Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 281 - Icing on the Cake

Chapter 281 Icing on the Cake

Song Yunxuan had been staying in B City.

Song Yunjia had no time to check where she was exactly. She was just contacting all her interpersonal connections in Yuncheng to contain the Han Family, wanting to keep the Han Family out of Yuncheng.

However, she used all her interpersonal connections in Yuncheng to investigate them all night but attained nothing about the Han Family.

Even the scrutiny was the same, the next day.

The Han Family seemed to disappear from the world completely with no tidings since they left B City.

Shao Tianze returned to Yuncheng soon. He met with Song Yunjia as soon as possible.

Song Yunjia stayed up all night. She looked awful. There were dark circles under her eyes.

She walked anxiously to Shao Tianze when she saw him. She asked, “How about the Han Family?”

Shao Tianze still wanted to ask her about the information of the Han Family. But she asked ahead of him. He could only shake his head. “I ordered them to search in B City, but I haven’t received any news of the Han Family.”

“But there is not any news that the Han Family has arrived in Yuncheng as well.”

Shao Tianze frowned. “Is it possible that they have already arrived while you haven’t received the news?”

“It can’t be that!” Song Yunjia denied it firmly.

If they arrived here, she would have no opportunity to save her reputation.

She couldn’t imagine the consequences of the fact that the Han Family had already arrived here.

She rejected it in her heart seriously.

Shao Tianze frowned. He put the cashmere coat which was over his arm on the back of the sofa in the office. Then he sat down and looked up at her. “Maybe, they just don’t want to get involved in this matter and have already left?”

“Maybe.” Song Yunjia was a little unsure. It would be best if the Han Family just left this matter alone. But the possibility was too small to even convince herself.

Shao Tianze was also agitated in his mind. But he just didn’t show anything on his face.

He looked down and thought for a while. He comforted her. “You didn’t fall asleep all night yesterday, did you?”

Song Yunjia nodded. She rubbed the middle of her brows. “How could I still fall asleep when facing such terrible things?”

“Just go back to have a rest. I will help you with the next things first. I will inform you immediately once I know something.”


Song Yunjia still wanted to say something.

But Shao Tianze looked straight at her and said lightly, “If we don’t have the initiative to manage the thing, we can only try to figure out how to face the difficulties coming on the way.”

Song Yunjia pursed her lips.

Shao Tianze asked her, “Do you agree with me?”

Song Yunjia looked down and nodded silently.

Shao Tianze prepared for the worst.

Shao Tianze also didn’t believe that the Han Family would let the thing go and not pursue it so easily, so he had already planned to get her to deal with it head-on.

Song Yunjia went home in a low mood.

Seeing that she left, Shao Tianze raised his hand and pinched the bridge of his nose. “This younger sister of her is really wily.”

He was quite sure that the one who wanted Song Yunjia to lose all her reputation was just Song Yunxuan.

Because if Song Yunjia lost all her reputation, Song Yunxuan would be the biggest beneficiary.

Song Yunqiang was not in the Song Family anymore. Song Yunying had already defected. If Song Yunxuan expelled the only remaining one, Song Yunjia, the Song enterprise would totally belong to her.

Though Song Yan died, the little girl he left really owned wild ambitions in her mind.

Shao Tianze felt it was a little nerve-racking.

Song Yunxuan stayed for two days in B City before she went back to Yuncheng.

But she didn’t directly return to the Song enterprise or the old house of the Song Family in Yuncheng.

Instead, she went to the Buddhist temple on the Fragrant Hill in Yuncheng.

The temple was on the hillside. It was a cold winter. The leaves had already fallen off.

The bare branches layer upon layer covered the whole Fragrant Hill.

She went up the hill on her own without any followers around her.

The driver of the Song enterprise waited for her at the foot of the hill.

She wore a pair of soft kid gloves and came to the temple.

After that, there were several citizens who came here to pray coming out.

Song Yunxuan covered half of her face with her scarf. No one recognized that she was the little girl of the Song Family who had recently appeared frequently in financial magazines.

Looking around the quiet and beautiful environment of the temple after she entered it, she couldn’t help shaking her head with a smile.

Gu Changge could be regarded as a legendary woman in the commercial world all her life. When she was alive, she thought that after she died, she would be buried under the Alps or in a pasture in Natherlands.

But she never guessed that she couldn’t make up her own decision about the affairs at all after she died.

Gu Changle and Shao Tianze scattered her ashes into the sea optionally.

She even didn’t know where her ashes went. She really came to a terrible end where no bones or ashes were left.

She followed the lead of the abbot to find Gu Changge’s memorial tablet.

The abbot left quietly and considerately.

Song Yunxuan had come here twice. But each time she left, she would give them plenty of money for donation.

She reached out her hand gently and touched the name engraved on the tablet. Her lips opened and closed gently. “Gu Changge.”

Gu Changge smiled softly on the black-and-white photo.

Song Yunxuan could not help showing a wry smile gently. “Please rest in peace! The grudges between you and Song Yunjia will be solved soon.”

She got three sticks of incense and lit them. Then she inserted them into the small incense burner in front of the tombstone. She said naturally like having a small talk with someone about the household stuff, “Gu Yi and Miaomiao were sent to Itali by Shao Tianze. I’m so worried about those two kids. I can’t obtain the news about them for the time being. I have to rely on Gu Changle to investigate where those two kids live now.”

She, of course, had ever thought about letting Shao Xue investigate where they lived.

