Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 253 - House Division Meeting

Chapter 253 House Division Meeting

Zhao Yang didn’t say anything but turned to look at Zhou Jian. It was apparent that he wanted Zhou Jian to talk about that.

Zhou Jian hesitated for a while and uttered, “Actually, I am also unclear about the situation. It was Young Master Yunqiang who has called me to attend the meeting.”

When it was pushed to Song Yunqiang, Song Yunqiang should explain it by nature.

Song Yunxuan turned to look at him.

Song Yunqiang wore a pair of stern and cold eyes, looking like hating Song Yunxuan very much, “I had no choice but to summon everyone for this meeting.”

Song Yunxuan nodded, “For what?”

Song Yunqiang said after glancing at her, “Xiao Qian, please hand documents out to everyone.”

Hearing what Song Yunqiang had said, Xiao Qian, Song Yunqiang’s assistant, immediately got up to send out the materials.

Everyone got a file folder.

After opening the first page, Song Yunxuan sneered, “Brother, what do you mean?”

“What do I mean? You can understand after reading the file, Yunxuan.” Song Yunqiang answered at ease.

Song Yunxuan nodded, “You also saw Dad’s will at that time. Most control of the Song enterprise is in my hands. Brother, are you doing this now to split the company?”

Song Yunqiang nodded, “Since you understand, I tell you frankly. I indeed want to split the enterprise.”

The conversation between the brother and the sister was clear. The meaning was evident, too. And the shareholders present naturally understood.

No one had expected that he would suddenly want to split.

And when Song Yan was alive, everyone had heard Song Yan said that this Song enterprise could not be separated.

Song Yunqiang actually went against his father’s wishes to split the enterprise.

Zhou Jian and Zhao Yang had expected that. Unfortunately, other shareholders were confused.

“Manager Song summons us to discuss the separation of the enterprise?”

“This is such a big thing. Why didn’t you tell us in advance?”

“Yeah. It’s not a trivial matter. It must be decided carefully.”

The people present here were not stupid and naturally understood that their interest would be damaged after the split.

And each shareholder also needed to re-determine which one to follow and get his dividend from Song Yunxuan or Song Yunqiang.

Splitting a company was complicated. However, it was hurriedly proposed today.

Except for members of Song Family, Zhao Yang, and Zhou Jian, other branches did not know that the purpose of the meeting was to separate the enterprise.

Song Yunqiang had thought of this layer of interest while discussing it with Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian.

This meeting was to divide the company, but several shareholders of Song’s branches were undoubtedly absent.

Because the situation was not clear yet. Benefits and interest after the separation could not be judged.

What was more, the current situation of the Song enterprise was not bad. Even if there was a recession, it could be saved in time without causing too much loss.

Everyone knew these reasons.

Song Yunqiang directly proposed the separation.

Song Yunxuan thought that both Song Yunjia and Song Yunqiang couldn’t be more stupid.

After all, this idea was not what Song Yunqiang had come up with.

It was definite that Song Yunjia had taken part in the plan.

Moreover, Shao Tianze, who was behind Song Yunjia, also made suggestions.

People with different expressions inevitably set their sights on Song Yunxuan.

It was clear that Song Yunqiang targeted Song Yunxuan. Whether the separation was agreed or not and processed or not depended on what Song Yunxuan would say.

Song Yunxuan’s sight fell on Song Yunqiang and then on Song Yunjia. Later, she said straightforward, “Presumably, my sister agrees with the separation?”

Of course, Song Yunjia was in favor of splitting. Otherwise, how could there be such a good show yesterday?

Now asked by Song Yunxuan, she raised her head frankly, “Since the elder brother has decided in this way, I would also support him.”

“Do my elder sister and elder brother both want the company and family property to be divided?”

She looked at the two to capture their expressions.

Song Yunqiang nodded directly, “I can’t control the Song enterprise since it is in your hands. But before Dad died, he also left us the property. We will only take what belongs to us.”

Song Yunxuan laughed, “Sister, how about you?”

Song Yunjia hesitated before answering, “The same as my brother.”

She hadn’t wanted to split up.

However, since Shao Tianze had given this idea to her elder brother, she naturally needed to cooperate with them.

Just after she finished speaking, Song Yunxuan took the files out of the folder.

She clutched the file with her fingers and shook her head, seemingly sad, “Since my father handed the Song enterprise to me before his death, I have been the one who controls the company. As my elder brother and sister, you are not only unwilling to stay to help me but also have proposed the split. It is so difficult for me to understand.”

Song Yunqiang pressed his lips and said nothing.

However, Song Yunjia insisted stubbornly, “Yunxuan, after the separation, you could also manage the company well. Look at your second sister, Yunying. Doesn’t she run the magazine well?”

Having been sitting quietly in her seat and watching the changes, Song Yunying did not expect her elder sister to take the initiative to turn the fire over.

Song Yunying pursed her lips, moved her gaze to her sister, and said, “Our father gives me the magazine during his lifetime. It no longer belongs to the Song enterprise. It is my personal property.”

