Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 270 - Buy All the Publications

Chapter 270 Buy All the Publications

Chu Mochen boarded the plane on time and left Yuncheng at 9 o’clock the next morning.

Everything went smoothly.

Song Yunxuan deliberately asked Mei Qi to buy the morning newspaper.

At the dinner table, the headlines on the front page of the newspaper were striking.

And after reading it, she just raised her lips and smiled.

Mei Qi rarely appeared during her breakfast, not to mention coming to the villa of the Song Family in person.

However, this morning, Mei Qi rarely came to her villa.

There was no time for chatting, and Mei Qi immediately said, “All the publications distributed to the newsstands and bookstores on the market have been taken back.”

“Have been taken back?”

She was surprised and asked back.

Unless there was a problem with those publications, the publishers and those printing houses would not have taken back those publications.Read more at L isnovel

Mei Qi was questioned before realizing that he was wrong. He quickly corrected it and said, “They haven’t been taken back. But they have all been bought by one person.”

“All of them have been bought.”

Song Yunxuan thought for a moment.

Since someone bought them all, someone must have notified Song Yunjia in advance. Then Song Yunjia ordered someone to purchase all the publications.

However, even though all of these publications were bought, there was no guarantee that all the publications that had been issued could disappear from the market.

What if one or two publications went into the hands of others?

And nothing could stop the things that were supposed to happen from happening at that time, right?

Mei Qi was worried. But Song Yunxuan didn’t feel anxious at all and just entertained him. “You are here so early, and you certainly haven’t had breakfast yet. Come here and have breakfast together.”

Mei Qi usually went to work from nine to five. He arrived at Song Yunxuan’s home at around nine o’clock since he got up early. As soon as she mentioned it, he was really hungry.

“But this is not the time to eat. I think you should think about what to do next, Manager Song.”

Seeing that he didn’t take the seat immediately, Song Yunxuan turned around and spoke to Nurse Wang, “Add a set of tableware to Assistant Mei.”

Mei Qi frowned.

When she turned back and saw a look of disapproval on his face, Song Yunxuan smiled. “Assistant Mei, you have experienced a lot. Don’t you think we should not be worried now?”

That was right! Song Yunjia’s negative news was now all blocked.

But it was not just Song Yunxuan who wanted Song Yunjia to be utterly discredited.

So, it was not just Song Yunxuan who should be anxious.

Mei Qi was reminded in this way, and then he suddenly remembered something and looked at Song Yunxuan with his complicated eyes. “Do you mean Gu Changle?”

Song Yunxuan nodded with a smile that had a profound meaning on her lips. “Yes, it’s exactly her.”

Gu Changle was the one who wanted Song Yunjia to be discredited now most.

Now that the news was blocked, Gu Changle would personally find a way to make the blocked news re-exposed in the public’s view.

Therefore, this news could be blocked for a while, but it would not be blocked forever.

Nurse Wang took the bowls and chopsticks to Mei Qi as Song Yunxuan instructed.

Song Yunxuan lowered her head and continued to eat. “Assistant Mei, it’s better to have breakfast first. There is no need to be anxious about this matter.”

There was indeed no need to be anxious about this matter.

Even Gu Changle thought so.

The dean of the People’s Hospital anxiously made a phone call to her home.

Gu Changle was just adjusting Shao Tianze’s tie when the phone rang in the Shao Family. Her delicate white fingers dexterously and gently adjusted the dark tie well for him. Then, she tiptoed to kiss his lips without going into it deeply and told him, “Drive carefully on the way to work and come back early in the afternoon.”

She was so gentle that she automatically took on the role of a good wife.

Shao Tianze also liked her very much. He put his arm around her back and kissed her gently on her forehead. “Have a good rest at home. I’ll be right back after work. Call me if you need anything. I’ll answer your call as soon as possible.”

She nodded, and she was so intoxicated with Shao Tianze’s gentleness.

However, just when her cheeks became crimson, the nanny came over and spoke, regardless of the situation, “Miss Gu, the dean of the People’s Hospital made a phone call and asked to talk to you.”

As her complexion changed slightly, Gu Changle silently scolded the nanny for her idiocy in her heart.

It was apparent that Shao Tianze’s attention would be drawn since she told this matter so clearly after answering the phone.

If Shao Tianze knew that she secretly framed Song Yunjia, he would be unhappy definitely.

She didn’t want to be a jealous woman in his eyes.

In her heart, she silently scolded the nanny and called her an idiot.

Then she said, “I’ll pick up the phone soon.”

Seeing that she was going to answer the phone, Shao Tianze was a little worried. “Why did the dean of the People’s Hospital make a phone call to you? Is there anything wrong with your body?”

Gu Changle happily accepted Shao Tianze’s concern. She shook her head gently before explaining, “I’m fine. The dean is very responsible. Since Yunjia resigned from the hospital, the dean has made a phone call to ask about the situation every few days to check on my condition.”

Shao Tianze then nodded. “Then you just tell the dean the fact. I’m going to the company now.”

Gu Changle nodded and watched him get out of the gate of the villa. Then she walked back to the house.

The nanny, who had answered the phone, said, “Miss, the dean said that there were some important things to tell you.”

Gu Changle glanced coldly at the nanny who was talking and ordered her with some boredom, “Go outside and get the morning newspaper.”

