Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 243 - Because It Was Funny

Chapter 243 Because It Was Funny

Song Yunxuan slowly looked back. She could hardly believe her own ears.

Was the voice she heard really from him?

She looked back and turned around. The first time to meet Yang Jiu, which happened eighteen years ago, made her have a momentary trance.

And after eighteen years, Song Yunxuan still found him stunning when meeting him again.

Yang Jiu was standing just a few meters away in a red suit with a white rose on the chest. The rose was so charming and delicate, but it was way less pretty and coquettish than his appearance.

The man was already 32 years old now, but the passing of eighteen years did not erode his elegance.

There was no sign of old age on his face. Except that he was calmer than before, he was simply the same as he used to be eighteen years ago.

Song Yunxuan looked at him in surprise, frightenedly and unbelievably.

Yang Jiu saw emotions changing in her eyes, feeling puzzled for a moment. “Did you know me before, Miss Song?”

Only then did Song Yunxuan recall her current status. She shouldn’t have known him.

How could a girl who had lived in a remote town for seventeen years know a man like him in the stream of prosperous families?

She shook her head and smiled. “No.”

Yang Jiu nodded. “That’s right. How could you know me?”

Song Yunxuan stood still and looked at him.

Undoubtedly, she didn’t believe that Yang Jiu led her here for nothing but such a few words of nonsense.

She was sure that Yang Jiu had something to tell her.

She just waited for him to speak first silently.

Yang Jiu saw her being like this. He slightly turned his head sideways and frowned. “Miss Song is the star of the banquet. But you ran out suddenly. Is it okay for you not to go back quickly?”

Song Yunxuan laughed. “If I return so quickly, won’t I make the thing that you took such great pains to lure me out meaningless?”

Yang Jiu’s eyebrows were raised a bit. She knew that he began to be interested in her.

She had been with Yang Jiu for half a year. During this time, Gu Changge saw through his every expression and knew well about his mood behind every subtle expression though she appeared to be cold to him on the surface.

Just like right now, Yang Jiu smiled at her and slightly raised his slender and long eyebrows.

This meant that he was interested in her and felt that she was intriguing.

“Rumors have it that Miss Song is a very smart girl. I didn’t believe it at first, but now I do. Miss Song is really a mind reader.”

After saying this, he even shook his head and said to himself as if sighing with emotion, “You are no more than twenty years old and are so sophisticated. You are really going to set the world on fire.”

Yang Jiu had said the same words to Gu Changge before.

And just as he said, Gu Changge became a legend in the business world of Yuncheng when she was less than thirty years old.

Everything was terrific except for her short life.

Yang Jiu seemed to recall Gu Changge as well, asking her suddenly, “Do you believe the saying that the smart always die young, Miss Song?”

Song Yunxuan shook her head.

Yang Jiu smiled. “Young people are really so care-free and don’t have to worry about anything.”

Song Yunxuan slightly opened the corners of her mouth. She thought that Song Yunqiang had already finished dealing with everything inside and felt like returning first.

She stepped to leave. “I’m kind of tired, and I’m going back first.”

Yang Jiu didn’t stop her, yet he asked her, “Won’t you ask my name and what I got you out for?”

“So, please tell me quickly. You should know that my elder brother will come after me if I stay a little longer.”

Yang Jiu shook his head and said with a helpless smile, “Now that you want me to tell you everything in person, I won’t beat around the bush. My name is Mei Qi, and I’ve just returned from abroad. I want to get a position in the Song enterprise. I’ve heard that Miss Song has just taken over as the president, so I’d like Miss Song to arrange for it.”

Mei Qi? He changed his name again.

Whatever! A name was no more than a code for him, so it was not important.

Song Yunxuan had no plan to help him by the back door, reminding him politely, “There will be a booth of the Song enterprise at the job fair on the 26th of this month. If you are interested, you can hand in your resume to the Personnel Department of our company.”

“What a coincidence! I have my resume with me today.”

Saying this, he took out a business card from the pocket of his shirt. Its golden color was glittering.

Having taken out the business card from the pocket, Mei Qi incidentally handed over the white rose in his coat pocket with his business card.

Song Yunxuan didn’t take them at once. Instead, she asked him in puzzlement, “Is it proper for you to give a white rose to me?”

Mei Qi smiled. “It was for an old friend of mine. But she was unable to receive it, so Miss Song, please accept the very gift at the expense of her.”

Song Yunxuan reached out her hand and took the business card as well as the rose.

Mei Qi nodded, smiling. Then he turned around and left.

Song Yunxuan watched him leave from the restaurant. Having scrutinized the business card in her hand, she shook her head and returned to the restaurant.

Just as expected, no sooner had Song Yunxuan returned to the restaurant than Song Yunqiang made his way out of the crowd and came straight to her. “Where have you been just now, Yunxuan?”

Song Yunxuan rubbed her forehead. “I felt a little tight in my chest. So, I went out to get some air.”

Yet Song Yunqiang saw the white rose in her hand at once. “Where’s the white rose in your hand from?”

“Oh, I picked it in the vase from the reception on seeing that it was very pretty. I hope the person in charge of the restaurant here won’t mind it.”

She said, and she was a little worried.

Song Family held such a big banquet in the restaurant. How could they care about a picked white rose?

Song Yunqiang comforted her, “Just a flower! How could the people in the restaurant care about it?”