But the only one who could make Shao Tianze unguarded now was just Gu Changle.

“If Gu Changle knows the specific location of those two kids, they will be in danger probably, but you can rest assured. And I will get them beside me before she finds them.”

How much love could Shao Tianze have for these two kids?

These two kids were just the bond to maintain their marital relationship when Gu Changge was alive. Now she died, and these two kids had lost their most important effect and became meaningless now.

Gu Changle regarded these two kids left by her sister as thorns in her flesh.

It would be the best choice if she could get those two kids by her side to protect them.

She watched the photo on the tombstone. She smiled. “I don’t know what Shao Tianze is thinking. But I don’t think he has many feelings for those two kids. After all, by a form of transference, how could he love those two kids while he hates Gu Changge so much?”

The photo on the tombstone just watched her with a smile. It couldn’t answer her at all.

She looked at the sky far away.

It was a cold winter. The branches were all bare. With the cloudy day, everything she could see was in a haze, making everyone here feel humid and depressed.

Gu Changge was buried in such a place.

Would Song Yunjia and Shao Tianze feel even a little guilty because they murdered Gu Changge?

She looked at the sky and sighed gently.

Almost at the same time, in Song Yunjia’s apartment, Song Yunjia, who was sleeping soundly, suddenly jumped up from her bed in fear.

The scream went through the door and alarmed the hourly employee who came to clean up.

The hourly employee hurriedly came over and knocked at the door of her bedroom after hearing her scream. “Miss Song? What’s wrong with you, Miss Song?”

Song Yunjia sat up in bed. The cold sweat covered her forehead, and she was frightened.

The sound of knocking at the door drew back her frightened thoughts.

The hourly employee was still knocking at the door. “Miss Song?”

“… I’m fine.” She answered.

The hourly employee outside the door stopped knocking at her door after hearing that. She went back to go on finishing her job.

Song Yunjia raised her hand and combed her wild hair back. She lowered her head and breathed a long sigh of relief. She felt lucky. “It just turns out to be a dream…”

Fortunately, it was just a dream.

But the dream really scared her.

She never dreamed of Gu Changge after she died. But just now she felt like being trapped by a nightmare when she was sleeping. Gu Changge’s face flooded into her eyes.

Gu Changge’s voice lingered in her ears.

She coldly questioned her in her ears all the time…

“Why did you murder me?”

“Why did you murder me with Shao Tianze?”

“Why did you treat me like that?”

Her queries were severe, indifferent, and full of resentment, making Song Yunjia feel cold all over even in the dream.

She raised her hand and covered her forehead, trying to calm herself down.

However, she couldn’t help recalling the face of Gu Changge over and over again in her mind.

She saw the cold appearance she showed when she first met her. And later, she was filled with jealousy and became mad, trying to murder her.

Her face appearing in her dream was just like the cold jade, while her eyes were just bloody with hostility full of hidden bitterness.

It was just like demanding her life.

She couldn’t help trembling her body. Her emotional fluctuation was even severer. She couldn’t tell what her mood was. But she began to be terribly upset in her mind.

She couldn’t help reaching out her hand to cover her face, only to touch the hot tears that came out of her eyes.

She raised her hand and wiped off the tears. Then she looked down at her hand.

It was her tears.

She was actually shedding tears.

She looked at her hand blankly. She couldn’t figure out why she was shedding tears. Was she afraid of the nightmare?

She had been a doctor for so many years, conducting operations so many times. She had seen so much flesh and blood with countless lives. When she took Gu Changge’s heart out with her own hands, she was even mad and excited in her mind.

She was soft on the surface. But she had a heart as malicious as snakes and scorpions, which could not be invaded by any kind of poison. But what was wrong with her right now?

Why was she afraid?

Gu Changge had already died. No matter what tricks she could play, she never had the chance to show. So why was she frightened and afraid now?

She didn’t figure it out. She just stared at the tears on her fingers in a daze.

The mobile phone beside the bed suddenly rang after she lost her mind for a while.

It was the sound of a message. She didn’t react.

She didn’t want to see any message right now.

If there was something important, Shao Tianze would make a phone call to inform her in person.

He would not send a message.

There was no sunshine outside the window.

It was almost sunset.

She was in a daze and sat blankly in her bed.

There were so many farraginous frames flashing in her mind while anything was just about Gu Changge.

She was jealous of Gu Changge. She had been jealous of her since she knew Shao Tianze.

They were all born in a commercial family. Why was she full of love for Shao Tianze while he just cared about Gu Changge only?

What was the enchantment of a woman who didn’t understand love affairs like Gu Changge?

But Shao Tianze liked her and married her.

No, it was wrong. Shao Tianze didn’t like her, but he just tried to take advantage of her.

However, they got married for so many years. Even if he wanted to take advantage of her, she was really jealous of her for the fact that Shao Tianze treated her well and even became mad.

Even if he just hooked up, she hated Gu Changge very much for the fact that she gained everything.

She gradually clenched her fingers tightly. Her brows also frowned tightly.

She didn’t dare to admit it all the time.

Also, she didn’t want to.

In fact, she felt inferior when she faced Gu Changge.

Gu Changge was totally different from her. Her beauty seemed to shine in the sunshine. Even if she didn’t have perfect love, she could still make so many men scramble for her.

She was jealous of her.

She wanted her to die very much.

So, she died, and she was just full of joy.

She didn’t expect that she would be scared one day at all.

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