Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 251 - Beaten in the Bar.

Chapter 251 Beaten in the Bar.

Song Yunqiang drank a lot. He was hammered.

Song Yunxuan went back home early to wait for him to back.

But she waited for him until 10 o’clock without seeing him.

She made a phone call to the driver of Song Yunqiang. He said Young Master drove himself this afternoon. Song Yunqiang asked no driver to drive for him.

She asked the driver to find Song Yunqiang.

Guessing Song Yunqiang’s expression, she enjoined more than usual, “After you find him, please tell me first. Don’t bother him before you call me.”

The driver promised. He waited for Song Yunxuan to hang up.

Song Yunxuan did not want to go to bed early this night. After all, Song Yunqiang left in a rush.

The flight was settled at nine o’clock tomorrow morning.

She wanted to observe that whether Song Yunqiang would provoke something before the day he left.

There were flashing lights in the bar.

The music was deafening with the hot girls in the dancing poor making people dizzy.

There was a girl with hot pants and tall waist shirts sitting on his legs. Her fingers touched his face. She talked in a gentle voice, “Was that Young Master of the Song enterprise?”

Song Yunqiang looked up at her in a daze.

The woman wore flaming lips. False eyelashes on her eyes were so sexy like an exotic cat.

Song Yunqiang didn’t like her. But he was drunk to be somehow impulsive.

He circled around the woman’s waist to kiss her.

But the girl stopped him on his chest, “Don’t be hurry. Mr. Song. I heard that you are about to go to S City tomorrow. If you go to that remote place, I will not see you for a long time.”

Song Yunqiang got annoyed when he heard the S City.

But that woman seemed to stimulate him on purpose. She talked impolitely, “Young Master, how long would you stay in S City? When would you come back?”

After she said that, she found that Song Yunqiang didn’t react to her. She exaggeratively talked to her sisters, “Young Master would not never come back, would he?”

Hearing the lady’s ironic words, Song Yunqiang tipped her over from his legs and pushed her away.

He sat on the sofa behind the desk. There were lots of fruit wine glasses and beers.

The woman was tipped over by Song Yunqiang rolling on the table.

She crashed into those bottles and glasses.

Being treated in such a violent way, the voice she screamed went through the bar.

The people who were dancing in the dancing poor also turned their sights to her.

The woman tumbled to the floor. She rushed onto the floor so she had no time to get away. So, she crushed to the glass fragments.

Those fragments penetrated her head and skin, which made her bleed.

The blood caused screams from the people around. They all instantly flinched. Some women who saw the blood shouted in a sharp voice, “Murdering! There was a murder!”

They just saw some blood to shout murder.

Song Yunqiang drank a lot of wine. But he got awake by the time he heard about the word “murder”.

He stood up and was ready to escape.

The barmen rushed into the bar when they heard the news. They looked at the bloody woman.

And then they turned their eyes to panicky Song Yunqiang. They couldn’t help shouting angrily, “Such a wimp could also stir up trouble here. Beat him!”

They all rushed forward.

He could faintly hear someone insulting him, “Such a wimp! Messed up by a little girl! How dare you to stir up trouble here! You court death!”

There were curses and punches.

Song Yunqiang was beaten down on the floor in a moment.

He subconsciously protected his head with his hands. Dazedly, he heard the noise around him. He opened his eyes only to see people disdainfully ridiculing him.

He couldn’t figure out why a Young Master could be in such a miserable situation like him.

He nowadays lived a dog’s life being beaten and ridiculed by others.

He was the Young Master of Song Family. He never be hurt even a finger these years.

But now why he reduced to such a circumstance?

Who made him reduce?

He couldn’t understand. The past experience passed over his mind.

He was beaten by people, and his eyes started to blur. Those people who were mocking at him obscured generally.

He only could hear those people were punching him foot after foot. Every voice they punched was heavy.

He really felt disappointed.

The pain on his body began to be serious making him excruciated.

He could not even endure the pain, so he huddled up tightly. But when he was huddling, he saw someone take a beer bottle coming to him from somewhere not far.

His scare became overwhelming.

He suddenly opened his eyes.

If the bottle hit him, would him die here?

He wanted to escape but he had no way to go.

Those people besieged him without any gap. And the one who carried a bottle coming to him showed a fierce expression.

He trembled. He never experienced such miserable treatment.

He looked around trying to find someone to rescue him. His snot and tears were going to stream because of fear.

The man got closer and closer.

Song Yunqiang even could expect the look that he was beaten bitterly.

