Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 269 - You Have to Endure

Chapter 269 You Have to Endure

It was natural that the dean did not want to disclose these things to her.

Song Yunxuan didn’t stick around or keep asking.

She just stood up and nodded. “Since you don’t want to tell me, then I won’t ask anymore. I have nothing else to do. It just came to me suddenly that Mochen once wondered it, so I came to ask you about it.”

A thin layer of cold sweat broke out on the dean’s forehead.

It was Chu Mochen who was very curious about this matter.

So, did it mean that Chu Mochen would soon find out about this matter?

If this was the case, it was really urgent to push Song Yunjia out first.

The dean sent Song Yunxuan out of the door.

Mei Qi spoke to the medical advisor at the front desk in the lobby.

The young, beautiful, and tall medical advisor received Mei Qi’s business card with a smile before turning to start working.

Mei Qi and Song Yunxuan entered the elevator and went downstairs together.

Song Yunxuan teased him rarely and said, “You seem to have made an appointment with that beauty successfully.”

“I just got her phone number. Manager Song, don’t overthink about it.”

“I don’t think too much. You just need to tell me about the part that belongs to the business.”

Although Mei Qi was handsome and very popular with young girls, he hadn’t ignored her duties because of love affairs.

The female medical advisor was in charge of this floor, so she naturally knew all the people who had been in and out of the dean’s office.

Song Yunxuan didn’t believe that Mei Qi did that only to hit on a girl.

As expected, Mei Qi started to speak after pressing the elevator button to go downstairs, “Xiao Jie told me that the people in the archives room came here this morning and seemed to have just sent an old file because they mentioned something like looking for the old file in a low voice when they came out.”

Hearing these words, Song Yunxuan was relieved.

She raised her lips slightly, feeling that everything was in her plan.

Mei Qi asked her, “Is the old file given to the dean also what you have expected?”

“This is a vital part. Gu Changle has made great progress in intimidating others.”

There was a smile in her eyes, but the smile did not reach the bottom of her eyes.

As soon as the sun rose tomorrow, there would be a good show.

Gu Changle betrayed Song Yunjia.

It was interesting.

In the evening, when she returned, she saw Chu Mochen waiting for her at home, and she took off her coat and handed it to Nurse Wang.

Nurse Wang whispered to her, “Childe Chu has been waiting for you for a long time, Miss Yunxuan.”

She nodded and said to Chu Mochen, “I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.”

Chu Mochen was displeased by her polite greeting.

“You’re the only one in this house. If you feel bored, you can stay at my house.”

Song Yunxuan shook her head. “No need. After all, this is my home. Although it’s a little empty, it is still very warm.”

Chu Mochen did not find that Song Yunxuan was a nostalgic woman.

Nurse Wang ordered a servant to bring hot tea to Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan took the teacup and sipped it lightly before looking up at Chu Mochen. “Are you going to sleep at my house tonight?”

It was not too late now, past six o’clock. She felt very concerned about whether Chu Mochen would return home after dinner or not.

Chu Mochen declined. “No need. I’m going abroad tomorrow, so I’ll go back to pack up my things tonight.”

Song Yunxuan nodded. “Wish you a pleasant business trip.”

Chu Mochen came to her and sat on the sofa opposite her. “I heard that you went to the dean of the People’s Hospital.”

Song Yunxuan’s fingers paused slightly. “You even know this?”

How many people did he send to monitor her every move?

It was really thought-provoking.

Chu Mochen stared at her with his dark-black eyes. “Why did you go to the dean?”

“My elder sister, Song Yunjia, resigned, so I went to ask about the situation.” She answered fluently.

It seemed that Chu Mochen didn’t believe it at all. He looked at her eyes and said, “I want to hear you tell the truth.”

“That’s the truth.”

Chu Mochen didn’t say anything,

Song Yunxuan lowered her eyes and took a sip of the tea in the teacup, and then she said, “Maybe when you come back, the excellent show will come to its climax. So, when you ask me now, I don’t want to explain it to you. It’s a little complicated.”

“Which of the things you have done is not complicated?”

Recalling everything she had done carefully, Song Yunxuan suddenly laughed. “After listening to you, it seems that I really haven’t done anything uncomplicated.”

Holding the teacup in her hand, she looked at Nurse Wang not far away and told her, “Add two more dishes for dinner. Mochen will eat here together with us.”

“Yes, Miss.”

Nurse Wang went to the kitchen to prepare after answering.

Now that the entire Song Family belonged to Song Yunxuan, she naturally stood by her word.

However, if Song Yunjia was willing to return, then the Song Family’s big house might be lively.

She bent her lips and thought that she had thought too much.

After all, it was also possible that Song Yunjia would never have the opportunity to live in this huge mansion of the Song Family in her life.

“Where are you going on a business trip tomorrow?”


“That’s it.”

She thought about it and then laughed. “Remember to bring me a nice perfume.”

Chu Mochen agreed. “OK.”

Later, he added, “Will you go with me?”

Song Yunxuan shook her head and directly refused. “The Song enterprise is now short of people, so I can’t leave for the time being. When everything is settled and I have some free time, let’s travel to some European countries together.”

