulation and a mellow and full tune on the TV. “Welcome back! Our program has just received a piece of news that the People’s Hospital in Yuncheng will hold a press conference at eight o’clock tonight. During the conference, the family members of the dead having a medical accident in those days will stand out and speak out. Next, please follow the cameras of our journalists to take a look at the press conference.”

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