Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 250 - Yunqiang Was Satirized

Chapter 250 Yunqiang Was Satirized

The next day, Song Yunxuan published the name list of people who would be dispatched to S City with Song Yunqiang.

Jiang Jiao and Deng Jia turned pale simultaneously when they were called to the office and informed that they would be sent to S City.

They didn’t go to Song Yunxuan for help immediately. Instead, they turned to Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian, which was greatly ready-witted.

Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian were both old foxes. They could probably guess why they were sent out so suddenly.

They felt it was a pity.

Looking at Jiang Jiao’s and Deng Jia’s bitter faces, Zhou Jian shook his head. “You have trudged up to such a position in the Song enterprise. How could you be so careless and do stupid things?”

Jiang Jiao and Deng Jia were quite at a loss how to reply, but they still asked Zhou Jian and Zhao Yang for help cheekily.

“We have been working under the leadership of Manager Zhou and Manager Zhao. You know the company in S City can’t be comparable to the Head Office in Yuncheng.”

They were still asking for Zhou Jian’s help.

Over there Zhao Yang sneered already. “Doesn’t Yunqiang know that the company in S City is no better than the Head Office in Yuncheng? You think that the Song enterprise hires you with such high salaries to live in ease and comfort? Take a look at your performance for this year. How dare you come to us and ask to be kept in the Head Office in Yuncheng!”

Jiang Jiao and Deng Jia couldn’t say a word when they were scolded.

Zhao Yang panted over there, and then his tone became a little softer. “You are both old members of the Song enterprise. Going to S City is not like hard labors being banished to the frontier. Why do you have to stay in the Head Office? Work hard to help Yunqiang, and soon you will be transferred back.”

Zhao Yang used both hard and soft tactics over here.

Zhou Jian didn’t speak as much as possible.

He knew in his heart exactly about this. He had been thinking of ways all night to let Song Yunqiang stay here with Zhao Yang.

But when they really wanted to put them into effect, they found that each way was blocked firmly. They had no way out at all.

They couldn’t keep Song Yunqiang, but the only thing they could do was to ask Song Yunqiang to wait in S City quietly. If the situation took a turn for the better, Song Yunqiang might have a chance to come back soon.

Jiang Jiao and Deng Jia were sent away in this way.

When they went back downheartedly, they just saw Mei Qi walking towards them chicly with documents in his hands.

Their eyelids twitched when they saw Mei Qi.

But after their eyelids twitched, they looked at each other at once and directly walked to Mei Qi.

Mei Qi saw them and wore a compassionate look, sighing helplessly.

In the next second, Deng Jia and Jiang Jiao stopped him.

Jiang Jiao was tall and thin. He was so womanish that he almost itched to do orchid fingers when he spoke.

Actually, Mei Qi hated men of this kind very much, but he really wanted to hear patiently what Jiang Jiao would say very much. Thus, he forced himself to be patient to listen to him. “Why did you stop me?”

Jiang Jiao cried, “Assistant Mei is so smart. How can’t you know what I want to say?”

Mei Qi gave a snort and smiled. Then he glanced at them, thinking that they were both sissies.

It was not a big deal that they were so womanish, but they were easily swayed. No wonder they were driven back when they came to Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian for help.

Deng Jia saw that Mei Qi snorted and smiled, saying, “Assistant Mei, can you put in a good word for us in front of Manager Song? We’ve settled down in Yuncheng with our families. If we change our working place rashly, I am afraid that we will probably have to transfer our kids to another school. It’s quite troublesome.”

Mei Qi nodded with an understanding expression. “It is indeed quite troublesome.”

Hearing his words, Deng Jia and Jiang Jiao nodded constantly at once.

But Mei Qi smiled just like a demon, asking them, “You know that moving your houses and transferring your kids to another school are troublesome, so why didn’t you take my advice when I showed you a way out?”

They both felt quite awkward.

Mei Qi did show them a way out.

It was the night before the vote. Mei Qi had discussed the countermeasures with Song Yunxuan and asked Shao Xue out to visit some employees who might be inclined to vote for Song Yunxuan. They persuaded them to vote for Song Yunqiang the next day when they voted by all means.

Jiang Jiao and Deng Jia were included.

However, these two men had their own discretion. When they voted for the second time, they actually changed their sides provisionally.

Jiang Jiao was not afraid of being scolded and blindly started to find excuses for his foolish behavior at that time without thinking. “After all, Miss Song has only you to help her, but Song Yunqiang has Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian to support him together. Assistant Mei, do you really think Miss Song has the chance to win?”

Mei Qi almost laughed, staring at him unceremoniously. “You’re advising me to change my side and follow Childe Yunqiang?”

Jiang Jiao knew that he had said something wrong and covered his mouth, saying no in a hurry.

Mei Qi didn’t bother to talk with them. He just smacked those documents in his hands into Deng Jia’s arms. “I think that you are a little smarter. This folder is left to you. Work hard when you get to S City. Perhaps, you can come back soon.”

The documents were smacked into the arms of Deng Jia. Jiang Jiao thought it was a secret master plan. After Mei Qi left, he immediately tried to snatch it from Deng Jia’s arms to have a look.

However, when he opened it, he saw that there were no special instructions, but a name list of people and departments assigned to the company in S City.

Jiang Jiao was discouraged immediately.

After Mei Qi gave the documents to Deng Jia and Jiang Jiao, he went back to the office.

Song Yunxuan was reading a new fashion beauty magazine of Fanxing Magazine.