Song Yunjia nodded, “In this case, the shares that our father gave us also belong to our property. It’s okay for us to take care of them by ourselves, right, Yunxuan?”

Song Yunjia was arguing irrationally.

Song Yunying was annoyed.

Song Yunqiang couldn’t help but praise Song Yunjia’s words in his heart.

It wouldn’t be better if their property could be separated from the enterprise at this meeting.

At first, he had been troubled by the lack of a demonstration. Thanks to Song Yunjia who had mentioned Song Yunying, he just found his way.

Song Yunying was partial to Song Yunxuan.

As long as they dragged Song Yunying in, Song Yunxuan would agree to the division of the enterprise at last.

Song Yunxuan raised her eyebrows and looked at Song Yunying, “My second sister, I am not partial. Our father did give you that property during his lifetime. I also admit that it is yours. But…”

However, at this critical moment, she didn’t want Song Yunying to become a burden or a potential mistake.

If Song Yunying was smart enough, she should cooperate with her.

Others might not hear the hidden meaning in Song Yunxuan’s words, but Song Yunying could understand it plainly.

She frowned. The atmosphere also stalemated a bit in an instant.

Song Yunjia uttered, “Yunxuan, aren’t you going to take back the property that Dad gave to Yunying? You are pushing her.”

“She is not pushing me, my eldest sister,” Song Yunying suddenly spoke, making a quick decision under pressure, “The property our father gave me before or later all belongs to the Song enterprise. I have the right to get dividends and profits. However, these all belong to the Song enterprise. And now, I am pregnant, so I don’t have much energy to take care of it. If I give it to the Song enterprise, I will be very relieved.”

It was a mutation.

Everyone had not expected that Song Yunying would give up the property in her hands and give it to Song Yunxuan.

Everyone was astonished.

Song Yunxuan threw the documents in her hand into the trash can next to her, “Sister Yunying could understand the big picture. The Song enterprise couldn’t be split. My brother and sister, give up the thought.”

Song Yunxuan got up and was about to leave, saying, “The meeting is done.”

Song Yunqiang’s eyes widened.

Song Yunjia couldn’t help but say, “Wait a minute.”

Song Yunxuan ignored her,

Her voice hitched in an instant, “Shareholders also have the right to vote on such an important matter. I ask to vote!”

“Vote to decide whether to separate?”

Song Yunxuan was amused.

Song Yunjia seemed to be very determined.

Not only Song Yunjia and Song Yunqiang but also Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian knew that those having the right to vote hadn’t been informed from anyone before.

If they voted at present, it must be the sincerest answer.

Song Yunxuan stopped and looked sideways at the shareholders in the meeting room, “Do you want to vote?”

The shareholders immediately whispered.

However, they muttered for a long time, and no one left the seat and walked out of the conference room.

It was apparent that they wanted to see the voting result.

Song Yunxuan nodded, “Well. Now that you all want to vote, let’s vote.”

Since Song Yunxuan had nodded and agreed, everyone naturally began to think about whether the enterprise should be split or not.

Song Yunjia and Song Yunqiang held some expectations because most of the shareholders here had been watching them growing up. Just depending on this intimacy, it might be possible to achieve the separation of the Song enterprise.

The voting would start five minutes later. The voting data was aggregated on the LCD screen.

There was nothing more than two answers, yes or no.

Song Yunxuan turned her swivel chair to see the results of the growing polls, squinting helplessly.

Mei Qi beside her sighed.

Within half a minute, the result of the vote became instantly apparent.

The vast gap made Song Yunqiang and Song Yunjia hard to maintain their calmness on faces.

Song Yunjia couldn’t believe that two-thirds did not support the separation.

Song Yunxuan saw this clear result and nodded, “Every shareholder still has hopes for the Song enterprise, and I wish everyone will work hard for a more prosperous company in the future.”

Finishing these words, she left with Mei Qi.

Song Yunjia and Song Yunqiang couldn’t move, sticking to their seats.

Song Yunying was pregnant. She was afraid of walking on ants.

She walked past her brother and sister in flat-heeled shoes.

Song Yunqiang glared at her with hatred. He probably hated her for betraying halfway.

Song Yunying sighed and said sincerely, “Brother, why do you continue to fight under such circumstances? There is no way to win.”

She thoughtfully glanced at Song Yunjia after saying these words.

Song Yunjia felt Song Yunying’s sight and raised her head to look back. Rarely, she felt a little guilty.

It was she that encouraged Song Yunqiang to propose the split.

Song Yunying had made it out.

However, even if she had instigated, so what? Rather than surrendering at Song Yunxuan’s feet, it was better to fight her today.

Thinking of that, Song Yunjia couldn’t help but mock Song Yunying, “You are supporting Song Yunxuan now. Do you think you can get better? Xue Tao hates Song Yunxuan very much.”

Song Yunying nodded, “You’re right.”

However, even so, Xue Tao did not dare to do anything against Song Yunxuan. Because Song Yunxuan had Xue Tao’s fatal fault in her hands.

If Xue Tao annoyed Song Yunxuan, Xue Tao would not be any better.

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