“That’ll be great.” Song Yunxuan appeared as if she breathed a sigh of relief. Then she said again, “I’m also tired. I’ll let the driver take me home to have a rest first.”

After saying this, she nodded gracefully and intended to leave.

Yet Song Yunqiang just rubbed it in, asking her, “Yunxuan, the party has been on for a long while. Why is there no sign of Childe Chu?”

Song Yunxuan replied to him, keeping her shirt on, “Elder brother, Childe Chu has been bickering with me recently, so he won’t come. You may leave when the banquet is almost over.”

Song Yunqiang appeared to be quite astonished.

Yet Song Yunxuan was unwilling to see his bumbling face again. Thus, she turned around and left.

It was two o’clock in the afternoon when she got back to Song Family.

Song Yunqiang still didn’t return after she had arrived home for half an hour. So, she called Shao Xue. Shao Xue said that Song Yunqiang talked happily with Shao Tianze in the restaurant, and he had drunk a lot of wine.

Song Yunxuan smiled indifferently and asked Shao Xue to hang up unmindfully.

As expected, Song Yunqiang actually pinned all his hope on Shao Tianze totally. He was anxious to make a comeback with Song Yunjia through Shao Tianze’s help.

Yet how could Shao Tianze help him make such a comeback so smoothly?

He was too young and too simple.

When Song Yunqiang returned, it was very late, and it was almost four o’clock in the morning.

Having returned, he promptly asked the nurse at home whether Song Yunxuan was out or up to anything. The nurse said that Song Yunxuan hadn’t been out, and he felt relieved after hearing that.

Song Yunqiang had already mentioned the matter in Song Family to Shao Tianze. The advice Shao Tianze gave him was to keep an eye on Song Yunxuan. Only by keeping an eye on her could he know what Song Yunxuan’s next move was.

Song Yunqiang had already done as Shao Tianze said.

Yet he was unaware that he couldn’t keep a close watch on Song Yunxuan.

In the evening, Song Yunxuan received a call from Chu Mochen. Chu Mochen asked her how the banquet went today on the phone.

She smiled lightly, saying, “All went well.”

He asked again, “Is it really okay for me to be absent?”

She pursed her lips. “Didn’t you say that you wouldn’t help me anymore?”

“Don’t do anything risky while you are pregnant. You must tell me if there is anything dangerous.”

He was so thoughtful to her, yet she felt that she was a little guilty.

After raising her hand to rub her belly, she lowered her eyelashes and answered with hesitation, “OK.”

While Chu Mochen over there remained silent for a while and suddenly said, “Yunxuan, you have to know that I’m doing this not just because of the child in your belly.”

“I know.”

She knew that Chu Mochen truly cared about her. Yet she couldn’t put all her heart into loving him.

Even though she liked him and wanted to be with him forever, she couldn’t forget the hatred in her heart.

She had to revenge and watch Shao Tianze pay for what he had done with her own eyes.

Because Gu Changge was killed by Shao Tianze.

Chu Mochen softened his voice. “If you are not happy in the Song Family, you can come to the Chu Family. My parents have already known that you are pregnant. We should have the wedding as early as possible. And the child in your belly can have a legitimate identity.”

“Slow down our marriage a bit. I’ve just taken over the position in the Song enterprise. It’s improper for me to marry someone now.”

Chu Mochen kept silent for a while and then asked her suddenly, “You want us to be like this forever?”

“When I reach the peak, I will give up everything to be with you. I promise.”

It was the first time that she had ever promised to someone, which was so serious and affectionate.

While Chu Mochen replied to her just with a disappointed sigh.

She excused herself by saying she was tired and said good night to him.

Chu Mochen also said good night to her.

Not until she hung up the phone did she begin to be vacant.

Chu Mochen did not fully compromise now. Originally, he was not going to help her and even itched to stop her because of Mr. Mogu’s words.

But because of the baby in the belly now, he gave up the thought of stopping her. He just acted as an outsider and watched her move forward step by step.

Even so, she believed that Chu Mochen would surely show up boldly to help her when she met with danger and difficulties.

She was very pleased with the current situation.

What she wanted was no more than this.

She got washed at eight o’clock and turned in.

No sooner had she lain on the bed than she heard the vibration of the phone. She was not even asleep.

She was wanted on the phone.

She picked her phone up in her hand and saw that the call was from a strange number.

But the number was not completely strange, because the number was impressively printed on the business card Mei Qi gave her today.

She took out Mei Qi’s business card from the drawer and compared with the number on it. As expected, the call was really from Mei Qi.

She frowned and thought for a while. Then she pressed the answering key and waited for the other end to speak.

Mei Qi’s voice was magnetic and graceful as before, which was simply better than that of an announcer of the dynamic radio station.

He said, “Miss Song, are you planning to employ me?”

“Your name is really Mei Qi?” She was playing with the business card in her hand. She didn’t believe that it was his real name because his real name was Yang Jiu.

Mei Qi smiled. “A name is no more than a symbol. What matters most is the competence. Is that right, Miss Song?”

“I don’t understand why you are so interested in the Song enterprise. You are actually thinking of starting a career in such a place.”

Mei Qi’s words were a little bantering. “If there must be a reason, then maybe it’s that the situation of the Song enterprise is very intriguing now.”

After saying this, he seemed to feel it was improper to say it, adding, “Or it should be that the fight for the succession of the Song enterprise is very intriguing. Do you think so, Miss Song?”

Song Yunxuan’s eyebrows frowned suddenly. “You are here to help me?”

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