Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 283 - Stand Out and Speak Out

Chapter 283 Stand Out and Speak Out

Song Yunjia felt that the whole body’s blood seemed to be frozen when she heard the words said by the compere on the LCD screen.

Seeing that she hadn’t come after a long time, the nanny shouted again, “Miss Song, it’s time to eat.”

Song Yunjia’s body was tottering slightly, and her eyes widened little by little.

As the picture on the LCD screen flashed and changed, the long-lost face of the Han Family appeared inside.

Although Han Mei’s father became older after a lapse of seven years, the anger on his face was the same as before and never diminished.

He faced the camera lens, and the anger in his eyes was so evident.

For his dead daughter, he wanted to appeal and call to account. He wanted everyone in Yuncheng to know that Song Yunjia killed his daughter in the abnormal operation seven years ago.

This person wanted to ruin her reputation!

Song Yunjia shuddered all over angrily with fear.

She had worked hard for so many years, and she would be wholly ruined today!

“No… No…” She whispered incredibly, “They shouldn’t have been here. Why are they here?”

The Han Family should have been blocked outside Yuncheng. Why did they suddenly appear in Yuncheng?

Before the press conference, she hadn’t gotten any trace of the Han Family. Why did the Han Family suddenly appear in Yuncheng as if with wings?

This was unreasonable.

This was not right.

Things should not have developed like this.

Her eyes were at sea as she was overwhelmed by helplessness and fear.

After standing dully for a while, she turned around swiftly to pick up the phone in the living room and quickly searched Shao Tianze’s phone number from her mind. Then she called Shao Tianze.

She didn’t know what to do now. Only Shao Tianze! Only Shao Tianze could guide her on what to do next.

The call to Shao Tianze was not answered immediately. The unanswered busy tone kept her heart sinking endlessly.

She felt terror.

Compared to the current emergency, it was more deadly that she couldn’t get Shao Tianze’s help.

However, no matter how urgently she hoped that Shao Tianze could pick up the phone, the other end was always a busy tone.

Then, after a long busy tone, it was a mechanical voice telling her that there was no one to answer.

In an instant, her heart sank to the bottom.

Did Shao Tianze abandon her?

“No…” She shook her head. Like a person on the verge of despair holding the last lifesaving straw for help, she started calling Shao Tianze more frantically and repeatedly.

Shao Tianze should not miss her call.

Shao Tianze had known her for so long, and if she encountered any difficulties, Shao Tianze would help her definitely.

She repeatedly called his number, almost insanely.

However, Shao Tianze in Shao Family just listened to the repeated ringing of the phone in the living room and did not intend to answer the call at all.

Gu Changle stepped out of the bedroom and stepped down from the second floor on the soft red carpet.

She frowned and looked at the phone that had rung for a long time in the living room with a puzzled face. Then she turned to look at Shao Tianze. “Why didn’t the servant answer the phone?”

Shao Tianze said lightly, “I didn’t allow.”

Gu Changle already understood it in her mind and thought it must be the phone call from Song Yunjia.

She just learned from the mobile phone broadcast that the Han Family had arrived in Yuncheng and held a press conference with the help of the People’s Hospital.

Things went far beyond her expectations and went more smoothly than she had imagined.

She liked this progress and felt happy for Song Yunjia’s rapid action in her mind.

However, her happiness couldn’t be shown in front of Shao Tianze.

She needed to pretend that she knew nothing all the time.

She should always stay in a state where she knew nothing and destroy Song Yunjia little by little.

“Who’s calling?”

She went down the stairs and walked towards the phone.

Shao Tianze saw that she was going to answer the phone and stopped her, saying, “It’s Yunjia. Don’t answer it.”

Gu Changle showed a more puzzled expression. “Since it is Yunjia, why didn’t you pick it up? She may have something urgent.”

“I know she’s urgent.” Shao Tianze said with gloomy eyes, “But now I haven’t thought of a better way to help her yet, so there is no way to pacify her.”

Shao Tianze couldn’t think of any way to stifle the Han Family’s mouth in this situation.

The Han Family had come to Yuncheng silently and hadn’t been blocked by his people.

They also held a press conference in front of the media with the help of the People’s Hospital. All of this was beyond his expectations.

Some people were helping Han Mei’s family. These people just wanted Song Yunjia to feel the despair of being utterly discredited at a loss.

Perhaps, they also wanted to ruin his plan of making use of Song Yunjia to acquire the Song enterprise into his hands.

Their things went smoothly. Under such circumstances, even he was unable to prevent anything.

Therefore, even if Song Yunjia called him for help, he had no way to help her.

Since he was unable to help her, what difference did it make to pick up the phone or not for the time being?

Gu Changle followed the topic to extend and asked him, still pretending to know nothing, “What happened?”

Shao Tianze raised his eyes to look at her. “The family members of the patient whom Song Yunjia killed by mistake seven years ago are now coming to blame her.”

Gu Changle also knew how things developed after Song Yunjia killed the patient, so the expression she showed was a little surprised. “Wasn’t everything suppressed in those days? Why now…”

It seemed that she couldn’t figure it out.