On the cover of the magazine was Yao Mimi, who was not particularly popular recently. Due to her scandal with Chu Mochen last time, she had been concealed by the Xiao enterprise.

Before going to Harbor City, she planned to find Yao Mimi some social connections. But she was too busy in Harbor City, and then she forgot it.

She was idle recently, and on the contrary, she immediately remembered it. She then called Fanxing Magazine and asked them to call the entertainment division of the Xiao enterprise and make an appointment with Yao Mimi to have her on the cover.

The fashion beauty magazine of Fanxing Magazine had always been well received. It was very popular among white-collar women in the workplace and on college campuses. Its sales volume of each issue was much better than those of other magazines of the same issue.

Actresses in the entertainment industry began to aim at the cover of this magazine, and in each issue, there were some actresses to recommend themselves proactively.

This time the editor-in-chief of Fanxing Magazine took the initiative to make an appointment with Yao Mimi, which was simply a blessing in disguise for Yao Mimi.

For the Xiao enterprise, they would agree at once if Song Yunxuan told Xiao Luo. Thus, Yao Mimi who had been banned and had no exposure since the turn of the year now could finally enjoy her luck and have a silver lining after the rain came.

When filming the cover of the magazine, Yao Mimi learned that it was Song Yunxuan who asked the editor-in-chief to make an appointment with her, and she was so grateful that she immediately called to thank Song Yunxuan. Besides, she repeatedly guaranteed that she really did not have an ambiguous relationship with Childe Chu before.

She also swore that she even didn’t touch his fingers.

Song Yunxuan knew from the beginning that Chu Mochen would not touch her. Huo Jiahui was many times more beautiful than her, and she had accompanied Chu Mochen for so many years. But Chu Mochen still did not marry her.

Yao Mimi’s beauty couldn’t be comparable to Huo Jiahui’s beauty.

Mei Qi saw that Song Yunxuan was absorbed in the beauty magazine and waited for a while. Then he said, “I have given the documents to Deng Jia and Jiang Jiao.”

Song Yunxuan nodded, and she then closed it as she had almost finished reading the beauty magazine.

She looked up at Mei Qi. “Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian also understand that this time they cannot keep Song Yunqiang by any means, and they will probably give up on Song Yunqiang soon.”

Mei Qi nodded, but then he changed the topic. “But even if they give up on Song Yunqiang, I don’t think these two old guys will support you.”

Song Yunxuan laughed. “Of course, they won’t support me. My elder sister, Song Yunjia, is still there now.”

She would always be the last choice in the Song enterprise. Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian both chose Song Yunqiang for the first time.

When Song Yunqiang was expelled from the Head Office of the Song enterprise, they would immediately choose Song Yunjia.

Song Yunjia was still qualified to enter the Song enterprise. Even if her shares were extremely small just like a fingernail, Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian could get her into the Song enterprise as long as they were here.

“You are going to fight against your elder sister next?”

Song Yunxuan shook his head gently. “It’s not my turn to deal with her for the time being.”

Mei Qi was a little puzzled.

Seeing his puzzled expression, Song Yunxuan opened her mouth and explained, “Because my elder sister has been eaten up with pride recently, and she has gone to Shao Family too frequently.”

She would get into trouble easily since she went to Shao Family so frequently.

Song Yunxuan, an outsider, saw the situation clearly. Song Yunjia was inside, and Shao Tianze was getting nicer and nicer to her. Her heart was getting hotter and hotter, and she would inevitably ignore something that should be paid attention to.

Mei Qi thought that the matter of Song Yunqiang had been solved and then asked her, “We can forget about Song Yunqiang for the time being?”

Song Yunxuan nodded and picked up the grapefruit tea on the table to take a sip, then saying, “Send someone to watch him in case that Song Yunjia will reach over and meddle in the matter in S City.”

Mei Qi laughed with some sarcasm. “I hope your elder brother can reflect himself carefully after his dispatch to the frontier. According to the fortune in his hands, he will be still able to live comfortably with nothing to worry about if he spends his money frugally even if he just stays at home and does nothing.”

But Song Yunxuan couldn’t help sighing. “I’m afraid he will take things too hard.”

Whether Song Yunqiang would take things too hard or not depended on his performance when he got to S City.

It was not easy to make a conclusion now.

Zhou Jian and Zhao Yang failed to turn things around for Song Yunqiang in the end.

Song Yunqiang would soon be dispatched to S City.

S City was different from Yuncheng. It was an authentic northern city, and it was still very cold there at this time.

People who had been sent out there said that it seemed that they were in Aflica.

Because it was where the factory was. And it was not the same as they were told by the Head Office that the sales performance was highly valued.

After arriving there, they just needed to check the assembly line and ensure that the products were not defective.

And their life there was very boring.

Besides, the factory was located in the outskirts of S City, and it was more than two hours’ drive from the city center. Even if they wanted to go to the city to take a foot bath, it would take five hours for them to go there and back, even not including the time of the traffic jam.

Song Yunqiang just made a phone call to the people in S City, who would greet him, and then felt that he was almost driven crazy.

He was the young master of Song Family. Though he was not given birth to by the first madame who married into Song Family in an open and correct manner, he had been living an extravagant life since he was born.

Why would he be sent to such a desolate city to live such a boring life just like those who had been demoted once Song Yunxuan came to his family?

This was not what made him feel the worst. What made him feel the worst was that he couldn’t shackle Song Yunxuan anymore after he went to S City.

Song Yunxuan completely turned Song Family into a personal thing for her.

With such a thought in his mind, Song Yunqiang couldn’t help beginning to drink wine like hell one cup after another in the night club.

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