Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 249 - Gu Changge's Clumsiness

Chapter 249 Gu Changge’s Clumsiness

Yang Jiu recalled that little girl.

He couldn’t help turning to fix his eyes on Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan paid no attention to his stare. She just looked through the personnel transfer information of S City, saying, “Assign Deng Jia to S City along with Jiang Jiao.”

Now that they thought Song Yunqiang had a bigger chance of winning, they should stand by Song Yunqiang and work for him.

In the future, they wouldn’t have to work in the Head Office in Yuncheng.

After staring at Song Yunxuan for a long while, Yang Jiu felt he was befuddled. How could he connect Song Yunxuan with the child who had already died without rhyme or reason?

Having thought for one more while, Song Yunxuan said, “Maybe, sending my elder brother to S City is not as easy as we have imagined. Sorry to trouble you, Mei Qi.”

Mei Qi nodded, reminding her, “Song Yunqiang may have some obscure tricks. You should be careful about him.”

Song Yunxuan nodded, smiling. “I see. Thanks for reminding me.”

The news that Song Yunqiang was assigned to S City spread quickly. At first, people in the meeting room secretly spread the news to the whole company.

Then Shao Tianze and Song Yunjia knew it at the same time. Even Song Yunying knew about it quickly.

Having got the news, it was natural that Song Yunjia called Song Yunqiang immediately. She appeared to have guessed it right. As he didn’t follow her advice, she wanted to see how much her elder brother regretted now after hearing it.

Yet the fact was not as terrible as Song Yunjia had expected.

Song Yunqiang still pinned his hopes on Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian.

“Uncle Zhao and Uncle Zhou will figure out a way for me.”

Song Yunjia frowned, appearing to dislike his innocence. “Now that Song Yunxuan has a way to get you elected with a high vote, she must have known how to force you to leave for S City. Even if Uncle Zhao and Uncle Zhou come up with a way to make you stay here, Song Yunxuan will respond quickly and effectively according to the current situation to stop it.”

Song Yunqiang was stubborn. He exceptionally believed that Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian could help him at such a critical moment.

Song Yunjia had no idea why Song Yunqiang was so unnatural and stubborn at this time, yet Shao Tianze enlightened her with one simple sentence.

“Now he has no one to count on, except Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian.”

“But I…” Song Yunjia wanted to mention herself, yet she decided to say something else on seeing that Shao Tianze frowned. “I’ve told him to divide up the family property before, yet he didn’t listen to me no matter what I said. And this is the result.”

Shao Tianze smiled, with some cattiness in his eyes. “Now you can talk to him again. He may understand your words this time.”

Song Yunjia was swayed by his words, nodding, “I’ll go to see my brother tonight.”

Song Yunjia left Shao Family.

Pushing aside the curtain to look outside, he found that it was already dark now.

Shao Tianze seemed to be a little worried about her indeed. He called a driver to send Song Yunjia back.

Song Yunjia felt warmth in her heart and left after smiling at him.

Gu Changle was just serving some snacks to Shao Tianze. Just as she didn’t walk far, she saw Song Yunjia smiling at Shao Tianze thankfully in the living room.

She couldn’t help gnashing her teeth with hatred.

Song Yunjia came more and more frequently these days. She came once a week before.

Now she just came three times a week. And she had got a reason in advance every time, which was to visit Gu Changle.

But in fact, how could Gu Changle not see through her heart?

She said that she came to visit Gu Changle, but actually, she just used the chance to visit Shao Tianze.

For over ten years, she had been courting Shao Tianze. She helplessly watched Shao Tianze marry the young lady of Gu Family and then marry her, Gu Changle, at last. She actually hadn’t given up yet.

She really had great perseverance.

Gu Changle couldn’t help glaring at Song Yunjia’s view of back. After that, she turned to look at Shao Tianze.

Coincidentally, she just looked into Shao Tianze’s two pupils.

No one knew when he turned to look at her.

He started to look at her before she could notice it. He saw her looking at Song Yunjia blackly and gnashing her teeth slightly. It appeared that she really detested Song Yunjia very much.

Having found that Shao Tianze saw her jealous and malicious eyes on the spot, she felt a little perplexed and aggrieved, and then tears appeared in her eyes in an instant.

Shao Tianze had always cared about her very much. Looking at her expression, he waved to her. “Come here.”

Only then did she pout and walk to him pitifully.

Having got close to him, she served the snacks in her hands to him and said softly, “Rose crisp.”

Shao Tianze helplessly took away the snacks in her hands and put them on the nearby desk.

Gu Changle pursed her lips aggrievedly and felt that she couldn’t explain her jealous expression she showed just now.

She thought that it would annoy and disgust Shao Tianze if she proactively said that she envied and hated Song Yunjia.

After all, Song Yunjia indeed did much for him. She even violated the medical ethics to help him kill Gu Changge with her own hands.

Song Yunjia was an indispensable part of Shao Tianze’s plan. She would displease Shao Tianze if she spoke ill of Song Yunjia casually.

On seeing her unhappiness, Shao Tianze took her hands lovingly and let her sit on his thighs. “Unhappy?”

Gu Changle looked up at him and then lowered her long eyelashes, appearing that she didn’t dare to say anything casual even if she was unhappy.

Shao Tianze had known her for over ten years, and he had already known clearly about her expressions and could almost see through her mind.

