Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 252 - Persuaded by Yunjia

Chapter 252 Persuaded by Yunjia

Seeing his face with rage, she guessed it was the point to persuade. She said, “Brother, if you go to S City, it will be difficult for you to come back. Song Yunxuan will not let you come back.”

“Could you tell me what I could do?”

Song Yunjia seemed to consider. She could not provide an idea in a short time. So, she disinfected for him and put a band-aid on his face.

The wounds on his face were almost bruised. Only the bridge of the nose and the corners of his eyes got bloody.

But such a look was enough for others to make a fuss of him tomorrow morning.

She stuck the band-aid on his face, saying, “Brother, in such a situation, if you don’t want to lose everything, you have to follow the idea Tianze offered you.”

Song Yuanqiang dazed. The idea offered by Shao Tianze?

“You mean the separation?” He asked Song Yunjia.

Song Yunjia seriously nodded. She analyzed, “You see, Song Yunxuan didn’t act something before she entered the Song enterprise. Now, she wants to swallow up your power step by step after her entering. She firstly forced you to handle the position as a president, then she drove you out from Yuncheng. Brother, if you don’t wake up soon, you may not stay in S City for a long time either.”

Song Yunqiang’s eyes showed scare.

That was right. That was what Song Yunxuan could do.

If Song Yunxuan wanted to kill him off, she certainly could strip him from the Song enterprise step by step. Then let him totally disappear from the Song enterprise.

“Please think about that, brother. You do not have so many shares. Once Song Yunxuan used some dark means, how could you deal with the rest of your life? How could you make a living?”

Song Yunxuan took away his power.

And she took away his property.

If he lost everything he owned, he would possess nothing.

How could this happen? If he owned nothing, how could he make a living?

Song Yunqiang felt scarier when he thought that deeply.

Song Yunjia just right offered him a cordial, “Brother, if you agree with the separation, I will support you. Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian stand with you. They would follow you if you want to. The separation will succeed.”

Though Song Yunqiang shook his faith, he could not give up what Song Yan had told him, “Our father always taught me not to mess up the Song Family.”

“Brother, Song Yunxuan could only fail our family. If she truly did good for the Song Family, she would not put you in such a tough situation.” Song Yunjia earnestly advised him, “Please consider it carefully, brother, please.”

Song Yunqiang looked down slowly. The struggle face slightly turned to peace.

Though he always followed his father’s words.

Father didn’t leave all the property to him.

The property he earned from his father could not compare to the change of Song Yunxuan. If he agreed to separate, the property stripped form the most profit of the Song enterprise could make him strong.

But if he followed his father’s advice, he would be miserable the whole life.

He would be desperate because of Song Yunxuan.

The determination to separate became firmer and firmer.

Song Yunjia looked at him, “Brother, if you agree, we are still promising.”

“But tomorrow I will go to S City.”

Seeing his agreement, Song Yunjia said instantly, “You could call Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian at once to let them hold an urgent meeting before your leaving.”

Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian were still uncomprehending when they picked up the phones.

They were old. They could not figure out instantly. Hearing Song Yunqiang asked them to hold an urgent meeting, they both hesitated.

They didn’t ask the reason and intention.

Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian coincidentally comforted Song Yunqiang. Then they discussed with each other after they hung up.

It was 1 o’clock in the morning when Zhao Yang called Zhou Jian.

Zhou Jian was still asleep with his little grandson. He answered in a gentle voice, “We are old. We still have to let the young run us ragged. Mr. Zhao, you know, since Song Yan dead, the Song enterprise has never been peaceful.”

“Yunqiang called me to hold an urgent meeting. I just want to ask your advice.”

Zhou Jain didn’t hesitate. He just sighed, “In my opinion, this is his last way. If we choose him, we just follow him.”

The two were full of experience in the battlefield. They went through so many years in the business circle. They could guess what had happened by the phone Song Yunqiang called.

They coincidentally sighed.

To hold an urgent meeting, the chairman or more than half of the shareholders in the Song enterprise should agree with it.

Those who could participate in the meeting were Song Yunjia, Song Yunqiang, Song Yunying, Song Yunxuan, and several powerful managers.

The shareholders who didn’t meet with Song Yunxuan almost got along well with Song Yunqiang.

So, it was natural for them to agree to hold the meeting.

Song Yunxuan was totally regarded as an outsider. From they settled the meeting to be told to attend, Song Yunxuan did not receive any information about the meeting.

Song Yunying called Song Yunxuan, telling her that Song Yunqiang had made a phone call to ask her to attend the meeting.

She said, “I did not vote. They settled everything.”