Her plan was very good and romantic.

However, Chu Mochen thought that this was just what Song Yunxuan perfunctorily said to him.

The reason was that she had been very busy all the time, busy calculating various things.

After inviting Chu Mochen to have dinner in the Song Family, Song Yunxuan and Chu Mochen sat on the sofa and watched TV programs together.

There were no pets or children in the family. When these two adults were at home, they could only watch TV programs and chat as a pastime.

When the pendulum clock in the living room slowly moved the hour hand to eight, the pendulum struck heavily.

Song Yunxuan looked at the clock and asked him, “What time is your flight tomorrow morning?”

“Nine o’clock.”

“No hurry. If you want, you can live here with me tonight.”

This was the first time Song Yunxuan had invited him to stay overnight on her own initiative.

Chu Mochen hesitated a little and then said, “It’s good.”

After eating, Song Yunxuan went to wash and was about to sleep.

Chu Mochen naturally would not stay in the guest room.

Song Yunxuan asked him to sleep in her room.

But when she was bathing, she saw her flat belly in the bathroom and smiled self-mockingly.

Chu Mochen wouldn’t mess with her now when he saw her belly.

Because he wanted her to give birth to the baby in her belly very much.

However, Chu Mochen had never thought of it.

There was not such a small baby he had expected in her lower abdomen at all.

When she said she was pregnant, she was just lying.

She used a brief lie to pave the way for her revenge and used the wicked excuse of pregnancy to get Chu Mochen’s wholehearted help.

She thought she was a little mean.

Nevertheless, after thinking twice, she wondered who was not despicable in this unpredictable and changeable world of business.

Everyone would just do something that was beneficial for himself or herself.

Nothing else mattered.

After washing, she went to bed. As soon as she wrapped her soft quilt around her body, she was pulled into a fiery embrace.

Chu Mochen embraced her in his arms and held her waist with his big hand. He gently touched her lower abdomen with his fingers and asked with some doubts, “You have been pregnant for more than four months. Why is your belly still so flat?”

“It’s only been more than four months. When the baby grows up a bit, my belly won’t be so flat.”

Song Yunxuan was embraced by him without moving rashly.

Chu Mochen could feel the sweetness and tenderness of the soft woman in his arms after bathing.

He couldn’t help putting his lips on her neck.

That kiss was aggressive. When her delicate neck was pressed against his fiery lips, Song Yunxuan could not help groaning softly.

Chu Mochen grabbed her hands and said gently in her ear, “What should I do? I can’t help wanting to have sex with you.”

She didn’t move. She just took his hands clasping her waist and then guided him to place his hands on her lower abdomen. “Please think about him a little.”

Chu Mochen was a little frustrated. He certainly knew that women could not go through such a thing in the first five months of pregnancy.

However, he held the woman he liked in his arms and could only see her but couldn’t have sex with her. This really made him feel itchy.

He kissed her on her neck twice and then gently pulled the clothes off her shoulders. Then he kissed her round shoulders.

Song Yunxuan did not resist.

She knew that Chu Mochen could bear it.

After all, he indeed valued the child in her womb very much.

She relievedly accepted Chu Mochen’s kiss.

When her pajamas were pulled down and entangled her hands, Song Yunxuan raised her eyelids and looked at Chu Mochen who could hardly bear it, suddenly feeling that she could not believe him entirely.

What if he could not control himself?

His kiss fell on her lips with the madness of pursuing but failing to get as if he just wanted to eat her up alive.

She hadn’t had sex for a long time and couldn’t help groaning gently.

This groan was fascinating.

Chu Mochen gazed at her.

Having been seen for a long time like this, she finally couldn’t help reminding him softly, “The doctor said that you should put up with it in the first five months.”

Obviously, it was a very cruel thing for him to bear it.

He pressed on her body and stared at her motionlessly.

Her heartbeat accelerated a lot.

She couldn’t guess how he planned it. What should she do if he couldn’t control himself?

She was a little worried and gently called him, “Mochen, can you hear me?”

“I can.”

There was already irrepressible hoarseness in his voice.

Song Yunxuan gently reached out her hand and put it on his back. “Just bear it a little. This is also for our baby.”

She said these words softly. The tenderness in her eyes made Chu Mochen feel as if he had an illusion.

In the past, Song Yunxuan never had such a gentle expression.

However, the gentle expression on Song Yunxuan’s face made him irresistible now.

He felt a little itchy in his mind and wanted to kiss the little woman under his body gently, but he was worried about her health.

In desperation, he could only pull away.

Song Yunxuan was relieved.

When she turned to look at him again, he had gotten out of bed and showered in the bathroom.

A cold shower must be essential.

However, at this time, she could only turn him down.

If something that shouldn’t have happened really happened, her secret that she wasn’t pregnant at all would be exposed immediately.

At that time, how should she explain it to him?

At that time, he must think that she was not only a person racking her brains in scheming but also a woman who made use of other people’s feelings unscrupulously.

She didn’t want to do this, but it was the easiest and quickest way to let him help her.

Anyway, she had to do it.

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