Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 271 - Absolutely Safe

Chapter 271 Absolutely Safe

Anyway, there was no doubt that it was indeed a serious medical incident that couldn’t be ignored.

Fortunately, Song Yunjia didn’t admit that such a thing had happened. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be too stupid to bet on Song Yunjia?

Zhao Yang shook his head. He stopped watching these piles of magazines on the table.

However, he still said to Song Yunjia, “You should be careful. Any of your weaknesses can’t be found out by Song Yunxuan at this moment. Otherwise, I’m afraid that everything will fall short.”

Song Yunjia nodded. “I see, Uncle Zhao.”

Zhao Yang believed that maybe Song Yunjia was really framed. It could be solved as long as the magazines were all bought back. But he never expected that this matter would come to the point where he couldn’t intervene to help.

Song Yunjia went straight back to her own office after leaving Zhao Yang’s office.

She hired a new assistant. She offered him a high salary to get his loyalty.

The assistant had just graduated from the department of finance. He was careful and meticulous.

Song Yunjia thought about it for a long time and still could not help asking him, “Who do you think did this?”

The assistant who had just been recruited did not dare to speak rashly. He just carefully guessed, “Probably, it is the person who you have thought of, Manager Song.”

Song Yunjia felt unhappy when she heard the vague words.

“The one I have thought of?”

Song Yunjia smiled. She turned to look at him. “If I guess it’s you, do you think it will be possible?”

The young assistant immediately noticed that Song Yunjia was unhappy. He stopped speaking in an equivocal way and immediately said seriously, “I guess it’s Song Yunxuan who wants to frame you.”

He directly called Song Yunxuan by her name. It was very rude to Song Yunxuan.

But it exactly made Song Yunjia feel very satisfied.

Song Yunjia raised her eyebrows slightly. “I also think it’s her.”

She said it openly, but she still felt something wrong inside.

How could Song Yunxuan know that someone died on her operating table because of her mistakes and carelessness in those years and she even suppressed the news at all costs by using her family’s wealth to buy off some interpersonal connections?

She always felt that she had neglected something.

Song Yunjia couldn’t think it through, while Gu Changle was secretly upset that Song Yunjia found it out so early.

She found it out so early that this matter just ended hastily before it could start.

Gu Changle didn’t like this result.

The news wasn’t still released after 2 days.

Gu Changle couldn’t stand it anymore. She finally asked the driver to take her to the dean’s office in the People’s Hospital on the pretext of going out.

The dean now almost treated her as a VVIP when seeing her. He was very afraid that he would do something that displeased Gu Changle.

What made Gu Changle dissatisfied most was just the issue of Song Yunjia.

She sat on the sofa. She stared at the dean without patience. “You do know the reason why I’m here, don’t you?”

The dean was flustered. He hurriedly explained, “Of course, Miss Gu! I have promised you before. I won’t break my words suddenly. Besides, what I told you is true, too.”

“I know it’s true. But why haven’t you done anything about it? Is it very hard to expose it by the media?”

The dean frowned the eyebrows tightly and said to her awkwardly, “Miss Gu, could you please make allowance for my situation? Just think about it! If I personally point it out and expose it to the public, all the media will ask why I don’t say Yunjia’s past sooner or later but just say it at this time.”

Gu Changle thought that what the dean said was indeed reasonable.

“However, you can’t just put it off because of such scruples until it comes to an end, can you?”

The dean gave the final promise with some bitterness in his old face. “I hope that Miss Gu can believe me. I will do it, but I have to do it without any loopholes.”

Gu Changle was very unhappy. “I hope you can keep your words.”

Gu Changle got up and went out after saying these words.

The dean sent Gu Changle out of the door.

He thought it over carefully and then called over a confidential deputy dean. He discussed with him, “A Li, what do you think we should do about this matter?”

The man called A Li was a famous deputy dean in the hospital. He was usually kind to others. He and Shao Tianze used to be in the same department before.

He had a good relationship with Shao Tianze, and he was very good at social intercourse. Thus, the dean liked him very much. He gradually promoted A Li to be the deputy dean in the People’s Hospital.

A Li indeed tried his best to do his job for the dean after being appointed as the deputy dean. The dean would discuss with him if he had any problems. A Li also would rack his brains to help the dean solve problems.

The dean trusted him very much. So, he just told A Li the things that Gu Changle and Song Yunjia became enemies with each other and that Gu Changle framed Song Yunjia in the dark.

A Li thought about it for a while and then proposed a suggestion to the dean, “How about submitting this anonymously to the Fanxing Magazine?”

The dean was slightly stunned. “Fanxing Magazine? You mean…”

He looked at A Li, with a suspicious look in the eyes.

A Li guessed that the dean had known the origin of the Fanxing Magazine. He then started to say, “It’s exactly the magazine that you have thought of, and it belongs to the Song enterprise of Song Yunxuan, the youngest daughter of the Song Family.”