Her unhappiness today obviously resulted from Song Yunjia.

His big hands took her small hands. “Yunjia came here to talk to me about my business. Don’t overthink it.”

No matter what, Shao Tianze still cared about her very much.

Besides, she had his baby in her belly now.

Gu Changle frowned, looking at him pitifully. “I believe that she came here for business, but…”

She seemed to be in a dilemma and stopped talking after looking up at Shao Tianze.

She had played cat and mouse with Shao Tianze many times, and he already knew that she must have some words to say next.

So, he coaxed her. “What?”

“Though that’s how you look at Yunjia, she doesn’t necessarily come to see you every time for business.” Her hands were held by Shao Tianze, and her voice was appropriately soft. “Tianze, you know Yunjia’s affections for you. After so many years, she doesn’t seem to have changed.”

He surely knew Song Yunjia’s affections for him, yet he couldn’t give her a reply at all.

He had already owned Gu Changle and could only fill his heart with Gu Changle. How could he reply to Song Yunjia?

Shao Tianze remained silent, and Gu Changle’s eyebrows frowned.

If Shao Tianze really had no feelings for Song Yunjia, he should promise immediately that the one he loved most in his heart was her at this time.

Yet Shao Tianze didn’t say so. She felt a little annoyed.

The more annoyed she was, the faster her feelings changed.

She began to ask him tentatively, “Tianze, what are you going to do with Yunjia?”

Shao Tianze’s eyes were originally fixed on her face, but now his eyes turned away after he was asked by her. He said with a smile, “Yunjia is a sensible woman. Don’t worry. She knows what she should do and what she should not do.”

Gu Changle knew clearly that Shao Tianze’s words were almost perfunctory, yet she stopped asking more.

After all of those questions, it was already very clear that Shao Tianze believed that Song Yunjia would not express her love irrationally.

Yet Gu Changle didn’t believe it. Now that Song Yunjia dared to call at Shao Family nearly once a day, what else was she afraid to do?

If this went on unrestrainedly like this, Song Yunjia would be eager to try to express her love to Shao Tianze very soon.

By then, even if Shao Tianze said no, it would shake Shao Tianze’s love for her a little.

She wanted Shao Tianze to be her own man and couldn’t stand it that there was one more person in Shao Tianze’s heart.

No one else should be in Shao Tianze’s heart.

Gu Changle didn’t say anything superfluous. Having known what was in Shao Tian’s mind, she did not care about Song Yunjia anymore. She reached out to take a piece of rose crisp and fed Shao Tianze with it.

After Shao Tianze ate it, she asked him with a sweet smile, “What do you think of it? Is it delicious?”

Shao Tianze raised his eyebrows. “You made it?”

Gu Changle pursed her lips, smiling. “Tell me if it’s delicious first.”

“It’s delicious.” Shao Tianze’s answer was what she wished.

Having been praised, she was quite happy.

And the happiness inevitably made her be eaten up with pride and drove her to start comparing. “I have practiced my cooking skills over ten years. While Gu Changge was alive, she didn’t wash clothes or cook in the kitchen. She couldn’t even cook fried eggs with tomatoes. Our kitchen almost caught fire during her first cooking. How silly she was!”

Gu Changle only paid attention to talking about Gu Changge’s heavy-handed cooking skills.

But she didn’t notice that the expression on Shao Tianze’s face changed subtly.

The expression in his eyes became a little darker, with a bit of inexplicable reminiscence.

Gu Changge was indeed heavy-handed when she was cooking. She almost set the kitchen on fire indeed when she cooked fried eggs with tomatoes for the first time.

However, the reason was that he was ill.

The nurse at home asked for leave and went back to her hometown. She was still pregnant while he was sick.

She had no choice but to cook for her husband and her younger sister in person.

The younger sister’s cooking skills were actually very good, but she could only make some snacks that could please others.

No one could have snacks for meals. She disliked junk food and fast food outside, and the dishes ordered in the restaurant had not been served yet.

She just took the menu and went to cook in the kitchen.

Half an hour later, the cracking sound in the kitchen made him quite worried.

He had no choice but to figure out what happened in the kitchen while his head was still dizzy and heavy.

Yet he found that she was hurry-scurry and busy putting out the fire on the gas stove.

The pan with some oil caught fire. She got a bowl of water from the tap and was about to pour it into the pan.

It astonished him and made his heart beat faster. He grasped her hand at once and took a pot cover beside him to put it on the pan. Then the fire was put out.

She had such a feeling of frustration. Yet she did not want to yield, so she could only act as if nothing had happened. “My cooking skills are not good. Now that you can get out of bed, you can just have a meal with Changle after the dishes are served here by the restaurant.”

Her hair fell down from her ears. Because of the panic just now, it appeared to be a little messy.

He remembered that he wanted to hold her in his arms and kiss her in order to comfort her at that time.

Yet she just took her hands away from his arms coldly and asked a driver to send her to Gu’s after saying that there would be a meeting in a while.

All in her mind was Gu’s.

Though she married him, she had never showed her ever-lasting love and her attached tenderness to him.

And that was why he detested her.

Bit by bit, the hatred accumulated year after year. Finally, it hurt her with no mercy.

And then it took her life.

No one could blame all these things on him, Shao Tianze, for being ungrateful and mean. These things could be blamed on only Gu Changge for being annoying.

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