He might die here. Someone wanted to kill him. Someone wanted him to die here.

The idea was so strong. His desire to survive was also the strongest than before.

He acted like a headless chicken to stand up from the ground and flee away. But every time he stood up, he would be kicked over again.

He was scared and frightened. The expression on his face twisted.

When the man stood next to him and was about to crash the bottle down, there was a voice from a woman raising.


The voice was appealing.

Song Yunqiang followed the voice to find where the voice came from. He found Song Yunjia walked out from the throng with a white down jacket at once.

Song Yunjia’s long hair covered her shoulders. Her face was cold.

Seeing those people brawling, she frowned, “Who allowed you to beat him?”

“You’d better not get involved in this affair. He hit a girl in our bar. We just want to give him a small lesson.”

Those hooligans just said a small lesson like the barmen did. But they even took away Song Yunqiang’s life.

Seeing her own brother was bruised, Song Yunjia showed great pity. She hurried to take out the gold card from her pocket, “The code is 666666. If the money is not enough, please come to me. Let him go.”

The head of the barmen carrying a bottle sneered at her. Then he leisurely received the card.

He put the card in his pocket. Then a bully turned back to look at Song Yunqiang and said with disdain, “Lucky this time, feckless.”

The word feckless pricked in Song Yunqiang’s heart.

Song Yunjia helped him out.

Song Yunjia intended to take him to the hospital to bind up and rinse his wound. But he stopped her.

“Now I must have looked bedraggled. If I were found by someone in the hospital, they would create a big fuss.”

“But, your wound…” Song Yunjia worried a lot.

Song Yunqiang touched his face. The pain made him gasp. He endured the pain and said, “Please go to the drugstore to buy some medicine for me to handle it.”

Song Yunjia was sad but she nodded. She followed his advice.

Song Yunqiang was left in a cabinet in a liquor store. Song Yunjia went out to buy some alcohol cleaners and wound dressing alone.

After she walked across a street, she saw the head of those bullies just before.

The head now changed his harsh look. Seeing Song Yunjia coming close to him, he changed into a flattering look, “Miss Song, we all followed your instruction. Not bad?”

Then, he handed her gold card to her with two hands.

Song Yunjia glanced at him coldly. Then she received the card and took out a check. She passed the check to him, “Recently, do not show up in Yuncheng.”

The head immediately took over the check and answered, “Yes, yes, yes. Please rest assured. We will leave instantly making no one know it was Miss Song who ordered us to beat him.”

Song Yunjia frowned, “I just did what would be best for him. Just go.”

The man turned around and asked his bros to leave.

There certainly was someone among them not understanding why it was good for her brother.

The head showed up the check that could cover their expenses all year round. He sneered, “You are a fool. Now Song Family messed up on the sly. The reason why it was in such a situation must be that they wanted to drive Song Yunxuan out. Today Song Yunjia asked us to play this show, then she could pin the blame on Song Yunxuan. By that time, how much would Song Yunqiang hate Song Yunxuan?”

Hearing the analysis of the head, the bullies all thought he made sense. Then they all praised him.

Song Yunjia scrubbed the card and put it in her handbag.

Then she turned to the drugstore to buy medicine. When she went back, she saw Song Yunqiang was frowning and thinking about something.

Song Yunjia said gently, “Brother…”

Song Yunqiang was given a scare. He regained his presence of mind, “Hey, Yunjia.”

Song Yunqiang looked pale. But when he recalled the things just happened, he still showed appreciation to her, “Thanks to your coming in time. Otherwise, I couldn’t predict my ending.”

Song Yunjia took out the medicine she just bought and said, “Brother, why did you go to the bar today? Don’t you go to S City tomorrow?”

Song Yunqiang got annoyed again once he recalled the memory just before. He hit the wall with his fist.

Song Yunjia looked at him surprisingly, but she understood soon, “Would Yunxuan be involved in the affair so that you have to go to S City?”

“Who else but her?” Song Yunqiang was regretted that he didn’t be aware of her.

But he could not imagine she set such trouble for him.

Song Yunjia sighed and felt pitiful for him, “I have told you before. Yunxuan is not a kind person. If you stay in Song enterprise, she will not be assured. She must end in kicking you out.”

“Should I go to S City in such a situation?”

Song Yunqiang confused.

If he went to S City, it would be hard for him to come back.

The core of Song enterprise was not as easy to get close as imagine.

It was tough for him to get a stable position in Song enterprise. But he never imagined that once Song Yunxuan came here, his everything was ruined.

He held his fists tightly. The nails stuck into his palms.

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