Shao Tianze also couldn’t figure it out, could he?

“I don’t know who is helping the Han Family return to Yuncheng, and I also don’t know what power she used to send the Han Family to the press conference so smoothly. However, just thinking about what the Han Family will say at the press conference this time is enough to make Yunjia feel horrified.”

Gu Changle also looked worried. “Yunjia is now waging a tit-for-tat struggle against Song Yunxuan in the Song enterprise. If the Han Family is going to tell everything that happened in those days at the press conference, the impact on Yunjia will be unpredictable. It is extremely terrible.”

Gu Changle also panicked a little. “How should we help Yunjia?”

Shao Tianze shook his head. “We can’t help her right now. Think again when the press conference is over.”

The press conference held by the Han Family was destined to attract the attention of all the people in Yuncheng.

Moreover, Han Mei’s father was repeatedly questioned by the reporters on the spot at the press conference about the details of Han Mei’s death in those days. He also showed extreme anger and pain and even appeared to be over-emotional a few times.

All the reporters present could feel the anger and sadness of Han Mei’s father and his family about the incident in those days.

The reporters present were also touched by the performance of Han Mei’s father.

They started asking Song Yunjia to take responsibility.

As the press conference went on, the truth of the incident that Song Yunjia caused Han Mei’s death during the operation in those days and used illegal means to threaten the Han Family to stop pursuing the appeal and asking her to take responsibility came to the surface completely.

The conclusive evidence was taken out one by one.

All the people in Yuncheng had significantly reduced the beautiful image of the rich young lady, Song Yunjia, because of this incident in their hearts.

Some media even made insinuations and accusations against Song Yunjia before the press conference was over.

Normally, the press conference was broadcast live on Yuncheng Satellite TV.

This matter had received unprecedented attention.

Like everyone else in Yuncheng who was concerned about this matter, Song Yunxuan watched the full record of the press conference on TV at 8 o’clock in the evening.

The angry attitude of Han Mei’s father at the press conference could arouse the anger and sympathy of the reporters present even without inciting.

Everyone knew that Song Yunjia was a pearl in the palm of the Song Family.

She was the rightful young lady in the Song Family, having been held lovingly in the palms of Song Yan, who had always taken good care of and supported her.

In those days, to keep her working in the People’s Hospital and to maintain the good reputation of the young lady in the Song Family, it was not surprising that they coerced the Han Family.

However, what was done in those days was made public today.

Things that hadn’t destroyed Song Yunjia seven years ago were able to destroy her at present.

At that time, Song Yunjia had been protected by her father, Song Yan, but now Song Yunjia had nothing.

Listening to the sound of the live press conference on the TV channel, Song Yunxuan held the coffee cup in her hand and lazily shook it. “Maybe, my older sister is still calling for help from Shao Tianze now. However, Shao Tianze is still hesitating whether he should intervene in this knotty matter himself explicitly.”

Shao Tianze had always been a very calculating and thoughtful person.

On the surface, he seemed not to care about gains and losses, but in fact, he had been thinking about everything all the time in his mind.

Now that Song Yunjia had come to this point, Song Yunjia’s reputation would be irreparable without a more resolute and harder approach.

He should still be mulling it over carefully.

Song Yunxuan took a sip of the coffee in the coffee cup and then looked up to continue to see the picture on the LCD screen.

The Han Family did an excellent job, which was precisely the same as her plan.

She would watch the entire press conference because the end of this press conference was the beginning of the collapse of Song Yunjia’s life.

She owed her a person’s life, and now she just gave her a little bit of pain.

She hoped that Song Yunjia would be stronger than she thought.

Otherwise, her revenge would be uninteresting.

Raising the corners of her lips slightly, she felt that tomorrow there would be a wonderful start.

While for Song Yunjia, it would definitely be the darkest night in her life.

Her everything turned upside down this night. She made countless phone calls to Shao Tianze continuously, but none of them was answered.

All of them were busy tones, and all of them were unanswered.

She stood up from the ground and stared at the press conference broadcast live on the TV screen desperately.

All of her mind was a terrible imagination that she was about to be scolded and scorned by the people in Yuncheng.

If she was scolded and scorned by the people in Yuncheng, and she was completely ineffective in the Song enterprise…

Then how would Shao Tianze treat her?

Would he abandon her relentlessly just like a useless pawn?

Would he completely cut off all contact with her and not even answer her phone, appearing to be indifferent to her just as he did at present?

“You can’t do this…” She shook her head and struggled to get up from the ground. “Tianze, you won’t do this to me. I’ve been with him for so many years, and he won’t just abandon me like that.”

Her mental state had changed too much. The nanny was a little scared to see that she lost her wits and murmured in the living room.

The nanny was even more worried when seeing her staggering outside with the car key in her hand.

“Miss Song, where are you going?”

Song Yunjia only ran outside and turned a deaf ear to the question of the nanny.

She was going to find Shao Tianze. She believed that Shao Tianze would not abandon her and would not ignore her.

He didn’t answer the phone at this time because he just didn’t hear it.

He didn’t mean to miss the phone.

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