Song Yunxuan nodded, “I got it.”

Song Yunxuan felt strange when Song Yunying helped her to go to the hospital last time. So, she was more defensive to Song Yunying.

It was natural that Song Yunying was rejected.

She got up and made up. Then she made a phone call to Mei Qi.

Mei Qi was excited to tell her something unimportant, “Yesterday I went to the bar to meet girls…”

Song Yuanxuan turned on the speaker and went to the bathroom.

The speaker passed over Mei Qi’s voice.

Song Yunxuan heard she said:

“When I was flirting with a beauty, my phone rang suddenly. It was a serious brawl. Could you guess?”

Song Yunxuan’s first reaction was that she was not interested in it.

But Mei Qi would not say anything unimportant. She asked him, “Who?”

Mei Qi just wanted to keep the suspense, “Could you guess? If I told you by the time you asked me, that would not be amazing anymore.”

When he finished, there was a lovable voice from a woman passed over on the phone, “Nuisance! You call another woman when I just wake up. But you still want to spoon me!”

Song Yunxuan frowned, “Let’s continue in the company. I know you are busy now.”

After she finished her words, she wanted to hang up.

But Mei Qi was a little bit worry. He seemed to push that woman away. He became serious, “I said it was an essential affair.”

“Who was that poor guy beaten?”

“It was your brother Song Yunqiang.”

Mei Qi told her immediately. After that, he felt there was something strange.

He just now wanted Song Yunxuan to guess. But when she changed a way to ask, he told her everything.

He was so stupid.

Song Yunxuan didn’t answer. She seemed to think about something.

Mei Qi asked her, “Song Yunqiang was hit last night. Today they wanted to hold an urgent meeting. Can you think about what tricks your brother would play?”

Mei Qi asked her. She was not clear about that. But she could guess some.

“I have to attend the meeting to know what tricks he would play. You have to dress up to work now.”

Mei Qi was reminded. He answered in a cozy voice.

Song Yunxuna hung up.

Song Yunqiang didn’t go back last night. She sent out some guards to find him. But they were all asked to be back by Song Yunqiang. They told her that Song Yunqaing didn’t allow them to find him because he was upset.

Song Yunxuan didn’t care much about that. She thought he drank too much just because he had to go to the S City.

But she never thought he would hold a board meeting.

That was awesome.

She was just willing to go to the meeting to check what Song Yunqiang wanted to do.

She went to work early in the morning. She saw several shareholders were invited to attend when she just arrived at the company.

They just politely greeted Song Yunxuan when they saw her.

Song Yunxuan nodded. She just politely responded to them.

Mei Qi had already prepared the materials and went to the meeting room with her, “Song Yunjia just arrived to save him when he was beaten.”

“That was a coincidence.”

“That was what I thought.” Mei Qi lowered his voice. And he talked to her, “The princess who was hit was familiar with the girl I met. So, I talked to her. Do you know what happened?”


“That woman deliberately said those words to provoke Song Yunqiang. So, yesterday the one who bought people to hit your brother was Song Yunjia.”

Song Yunxuan couldn’t stand sighing, “She was too careless.”

Mei Qi smiled, “If she did everything carefully, she would not be trapped in such a situation. And she doesn’t need to be the woman who stands in the dark to help Shao Tianze. Now even Gu Changle could stay under sunshine, but she could not.”

Mei Qi’s voice was low. Without listening to him carefully, she even could not hear clearly.

But Song Yunxuan heard everything he said.

And she understood what he said.

Mei Qi was right. Even Gu Changle could stay in the bright place while Song Yunjia achieved nothing.

That was strange.

The shareholders all went into the meeting room. Song Yunjia arrived early. When she saw Song Yunxuan entering, she glanced at her with her cold eyes. She seemed to wait for Song Yunxuan to be tricked.

Song Yuanxuan and Mei Qi looked at each other and then took their seats.

Zhou Jian and Zhao Yang arrived late that day. It was the time to start when they pushed the door to come in.

Song Yunqiang was much later than them.

He wore a mask and a pair of sunglasses after he entered.

That look made everyone in the room feel strange.

Song Yunxuan looked at Song Yunqiang. Mei Qi had already told her that Song Yunqiang was hit. He seemed to have serious injuries.

Otherwise, he would not wear a mask and a pair of sunglasses.

The door closed when it was 8 o’clock.

Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian sat across Song Yunqiang. Song Yunqiang and Song Yunjia sat next to Song Yunxuan.

“You asked me to hold an urgent meeting. Now I want to know what happened.”

She turned to look at Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian.

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