“Fanxing Magazine belongs to Song Yunxuan. It’s not a secret, though it hasn’t been exposed to the public yet.”

A Li explained it to the dean, “Dean, just think about it. The internal contradiction in the Song enterprise between Song Yunxuan and Song Yunjia has been intensified now. What do you think Song Yunxuan will do if she has something on Song Yunjia at this time?”

The dean adjusted the glasses and could not help sighing. “Song Yunxuan won’t let her go indeed.”

A Li nodded and continued to say, “Song Yunxuan not only will not let Song Yunjia go, but also will simply protect us and cover up the fact that we tell her about this matter.”

The dean also agreed. “Just do as you said. You are responsible for this matter.”

This issue was very complicated. The dean felt that he was too old to deal with this matter since he would be mentally and physically exhausted.

The dean couldn’t help leaving it to his trusted subordinate.

A Li, of course, was willing to share the burden for the dean. As long as he did it well, he would become the dean sooner or later as the dean would retire a few years later.

A Li nodded. He took the material handed over by the dean and turned around to go out.

A Li drove to the Fanxing Magazine without any hesitation.

Behind A Li’s car was a black Mercedes with bullet-proof glass and special tires that kept it safe as usual when it sped along the road.

Song Yunxuan didn’t look up at the front, while Mei Qi who was driving the car doubted it a little. “Manager Song, are you sure that it is the person called Zhang Li?”

“Yes! Absolutely safe.”

Song Yunxuan spat out these words gently.

Mei Qi looked at her through the rearview mirror after hearing her words.

He found her lazily yawning and getting the furry kitten in her arms.

Song Yunxuan was holding a very cute kitten with a pair of mandarin-duck-like eyes. Its fur was as white as snow, and its appearance was very lovely.

The cats and dogs all looked the same in Mei Qi’s eyes.

However, he was still confused that Song Yunxuan stopped the car and bought it just because it was very good-looking when they were passing by the pet store.

“Do you like small animals?”

“I didn’t like them before, but now I think it’s not bad to have one.”

She touched the kitten’s head. The kitten looked up at her lazily.

Song Yunxuan saw its cute appearance when it looked up. Thinking about it, she talked to the kitten, “It’s very lucky for you to be picked up by me. From today on, your name will be Princess.”


Mei Qi couldn’t help smiling.

Song Yunxuan looked up at him. “How? Is there anything wrong with the name I have thought of for my kitten?”

“It’s just fine. I just don’t think you are the kind of person who likes small animals. Why did you suddenly raise a cat abnormally?”

Song Yunxuan smiled. “In fact, I used to hate cats very much.”

Mei Qi followed the car in front of them to move forward, only to find that there was something wrong with the route.

Mei Qi turned the steering wheel while asking her, “Why didn’t you like cats before?”

Song Yunxuan put her fingers on the back of the kitten. She combed the kitten’s fur gently. “Because cats aren’t loyal. They will follow anyone who gives them food. Besides, they won’t go back no matter how you call them. That’s the reason why I used to hate cats very much.”

“Dogs are very loyal. You can have a puppy.”

Song Yunxuan shook her head. “Although the dog is loyal, the dog’s life is only ten or twenty years. You’ve been developing a relationship with it for a long time, but you will watch it grow old and even die before you. When it dies, you will be very sad and upset.”

She felt deeply about it.

When she was young, Gu Cheng brought her a collie, a very beautiful collie. He named it Knight.

This dog had followed and accompanied her faithfully for 10 years since she was six years old.

But when her father’s lover brought her illegitimate child into the villa, the dog was injured because it bit the illegitimate child arguing with Gu Changge.

Its senility and serious injuries led the collie called Knight to death just within one night.

Song Yunxuan just hated her father’s illegitimate child to the bone.

Thus, she sent her half-brother into prison soon, who seemed to be able to be the successor of Gu’s and got a higher position with his mother smoothly.

She did not like people touching her things or bullying her and acting like a tyrant in front of her.

If someone really wanted to do that, unfortunately, they would only have one ending, which was death.

She knew this from an early age.

Only if one became the most powerful person would he not be bullied. Then, he could protect the people around him well.

She always did things in this way.

Her eyelids drooped at the thought of the sorrow.

Mei Qi in the front of the car closely followed Zhang Li’s car for two streets. He finally could not help speaking, “Manager Song, Zhang Li is going to the Song enterprise.”

“Get someone to stop him. It will be a little troublesome if he goes farther.”

Song Yunxuan ordered him lazily. She didn’t even raise her eyes.

Mei Qi dialed a number with his cell phone after hearing her words.

The person on the other end of the line picked it up and asked immediately, “Is that the white Toyota with a tail number of 454?”

Mei Qi was a little surprised. “Yes, that is the car.”

The person on the other end of the phone heard Mei Qi’s words. He said immediately, “I will stop him right away.”

This voice from the telephone had just stopped. The white Toyota was suddenly stopped by a car not far away.

There was a loud bang. It was Zhang Li’s car that got stopped.

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