The nanny was stunned. “Today’s newspaper is already on the table. Mr. Shao has already read it just now.”

Gu Changle was in no mood of continuing the conversation and impatiently scolded in a low voice, “Just do as I said. Go to fetch it. Don’t talk nonsense!”

Seeing Gu Changle’s anger, the nanny hurriedly left to get the newspaper outside.

Gu Changle walked to the living room, guessing what the headlines of today’s newspaper were.

After all, to prevent Shao Tianze from knowing that Song Yunjia’s past had been dug out for a few days, she ordered some people to get two or three reprints of the previous issue which was different from today’s newspaper.

She approached the phone and picked it up from the maid.

As soon as she finished only one sentence, the dean’s flurried voice came from the other end of the phone. “Miss Gu, I did everything you ordered. But today’s newspapers and magazines were all bought by an unknown person.”

Gu Changle frowned. “So what?”

The dean’s voice was a little flustered. “The people in Yuncheng don’t know the things I have exposed.”

Gu Changle got angry in her mind at once. She suppressed her anger before she said, “Do you know who did this?”

“Someone might have told Song Yunxuan about this matter, so Song Yunjia took precautions in advance.”

“That’s your hospital staff. Someone who knows this matter has leaked the information to Song Yunjia. As for such a traitor, I think that it will be better for you to investigate carefully and then find out the person.”

The dean had to follow what Gu Changle said. He immediately said that the traitor would be detected soon.

But Gu Changle then asked him, “I am wondering what you intend to do after the investigation of this matter.”

The dean was slightly stunned, hesitating for a while. “Miss Gu, what do you mean?”

“Dean, this isn’t the end of this matter, is this?”

The dean heard that Gu Changle was unwilling to let it go. He hesitated for half a second before he reluctantly continued to speak, “I will go on until the public knows about it.”

Gu Changle was very satisfied with the dean’s answer.

After saying a few polite words to the dean, she nodded and put down the phone.

After putting down the phone, Gu Changle sat down on the sofa and silently meditated on who on earth had intervened in this matter and told Song Yunjia about it.

But after thinking for a long time, she still couldn’t figure out who would do such a thing.

Shao Tianze still did not know now that Song Yunjia’s past had been exposed. Naturally, it was not Shao Tianze who helped Song Yunjia.

However, it was also impossible for Song Yunjia to ask someone to buy back all the magazines and newspapers on her own.

Apart from them, who else was helping Song Yunjia?

Gu Changle pondered over the people around Song Yunjia carefully, even including Song Yunying and Song Yunxuan, but then she quickly excluded them one by one after suspecting.

However, in any case, she did not think of Zhao Yang, a senior executive in the Song enterprise as the old head.

Zhao Yang closed the magazine in his hands in his office, and both his eyebrows frowned.

Song Yunjia’s expression was very gloomy. She flipped through the magazines from different companies at hand. Then she closed them and pushed them aside.

“I just knew that what Song Yunxuan did was just superficial. How could she tolerate me entering the Song enterprise?” Song Yunjia raised her hand and pointed at a bunch of new magazines and newspapers in front of her, which were bought everywhere in the morning. She was a little angry. “Look. What a shameless method she has used to frame me!”

Zhao Yang frowned and remained silent for a long time before finally asking Song Yunjia, “Is it true what the newspapers and magazines say? Yunjia!”

When Zhao Yang asked her, his eyes and tone were all very serious. Song Yunjia couldn’t help being stunned. After thinking about it for half a second, she denied it flatly and point-blank. “Of course, it is not true, Uncle Zhao. I have worked in the People’s Hospital for almost ten years. I worked hard every day. How could the hospital keep me working in the hospital for so many years if I had killed someone because of a surgical error? It is just a slander! A pure slander!”

Song Yunjia rebutted firmly.

Zhao Yang nodded when seeing her resolute attitude. “I also think that you are a careful child who can never make such a low-level mistake.”

Song Yunjia nodded. “Thank you, Uncle Zhao, for believing in me.”

Zhao Yang pushed the magazine at hand aside and raised his hand to adjust the glasses on the bridge of his nose. “Fortunately, we knew about this in advance and bought back all the newspapers and magazines. Otherwise, once the news got out, you would be attacked by a lot of public opinions. In that case, not only would all the people in Yuncheng be dissatisfied with you, but your internal work in the Song enterprise would also be hindered a lot.”

Song Yunjia also felt a lingering fear. “I have never expected that Yunxuan would use this method to deal with me. It is too despicable.”

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help continuing to say, “My brother was framed and sent to prison because of her unscrupulous methods. I don’t know how long I can stay in the Song enterprise.”

While speaking, she even felt a little sad.

Seeing her expression, Zhao Yang comforted her gently. “Yunjia, don’t think in this way. If you do things carefully, you will always avoid those traps. Your elder brother is now in prison because he is too shortsighted and does not do things carefully. You should not be like your elder brother.”

Song Yunjia responded, “I see, Uncle Zhao.”

Zhao Yang nodded relievedly but couldn’t help setting his eyes on the pile of magazines next to them.

The cover of the magazine, in an explosive font which was very eye-catching, said, “The doctor of the People’s Hospital, Song Yunjia, killed one person because of a surgical error seven years ago. She used the money to threaten the families of the deceased to keep the secret.”

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